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    looks like the government is finally cracking down on visual kei
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    Today i had a photoshoot with my friend Tsuu who used to play in Phantasmagoria/spivstates as Iori! It was so much fun! He's an awesome guy and was happy when i told him that he still have a lot of overseas fans even now!
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    New band "ヴァージュ(Virge)" has formed. They will hold their first live at 2017/05/06 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE. [members] Vocal:遼-ryo- (ex.メディーナ(Mediena)) Guitar:紫月-sizuki- (ex.MALISEND) Bass:沁-shin- (ex.MALISEND) 1st Mini Album Release!! 「UTOPIA」 1.琥珀 2.恨ミ言 3.夜明け、灰色の呼吸 4.ボクノ悪イ癖 5.蓮華 6.ユートピア
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    its almost like he should be taking the advice himself
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    What the Muk did you just Mukin’ say about me, you little pidgey? I’ll have you know my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas, and I’ve been involved in numerous gym battles with Brock, and I have over 300 confirmed Rattata catches. I am trained in Normal-type warfare and I’m the top youngster in the entirety of Pewter City. You are nothing to me but just another trainer. I will wipe you the Muk out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Route 3, mark my Muking words. You think you can get away with walking past me on your way to Mt. Moon? Think again, Muker. As we speak, I am contacting my secret network of youngsters across Kanto and your Pokedex is being traced right now so you better prepare for PokeBattle, Magikarp. The PokeBattle that wipes out the pathetic little Pokemon you call your Bulbasaur. You’re muking fainted, Kakuna. I can stand right here, and only right here, and my Rattata can make you black out in over 700 ways, and that's just with tackle. Not only am I extensively trained in Rattata combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of my comfy cargo shorts and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable Abra off the face of the region, you little Spearow. If only you could have known what a PokeBattle your little walk past me was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have stayed in Viridian Forest. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you pants wearing idiot. I will tail whip fury all over you and you will faint in it. You’re Muking blacked out, Red.
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    Can't they arrest someone from a shittier band instead
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    Monochrome Boiz in da houseeee feat. @Disposable
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    Kaya has announced on his twitter that he is pregnant with a "fetus of sodom". Congratulations!! Any bets on who the baby daddy is?
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    http://www.despairsray.co.jp http://www.twitter.com/despa10 1. "Damned" 2. "Trickstər" 3. "MIЯROR" 4. "Sixty∞Nine" 5. "Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana" (凍える夜に咲いた花) 6. "Screen" 7. "Lost Scene" 8. "Hollow" 9. "Closer to Ideal" 10. "Angeldust" 11. "Squall" 12. "Kaleidoscope" 13. "Desert" it's finally happening! to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their 3rd best album, the band are reuniting for a limited time this year and rerecording! Hizumi is still unable to sing so they've revealed the guest vocalist in the exciting new promo pic. LIVES: 4月1日 高田馬場AREA (無料ライブ) 4月8日 Ukraine 4月9日 Poland 4月10日 Poland 4月11日 Belarus 4月12日 Ukraine 4月14日 London (cancelled) 4月15日 Chechnya 4月16日 Ukraine
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    It's April Fools Day, so today I'm my favorite dang fool
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    I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with Westerners having visual kei bands, but it would be great if their music and style was anything more than mediocre and if they weren't cringey narcissists as people. Also in terms of not being able to pull off the style, they COULD do it. I do and I'm a chubby average-looking white person. It takes a lot of practice and effort to learn to style yourself correctly, but some people are so cocky that they're convinced they're already perfect when they're only halfway there, in both fashion and music. ALSO I've literally seen people whining that "visual kei is dying" or "it isn't what it used to be" since I got into this shit in 2003. It's usually from people who have been in the scene like 2-5 years and haven't come to terms with the fact that the life expectancy of a visual kei band unfortunately includes their favs and they get bitter when all the bands they liked when they got into vk are now disbanding.
