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    Well, it is what the title says. コロナウイルス is forcing people to stay home in Japan and the japs have a nice philosophy of spreading hope in times of despair, so they went there and performed anyway and are being nice and posting the gigs that got cancelled online for all to see, including us, poor gaijin. No live audience, no staff, etc. These are the ones I've seen so far: Let's make this collaborative so do share other links here if you know of any. I'll keep updating this list. Please keep this thread related only to specific gigs arranged for the sake of the pandemic. It doesn't matter if a band posts their entire videography online. Previous performances won't count, ok? If it has an audience, just don't post it. Also, no talk sessions, offshots or whatever else that isn't music-related. And bear in mind most of these gigs will be avaliable for a limited time only, so hurry up and watch or download the ones you're interested in watching ASAP.
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    Kyo's girlfriend?

    Yeah, this is the one famous pic. Although it's taken inside a store kyo still looks very surprised. The bangyas at tanuki mainly hated on his girl for being a kuso gaijin uwu
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    Dr.NIKKY (ex.ALSDEAD) has joined RAZOR

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    ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) new single "ホラー (Horror)" will be released at 2020/4/22. (2 Type) Type A will be CD (2 tracks)+DVD ("ホラー (Horror)" MV) and Type B will be CD (3 tracks) only. [track list] 1. ホラー (Horror) 2. トラウマ (Trauma) 3. サイコパーティー (Psycho Party)
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    A couple of years after their comeback album release, Versailles has announced a new single, "Emperor" slated for summer 2020!
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    HIZAKI Grace Project is back!

    The HIZAKI twitter account has announced the return of HIZAKI grace project. Soon you will give more information about it. Who are you waiting for in the project? Juka, Hikaru, Kaya, Kamijo,...
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    No, I'm not a fan of Misc. nor Retsu's individual attitude, but I feel like many here are just plain mean/annoying. Like, why don't you just ignore/let go of them if you're gonna be negative about everything they do. DIMLIM is not just Retsu, so I feel bad for Sho and Hiroshi. Also things are changing daily because of the Corona shit going on, so you can't blame any artist for saying "it won't be cancelled/postponed" 2 days prior cancelling/postponing the live after all. It happens all the time everywhere. I live in Tokyo and I also have tickets for lives that have been postponed/cancelled 2 days prior, while the bands tried not to disappoint the fans at first. Lives/tours in Europe (from Japanese artists) have been postponed/cancelled too. It may have been decided by the venue or government, so the bands can't even do anything about it. Japanese bands have the tendency to give up on their band too easily imo, so I do respect them for the "we keep trying and don't care about the haters" attitude. He's not a criminal or something.
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    His profile on their official home page needed some urgent updating so I thought I'd help out a little I seriously couldn't get past the first 8 seconds on retsu's lets's Q&A video because I was already laughing so hard lmao. Never thought I'd see the day when dimlim becomes such a joke... Someone pls save Sho and Hiroshi from this mess, they don't deserve this
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    Holllly shit, folks. Since April is gonna be largely a stay-at-home kinda month (at least around here), expect probably my largest upload binge in years in just a few weeks! Gonna be pretty fuckin awesome!!
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    new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed

    new band "En'Cell♰Dis'Dein" has formed in January and they have released their first demo single, "THE MISSING DEAD" on digital platforms on March 21. [lineup] Vo.宗 (sou) Gt.kairu (ex-La'Vistier --> {mid:night}) studio support Dr.Maurizio Antonini (for this release only) Twitter
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    pour one out for 06/07 heidi. and this song in particular
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    ARTiCLEAR new look

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    VK truly lost its edge over the past decade and some; a similar outbreak in 2002 would've already spawned like four similar-looking bands titled ♕VIЯ'US releasing their debut single 『Infect...me』(c/w "37.7"; first press bonus track "delirium of influenza") on the day of the cancelled gazette first live under matina
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    the boy slit his wrists live, i don’t think he’s really gonna give a shit if a couple of gaijin are using google translate to tell him his hat is Bad ™️
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    Waru Chibi

