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    Recommended Tracks: August 2016

    Recommended Tracks: August Hello again Monochromians! ORz are back with a new freshly baked batch of tunes for you to snack on. Summer may be nearing its end, but that's no reason for the party to stop! Special thanks to guest reviewer @Ada Suilen for joining us again this month! Please, leave a comment below with songs you loved this month and let us know what you thought! @fitear1590's picks "お願いUFO (onegai UFO)" by クウチュウ戦 (koochewsen) Koochewsen is officially on a roll. Their latest video game-tastic PV (the THIRD from this mini, btw) "インドのタクシー (indo no taxi)" was just edged out by this slice of musical heaven, which shows that the band still gets their prog juices flowing now and again. Slow, creeping verses build into mighty choruses that split the sky wide open just long enough for a UFO to zip down to our stratosphere and abduct us. And lawd, is it glorious. I could go on and on about how much I love Riyo's unique vocals, but why don't I just let the song speak for itself? As a cooldown, the track graces us with a killer organ breakdown and a face-melting guitar solo. @togz' picks "THE STORY ( ACOUSTIC )" by coldrain "THE STORY ( ACOUSTIC )" is off of coldrain's newest single VENA II which was released on the 17th of August. The single provided us with two acoustic versions from their last full-length VENA. Both prove to be great remakes and show another side of coldrain I haven't heard before. However, there's something special about the depth of "THE STORY". While the original wasn't one of my favorites from their album, the acoustic version may have changed my mind. Masato already has a very melodic vocal style but it surely shines in this track and he tends to elongate his words so they resonate in a different light. While the guitar work is beautiful on its own, the bass and drums are the real MVP of this song and offers some smooth jazz elements. I'm not even going to spoil the guitar solo for you. If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out. I recommend this track for days. @emmny's picks "月光" (Gekkou) by DIAURA Some tracks warrant a short story's worth of an explanation as to why they're so good, and others just escape words. "Gekkou" is the latter for this month; it's not so brilliant to leave me utterly gobsmacked, but so eerily beautiful in its simplicity that it just...clicks. Yo-ka's vocals are dazzling as he glides over the delicate, acoustic guitar-driven ballad, the emotional buildup leading to a fabulously Uruha-style restrained-yet-virtuoso guitar solo from Kei. If you're not a ballad fan, this isn't the track to convert you; but to those who enjoy them, you'd find the polite ebb and flow of "Gekkou" to be rewarding. "「洗脳」" (Sennou) by 黒百合と影 (Kuroyuri to kage) Spoiler alert: Kuroyuri have flown straight out of indie purgatory after losing two members and (possibly?) being dropped by Ains, coming to bash us all across the head. If "Gekkou" put you to sleep, "Sennou" will wake you the fuck up, as expected, given Kuroyuri's signature oldie alt-metal barrage. The song opens with some surprising djent-style breakdown riffage before leading into a standard old MUCC-style crawl. Note how the bass work from K is turned up to 11, compared to prior releases. It has a fabulously ploppy and dirty clack to it. Mei, as usual, is giving the freaky-kei stans all that they could possibly ever want, going from whispers to growls with the occasional whimper singing here and there. Rinse, repeat, cue a fabulously sugary chorus and a dubstep breakdown. Wait...did I actually just--oh my god. YES, Kuroyuri against all odds throw the most pathetic wub-wub during a breakdown midway; which is so charmingly ratchet and clangy that it works brilliantly in their favour. Kuroyuri to kage stay true to their sound but throw in a few details here and there to keep everyone on their feet. Is it enough to keep their sound fresh? It's your call to make, but I'd like to think this is a good sign of things to come. "Merciless core" by メディーナ (Mediena) Ah yes, Mediena. In case you've missed them before, they're a fairly young Indies band with a heavy mid-2000's influence...think a lot of Phantasmagoria+UCP and Vidoll: super melodic, very synthy with a fabulously operatic and nasal vocalist. They're also (allegedly) signed onto godly revival-kei label Ains. It's not a coincidence that every band featured by me this month is somehow linked to Ains, they're constantly killin' it. That said, Mediena is hitting the can soon, which is entirely exciting considering a similarly hyped old-school loving young indies band (I wonder who it is!) is also calling it quits this year. If some Ains super-band forms out of the ashes of Mediena, we only have @Peace Heavy mk II to blame. Conspiracy theories aside, Mediena are leaving us on a pretty good note with "Merciless core": intense string synths, gratuitous vibrato, kote screams, god-awful production, some headbang worthy riffage and great melodies. If this doesn't sound like an amazing time, you're in the wrong place. @Original Saku's picks "Alche(mist)" by the equal lights My first pick this month is from a newer band that I just discovered, the equal lights. "Alche(mist)" from their first mini album LaLaLa-prima brings a blend of pop-rock and indie sounds that are a delight upon listening. Vocalist and guitarist Mishima Tetsuo does an excellent job of carrying the song forward with his soft vocal melodies that sound pleasant to the ear. Check these guys out sooner rather than later. "よいよいまほろば (Yoi Yoi ma Horoba)" by 中山うり (Uri Nakayama) Next we're taking a change of pace with the singer-songwriter Uri Nakayama and the song "Yoi