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    merrygoround is dead by Merry Go Round 1. 同化 (Doka) 2. 失楽 (Shitsuraku) 3. 液状 (Ekijou) 4. 造形 (Zokei) 5. NARCISSE 6. 君は蜜よりも甘く(Kimi wa mitsu yori mo amaku) 7. 赤い絲 (Akai ito) 8. 切断TV (Setsudan TV) 9. ザクロ色の月と狂った恋の旋律 (Zakurairo no tsuki to kurutta koi no senritsu) 10. Beast 11. CHEMICAL CANDY SHOW CASE 12. FISH 13. XX体質 (xxTaitshitsu) 14. 毒蟲 (Dokumushi) 15. 桜の満開の木下で (Sakura no mankita no shita de) 16. SUICIDE DANCE Ladies gentlemen and gays, I present to you the most underrated band of the indies (and major, believe it or not) scene in the 90's: Merry Go Round (otherwise stylized as Merry Go Round, Merrygoround, メリーゴーランド, affectionally refered to as メリーゴ/merigo by japanese fans). I'm sure the rarez queens on here would beg to differ and probably offer up some other band with a bunch of apostrophes and misspent words in their title because Merry Go Round are too popular but NO. They have a point, as anyone worth their weight in Nagoya kei history knows the impact of Merry Go Round on the local scene at the time, but the lasting influence of Merry Go Round isn't as widely known. Here I've come, along with the aid of this thread to help decode the mystery that is Merry Go Round through their swan song best-of release from 2003, merry go round is dead. There's no better time to go into this, as gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy marked the return of Kazuma to the scene, and they are hot off the heels of a fairly large country-wide tour and now a 3man series of lives with DALLE and 101A. Gibkiy continue onward with merigo's legacy of avantgarde experimentation, pushing the boundaries of not only the visual kei scene, but the underground alt-rock scene. Merry Go Round's cult following continues onward long after their eventual demise, over 20 years after they had started in '91—they even have a fan-run “memorial site” in their honour, still updated to this day. At the party zoo event lives, there's been merigo respect sessions, with MUCC members playing in them. Their releases catch a decent value on the secondary market, with their best-of albums easily catching upwards of 8000 yen. Something's in the water with these guys, and I don't think its any coincidence they are still mentioned in the same breath with the major label successes of the Nagoya scene despite their relative obscurity outside of the scene: Laputa, ROUAGE, Merry Go Round. The short answer is that they were legendary in every sense of the word; everything merigo did was fucking iconic. There was a sense of genuine darkness about the band, no one was flashing around their goth clothes for the chicks only to switch it up afterward when they got bored. The twitter thread was quite helpful, as they pinned a lot of influence to Merry Go Round that I didn't otherwise know. They claim that Kyo (DEG) and Daisuke (Kagerou) were quite influenced by Kazuma, and while I don't have anything to back this up, I totally believe it. Kiyoharu and his very obvious influence on like...99% of visual kei aside, Kazuma's edgy antics have clearly played a role on Kyo. He was the first person to rock the metal face piercings-all-over look, which Kyo later donned in the 2000's, coming to a fever pitch in the 2010's with band guys literally filling their faces with as many piercings as possible. Of more importance is the inheritance of a uniquely independent and unique being that merigo embodied; they were so unique that even the japanese source had to struggle from talking in hyperbole. Honestly, I'd argue that Kyo's closest comparison point is Kazuma, in terms of avantgarde leanings and their individualist persona that was cultivated through their almost outsider leaning art. They also pin Merry Go Round as the prototype for menhera love songs, whatever the fuck that means; my understanding of Kazuma's lyrics are limited but there's a lot of sex...s&m...sex...S&M! Of equal importance was this new influence of a darker perspective--taking into consideration the misfortunes of the world and informing one's art, which encapsulated a lot of themes which would later pop up in kotekei and the boom of menhera in the 2010s. Kazuma alone is not to credit for this, but along with the early Nagoya's kei scene's influence in ushering in this new era of ~yami~, he made a decent impact on the darker bands that would follow in later years. Throughout their history, even through lineup changes, their brooding energy stayed constant and so did their experimental, post-punk edge. While firmly rooted in the history of the scene, they sounded equally distant and removed from the scene. Whereas other bands mixed in sharp melody and pop sensibilities to the doom and gloom of the time, Merry