    DADAROMA will disband

    found this on FB: He says that their company wanted them to say it's a hiatus, but he doesn't want to lie to their fans and make them wait for a comeback, since there won't be any comeback. They're just disbanding Yoshiatsu also says they'll all comeback, maybe together, maybe not, he still doesn't know, but for sure Yoshiatsu will continue to sing. So let's wait for their comeback even if it's in separate bands...
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    KAMIJO new album "PERSONA" release

    KAMIJO will release his new album "PERSONA" on 2020/7/15 !
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    It's so sad but Dimlim is dying Honestly I think Ryuya left the band bc he had no patience for Lestu crazy ass ideas Even when I like MISC. (3/5 for me, not horrible, but not wonderful, epecially for some song that man they're forgetable) Rijin and KIDOAIRAKU was the direction, maybe with a touch of Out of the darkness and What's Up? and boom great fucking band, I don't give a shit about the visuals at this point. But NOOO Letsu doesn't want a bassit and prefer to do random world venues, weird ass interviews and do public his ego and middle age crisis, even when he is at his 20
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    HIZAKI Grace Project?? ?? With Juka? Or Hikaru? Or KAYA???
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Se'ikspia - "SWEET PAIN" Blut-Rose - ~始まりの鼓動~ Javelin - 桜に散り行く恋心 (+ band photo) Javelin - 桜 The Ghost inside of Me - -THE ME INSIDE OF ME- (interview) The Ghost inside of Me - -unplugged nocturne- The Ghost inside of Me - Museum The Ghost inside of Me - DOLL~惜別の夢に眠れる愛しき影~ The Ghost inside of Me - CAGE The Ghost inside of Me - -Scénario Soirée- AZALEA - 滅びの庭 Lavender - Refrain LAYBIAL - visage Eze:quL x LAYBIAL - 蝶乃舞 La'veil MizeriA's T-shirt
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    random thoughts thread

    god im so glad politicsposting got banned on here because i'm already fucking tired of seeing every other music community i'm in slowly getting overtaken by american election bullshit
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    RAKUGAKI new look

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    DIMLIM new album, "MISC." release

