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    In that case visual kei might not be for you
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    What are you listening to 2?

    Hi guys! Turns out that in the forum there's a limit of the number of pages that can be in one topic, and that is around 950 pages. The first topic was so popular we passed that limit! I'm starting a new topic so you guys can post here.
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    Just got back from the doctor. They made it sound a lot worse over the phone than it is in reality! I just have an overactive thyroid, so better than what I expected thyroid issues seem to run in the female side of my family.
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    what it will be like to listen to this single in 4D
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    Nihon Daisuki

    Gomenasai, my name is Ken-Sama. I'm a 27 year old American Otaku (Anime fan for you gaijins). I draw Anime and Manga on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my art and playing superior Japanese games. (Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Persona series) I train with my Katana every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through steel because it is folded over a thousand times, and is vastly superior to any other weapon on earth. I earned my sword license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day. I speak Japanese fluently, both Kanji and the Osaka dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about Japanese history and their bushido code, which I follow 100% When I get my Japanese visa, I am moving to Tokyo to attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become an animator for Studio Ghibli or a game designer! I own several kimonos, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Japan, so I can fit in easier. I bow to my elders and seniors and speak Japanese as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond. Wish me luck in Japan!
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    I'm not sure if trolling or not, but i'll bite Fair fucks to them for that, although it doesn't looke like the manchild audience was much captivated by them when their pinned tweet about the new song has a whopping 73 likes and 28 retweets ( and make sure to take out the ones from the band itself, so deduct about -5 on them retweets. ) Even on youtube it's not really setting the world on fire at 21k views in three months. Also how's the touring going by the way? Let me check what's going on their OHP... Oh! Absolutely nothing. Actually, how come a band that broke through 500k with one video hasn't had a one-man in their own city hmm... oh it's probably because most of the views came from Rajesh and Sanjay at the bot factory Mumbai. Maybe they should tour there. I mean they did perform at free festivals tho for what most certainly was for no pay. Shitty western vk is a like plant that is able to synthesise flopping into energy and thrive, or at least one of the members is lucid enough to give a handy to a mate organising tours and get along with Morrigan, who are playing at the dome right now I gather? The only difference between these awful western vk bands from Scandinavia and your shitty local band is that it's extremely easy to get something going that gives the impression that shits happening when in fact it is not. There's always an anime convention in need of an act to fill up space, and when the scene is so small and your friends are the ones bringing these Japanese bands you get your band to warm them up for them no problem, but when we really bring it down to any real parameter of achievement I would like for someone to point out the size of the crowd they can pull, the record label they're associated with ( the one your dad gave you doesn't count ) and the parity between followers and likes on social media.
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    So I got the new job Finally bye bye to newspaper delivery and post delivery! Finally 100% fulltime designer. At a work place and freelance
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    VK/J-rock confessions

    I don't give a shit about X Japan. I've never listened to them and I have no desire to start.
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    ギャロ (THE GALLO) new single, "DEATHTOPIA" will be released on May 8 for 1500 yen. [tracklist] 1.DEATHTOPIA + 2 additional songs
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    | It's a fact that this single is compelling enough to check out. My dislike of live limited and live distributed releases is well known on this website by now, but I'm more than willing to make an exception for split singles. The new MUCC×DEZERT live distributed split 蟲/ガチャガチャムクムク (Mushi/Gachagacha-Mukumuku) grabs my interest more than usual. I follow DEZERT casually and I followed MUCC a little less casually back in the prime days of international visual kei, but both bands underwent a change in direction that blunted my hype. As two bands that I don't actively follow anymore, I found it very interesting that each band wrote a song for the other to perform. I was more interested in knowing what DEZERT would create for MUCC to perform, considering my reaction to their recent change in sound, but MUCC are no slouches themselves. It was MUCC's song that surprised me more. The speed and attitude of "蟲" (Mushi) is what I was hoping for more of from TODAY, and it fits DEZERT like a glove. If there were any doubts as to whether DEZERT could even be heavy anymore, this song erased them. It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that the ability is there but the desire to create music like this is not, because "ガチャガチャムクムク" (Gachagacha-Mukumuku) is more along the lines of what one can expect DEZERT to create. If DEZERT did a good job covering "蟲" (Mushi) , then MUCC absolutely owned "ガチャガチャムクムク" (Gachagacha-Mukumuku). If I didn't know that DEZERT wrote this song, I could be reasonably convinced that this is an MUCC track inspired by their 鵬翼 (Houyoku) era. That's a huge compliment to DEZERT's composing skills. It's slightly better than average - I do think the song gets more engaging as it goes on - but it's not a song I see myself revisiting again and again. I have to note that this split is making several statements at once. It seems that MUCC is showing DEZERT how to switch their sound up without having to abandon rock. DEZERT wants to show the world that if you like their compositions when performed by MUCC, maybe you could grow to like it if they performed it too. This is a senior band mentoring a junior band through a turbulent time in their musical career in a constructive manner, and I would like to see more of this in general. 蟲/ガチャガチャムクムク does a good job at showing the flexibility of both bands. It's a great way for MUCC to get additional exposure, and it's a great way for DEZERT to convince old fans and gain new ones. I'm unsure if either band fully won me back with just one song, but I am much more likely to check out their future releases because of this. If you like either band, I would recommend you check this novelty out, but try not to judge them by it too much.
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    random thoughts thread