Go Round nixed conventional song structure altogether. They had the melancholy down pat, but they added an almost relentless sense of repetition. Songs wouldn't move much as compositions, focusing on a guitar motif or rhythm and pushing it to the desired running length. It's a sound that is hard to describe without listening to their songs, but also a sound that varies with time. Notable is a 1997 cover of Bauhaus's “Hair of The Dog”, in which the spacey guitar lead of the original is turned into a fast-flicking, treble-y riff; the rhythm replaced with a syncopated drum beat. Kazuma sings coldly, screaming and cackles hysterically, pushing the frantic energy of the song into maniacal heights. The end result is so fucking merigo that I'd have a hard time believing this wasn't the band's own composition. This speaks to the quality of the re-arrangement of the cover but also their brilliance, in turning the frantic yet restrained energy of the original into a fully realized, uniquely dark visual kei song. The guitar tone and technique are a definite echo of the indies sound at the time, but the chord progressions dubbed over the melody of the original are totally post-punk, dour and dire. It all makes a lot more sense when hearing "Ame to muchi", which is an original composition yet it manages to sound quite close to “Hair of The Dog”. This is a perfect representation of merigo's traditional sound, equally visual and goth. Besides, when was the last time you heard a visual band cover fucking Bauhaus? These two tracks are part of their old sound before '99, which was more typical of mid 90's gloomy-kei and Nagoya bands, but as they went on things got weirder and weirder, peaking with their 2000 full length. Past then, things got a bit more sober and streamlined, with a more rock sound but were still quite distant from the third generation of Nagoya kei, which included the more goth-inclined Lamiel, kein and later Blast and deadman. Merry Go Round - "HAIR OF THE DOG" Bauhaus - "Hair of the Dog" Merry Go Round - "Ame to Muchi" Speaking of all this history, lets get into the band's tea. merry go round is messy to say the least, and there's not much I have to add that isn't already on the net, so I'll offer the interesting points. Merry Go Round's history is marked with stuff that doesn't happen at all anymore, including massive lineup changes, being together for 10+ years (believe it or not), falling in and out of major label contracts and a weird discography, with only 1 full length album and a scattering of minis and singles to count for the fajillion years Merry Go Round was a thing. Vocalist Kazuma and ex-Laputa guitarist Hideno were pretty much the only constant in the band's recording history, excluding their pre-demo years. Before '95 was probably a whirlwind, they cycled through 2 guitars, 2 bassists and a drum over the course of 4 or so years, with only recorded 1 demo (before their official demo) to show for their early years. None of the members at that time went onto any other bands after their time in merigo and so what went on in those years is entirely unknown, but totally interesting. I'd like to think the band was a volatile group of goths going around Nagoya with violence (a-la X-Japan), crappy music, drugs and S&M orgies but we might never know. The reality of the situation is likely a lot more boring, with Kazuma refusing to let go of his little project despite the financial and personal difficulties that come with trying to get a band going, especially considering it was before visual kei's mainstream popularity in Japan. They found stability after 1995, with their first main lineup's output stretching from '95-'98 before losing their only other composer, the now deceased Junna and drummer Kyo. Hideno then became the sole composer of the band's music, and whether for his personal taste or just overall circumstances, shit got very dark, very quickly. Song lengths could be brief, with weird minute-long voice solos or drag on for seven, eight minutes at a time with their typically minimal instrumentation, leaving Kazuma's croon to fill in the spaces. This was hinted at in their earlier days, as S featured the 12 minute monster “Dokumushi”, one the creepiest songs ever put to tape, which was composed by none other than Hideno. Catchy choruses became even more sparse, as songs were more about mood than melody. The jazz and industrial influence became stronger, with an alt-rock vibe creeping up on them in the later years, replacing the remnants of their old school style. Basically, as an album, merry go round is dead is not much more than an afterthought. There's actual little reason to purchase the album, as its limited 1200 press has ascended it to god rare