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    Purple Stone is fantastic. I kinda hate myself for just now getting into them, yet simultaneously patting myself on the back
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    アンフィル (Anfiel)

    Wait what, Anfiel didn't already have an artist page of their own?? Damn, I'm so glad you were here @hiroki to correct this sin. I might have been savouring some delicious white wine tonight so I might not have a single coherent thought left in my head but damn shogo is one cute motherfucker.
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    ahahahah x'D awesome new look
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    -Via their OHP- Tracklist: 1. Death in Rebirth 2. Stellar 3. Requiem for Hell 4. Ely's Hearbeat 5. The Last Scene
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    And for those who haven't seen it yet, the full version of Requiem for Hell.
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    AN ALBUM, HUH... lets see how they do! typically, MORRIGAN has had like ONE song per each release that warrants replay. NECRO was a shining example for the future thoughh
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    アンフィル (Anfiel)

    アンフィル (Anfiel) Active: 2014.11.20 ~ present Vo. 翔梧 (shogo) [twitter] Gt. 未月 (mizuki) [twitter] Gt. yukito [twitter] Ba. 棗(natsume) [twitter] Dr. ハル (hal) [twitter] || Official Homepage || Band Discography || HOW IS IT THAT WE DON'T HAVE A THREAD FOR THEM YET?? Any other anfiel fans out there?
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    Classic Video Game Consoles

    We need a nice thread to discuss the classic video game consoles. I mean stuff like the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Super Nintendo, the original PlayStation, etc. Basically, anything older than our current XBOX 360/PS3/Wii era, haha. I recently went to the "Art of Video Games" exhibit in the Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington DC, just for kicks. It made me extremely nostalgic and when I got home, I instantly broke out my old systems. I'm somewhat of a Sega fanboy, so I have a Genesis, a Saturn, and a Dreamcast. I know Sega was kind of an outcast console developer, in the US at least, but I have a pretty big library. According to people's "top 10" type lists all over the internet, I do have quite a few of the classics and highly collectible games for the Genesis and the Saturn! Some of my personal Sega favorites are games like the Virtua Fighter series, pretty much the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series, Super Street Fighter II, Shining Force III, Nights into Dreams, Saturn Bomberman, Guardian Heroes (which actually got a re-release in the XBLA), Power Stone 2, etc. I'm currently scouring any "retro" video game stores I come across to continue building my collection. Kinda sucks that you mostly find sports games and scratched up discs everywhere, but you occasionally do find a gem. Ebay/Amazon also helps. I also learned that my Saturn, thanks to a special cartridge that I happen to own, can actually play games of all regions (aka, I can play European and Japanese games without any problem, besides the potential language barrier). I'm looking into importing some of those awesome 2D fighting classics that never made it to the US, like X-Men vs. Street Fighter (the Saturn port is considered vastly superior to the PlayStation one), among other things. I also want to look into some of the lesser known Sega "add-on" consoles that I never really checked out, like the 32X and the Sega CD (Sega Mega CD). I know they were largely considered failures, but there were some games that are still sought after today. ANYWAY, enough out of me. What old(er) video game consoles do you still play? What are some of your favorite games? Do you still buy "retro" games? If so, where? Do you feel older games offer something that the current generation games cannot? Etc. Discuss! ps: if you have any old Sega games you're thinking about selling, we should talk, haha.
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    lmao dada is drama-ing again hilarious

    lmao dada is drama-ing again hilarious
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    TRA TRA TRA (トラトラトラ)

    Altighy then. I'm following this thread so I'll know when they will announce one or any pvs/mvs
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    Youtubers React to Visual Kei

    It feels really weird to see "Kpop was the new VK" sentiment to me. But I've been into both Kpop and VK for a good number of years now. The "hallyu/Korean wave" was an orchestrated push to get Kpop into the Japanese (and other foreign) market(s), so when a lot of VK (and J-pop, J-fashion, J-everything) fans got wind of it, they jumped into it following suit of a ton of Japanese fans. BoA, DBSK, and BIGBANG were all making major waves in Japan at that time so fans of Japanese music were all finding out about it. BIGBANG especially brought this into focus in the mid-00s when I think most of us witnessed the change happening. I swear GD's solo debut literally took over my social media to the point of me wanting to puke. This coupled with VK losing steam at that time could certainly make it appear as "the new VK" I guess, but it was just a new trend like everything else from where I was sitting. People naturally jumped from anime themes to VK to Kpop. Even the VK bubble of popularity here (I can only speak from my American view point) was due in big part from bands like Nightmare becoming known from anime. And if you time this along with that age group growing up and looking for more "acceptable" interests, Kpop can feel like a more adult/contemporary style of music. Just like going from adolescent fandoms, to rebellious teenage ones (does anyone else remember the emo kid/scene kids? They seemed to all magically disappear by the age of 25.), to ones in line with what is generally acceptable by society. The Korean wave was just at the right place at the right time for that generation of kids into Japanese stuff. Maybe this was even more prominent in Europe at this time because VK had a larger fandom by the sounds of the posts here?
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    Youtubers React to Visual Kei