    I know I am going to open a big can of worms, but being active in the goth subculture for so many years and knowing people in the scene personally who have been part of this thing since the early 80s, I say the whole thing about gawf being a counter-culture misanthropic youth fashion trend is wrong and some cliché that the media came up with during the age of the Satanic Panic and ran with it. It's been (and will always be) about the music and not so much the clothes or hating everyone (lol, most old wavers and goffs I know are so perky you'd think they are all untrve poseurs if you didn't knew any better). I know that's an argument many people do not like, because that means it takes more than heavy eyeliner and tacky shillstar clothes made in Bangladesh - such as actually liking some post-punk and goth music. And many people think they need that dreaded "G" label to prove how different they are from mainstream society and will fight tooth and nail that they "deserve" the label because of how they dress, which is something I don't get. Also I have never met any of these people who wear 800 euros and more on their skin in the actual real life. These people primarily exist on the web, where they belong in the same bin with every other cancerous social media clown and influencer, or they walk around big festivals to get photographed (but never actually engage with anyone or pay attention to the music). I feel most of these "goff" people who are sponsor for some brand are just some regular alt chicks who realized that selling themselves as rebellious, edgy person makes them somehow different (and thus more authentic) than the hundred other people who do the same, but for some "normie" brand. Then there are the few cases where people from the scene did become greedy and partake in this shit. But right now there is a nice backlash against it, so it#s not like everyone is okay with it. In fact, people have been arguing a long time that it#s not a fashion contest. Most people at goth (and adjacent) events, club nights and concerts are piss poor or know to spend their money for more important things. If they wear that awful blunder then they usually buy it secondhand. And considering how the scene is slowly falling to gentrification, many don't even dress up anymore, and that's totally okay. It's only in web communities that people get so uptight and act like assholes. Which isn't so surprising, but that's also why I really recommend to get outside more and leave the internet for some time. Ever since I started to go out more again, meeting real people and reducing my online presence to a bare minimum, I have been much happier. Anyway, my stupid cents on this topic, since it seems to have made some big waves online. And I am glad it does. I think the same can and should be applied to any music scene, culture or just society in general; one doesn't need to worship some fucking brand to feel better about themselves and looks aren't everything. Sadly people give influencers way too much credit, even when they know that these people are paid by companies to sell their trash and will base their entire self worth on some criteria tailored by the folks that run good old capitalism.
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    Probably my last post

    Thanks for being honest with us, and yourself as well. It takes a brave person to admit their faults, and admit to fucking up. The internet can be a cruel place, as anonymity brings out the worst in people. But remember this, the way people treat others is often a good indication of how they feel about themselves. So just have empathy on those who come at you with hate and negativity. Believe it or not, they need it too. And no need to beat yourself up. Every single one of us is flawed as fuck, we all do dumb shit, and ain't nobody better than another. What matters most is that you learn from your mistakes and do better. So if you want to leave, that's up to you, but you're always perfectly welcome here!
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    Dir en grey