Yoi ma Horoba" from her last album Mahoroba. Here we have a slow folk-y jazz number that starts off beautifully with Nakayama's warm 'miraculous' voice that she is known for and a variety of instruments make appearances throughout the song, including trumpet, accordion, and saxophone, among others. This is truly a track that gives you a soothing feeling and peace of mind. My recommendation doesn't do this song justice let alone the album, so if you love what you hear, please check out the full album if you so desire. "EGO" by ARTIFACT OF INSTANT Once again we are gonna flip the tables and switch to something a bit different from the previous recommendation. "EGO" is a catchy alternative rock song from newly discovered act ARTIFACT OF INSTANT and their 3rd mini album Recoil. What makes this track interesting is the great energy that it gives off. From start to finish, it's one wild ride that hardly lets up. The band employs bumping bass lines, vigorous guitar riffs and drumming to achieve a very aggressive sound that pleases greatly. There is also a use of dual male female vocals that adds a nice touch to some of the chorus. Overall, a great track for the more heavy inclined this month. "Lux Fugio" by ノイズ (nowisee) For a lot of people nowisee's (pronounced "noise") long awaited album Tenohira no Senso was the highlight of August, myself included. With the female-fronted group being largely shrouded in mystery and the monthly music video drops, the hype for this album has just been building and building all year. Although the album itself is made up of songs that most fans have heard by now through the youtube channel or app, I can tell you right now that the abridged versions don't do the full songs justice and to say that this album has no surprises for current fans would be the furthest from the truth. That brings us to one of the new songs that we have not heard before. "Lux Fugio" is a piano pop ballad that begins somber and then slowly builds into a masterpiece of a song that plateaus into a flurry of piano and vocal prowess a little half way through the track. Then, it begins to slowly cool off, and slips back into the darkness. This is the album of the month for me and has great potential for AOTY. The anticipation for this release was ridiculous and despite already having a good sample of the songs beforehand, the full versions were spectacular nonetheless. @doombox's picks "Fool's Gold" by Survive Said The Prophet It's been a little touch-and-go for the five-piece outfit from Tokyo but in the last year the band has really gotten their feet under them. They even seemed to keep momentum whilst dealing with a recent member change, surprisingly. "Fool's Gold" is the first sample we get to hear from their upcoming full album FIXED. The song shows a more prominent post-hardcore side to the normally melodic, emo-tinged composition style the band has displayed in the past. Bassist Yudai's screams have been pushed even further to the forefront while Yosh's clean vocals hold down the catchy hooks (and perfect English lyrics). It's hard to tell if the change in musical pace for the band is due to new addition Tatsuya (ex. FAKE FACE) on guitar or was a natural evolution for the band, but either way, it's a step in the right direction. "Savior" by NOTHING TO DECLARE Surprise, surprise. I'm back again recommending another band you would never know were Japanese by only listening to them, this time with NOTHING TO DECLARE. "Savior" is a song that could easily fit in on major rock radio which leaves the band to be massively underrated in my humble opinion. This track has everything to dig its hooks deep into you. Chant-along gang vocals? Check. Big anthemic chorus? Check. Emotional, borderlining on spiritual outro? Check! I know these things are nothing original that haven't been done before but the band does a great job of keeping a fresh and genuine feeling about it that you don't find very often. "ともに(tomoni)" by WANIMA WANIMA keep the hits coming, and this summer is no different. "Tomoni" is that perfect, feel-good, summer jam that you can turn up loud and have zero regrets. Even though WANIMA's style does not change much from song to song, their message never seems to get old. The positivity and cheer this band spreads is infectious and has proved to have real staying power in the Japanese melodic punk scene. I mean, just attempt to watch their music videos without smiling. I dare you! "Nothing" by FAKE FACE Diving into a band who likes to get a little darker with their themes and music videos, FAKE FACE have been around for a few years but have yet to really hit their stride as far as a regular release schedule goes. However, they do manage to pump out a mini album or so every other year. Their latest single, Nothing, has paired them up with Tower Records for its release, which looks like things may be starting to happen for the group. I definitely think they're worth checking out for fans of post-hardcore and alternative rock bands like ONE OK ROCK and coldrain. "パニックパニック!