status and it doesn't show up often or for anything remotely cheap and all the tracks have been released before. That said, most of the stuff from their marder suitcase/Fuji days are impossible to find now. Nothing was done with purpose in terms of arrangement, inclusion of tracks, etc. The track list is mostly chunked from the original releases, with little integration. The first chunk was their new stuff from 2003, then most of the tracks from the 1999 singles, with only 2 other b-sides that went to their 1999 best-of REDDISH COLLECTORS NO DEAD ARTIST. There's a lot of overlap between these compilations, and REDDISH... is a weird enough album that it deserves its own article. There's a lot of repetition in their discography, but also a lot of remixes/re-recordings and little tracks thrown in as interludes. Their first full length is also entirely absent absent here, as well as pretty much anything during their second lineup. The only song unique to merry go round is dead was "NARCISSE", which was later thrown into a marder suitcase V.A comp. The last chunk was a throwback to their older days, with the whole IMPERIAL DRUGS single and “xxTaishitsu” thrown in for whatever reason, as it is the only track solely composed by Junna. The classic “Sakura no mankita no shita de” appears as well, with “Dokumushi” cut down to a slightly more palatable 4 minutes. “SUICIDE DANCE” is the only song composed by Kazuma and ends the album as a throwback to their eaaaaarly days, as the song has been around in some way since their first unofficial demo in the early 90's. In terms of the tracklist contribution, I'd chalk it to who owned the rights for the tracks as well as aesthetic representation. Even if the band wanted to include their stuff from the semi-major days, my guess is that they didn't have the rights to those songs, which were conveniently mostly Junna compositions. So whether by design or coincidentally, it's mostly Hideno composed, reflecting the musical design of the band from 1999-2004. On to the music itself, it is spectacular to say the least. No matter how much you prime yourself to hear something of comparative style to other artists, or rather the inverse—expecting to hear something completely alien, the experience itself is neither. Tracks 1-6 were their post-2001 output, a mix of melancholy ballads and crunching alternative rock numbers. The sense of theatrics is mostly toned down for a primal rock energy. “Shitsuraku” is straight up aie chords played for seven minutes on end with what sounds like Kazuma on xanax. He takes the track towards a lullaby, threatening to pierce that threshold and roar yet it never approaches those heights. “Zokei” is among the best of the new material, with a percussive rhythm accented by dissonant guitar chords and Kazuma totally riding the track with vocals oozing sensuality. These tracks are a perfect example of merigo's penchant for repetition, as there are few diversions from the introductory chords and melodies. Hideno overlays a new motif or two to keep the songs from being mind numbingly repetitive, and it works to keep interest but otherwise keep the tracks hypnotic. “Narcisse” and “Kimi wa mitsu yori mo amaku” are shocking in that they're almost—joyful—ballads, not creepy or brooding (spare the intro to “Kimi...”) and a departure from anything they had done in the past. These were a look into merigo's possible future, a fascinating look at what could have been. I'm not sure it would have been a future we'd have wanted, but thankfully gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy came up 10 years later and swooped up the remnants of Merry Go Round's old craziness instead of letting this acoustic cheese bloom. That said, I like them in the context of the album's melange of mess. Merry Go Round - "Zokei" Then begins the older output (this album goes in reverse chronological order, basically, LOL), the more essential or classic Merry Go Round songs. “Akai ito” is the song that more or less got me hooked on art kei (I was already a Diaura stan, #sorrynotsorry), as the song was so...un-visual. It is a naked and haunting ballad, and it struck me as visual kei style vocals over a sped up Low or Codeine song. The guitar line had the dissonant feel of a darkened post-rock or midwest emo track, and I'm a huge fan of all of that so its safe so say I was shaking in my boots. To this day, it is my favourite Merry Go Round track and I literally melt the second I hear those opening chords. This haunting sound is echoed by “Zakuroiro no tsuki to kurutta koi”, which is in the same stylistic vein but a more drudgy, spacey number. Kazuma kills both with his vocals, dipping in and out of vocal acrobatics, occasionally pushing the border between fascinating and gratuitous but never overstepping his bounds. The template for these ballads is toward the closing of the album, with Merry Go Round's classic “Sakura no mankita no shita de”, which more or less birthed true emo balladry. It is covered in sessions to this day, and from merigo, it is the one track that is remembered from non-fans and fans alike as an iconic bit of Nagoya kei history. “Setsudan TV”, “Beast” and “FISH” are the flipside to the traditional melancholy rock balladry, as the band step into dub, industrial and jazz sounds. “Setsudan TV” is absolutely insane, with a thumping, urgent instrumental, not too far off from a cyberpunk anime soundtrack. Kazuma's vocals are...