    doesn't this just confirm vk will never become the next kpop?? if people are leaving this small scene to join a bigger, already popular one? i agree with@doomboxsaying "they didn't want this video to make VK some viral new thing" because let's face it, VK will never be some viral new thing. it'll never evolve like kpop did nor will it appeal to as many people as kpop does for various reasons already mentioned (which i'm totally fine with tbh, i'm not a hipster or anything but having vk mainstream, especially in the western world, would be weird as hell)
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    To add to what was discussed above: Kpop was the new VK insofar as the weeaboodom was concerned. The scene that was here from early 2000's till the end of the decade either disintegrated into kpop or musical apathy. Kpop certainly has a wider reach in demographic, but it swallowed the visual kei culture in Europe and spat it out. There were more reasons to its demise such as the general decline of physical sales, bad promotion & mismanagement, the death and emergence of a new generation of vk bands in Japan and the general zeitgeist not being all that in favor of "alternative rock", with the kpop vulture certainly swooping in at the opportune moment to pick the carcass. It almost seems as if by fate that kpop really hit its stride right around the time when the vk bands of the early 2000's responsible for the western market breakthrough started disbanding and/or sucking en masse.
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    I voted for coal tar, Faust and Freesia... too bat none of them is on the CD...
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    I seem to have missed some vital information regarding this side project: "FREAKMAN." is a part of the DaizyStripper 10th anniversary project "decade." The band will go on hiatus following their one-man live "炭素冷凍 (tanso reitou)" at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on 2017/01/16, if read that right on their website.
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    Doodles dump

    whoaaaa It's been a while! (man I'm loving the new site design) soooo here's some random doodles to update this dump!
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    Royz' vocalist learning how to contour is one of the most important things to happen in recent visual-kei history
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    Show Yourself (again)

    so i took pictures with approximately 5000 bandmen today there are so many things going on in each picture lmao but probably my favorite part is FEST'S Hal copying my pose
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    Right now I'm translating all, just for myself, but corrections are highly welcome. Translation: Darkwater Bookletscan: Darkwater Thanks to Peffy for writing down the lyric. Romanji Peffy: HERE At the end of each song there is a line in quotes 「 」 , these lines are not actually sung/spoken in the song. DEEP SEA Hey, I'm swimming to the bottom of the dark sea. Look, sunk somewhere so deeply Look, you can't not even see the light anymore Already so deep that moving up is impossible. Turning into countless bubbles You are drowning wrapped If you want to run away, you should run away. It won't reach the voice of the broken heart If you want to forget it, you should forget it Since this world is very worthless. Isn't it if you are going to sleep That you hope that you won't wake up? Also that you shut off yourself from the world That you are sleeping with a closed mind. Distorted memories which can't be remembered I wonder if you would be the one that laughed. The morning flow of you being born Not sorrow's but only tears of joy You can't escape from my bottom of my Take and Hold the hand which is stretched out There is no hope in our future, there is only anxiety. Fortunate always disappear quickly, just almost like bubbles. [This song, is different from all love songs of the world. It puts you to sleep on the sea bottom, It's my love song with no hope] 深海 ねぇ ほら泳いでる 暗い海の底 ほら 沈んでく どこまでも深く ほら 見上げる 光さえない もう 動けない あがれない 透き通る 無数の泡に 包まれて 君は溺れて 君が逃げ出したいなら 逃げればいいよ 壊れてく 心の声 届かないでしょう 君が忘れたいのなら 忘れればいいよ どうせこんな世界なんて くだらないから ねぇ君は眠りにつく時いつも もう覚めない事 望んでるの? また自分と世界を遮断して 君は心に鍵をかけ眠った 歪んでく 思い出せない 笑ってる 君は誰だろう 君が生まれた朝に流れたのは 悲しみじゃなく 喜びの涙なんだよ 君が抜け出せないなら 底から僕の 伸ばしてる手を握って 引き寄せてよ 僕らの未来に 希望なんてないよ あるのは不安だけ 幸せなんていつも すぐに消えるでしょう まるで泡みたいに 「この歌は、世界中にあふれているラブソングとは違うけれど 深い海の底で眠る君へ贈る、僕からの希望のないラブソングだ。」
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    Show Yourself (again)

    *six showers and 10 camera filters later* ah yes a pic of me
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    yeah morrigan are so hit-miss i doubt i'll like this, but im curious to see if they can pull another underworld and slay the world