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    VK girls at lives

    VK girls at lives
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    Good for you, at least now you know to stay out of this thread
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    Versailles new CD release

    look at this picture omfg
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    ok a quick poll; what is your favorite upcoming single and why is it panic panic by purple stone?
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    I'm in love with the preview. Damn I had no idea Keiya had such sick moves! I'm totally gonna learn that choreography when the full PV is posted. I fucking love the move with the running man and zombie hands XD
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    Show Yourself (again)

    eh who cares about youth, I am rapidly approaching 30 aristovamp looks
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    仕切りが嫌い (shikiri ga kirai) will be released July 22nd for ¥1,500 tracklist: 1.仕切りが嫌い (shikiri ga kirai) 2.怨めしや〜百鬼夜行〜 (urameshiya~hyakki yakou~ or urameshiya ~hyakki yagyou~ ) 3.抹消 (masshou) 4.トチ狂っテる (tochi kurutteru) 5.悪いのはバンドマン (warui no wa bandoman) 6.死んでほしい (shinde hoshii) source
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    never thought I'd say this, but the new leaked Diru is actually good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtY3HNuBCTc
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    While I doubt this will be a favorite of mine, I love the wubwubwub music and fun choreography!! Also, what's wrong with the band having fun once in a while? ... To each his/her own, I guess. (whether you constantly have a stick up your ass or not ;P)
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    I think we are the "Yoshiki toilets" because he keeps s******* all over his fans with his "great" ideas. Sorry, don't mean to hate, but he kind of annoys me right now ^^
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    btw keiya said that he was the one who came up with the moves!! <3
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    The band changed name and turned in a new formal band called ビバラッシュ(vivarush) (KERBEROS information) http://vivarush.jp/ Vo. るいまる(ruimaru) Gt. ベル (Belle) Gt. 幸村(yukimura) Ba. キュセ(qs) Dr.パーミー(pamy) First maxi-single 『Merry-Merry-Merry-Go!!-Round☆』 will be released on 2016.09.07 and their first oneman 『ドキドキ!?ビバナイト!!』will be held on 2016.12.17 at Osaka RUIDO
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    Just finished Biohazard (PS1) Jill's scenario without saving. Bad ending though.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    This is me, I'll be 25 soon.... do I look like a man from the swamp? xD
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    random thoughts thread

    Teach us your ways, Gackt-senpai.
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    天照(amaterase) will resume activities (for 2-day?) at their one-man live "天翔時旅人~天照降臨~" at Tokyo Kinema Club at 2017/01/28 and "天照復活後夜祭~悠久の時を越えて~" at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE at 2017/02/05 http://amaterase.net/
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    Versailles new CD release

    hope the horses are support members
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    Yeah, no doubt this is their first fun song. I personally love all PS's party songs, so this is right up my alley! Also according to listenonrepeat.com, it's now my 150th repeat................
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    I didn't see this anywhere on the forum and thought maybe someone here would be interested. Solo artist S!N (sin) will release his major debut single "Salvation" under UNIVERSAL MUSIC on June 29, 2016. Limited edition A: CD+DVD Limited edition B: CD+Making book Regular edition: CD Tracklist CD 01. Salvation 02. Mes 03. Aimai na bidan [曖昧な美談] Tracks 4 through 6 included only in edition A and B 04. Salvation [Instrumental] 05. Mes [Instrumental] 06. Aimai na bidan [曖昧な美談] [Instrumental] DVD 01. Salvation MV Purchase at CDJapan
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    Peace Heavy mk II

    Versailles new CD release

    The horses are back!
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    Well that was unexpected. The video is kinda funny. The song itself is pretty dope though.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    PIGLOW in GLOOMY – だるまのこ + cheki 暴食楽団〜MEGA盛XX〜 - ヤッチャイナ! 被験体:Δ-delta- - ENEMY
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    I'm loving this shit! I want to learn that choreography too xD it looks like it could be very funny!
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    I love the preview, I want to learn the full choreography because it makes me wanna dance so bad ;;
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    I totally loved this preview, both song and dance are great, we all need to learn this choreography!!
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    Dubtrack.fm / plug.dj

    soundtrack dub this Sunday, yes, yes???
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    Why are the members of BLESSCODE so hot?
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    Scarlet Obsidian