[redacted]. It's the peak of madness for the album and a track so bizarre it warrants a listen, just for the shock experience. “CHEMICAL CANDY SHOWCASE” is a look into merigo's traditional sound, as its a straightforward, punky rock piece. Merry Go Round - "Akai ito" From the traditional sound to the straight up old school, “xxTaishitsu” brings the vintage heat, as it is one of the older tracks. The looping/glitching vocals from “Setsudan TV” are here in a lower dosage, contributing to the intensely psychedelic vibe of the track. The track comes to a climax with a bizarrely spaced and composed solo, in a much higher pitched voicing than the rest of the track; it's orgasmic to say the least. If you're not air guitar-ing to it, then what kind of a wannabe guitar player are you? From then on comes “Dokumushi”, unfairly cut down from its originally wonderfully messy glory. In fact, the horrific and disturbing effect of the original is almost entirely lost in this 5 minute edit, as the song is made all the more creepy for how long it goes on for. The album ends with “SUICIDE DANCE”, an otherwise unremarkable song for how much it resembles other, better merigo hit songs; however, credit is due as this was the template for pretty much all of Merry Go Round. Merry Go Round - "Dokumushi" (Live) And so the snake swallows its tail, merry go round is dead. Hideno has pretty much fallen off the face of the earth, and that's a real shame. Otherwise, Kazuma's contribution in gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy keep the spirit of the old school alive, and that is testament to the strength of the Nagoya scene. There is nowhere else in vk, aside from the legends of the late 80's-early 90's that musicians have remained active for so long. Peers play with up and coming musicians along with their influences, producing new and dark sounds, equally indebted to the past as they are to the future. Here's to our darkened future, and the merry go round which will spin eternally. gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy trailer References: please note that this is mostly limited to english sources, the gaps in my knowledge could possibly be filled by japanese sources or defunct english pages. please let me know of other additions and translations if possible, do it for the oldies!!! 1.) this awesome nagoya kei intro thread (JP) 2.) western news sources: jame (s/o to the girl who upped the band bio in 2010, it was of great help) vk wikia junna memorial blogs compiled on shattered tranquility 3.) memorial site 4.) yunisan (song credits, lineup information, press numbers)
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    The scene is KNOWN for having too many underage fans; The fans are KNOWN for being crazy and doing creepy shit for their favorite musicians; Japanese enforcers are KNOWN for taking this seriously; There has been SEVERAL cases of colleages being fucked by this; There is SEVERE consequences for the careers of those who are arrested; When you see people making the same mistake for the 14098742109812th time, it stops being something to argue over, the stupidity on that level speaks for itself. If you really wanna bang that suspiciously young-looking girl that bad, ask for some ids and take pictures of it, for god's sake
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    unpopular opinion probably, but i actually feel bad for rio. in situations like this (i.e. nothing in the article suggests there's any duress/force involved) it's always the guy (well, the "adult", lolol) who's charged and the girl gets away unscathed. statutory rape laws are one of those extremely blunt tools that give zero regard to circumstantial considerations, and whose technicality make them ridiculously easy for people to exploit to ruin another's life if they wanted to. was there force? was there mutual consent? had the girl orchestrated everything with the intent to lie and then sabotage the guy after the act? none of that matter, except an age arbitrarily stipulated by the law.