    TIW has three kinds of songs: songs that are like being stuck in a bus with a crying baby, songs that feel like spending the day in wet socks and songs that are Ranunculus.
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    Monochrome Heaven's "A picture is worth a 1000 songs" Trade-Off! Greetings MH! I hope everyone is well. For those who might be participating for the first time: the Trade-Off is a music exchange where you'll be paired up with another member and tasked with creating a mixtape for them based on the current theme! After exchanging mixes with your partner, you'll be given time to listen to the mix so that you can offer your own critique/review, in which you'll be able describe your experience and let your partner how you enjoyed the mix and how you thought they handled the theme. What is this theme about? We've all heard the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words". It's a common idiom referring to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single picture, or that a picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a plethora of written words. So I wanted to play off of that idea with this theme. The goal here is to find an image you like, or one that inspires you, and create a mix that evokes the same feelings or aesthetic that the image does for you....to create a mix that embodies the story being told within the image...a mix that, when you listen to it, you can look at the image, and literally SEE what you're hearing!...a mix where each song reflects the essence of your image. Got it? How many different songs can you describe your image in? The picture can be anything you want (tho nothing sexually explicit, offensive, or against the forum rules please). So essentially, the image you choose IS your theme! There's no right or wrong way to do this, as it's all very subjective, but I think this will make for some interesting results! *Special* Rules: (these rules are unique to this specific trade-off event) Must include an image with your mixtape, as it will represent the theme of your mix. Your image must be at least 500 x 500 px or larger (it doesn't have to be square). We want to really get the feel of your image, so good quality is paramount! Be sure to post your partner's image when you review their mix! Basic Rules: Some things worth thinking about! (these aren't rules - just a few things worth considering while participating in this event. suggestions even.) Since this is trade-off is more based on "feelings", it might be better to focus on how songs sound and the mood they evoke, rather than actual lyrics. Although lyrics can most definitely be of use in this theme as well! Keep in mind that there is no "correct" way to interpret the mixes you'll be receiving When reviewing your partner's mix, it might be helpful to view the songs on two different spectrum: how you feel about the song personally, and if you think the song matches up with the selected image/theme. Any questions? Feel free to send em my way! Sign-up will end and partners will be revealed Thursday, February 28th Your mix must be sent by Friday, March 8th Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, March 17th Ladies and gentz, let's get to it!!! Participants @CAT5 @yomii @platy @monkeybanana4 @Lestat @Komorebi @reminiscing2004 @doombox @Triangle @Seimeisen @ghost @togz @Zeus @Hohchicano96 Pairings @yomii & @Seimeisen @monkeybanana4 & @Hohchicano96 @Komorebi & @Triangle @doombox & @platy @reminiscing2004 & @Lestat @ghost & @togz @Zeus & @CAT5
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    8P-SB currently shaking in fear.
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    They will have a new release "COVER EP"(title?). More details TBA later. They will also have a one man final at Shibuya WWW on 2019.06.08.
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    Worst eyebrows in VK?

    Loki did have some pretty bad brows back then...
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    8P-SB new single "8bit boy" release

    Keep it
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    More pics: All songs are working titles and may change (that's what the picture says). According to an acquaintance of mine who attended she said it seems very likely they will become a full fledged band eventually. Them playing all original and new songs also strengthen this. Hopefully they'll announce it soon enough.
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    New Band DIEZE has formed

    Tastefully resisting the urge to make a DIEZE NUTS reference.
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    Tracklist: 1. 序(SE) 2. 妄執 (moushu) 3. 弱小の美学 (jakushou no bigaku) 4. 人間不信 (ningen fushin) 5. 依存 (isonshita) 6. 教典 (kyouten) 7. 静脈(SE) 8. 傷痕 (shoukon) 9. 指切り (yubikiri) 10. 飴と鞭 (ame to muchi) 11. 投与 (touyo) 12. ガタガタ (gatagata)
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    I think it’s about time to employ a straight to the bin philosophy on western vk on this board. It’s shit and largely irrelevant and everyone other the one person making all these yohio accounts knows it. It might’ve been exciting seven or six years ago when we didn’t know where it could go, but I think it’s already pretty decisively proven that all these bands outside of Japan are not going anywhere commercially or artistically, and even gossipping about these idiots is giving them the attention which they’ve done nothing to deserve.
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    Alright, who asked Kyouka this on instagram?
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Here's one from today. My hair looks shiny, so I'm happy.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Guess who's having fun ripping all these today >.> If my room wasn't a mess full of CDs already
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    VK/J-rock confessions

    you did the right thing
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    VK/J-rock confessions