    Single People Thread

    It's 6AM where I live and I still haven't slept and I need to rant about something LOL Wrote here about 2 years ago, but still the same...I'm still single! Over these past years I've become more secure of myself and started telling myself that if I like someone, I have to tell that someone immediately, without really thinking about the consequences. The problem is that I still can't get two words together when I have to do that. I've had a few crushes both on male and female (yes, I'm bi and I'm a guy ), but they all bit the dust. And, I have to say, pretty recently. The first was with a girl who came to my university and had some classes together. The first time we met was at an exam. A few months later, when my mum was in the hospital for a nearly goddamn fucking fatal asthma attack, I discovered that her "roommate" was this girl's aunt, so we started talking and we bonded really quickly due to our passion for the English language and literature and our both writing songs. Suffice it to say that I was madly in love with her, but of course never had the guts to tell her. Anyway, some time later we kind of talked less often so my infatuation started fading out and I thought for good until the other day when she posted a photo on her FB page with her "English buddy"....as soon as I saw it, I kind of flipped out. How could it hurt that much if I had already "forgot" about her? My other crushes (all at university strangely enough) have been less complicated I should say, because one involved a person that I still talk to and is a good friend and I'm happy with it; the other one, instead, was/is for a professor at my university...but he is like 45-50. Married. With children. (And don't think he's gay or bi in any possible way) How could I have an approach with him?? And it would be a bit awkward to date someone that old xD So yeah, basically now I'm free from any love relationship/love at first sight/crush/etc...and I don't even want to be in a relationship either. I'm fine with the life I live right now. I'll just wait for it to arrive when I least expect it. Peace.
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    I would like to disagree. I personally don't even pay attention to major game outlets when it comes review time. It is widely known that a lot of these sites get sponsor money and "review" money from companies to make their shit look good, and if that's not the case most video game journalists (the big sites mostly) these days don't even care about video games and it's just more a paycheck to them or a thing that they have to do for their job. There is a clear loss and lack of passion in the gaming journalist corner over the last decade and we've been seeing less and less genuine reviewers, it has been proven time and time again with shoddy reviews with unfounded opinions based on inconsistencies. The point I'm trying to make is most of the best reviews out there are from the consumer who don't have a stake in the review who can just plain out give their opinion on it with out any consequences and genuinely show their passion and enthusiasm in their review, of course you will have to read between the lines with some of these due to bias. Overall it is way better than big industry publications in my opinion and I always go to you tube and check out impressions and opinions from many different people in the fandom before I even think of checking IGN or Gamespot XD As far as Mighty no. 9 goes I will hold my peace. I have not played it and I probably won't play it, because based on everything I've seen of the game over the lengthy development time, the game just looks bad (to me). Uninspired ugly art style, horrid voice work, a cool game mechanic (absorption) that ultimately looks like it never left the concept phase, and the inability on Inafune's part to prioritize the health and well being of his game instead of the money and crap that none of the fans ever asked for. of course just my opinion formed through many years of trailers, demos,and interviews that released during and after the development cycle.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Also this one, I've been drinking heavily so don't judge me
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    Show Yourself (again)

    ya girl dyed her hair again
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    Neverland LIVE DVD release

    Neverland LIVE DVD "GRiMs ViRGiN FANTAsY" will be released at 2016/08/17 (5,400yen), which will include scene of their one-man live "GRiMs ViRGiN FANTAsY" at Shinjuku ReNY at 2016/02/19 [track list] 01.Land Escape 02.『666』Hz 03.ハイカラ輪舞曲(high collar rondo) 04.ココロアンブレラ(kokoro umbrella) 05.twilight 06.Depend 07.Heart sleep 08.SORROW GHOST 09.Dummy 10.Daydream 11.セカイのハジマリ(sekai no hajimari) 12.絶交×キャンディ(zekkou candy) 13.アグリマン(ugly man) 14.Evergreen. 15.Jupiter 16.7th heaven SET-LIST at 2016/02/19: SE.GRiM 01.Land Escape 02.『666』Hz 03.ハイカラ輪舞曲(high collar rondo) 04.ココロアンブレラ(kokoro umbrella) 05.twilight 06.Depend 07.DILEMMA 08.Heart sleep 09.SORROW GHOST 10.Dummy 11.『嘘と月』(uso to tsuki) 12.憂鬱チェリー(yuuutsu cherry) 13.Daydream 14.セカイのハジマリ(sekai no hajimari) EN1 01.絶交×キャンディ(zekkou candy) 02.アグリマン(ugly man) 03.Evergreen. 04.Jupiter 05.7th heaven SE
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    LEGO BIG MORL - fin. (english + romaji)