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    The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has seen a lot of arrests of visual kei members. While band members skirting the law - and sometimes even breaking it - is nothing new, it is rather unusual to see so many high-profile cases in such a short time span. So today, let's indulge in some visual kei drama both past and present and look at some other famous cases and arrests. Grab some tea, because this topic is going to get delicious. Disclaimer: While the title says "Bad Boys" of visual kei, some of the stuff covered here is particularly heinous. It's one thing to be a "bad boy" and it's another thing to be a rapist. Please don't read into the title too much. Sakura (The Madcap Laughs, ex-L'arc~en~ciel) Dai (Himitsu Kessha Kodomo A (秘密結社コドモA)) Kisaki (Lin, Phantasmagoria) SHINTARO (ex-アイヲロスト) Miyawaki Wataru (ex-12012) Tomioka Hiroshi / Dynamite Tommy (Free Will president) Manew (ex-The♡Valentine) Akinori (ex. lynch.) TAKAHIRO (ex-FAZ) RIO (ex--LONDBOY) shia (chanty) Daishi (ex-Psycho le Cemu)
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    DIMLIM 1st minialbum "VARIOUS" will be released since their 1st ONEMAN live on 03.06.2017 at ikebukuro black hole. limited: 200 copies price: 2000yen (tax in) tracklist: 1. アハレワタ 2. THE INVISIBLE 3. destroy a desire 4. メンタルヘルスダンス 5. Regret 6. 初潮
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    This comes with the cheesy quote "I'll stop wearing black when there's a darker colour"
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    If I see one more comment that's not related to MEJIBRAY's new release, I'm locking the topic and handing out warnings! @frayed @Gichi Gichi @rvrgf @sheepprincessgara I don't know if you've heard, but there is a function on this forum that allows users to send private messages (PM) that aren't posted publicly for everyone to see. So if you wanna call each other idiots, argue about using the words "homosexual" and "pedophile" in the same sentence, you now have a fun new secret place that doesn't derail a thread from its topic. How insane is that? @CarmelzorsIs there ever a time you don't make some half-witted attempt at "calling out the staff" for "not doing their jobs?" Here's a super fun, amazing, awesome idea: if you see problematic shit, report it! Does that idea just blow your mind or what?! Another cool idea: if you have any "suggestions" for how us staffers should do our jobs, take that "suggestion" to us directly, and if it's not a wall of text, we'll take it into consideration.
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    V STARis the accomplice on the outside sneaking in tools baked in cakes and waiting outside with a private plane for a quick get away
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    They both have the same IP address. I bet TheDragonCharizard11 is his cousin from the upstairs.
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    I could have lived without ever seeing that photo.
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    Not used of dark lipstick but I think I like it.
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    Renaissance in the west? Was it ever alive? Does anyone want it to be?
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    From a recent shooting for my band.
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    I don't feel an inkling of sympathy for him. As many people here have said before, many bandmen have made these same mistakes, you would think others would see this and be more careful? This ain't his first offense either, apparently so I'm starting to think he's a pedo. So yeah. Continue blaming your bandmen's stupid failures on the coo coo fangirls, when the bandmen, the actual adults, should be a lot more careful since their livelihood and freedom is on the line. Btw: sorry if I sound bitter, it isn't to anyone here in particular but I saw a shitstorm of FB comments borderline defending Rio and I legit wanted to combust
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    Does anyone often find genres that they love, but actually can't stand most of the bands of? visual kei
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    IN LIGHT OF THIS THREAD.... please donate to my gofundme to make the western equivalent of 9goats black out. thank you. vkei is not dead.
