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    12012 restart activities

    12012 will restart activities. Further details on future activities will be announced later. 宮脇渉 (Wataru) https://twitter.com/wataru_12012 酒井洋明 (Hiroaki) https://twitter.com/hsakai12012 齋藤紳一郎 (Shinchirou) https://twitter.com/s_mokichi 塩谷朋之 (Tomoyuki) https://twitter.com/tEnya_solioquy 須賀勇介 (Yuusuke) https://twitter.com/yusuke_suga 川内亨 (Tooru) https://twitter.com/12012_toru
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    vkgy latest interview, with a famous vkei writer! Also I worked hard on this one so it's a cross post with JROCKNROLL Nagasawa Tomonori (長澤智典) is a music journalist of note, having written for most major visual kei magazines and bands. We had the chance to ask him questions over several weeks, and so we explore his career, and his decades-long view of visual kei from the inside. Choose your favorite platform vkgy or jrocknroll If there are people who still have any questions about the "visual kei" history, we can do another round So if you do have any questions, throw them to me and I'll will ask them!
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    Anne Claire

    Show Yourself (again)

    Gratuated college today
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    Яyo (ex-ギルガメッシュ Dr.) has started a music label named "Wolves anchor DC" since early 2020, and he is also the producer of the label. SLOTHREAT is the only band that has joined the label so far. You can read an interview with Яyo and Katsuya (SLOTHREAT Gu.) here. https://www.wadc.jp/
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    Sweet baby jesus the new single is out now. Next month I will be a guest on Tokyo Borderless TV on 7/15 & 25 Will reveal artist photos for band and new member as well. I hope you can enjoy it ヤッフ〜(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ
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    SATSUKI best album "ROCIEL" release

    me: i wanna see miyavi mom: we have miyavi at home miyavi at home:
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    Hi, my name is hiko. I’ve been a fan of Visual Kei for a really long time now, many years, but I have always listened to Jrock anyway I am from Japan, though Japanese is not my first language as I’ve always been bilingual with English and Japanese I am a big fan of X JAPAN, and for X I’d say I idolise Yoshiki and Taiji the most. I also like L’Arc~en~Ciel, I have been their fan ever since I was a child. I have been to various Jrock concerts, though I can’t go to many since I live on an Island in south Japan (Awaji Island) and am unable to travel But some of the Jrock concerts I have been to are: HYDE x5 VAMPS x2 Dir en grey x1 the GazettE x1 L’Arc~en~Ciel x3 Plastic Tree x4 My actual name is Hideko (it sounds like a grandma name so hiko is cooler) You can send me a message whenever you want!
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    X JAPAN’s Toshi is infertile?

    The song ''X'' is actually about how he got his tubes tied and Yoshiki insists on performing it every time just to assert his dominance
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    My interest in visual-kei made my friend introduce me to this place, I've never been on a forum before so I think this is very interesting...! I know it's not necessarily a genre of music, but the music of the sub-culture is what intrigued me... I discovered the stuff upon meeting a vk guy.DEG was my first proper introduction, of course, but my favorites are Malice Mizer (and members of), MUCC, the Gazzte, Velvet Eden, and that's all of what's coming to mind. I don't know what else you dandy people need to know to understand what I'm doing here(?) Well, I like art... I am pretty darn extreme about some things, too. Yes! I think that's all...??
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    idk who needs this, but...Hey you. Yeah you. I know today might be hard and you're just existing, but you're important. Don't be too hard on yourself and take it a day at a time. Love you.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Me and my 15 yr old nephew (on the left) at one of my homeboy's weddings a few days ago
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    【En'Cell♰Dis'Dein】 †NEW SINGLE COMING SOON† 精神異常者センチメンタル Lyrics: 宗 Music: Kairu Advanced preview for Monochrome Heaven:
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    卍-Aesthetics Bands Showdown