(Panic Panic!)" by Purple Stone I've recommended Purple Stone previously for their song "Aoi Yami" not all that long ago. And just when I thought they couldn't improve on their already wonderful sound, the guys have really taken their music (and music videos) to the next level with "Panic Panic!". Electronic rock may be a bit of an overused trend for visual bands, but there's still something to be said for bands that know how to do it well, and Purple Stone are doing just that with synths, guitar riffs, and samples that are just as catchy as any of the vocals. It's the perfect storm to make this track an ear-creeper that will burrow its way into your brain and not let go. @tetsu_sama69's picks "The Baptist" by Insanity Injection I was really hoping that when I saw the cover art for this single that it was more focused on Chaos and I was not let down a single bit by this release. "The Baptist" takes a walk down a different path and is more on the melodic side of things from their previous releases. The opening is a messy storm of bass and wonderful chugging guitar that seems like it's going to be nothing special until the vocals kick in with a cacophony of awesome. The spoken parts show up again much like "Sense of Ash" but this time they erupt into what can only be explained as a psychotic rampage of a guitar solo that melt back into a smooth verse before a twister of screams carries the song to the end. Chaos and Kyouka's voices mingle so well together it's a treat, especially when the operatic vocals are backed up with insane demonic screams that just hit the right spot for me and anyone else who appreciates the music that this band creates. "真昼間は別の顔 (Mappiruma wa Betsu no Kao)" by ペンタゴン (Pentagon) Typically I'm not extremely blown away by what Pentagon has brought to the table but they do make some pretty nice tunes from time to time that I have a hard time getting out of my head. Zekkyou was a pretty alright release until I ran into "Mappiruma wa Bestu no Kao" and the song got stuck on repeat for a while by means I cannot explain entirely. The song definitely stands out from their typical styling with a strange tinkering fast-paced piano bit that comes up throughout the track. The energetic jazzy pace of track overall is extremely addicting and done so well instrumentally and vocally it's almost as if I found a box of my favorite candy on my desk after coming home from work. If Pentagon can explore and do more songs with as much energy as this song then they'll definitely earn a higher placing on my list of current enjoyable visual bands. "セーラー服と夏休み (Sailor Fuku to Natsuyasumi)" by スタア区。(Starku) Starku are definitely not playing around as they bring another amazing and solid release to the forefront with "Sailor Fuku to Natsuyasumi". After a few listens the lyrics were already ingrained in my mind and I could not stop hearing those beautiful guitar riffs that had me dancing right away. The pace changes that occur in this song are downright insane and it almost feels like a roller coaster ride of awesome for your ears from beginning to end. It's full of that wonderful super-positive charged punk rock style that Starku do so well and I definitely cannot get enough of. I find it nearly impossible to listen to their music and not find myself full of life whether it's from Reno's unique vocals or the bands overall downright talent. Starku are really coming into their own with every release and I hope the next song they put together is even better than this. "Dystopia~断罪の聖堂~ (Dystopia~Danzai no Seidou~)" by forCroiX If you are missing that late '00's visual style music with a lovely punch of 'gothic' synths and power metal then you have hit the jackpot. forCroiX's first and hopefully not only release Grimoire is something that should not be missed by anyone who enjoys visual kei. "Dystopia~Danzai no Seidou~" isn't a very long song but in that 3 minute and 12 second window there's a lot brought to the table for your enjoyment. The opening piano track bursts into a heavy mix of chugging instrumentals and powerful vocals that just don't seem to have any idea where the brakes are. The guitar solo is so maddeningly paced that I can't even think of a better way to describe than insanely good. I really hope that forCroiX gets a bit more attention for their first album and they return quickly from their hiatus and not disappear into the ether like many other visual bands. Guest picks @Ada Suilen's picks "Presto" by Hizaki One of the most prolific Japanese musicians of visual kei scene brings up a wonderful instrumental album, where there's something for everyone's taste; I enjoy the most virtuous works of the guitarist, this track suited me more than what I could expect: an incredibly fast rhythm, with Hizaki ready to bring glory and potency in a single hit (the homage to Vivaldi's "Summer" is simply gorgeous!), accompanied by a beautiful violin; a track that is pretty hard to forget. "正義のヒーロー (Seigi no hero)" by R指定 (R-Shitei) I have to admit that I don't dig this band so much (apart from few songs such as "Suicide Memories"), but with their 23rd single they caught my attention a little more, not much for the title song, but for the b-side; a real plot twist for me, where an unknown energy is unleashed in a piercing and adrenalinic rock sound. Mamo's interpretation is incredibly awesome even for himself, helped by good bass lines. If you aren't accustomed with energetic R-Shitei, this is your time! That's all for this month! Thanks for listening and if you would like to submit a guest blurb for next month please contact @doombox!
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    Kiryu members started their new twitter account: https://twitter.com/kr1216_mahiro https://twitter.com/kr1216_mitsuki https://twitter.com/kr1216_takemasa https://twitter.com/kr1216_hiyori https://twitter.com/kr1216_junji Now i can tell Hiyori how kawaii nyan he is and ask him to be my mate *__*
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    SAN (ex-NEGA, Black Gene for the Next Scene) new band, "ラッコ" (LACK-CO.), has formed, although details have yet to be announced. The band will be produced by GLK MUSIC, which is run by Rame (ex-Vidoll, Black Gene for the Next Scene). There is a countdown on their OHP that will stop at midnight on September 15...more details may be announced by then~ OHP Twitter Blog
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    Ada Suilen