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    Something about the visual kei aesthetic is lost in translation when Westerners try to do it. Let the scene influence you but to be derivative of a derivative scene is just copycat at that point. Come up with your own fashions. Set your own trends. Learn photoshop. Try not to look like a $5 Five Below reject. Small things would help me to take his opinion even slightly more seriously than I do now.
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    Tracklist: 01. 入口 02. 不幸の始まり 03. ぐちゃぐちゃ 04. 排水口 05. 気付いて 06. 人殺し 07. ラストダンス 08. 恋人ごっこ 09. 寄り道 10. 落とし穴 11. 交尾をしてよ 12. ユメオチ 13. 最後の歌 14. 出口 | One of the most promising visual kei albums in recent memory. After nominating their mixed bag of a collection album 中毒症状 (Chuudoku Shuujou) as one of the best of last year only to be greeted with a three consecutive singles campaign I would sooner forget about, the announcement of 不幸な迷路 (Fukou na Meiro) didn't strike me as anything particularly noteworthy to check out. I knew that ザアザア (XAA-XAA) had to bring the heat, but I didn't expect an album of this caliber from them. It falls a bit short of becoming a classic for me, but 不幸な迷路 is the most fun I've had listening to visual kei all year. Ask me to define what visual kei is and what you will get is a lot of stammering and gesticulation, and maybe a comment on the style or popular genre of choice. Ask me for an album which embodies all things visual kei, and I'll point to 不幸な迷路 immediately. ザアザア has combined all the visual kei tropes in a familiar but new way, including some unfamiliar ones. For example, the band spared no expense in ensuring their disjointed album opener and closer SE's have nothing to do with the tracks they sandwich. Also for good measure, the album switches gears halfway through in a misguided attempt at showing diversity, starting with the very girugamesh reminiscent "ラストダンス" (Last Dance). They at least stopped short of including their sub par singles just to pad the running time. Some seasoned visual kei veterans would roll their eyes at these, but I embrace them all with open arms. It lends an undeniably last-decade visual kei feel to 不幸な迷路 without leaning on novelty or the band's laurels, and as a result its very easy for me to get lost in it. I can play the whole album without pausing once. One point of contention I had with 中毒症状 was how lazy many of the bridges sounded. Bridges hold a song together, and often it was just one word or one phrase repeated eight times. I'm happy to report that this sin is only committed once on 不幸な迷路 with "落とし穴", and that a large majority of the tracks have well thought out, even memorable choruses at times. Ironically enough, my favorite track, "排水口" - an undeniably MUCC-influenced slow burner that could earn a spot on the aforementioned 2004 album 朽木の灯 - has no chorus to it. I like most of the songs even if the vocalist Kazuki works within a very small tonal range, I don't remember actively hating or skipping through any song, and after five or so listens I consider this to be their best release yet. It's not the greatest thing since sliced bread, and maybe it has a few too many toppings, but it's a damn good sandwich for those with the corresponding taste. Only time will tell if future releases can maintain the same balance of familiarity and inventiveness. I expected nothing at all, but 不幸な迷路 resonated with my stodgy, old soul in a way I haven't felt for some time. It strikes with an intensity and charm that took me back to my nascent years in visual kei almost immediately. I implore them to follow whatever creative workflow resulted in this album and not their consecutive singles release, because this works for them. Most importantly, in a time where there isn't a clear leader in the race to the top of the indie visual kei charts, 不幸な迷路 provides a compelling reason to choose ザアザア. Support the band! Me-Shop
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    Everyone's going to have their own opinion, and they're free to it, but jfc Mia really draws the nastiest comments out of people. (Never mind how offensive that comment actually was on several levels.) He really doesn't deserve half the shit he gets. He's a talented guitarist and he's good to his fans. On-topic, I love this song, I've loved it from the first time I heard it, and I'm super pleased with the PV. Can't wait to see what they do with Sliver.