    The staff has seen this topic and have decided to let it stay open. For now. Visual kei has taken inspiration from Nazi-era symbolism time and time again, for better or for worse. To ignore that would be feigning ignorance. We see no harm in simple discussion of the bands and the (very small) scene related to that. We have had similar topics in the past with no repercussions. However, the current era and political climate is a different story. Discussion on this topic may or may not be possible. We will end up locking this topic if it proves to be a breeding ground for incels on the forum.
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    Though I don't know that I ever really left intentionally. But after handling a lot of really life changing events in my life, I'll probably be around more consistently! I don't know much going on in the visual kei world as of late, but I'm still following the Japanese metal scene as much as I can. Excited to hear 12012 is coming back? or did i dream that news up? But hey if you like Japanese metal, or older visual kei groups like KuRt, SKULL, 12012, GALEYD, and stuff around those time frames, what's good let's chat it up! I also like BTS, A.C.E and Dreamcatcher And I listen to a lot of lo-fi, indie pop, and 80's music in general. Yes Hi, hello.
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    I thought this was already announced here. (laugh) Last year it was announced that Silver-Rose will make his comeback, however not with the old line-up. Vocalist YOWMAY restarted the band with 4 new members. Gt. Zoo Gt. YOU-K Ba. KAPPY Dr. ShuLa (check vkgy for their band history) Joined along to raise up Silver-Rose again! official twitter: https://twitter.com/Silver_Rose666 Actually the band should restarted this year with a nice tour around Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, sadly due covid-19 this tour plan has moved to next year. Yet the 2nd live of the band will be (hopefully) on August 1st. And maybe an interesting thing is... even if 99% of their fanbase see them as Visual Kei, they still refuse to call themselves Visual Kei. More about that reason you can discover in their upcoming interview which I will publish on July 16th! Look forward to it! To discover a bit more already (some stuff I didn't add yet on vkgy) can be checked via this;
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    Very pretty ! I'm tired of their over the top messy compositions so a ballad is a nice change for once. Btw Mahiro's nose... if he likes it that's great and I'm happy for him but I really dislike the way he looks now
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    X JAPAN’s Toshi is infertile?

    why does that matter?
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    This is a decision that the entire team stands behind secret, so your point is moot. You have been pushing the envelope time and time again with your topics and it's had more than it's fair share of negative effects on the forum. We've made it clear that political chat is not allowed on this forum, and that includes your all lives matter banner. A ban is a ban and you have to respect it.
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    S I K E you just got PRANKED
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    v. weird mood to come back to your transparently obvious joke thread only to find people taking it seriously
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    ClearVeil revival in 2021?

    I'm not good into making topics. Nozomi ex-guitarist announced a simple picture with the ClearVeil logo and with the year 2021. So maybe a revival?
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    As can be seen in their official site here: http://deadman.jp/archives/944 , deadman will extend their revival to 2021, the year of their 20th anniversary. deadman will also release a self-cover album titled 「silent scream calls twilight」in 2021, remaking their previously released songs. Song list will be voted by fans.
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    Remember a while ago when the OTHER more changed their name and we all had to check that it wasn't THIS more? well who's more more NOW huh? no one. no MORE.
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    12012 restart activities

    "I'll be a beautiful swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan"
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    By the way, based on the Twitter feedback so far from the bandmen involved there's a good chance some of the tracks will be quite exclusive (for example, if I understood it correctly the D'elsquel track might be an old unreleased song and the Kneuklid Romance one should be an old demo version of a later released track).
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    Artists you wish had alter-egos

    As the title suggests, what are some artists you wish had alter-ego groups? As well as that What genre of music would they play? What would their name be? Would members swap instruments? Would it even have all the same members? My first pick would be 'Develop One's Faculties' under the guise of 'Undeveloped Facilities'. They would play a pretty raw and heavy mix of punk/metal, I'd keep the members the same given Yuuya knows how to shout/scream decently and Johannes is one hell of a drummer
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    Well, Unlike the other opinions I LOVE THIS ALBUM A LOT! Is the perfect mix of mucc's style and It is the most varied album to date along with Myakuhaku and Shangri-La but more varied than the last 2. Old Nu-Metal Style like Ameria, Crack and Sandman (Experimentation point) Jazzy Styles like Jikokeno Psychodelia Style like Friday the 13th. Industrial Metal Style like Aku-Jusicte- & Dead Or Alive Soft Rock Song like COBALT Alternative Metal with Rock Elements like Kurage and Super Hero (Tatsuro Dedicate this song to his Father after dead) Mid 2000 Nu Metal Style like Memai and Sei To Shi To Kimi Punk Rock Songs like Kamikaze Over Drive and My World Power Ballads Like Alpha and Spica I like the 3 Bonus Track and in my opinion is very ambitious do 83 Minutes Music TODAY... Unlike the same things that are on the TOP List.... The innovation is a prominent and understimate skill that bands like MUCC can be proud of them. This is only my opinion, every person can Hate or Love it like they want.
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    VK Fan Turnover rates