    Recommended Tracks: August 2016

    I am happy to join this chart and I am seeing a lot of good bands here It is good to see Diaura, Kuroyuri to kage, Mediena (which I will miss), forcroiX and nowisee (which I have surprisingly enjoyed!) Just listened to Koochewsen and Starku tracks, the former is incredibly great where the latter was pretty enjoyable
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    Honestly imo you have to be a certain type of crazy to accept VK especially those indiefag bands lol I have vkei bandmen friends and they also say that most people that have their arms open to vk are crazy. I mean compare vk lyrics and visuals to kpop... Vk is and never was meant to be super popular.
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    Do you think they'll be disbanded due to "musical differences" before they even announce the members?
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    [track list] 1.UNDERWORLDEND XISS 2.トランキライザ (Tranquilizer) 3.SELFISH RUSSIAN 4.Kaleidoscope. 5.KILLINGMYSELF 6.Euthanasia 7.NECRO 8.Everlasting. 9.ASPIRIN 10.PARADIGM XISS 11.BRAINPINK.AD 12.顔ノ亡ヰ聖母 (Kao no Nai Seibo) 13.DEVILPARADE 14.Underworld. 15.EDEN
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    Purple Stone is fantastic. I kinda hate myself for just now getting into them, yet simultaneously patting myself on the back
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    アンフィル (Anfiel)

    Wait what, Anfiel didn't already have an artist page of their own?? Damn, I'm so glad you were here @hiroki to correct this sin. I might have been savouring some delicious white wine tonight so I might not have a single coherent thought left in my head but damn shogo is one cute motherfucker.
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    Recommended Tracks: August 2016

    i haven't even gone through july's recs and august is already over!!! (the list for july was so massive i kinda got lazy and forgot about it, whoops, i know that you guys work really hard on these!) @fitear1590 i've been introduced to koochewsen by @seurongbut still haven't checked their releases yet! >.< i do love the vocals and the guitar bit in the second half of that track sounds lovely~! so dreamy and otherwordly. will be sure to keep my eyes peeled to them from now on! @emmny haha, i had the same reaction with the dubstep from kuroyuri xD but the rest sounds so good i forgive them. and great pick, but my new favorite track from their mini would be 液状部屋 :> i have high hopes for them in the future too! i think they've really picked up their game since the last two releases. the ARTIFACT OF INSTANT and r-shitei tracks are also not bad~
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    Your last music-related buy!

    it's finally here!!!! 8D Deviloof - PURGE
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    New look: 8===D Album tracks: 8==//=D
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    ahahahah x'D awesome new look
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    random thoughts thread

