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    2nd mini album "月の反射でみてた" 2014.8.6 Release!! Tracklist: 1. origin 2. Everything Changes 3. セピア色の車窓から 4. 光の加減で話した 5. 闇には祝福を 6. 成仏してしまった男 7. 足跡 No Big Deal Records / NBDL-0017 / ¥1,800(tax out) hell yeah, can't wait!!
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    wow this band brought a different side to what kiryu couldn't, they might have similar theme, but sound so different
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    ANSIA(f.k.a. auncia) new maxi single release

    "Soubouchakushin" full PV ( ^ _ ^ )
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    Same here, although I don't really have too much input on that. But whenever I see the insane prices some rare vk stuff gets at auctions I have wondered if any band ever succumbed to the temptation to keep a few of their live-house distributed rarez just to sell them incognito for 10 times the price on Yahoo some time later. XD
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    Post a lie about the person above you

    ^ Absolutely HATES attack on titan...ESPECIALLY JEAN AND MARCO
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    Not surprising. This band is a cheap version of Kiryu.
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    As expected, he formed a new band quickly. (I don't really like the name and the other members btw...)
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    I'm a taurus. And I dont think I really have the main trait of stubborness that everyone seems to tie to it *le shrug* My gf is also a taurus...so this should be interesting.
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    What video games are you currently playing?

    OMFG IT'S FUCKING OUT: http://gbatemp.net/threads/ace-attorney-investigation-2-prosecutors-path-cases-1-5-beta-release.367451/ and i'm still in the middle of the last case in AAI1 D;
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    Ba.Ena(ex-HenzeL) & Dr.クロ(kuro)(ex-VelBet-->Vanish-->CELL-セル-(support)) will act as their support at their first live at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 at 2014/06/20
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    Show Yourself (again)

    You guys are brothers, stop fooling everyone XD. Even the white shirt is similar hahaha
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    Mejibray in general sorry not sorry.
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    new band "HiMeDOKI" has formed

    Indeed. They are kind of crappy, but it's listenable. It's nice to see a "Cosplay Kei" band again. There are no active bands of this style that I can remember.
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    Common song/album names in VK

    "Metamorphose" I've seen this word used at least ten times for vk songs but its a cool word so i don't blame them. I think I'll use it for a song name some day too lol. Lareine - Metamorphose Baiser - Metamorphose Metis Gretel - Metamorphose Lin - Metamorphose just to name a few, I'd imagine i have a few more on my ipod too. I'll look later.
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