    I've placed my thoughts under a spoiler tag because my fingers got keyboard happy. Anyways, a really great topic!
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    VK Fan Turnover rates

    I have seen people mentioning this ITT already but I want to stress how your age when you started listening is really important. When you like something, you ask the question to yourself, "why do I like this?" The answer will be vague when you are young, because this is a point where you are a fickle being, because you are discovering a lot of things in a short spam of time, you kinda want to try it out and also depending in a lot of other factors in your life (social circle and even your OWN appearance influences this) you will be more fickle than most for that young part of your life. But there will come a point in your life where you will finally set you own "tier-list" of things that are important because you will have experienced enough things to know what you really like more. Of course this doesn't mean you are set for life in never discovering new things, but these things will not be that much different from what value the most by now. When you get to this point in life, you will be able to answer the question "why do I like this?" more precisely. Great topic btw, always like seeing discussion about this
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    They're releasing a digital single on July 5th.
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    I finally got a job!

    I finally got a job!
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    If サンドイッチで120分? isn't playing at my funeral then I'm not going
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    Y2K Aesthetic in Visual Kei Thread

    Recently, I've been getting more interested in the Y2K aesthetic. For those who don't know, the Y2K aesthetic is a collective term for the sleek futurism of the late 90's and early 2000's that manifested itself in music videos, fashion, and technology. As Aesthetic Wiki puts it, "Y2K is an aesthetic that was most prevalent from roughly 1998 to 2003. Y2K aesthetics are often characterized by a distinct aesthetic period, encapsulating fashion, hardware design, music and furnishings shiny with tech optimism – sometimes literally. According to the Y2K Institute, some of Y2K's aspects include, tight leather pants, silver eye-shadow, shiny clothing, Oakleys, gradients, and Blobjects and Blobitecture. Most of Y2K aesthetics rely on the use of technology and slick futuristic looks, signaling the optimism a new era as people approached the millennium". This thread is to discuss the use of the Y2K aesthetic in Visual Kei. One of my favourite examples is the iconic music video for Yokan by Dir en Grey. This pretty much speaks for itself And while this is definitely past the era of Y2K, the music video for Mikansei to GUILT by Phantasmagoria is definitely influenced by Y2k futurism.
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    This is how to sleep before 10 PM.

    This is how to sleep before 10 PM.
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    I know politics are banned, but since Kanye is running for president, doesn't that kinda make this music-related too now????
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    How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!
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    Ro plz


    GIMME MY FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    12012 restart activities

    Best news ! "SEVEN" is one of my favorite VK albums all time and "DEICIDA OF SILENCE", "THE SWAN" and "XII" are amazing. Their best work.
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    12012 restart activities

    This is great news! Despite the general consensus, I really did enjoy their later material before they stopped activities. We need another Black Swan and Door to the Sky!
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    12012 restart activities

    Feel like some people will be really choked up about this news
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    Là reine 『Casser les oreilles』
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    you predicted this holy shit
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    random thoughts thread

    I don't really consider myself a "good" person. In fact, i'm pretty fucked up. But regardless, there's something beautiful about doing "good" to people just for the sake of doing good...Like with no expectations of anything in return....it just feels great to be a blessing to people.
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    キズ (Kizu) new live DVD "ONEMAN TOUR FINAL 消滅 2020年2月11日EX THEATER ROPPONGI" will be released at 2020/08/19 (2 types) Limited edition (7800yen) will include live DVD and 36-page photo booklet Regular edition (4800yen) will inlcude live DVD only [tracklist] 01. ステロイド 02. ELISE 03. 蛙-Kawazu- 04. 十五 05. 銃声 06. 黒い雨 07. 平成 08. 豚 09. ヒューマンエラー 10. 傷痕 11. 0 12. おしまい 13. ラブソング 14. 十七 15. 十九 16. へのへのもへじ 17. 息のできる死骸
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    If you're like me, you probably loathe the sound of Engrish in Japanese music and wonder why the Japanese would rather forsake their own beautiful language in exchange for absolutely butchering (in most cases) another. Others may find it comedic or even endearing. HOWEVER. This thread isn't about the actual lyrics (we have threads for that). This thread is about songs that still sound great, despite being entirely (or almost entirely) in Engrish. What songs do you think still kick ass despite being in Engrrrish?
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    when i first heard mejibray i really liked tsuzuku's strained oversinging thing because i thought it sounded passionate and raw but now when i listen to them i'm just quietly aware that it's him covering up for not being a very good singer
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