    There are quite a few lines in the English translation I'm not sure about, but I think the general idea of the song is pretty clear. If you have any corrections don't hesitate to let me know. fin. Music and Lyrics: LEGO BIG MORL Darkness or light, I wonder which one we fall into?* I wonder where people go after this I wonder if their minds are reset, and everything is dyed white And if that's how we meet our end** There was no sound And no colour either I was just gazing into the unconscious*** I'll swallow saying goodbye, so I can see you off on a new journey I won't wither away, won't wither away, because I'll take in your tears as well**** I will miss you, This song is for you Even though the night sky has gained yet another star, I'll just say “Good night”, Because saying “Goodbye” at the end just feels too lonely I wonder if there's neither darkness nor light at the end And if what's awaiting us is an infinite dream or just infinite nothingness I wonder if it's like we're just reset, and everything just stops, And I wonder if we even realize it's goodbye As if checking that they still exist, I go through my memories of our time together***** I'll swallow saying goodbye, and go to a nostalgic place I can't see anything, anything, But there's definitely something here It's not enough, not enough, somehow But I can get by with just that****** Because I know that we'll keep meeting and parting again and again I will miss you, This song is for you Even though the night sky has gained yet another star, I'll just say “Good night”, Because saying “Goodbye” at the end just feels too lonely Being born Falling down Rising back into the sky To the sky To the sky Good night See you in the morning Good night See you in the light Notes: *After we die **,***,****,*****, ****** Really not sure about these lines fin. Yami ka hikari ka dochira ni korobu ka Hito wa kono ato doko e mukau n da Shokika sareta nou, shiro ni somari Konna ni mo sayonara to deau no ka AH oto wa naku UH iro mo naku SO muishiki o tada nagameta SAY GOODBYE o nomikonde atarashii tabi e Karenai karenai, namida sore sae ukeireyou I WILL MISS YOU SONG FOR YOU Yozora no hoshi ga mata hitotsu fuetemo Oyasumi to iu yo Sayonara ga saigo de wa sabishi-sugiru kara Yami mo hikari mo soko ni wa nai no ka Aru no wa eien no “mu” ka “mu” nanda Shokika sareta you, subete tomari konna ni mo sayonara o shiru no ka AH Anata to no UH omoide o SO tashikameru you kazu kazoeta SAY GOODBYE o nomikonde natsukashii basho e Mienai mienai, nanimo demo tashika ni koko ni Tarinai tarinai, nanika tada sore dake no koto “Deai wakare o kurikaesu koto” wakatteru kara I WILL MISS YOU SONG FOR YOU Yozora no hoshi ga mata hitotsu fuetemo Oyasumi to iu yo Sayonara ga saigo de wa sabishi-sugiru kara Umare (GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE MORNING) Ochite (GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE LIGHT) Sora e (GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE MORNING) Sora e (GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE LIGHT) Sora e (GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE MORNING) (GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE LIGHT) GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE MORNING GOODNIGHT SEE YOU IN THE LIGHT GOODNIGHT Kanji: http://j-lyric.net/artist/a04dfa6/l033405.html
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    Oh that was really awful to watch and hear....
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    record something already you cyber disco grandpas
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    hey don't worry we're not derailing this thread, this is basically the place for discussions like this even though it's called "What video games are you currently playing?", I would've changed the title and focus of this thread a long time ago honestly, but I didn't start the thread originally, so it kinda doesn't feel right... But for future reference this is pretty much the general game discussion thread more centered on games that are already released and related discussion like the one we are currently having while the other thread is for speculation and news posting for upcoming games that have yet to be released. No worries you are good. I do agree that I might have exaggerated a bit when it comes to the pay offs, because you are right it probably doesn't happen much these days... I still believe it happens though just not as much as it used to. Yeah if you had specifically said metacritic user reviews than I would have 100% agreed with you, that place is just full of trolls and fucked up people who just hate on games as a hobby most of the time. I don't know about Gamespot's passion or drive really, so I can't say. I don't usually frequent that place because their review system is a awful incoherent mess. I can vouch that there are people in the industry though that just do it as a job and a paycheck, I'm not saying everybody or even most, in actuality it's probably a small percentage. I still stand by the statement that game journalism is no where near as passionate and genuine as it was 10-15 years ago, that's just the truth... I can see it when I read reviews from back then and reviews from today or hell not even just reviews just journalism in general. It's cool people disagree all the time, it wouldn't be a fun discussion if everybody agreed with you xD
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    daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahhh muahh muahhhhhh. idk why im so excite we we been talking all week
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    So アマテラス is basically 天照 lyrics in a new song...! I love these previews <3 Just can't wait. I guess the full MV will be uploaded in 4 or 3 days. GIMME THIS SHIT BRO
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Everyone in here being all pretty and I'm like
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    They are--I'm assuming that'll just remain as a 3-man side project where Teru and Hizaki physically vent their frustrations onto Zin after having to perpetually simze next to Kamijo again, while also juggling Hizaki's solo project and whatever that new sub-label / tax evasion + copyright lockdown voodoo he just created.
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    Pimp with your collection

    kamijo. jikkendai marmot.
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    Cheap-kei is coming back.
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