    Every time I come on here I discover a new band
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    i wonder how many of his tsunagiri funded this.
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    -Via their OHP- Tracklist: 1. Death in Rebirth 2. Stellar 3. Requiem for Hell 4. Ely's Hearbeat 5. The Last Scene
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    And for those who haven't seen it yet, the full version of Requiem for Hell.
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    AN ALBUM, HUH... lets see how they do! typically, MORRIGAN has had like ONE song per each release that warrants replay. NECRO was a shining example for the future thoughh
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    Morrigan has announced that their first album 『トランキライザ』(tranquilizers) will be released in November. A single called 『HEART』 will also be released in October. It will be available through Little Hearts' shops. http://ameblo.jp/kuloe-morrigan/entry-12185990056.html
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    マーブルヘッド (Marblehead) new mini album "-僕等の曲天烈大百科2- (Bokura no Kyokuteretsu Daihyakka)" will be released in winter 2016.
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    エスケープ(Escape) first single "DANCE IN DUNGEON" will be released at 2016/09/17 (1,200 yen) TrackList: 1. DANCE IN DUNGEON 2. Cyber World
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    Wait. Wait. Wait. Holla holla holla hold up. Since when has Rame had a production company? Also, Rame should totes be the next Kisaki of the VK. He'd do good. Although maybe less entertaining.
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    I getting best album vibes... which usually leads to </3 but hopefully im just overthinking but this is awesome news regardless. I havent picked up a single physical copy of any morrigan release so this is a perfect place to start NOVEMBER IS STACKED !!!! XD
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    According to his twitter account, the grand opening will be on October 9.
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    New look will update with shigure and ken when available
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    where is that Bless This Mess band when you need them because this is all sorts of sloppy
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    Suiyobi no Camphanella's new MV is amazing. Too bad, their last album is such a flop.
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    FULL PV (normal version - different from the one posted before. That means, no offshot images of the making-of)
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    Better late than never. I apologize for taking ages to post this but life got busy, earthquakes (not kidding), social life and university among other things. @violetchain went with dessert for this mix which happens to be my favourite thing to eat, you could say sweets in general are my obsession therefore I was thrilled to hear the songs and how they relate to all them foods.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Just messing around with random effects at midnight... I don't have anything better to do than to stare at a webcam....
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    The general Metal discussion thread

    Fuck me, this is just sounding too god damned good. This could easily turn out to be the best Alcest release since Le Secret if the rest of the album is as good as the two tracks we've heard. Magnificent!
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    How can another company take down the video when the official YouTube posted it? I'm a little confused
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    Their mini album title has been finalized as "Revive"
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    Versailles new CD release

    That promo pic is absolutely ridiculous. I love it.
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    [lyric+translation] Nüe 樹海

    kanji sairensu translation: Darkwater Corrections are highly welcome!!~~ 樹海 深い森に迷い込み 出口も見当たらなくて 木漏れ日が隙間から 優しく手招いていた 囲まれた木々のよう 僕の体も根をはり 穏やかなこの森の 一部になれたらいいな 人は生まれる時も 死ぬ時も1人だろう ねぇ 深く奥へ進んでく そろそろ此処で眠ろう 煙草に火をつけたなら 「 」に吹きかけた 走馬灯のように 思い出が 駆け巡る 笑っていたかった 本当は 生きていたいよ でも気付いたんだ 自分がいらないと 悲しみ 一つも向き合えないのは 弱くて ずるくて 惨めな自分自身のせい 「別に こんな人生 望んでたわけじゃない。」 夢だってあった やりたい事もあった でも願ったって 報われないと知った それでも誰かを愛していられたら 嫌いな自分を 許して 生きられたかな 「きっと・・・。」 Sea of Trees unable to find the door while lost wandering in the deep forest. The sunshine filters through the foliage from out a gab a kindly beckoning. Surrounded by the trees my body started to root Wishing that I also can become a part of the calm forest. Hey, at the moment we are born and die we are alone. I'm going deeper inside the black, soon I will rest here Lighting a cigarette and blowing [] Memories rushing through like a revolving lantern In this life I really wanted to be able to smile But I've noticed I don't feel the need too. So sorrow, is the only thing I can face Because of my weak, cunning miserable self. There was even a dream that I wanted to do stuff. But, knowing even with hope it wouldn't pay off. But if I would love somebody Would I be able to live and to be able to forgive my own hate? [Surly....]
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    i really like MORRIGAN but i'll remain sceptical until we have some previews cuz i really DISLIKE the super shitty effect they put over the vocalists screams at their last 2 releases... if they don't get rid of it its just getting unlistenalbe annoying - at least for me...
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    Anime about rock bands

    DMC is the shit :D Beck is one of my all-time favorites. there was this anime with VK-ish theme, a bit boys love involved. but kept me kind of entertained. too bad i can't remember it's name i'll be sure to post it once i somehow manage to remember it........
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    ^ Basically Kiwamu is known to be an immature asshole. There were reports of him smashing people's cameras at concerts (because "no photo" policy), throwing temper tantrums at concert staff (this also includes literally throwing a plastic chair at an innocent staff member) and generally being a dickhead (like advising his fans to buy merchandise instead of bringing him gifts cuz he knows they got the money if they can afford gifts). xD He runs two interjoining record labels so this makes him arch-dickhead-deluxe as well. Best story is when GPK (from GPKism) shared a photo on Myspace where Kiwamu was featured with his not too flattering facial expression... Kiwamu forced GPK to apologize, take it down and ultimately disable his access to his own profile for a while, lol. I guess he likes to think his band BLOOD is hot shit but in reality they're rly just a sub-par goth kei group (with a handful of nice songs no less, tho).