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    New band "CHOKE" will hold their first live at Shinjuku CLUB SCIENCE at 2017/5/5. Deluxe edition of their album "CHOKE1" is available through their web shop, which includes CD+DVD+T-shirt (6000 yen, limited 100) [track list] 1.under ground 2.Act.1 3.Slash and burn 4.Stay high 5.MAYDAY 6.Rainy 7.BOOMIN' 8.Nightmare Vo.REON (ex-RUVISH) Gu.KVYA NONO (ex-JOKER-->HeaRt-->ν[NEU]-->ニンジャマンジャパン(NINJAMAN JAPAN), DragonWAPPPPPPER-->サウイフモノ(souiumono)) Ba.B5 (ex-ANTI-KRANKE-->蜂-biene--->白黒キネマ(monokuro kinema)(support)-->DragonWAPPPPPPER(support)-->Medi@lize(support)-->PLUNKLOCK) Dr.TOSSY (ex-我羇道(GAKIDO)-->SERIAL⇔NUMBER) http://choke.tokyo/
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    Lol found these while browsing Jake's old myspace. I'm pretty sure this is from the very first acen panel we did. Also more promotional images lol
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    i'm so sick of hearing about this #resurrectvk garbage, how bout #resERECTmyErection
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    MY LIFE HAS BECAME A FANFIC! On saturday i went to Kobe to see my favorite band UNiTE. in a event with DADAROMA, RAZOR, D=OUT, FEST VAINQUEUR and Rides in Revellion. After RAZOR concert i was totally in love for them and then tweeted that they were the best so far. UNiTE. was the last band, and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST OF COURSE. After the concert, they called all other bands to return to the stage in order to take a picture with everyone (that usual pictures band+crowd). I was in the bottom of the live house (cuz it was the best place to watch) so i didnt thought i would even appear on the picture, but in any case i got ready smiling to the stage and making PIECE with my hands when . . .. . i felt someone pushing my arm really hard, and before i could even see who it was i've head the fangirls screaming like KYAAAA KYAAAAAA. When i finally got my eyes into the person it was UNiTE. guitarrist LiN. At some point that i didn't notice, he came down from the stage to take me and bring me to the middle of the crowd. He brought with him Kouryu from RAZOR and i was really surprised (did them stalk my twitter before that? LOL) So in the end i took the picture while hugging my favorite band member. BEST DAY EVER BRO!
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    This is me by ex-Phantasmagoria Iori There's some other pics too. 1 2
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    藍-AI-(DEATHGAZE) solo project "DARRELL" new single "DEAD INSIDE" will be released at 2017/07/19 "DARRELL" members: Vo.&Gt.藍-AI- (DEATHGAZE) Gt.潤(jun) (ex-Butterfly syndrome) Ba.JOKER Dr.真(makoto) (ex-KeiL-->ジャガー(jaguar)(support)-->MaveRick-->EAT YOU ALIVE) http://darrell.jp/
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    except you can't be a rape apologist when there's no rape (other than in the little fantasy world you created for yourself when facts didn't go your way)
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    Since neither one of you have answered my question to a degree which satisfies me, I'm now taking action. If the two of you can share a room and share a computer, you can share your feelings too. This little cat and mouse game you have been playing is old news. Leave your little games on Reddit and the confines of your apartment. I don't want either one of you mucking up the forums until you hold hands, sing kumbaya, and figure out which one of your two personalities is the more dominant one. I've already banned one of you so this shouldn't be too hard. Oh, and I'm going to attribute any future accounts with Pokemon names in them to be either one of you...
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    i told y'all she was crazy from day 1 let emmny have WARNED THE PEOPLE when she turns into minpha and doxes the WHOLE FORUM!!!
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    They have like...30 songs yes? I could name a bunch too and the only song I've ever heard was Art of Life. I listened to it because of how much I heard it was the greatest thing ever and such a pivotal work...and I feel like it goes on ten minutes longer than it needs to. Blind X worship is shit n00bs do. Genuine respect for X's material can only come after that I feel, because everyone has to get their biases about X out of the way before the music can really be enjoyed for what it is. Also, LUNA SEA > X fite me