    I don't give a shit about new X Japan. I've never listened to that and I have no desire to start.
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    ACME will release their fourth single, 「放課後の飼育」(Hōkago no shiiku), on 2019.04.03. TYPE-A (Cost: 1000 yen+tax) 01. 放課後の飼育 (Hōkago no shiiku) 02. SENKOU(English ver. ) TYPE-B (Cost: 1500 yen+tax) 01. 放課後の飼育 (Hōkago no shiiku) 02. SENKOU(English ver. ) 03. Paradox(LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018) 04. 激ヤミセレナーデ(LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018) 05. ADVENTURE TIME(LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018)
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    https://twitter.com/_theMuzzle?s=09 So far the Twitter is only following roku and kyouki
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    random thoughts thread

    THIS But it's not just men. It's women, too. It's everybody. Most people simply do what they were taught to do, whether they learned directly or indirectly. And I'm not talking about academics - I'm referring to how we're being taught to live in general. When you look at society as a whole, particularly western society - it's clear that what we're doing isn't working...that what we've been learning (and subsequently acting out) isn't good enough. We live in a society that perpetuates, encourages, and even rewards dysfunction. So is it any wonder that we're all depressed, anxious, and stressed out of our minds? These are things WE'RE ALL affected by. This also raises the question: What and how are we being taught? Do we even have the tools to better educate ourselves? If so, what are they? .... Ya know, I've gotten shit for saying negative things about feminism before, as people are quick to assume that anti-feminism = anti-woman or anti female-empowerment, which is absolutely fucking ridiculous. But I'm of the opinion that all of these different social movements can go...be it feminism, men's rights activism, red pill, MGTOW, black lives matter...whatever the fuck. They all appear to be well-meaning movements on the outside, but as they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - and ultimately, these movements seem more like dysfunctional solutions to a misdiagnosed problem. It's like trying to cure a cancer patient with cyanide. Meanwhile, they actually have AIDS . Sure, your *intentions* may be to cure the patient (which is great), but your actions are just introducing more toxic elements to an already deteriorating structure - the cause of which has not been fully explored. So from what I can tell, the real problem seems to be much deeper...and it transcends both men and women, black and white, rich and poor, etc. Whatever it is, it effects society as a whole. And society isn't some nebulous thing. It does exist outside of us, yet we all make up society individually as well. So if men are lost (and we definitely are), would that not also imply that the whole is lost as well? So all I'm saying is that perhaps we should endeavor to take a more balanced and holistic approach to viewing and scrutinizing these important social issues, instead of blindly entertaining all of these divisive ideologies that constantly pit one group of people against the next. Meanwhile, the whole suffers. How is society going to get anywhere if the right leg is constantly at war with the left? The body needs both of them to walk properly. And so I'm glad that @Zeus brought that point out, because it offers an additional perspective (without demonizing other perspectives) and shows that there's often more going on beneath the surface than we might be willing to explore. These are complicated issues.
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    it's been one of those deadman kind of days god I miss them
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    Kisaki Drama 2k18

    “He was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Scriptures said.” 1 Cor. 15:4
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    Civil debate forum

    I appreciate both your proposal and your genuine concern for the community, lil' sis. But unfortunately, I don't see the need for something like this - and here's why: This is already an open forum, so people are free to discuss and debate whatever topics they'd like to as long as they abide by the forum rules. 'Civility' is already a prerequisite to posting here, and we've got tons of forums/sub-forums suitable for a variety of topics. It's already the job of staff to quell unnecessary drama . We're not always as efficient as we'd like to be, but fuck, we're human. sue us Too many people would just use this as an opportunity to indulge in pointless one-upsmanship instead of seeking genuine understanding. And lastly, this forum just isn't mature enough to debate important topics without taking things personally. Hell, half of the community would already be triggered before the debate even got started. 🤷‍♂️
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    シド (SID) new album release

    it was announced at シド (SID) oneman live "SID 15th Anniversary GRAND FINAL at 横浜アリーナ ~その未来へ~" at 2019/03/10 at Yokohama Arena that their new album (title not yet finalized) will be released this year
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    I didn't know we had an interview
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    Show Yourself (again)

    My look for our local Dark Valentines Ball / Goth Thing last Saturday.
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    After the treatment for one year, I am finally close to be cured completely! The medicines for Early Psychosis and Insomnia are cut down to only half tablet. And the medicine for Depression is gone as no need now! It has been a really long long way to go, but I am happy about it. But the only thing make me confused is, my doctor suggested me: "Oh you should go outside, and make some friends!" I just think, who will be crazy enough to make a friend with me? Lmao
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    Kei just announced a new album, ten years after 『silk tree』, called 『4 deus.』 more details will be announced at a later date. He also announced a 10th anniversary live, 『beautiful emotional picture.』, on 2019.03.30. Support members: Bass: 高松浩史 (THE NOVEMBERS) Drums: 秋山タカヒコ (downy, THE MORTAL) Keyboard: 中村圭作 Guests: Ken(L'Arc〜en〜Ciel) DURAN 怜(BAROQUE)
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    To a limited extent, it is useful to separate the art from the artist. There are many musicians that make good music but aren't good people, and I honestly don't give a shit about any of that that unless said musician does something extremely awful, like rape or murder. I don't support musicians because I like them as people (although that certainly helps); I support musicians because they make music I like. If you like YOHIO and you like his music, and you can't find anything that would convince you otherwise, then that is all you need to know. Besides, we are all fans and we are all equally in the dark about any given musician's true nature. Unless you know that person personally, there's no way to tell for sure what kind of person he is. Rumors can start because he is an asshole all the time, or a rumor could have started because he was having a bad day and directed his anger in the wrong direction at the wrong time. You will never know for sure reading comments on the internet. Hell, people are routinely surprised when acquaintances and friends get ousted for crimes or seedy behavior, always quick to drop the line about how they "didn't know" they were capable of such behaviors. The only person that knows how good of a person YOHIO is is YOHIO. Trying to quantify how "good" a person is and how much they should be "supported" with little to no supporting evidence is a slippery slope into fascism.
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    Is YOHIO and DISREIGN really bad people?

    Uuhm, I have something to tell you about like 70% of artists in any discipline, (exchange alcohol also with drugs/p**sy/money etc.)... If you seek the artist doing art only for the sake of Art alone you'll find a staggering 0% of "pure" artists, at least a degree of "pay attention to me!" is always there. Now if you want to avoid supporting the worst assholes in the bunch it's your prerogative (Me too I'm trying to do it), but if you are looking only for the purest of the pure I have bad news about the music world (and "ART" in general). I'm pretty sure you are still very young so don't take this as a scolding, but as a little tip about the subject of arts and people.
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    Been learning and trying how to "reboot" myself. The process is hard ,but I intend to become a new person.
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    Dubtrack.fm / plug.dj

    Yooooo, so @doombox, @Pho, and I have planned a plug session for this Sunday Feb 24th @ approximately 12PM EST / 5PM UTC. Feel free to join us then! You can find out what time that is for you here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html We'll be plugging here: https://plug.dj/monochrome-heaven/ Come through!
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    It can be quite intimidating, yeah. If this helps, here's a little breakdown of their post-2000 albums so you can get a general feel: - ONE LIFE, ONE DEATH (2000): dads discover science fiction - 極東 I LOVE YOU (2002): dads discover science fiction but with layers* - MONA LISA OVERDRIVE (2003): dads discover cyberpunk* - 十三階は月光 (2005): dads dress up for Halloween and drink a bit too much but it goes much better than expected - 天使のリボルバー (2007): dads being dads - memento mori (2009): dads being dads but more rad, how do you do, fellow kids? - RAZZLE DAZZLE (2010): dads stumble into a disco, drink a bit too much but this time it does not go well - 夢見る宇宙 (2012): dads being dads who took their medication - 或いはアナーキー (2014): dads could not find their medication... hilarious results! - アトム未来派 No. 9 (2016): I could not find the dads but this background music is kinda okay - No. 0 (2018): dads have become cyborgs, I have become a dad while listening, feels weird man * originally these two albums were imagined by the band as one concept double-album My personal recommendations would be MONA LISA OVERDRIVE, 十三階は月光 and 或いはアナーキー btw.
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