    That's what every JP vkei fan sees when filthy gaijin ask them on Twitter about a random Gesshoku flyer from 1993. So I won't diss him. He made an effort even though he didn't have to. I can appreciate that.
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    Everyone! vkgy has an interview with 90s inspired VK band luvielle. Please RT/like if you don’t mind! https://twitter.com/vkgy_/status/1234840966076432384?s=21
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    I honestly don't know what there is to gain by white knighting some high school dropouts rockstar dreams in the year 2020. The world is in lockdown, the polar caps are melting; I think if you're making art for profit in this age then you can fuck the right off and get a real job, even if it's visual kei where half of the appeal of this niche comes from the weird economy that sustains it.
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    It's a grey area for me. On the one hand, it's way easier to chuck $2.58 at a single on iTunes than it is to spend $30 to have it physically imported from CDJ. But at the same time, sometimes record deals fall through or the band splits and then their material is gone from streaming services. For example, GE+IM's digital single is now gone, and all of UnsraW's materially used to be streamable, but that got removed a few months ago. Unfortunately, being available digitally comes with an asterisk that says *(for now)
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    As the person who belatedly brought this to the foreign limelight and who as also spent a ridiculous amount of time listening to Ray C, Otoiroha, and ジグザグ, I'll see if I can clarify some of your points. That being said, I'll prepend my further statements w/ additional fan-research done here: https://www.kokusai-singlemama.com/columns/wands-uehara1/ https://sebunoda-goodjob.com/2020/01/04/wandsの上原大史は命様なの!?ていうか、ジグザグ/ I find them pretty much identical if you put them side by side with Otoiroha pics. The distance from the chin to the lower-lip, jawline, etc. He's put on a little more weight (healthy btw) since Otoiroha (which is why he might appear differently.) I had a good comparison image in my initial status write-up, but it appears to be broken right now. If you want something more definitive, his left lateral incisor tooth is identical (and the rest of his teeth.): *Also jawline tape is also a possibility. Japanese makeup is a hell of a thing. He uses a different vocal inflection with WANDS, which is a bit "safer" and more appropriate since it requires him to be more technically accurate. His highs, however, are a dead giveaway. He's not actually "frustrated" but more aloof (in typical Japanese fashion) of the subject. I draw parallels with mafumafu (まふまふ) in my status update because they have similar scenarios. They're both guitarists, constantly conceal part of their face, in extremely popular bands/groups, and for mafumafu's case, he's the vocalist of "神様、僕は気づいてしまった" where all the members of the group are in full costume/masks. They want that separation, and in Mikoto's case, between his indie and WANDS presence, the latter of which is pretty much being a j-idol. - Trying to piece together what I wrote before, it is rumored in the time between Otoiroha and Zigzag that he was scouted by Daikō Nagato (former Being Group CEO and musician) for his indies-era voice. He's credited on a ZARD tribute album and participated in some music festival in 2018 prior to being inducted into WANDS (also from Being Group.) Also attesting to this, since I've posted a large chunk of Zig Zag's earlier live-limited discography on YT, I'm able to view analytics and comments... There was an absolute flurry of viewership + comments in February indirectly mentioning WANDS which confused tf outta me. Comments ranging from older women who were 90's gya having rekindled interest in vk to how good his vocals are in Zig Zag. Other videos have comments stating how handsome he is and how he should stick with WANDS, etc. In summation, they're absolutely the same person and he's just creating separation between his two careers.
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    I guess I should do an intro huh lol I'm Reida and I've been a fan of VK for awhile now. My #1 favorite band is the GazettE but I also follow RANDS and another band. I got into VK thanks to MUCC and D'espairsRay and have been going downhill ever since. I go to lives whenever possible and I make GazettE furi videos lmao I don't follow much new VK anymore. I just stick to 2-3 bands since a lot of newer bands (besides RANDS) don't really catch my interest anymore, plus, money. Idk what else to say. I've known about this place for a long time, but never joined until now so that I could offer a shopping service for overseas 蘭図 (RANDS) fans. I'm really only active on Twitter and Instagram now a days.... and not using my typical username lol
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    I recorded it, it's currently rendering from Sony vegas. I had to resync some parts that were buffering and added romaji song titles. I'll link it here after I uploaded it to Youtube 👍
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    The Make-It-Pop Thread

    MAKE IT POP I haven't seen any kind of general pop thread in the global music sub-forum and that just will not do! 2020 is shaping up to be an amazing year for pop music and there must be a thread to discuss everything pop-related! I'm going start by sharing some upcoming releases I'm looking forward to and then sharing some artists I've enjoyed since last year. Upcoming Releases Rina Sawayama Sawayama (04.17.2020) -Rina's been making some waves in the indie pop scene. She seemingly just came out of nowhere but managed to make an impression on people with her self-released EP "Rina" with hits like "Cyber Stockholm Syndrome" and "Ordinary Superstar". Her sound is very reminiscent of 90's pop/r&b but she finds ways to make it sound fresh and interesting. She's got a new album coming out in April of this year titled "Sawayama". Samples Purity Ring Womb (04.03.2020) -Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic pop duo drawing from sub-genres like glitch-pop and synth-pop. While they can sound bright and poppy, their sound is more strongly defined by dark and ominous undertones both lyrically and musically. They're probably most known for their tracks "Fineshrine" and "Obedear". They'll be releasing a new album titled "Womb" in the beginning of April and it's sounding like it'll be a more lighter listen. Samples Recent Favorites Grimes Miss Anthropocene (02.21.2020) -I'm sure Grimes doesn't need an introduction. She's known for her unique sound of ethereal and pop music and made hits such as "Genesis" and "Kill V. Maim". Her album "Miss Anthropocene" came out earlier last month and, honestly, it's been one of my favorite releases in 2020 so far. Certainly not the most amazing album and, arguably a bit half baked, but there are some solid tracks on the album and I've been revisiting it often. Samples Charli XCX Charli (09.13.2019) -Charli XCX went to the top of my favorite artists in 2019 when I listened to her latest album "Charli". Her sound was so different than a lot of other pop artists I had heard. While she certainly has songs with tons of pop appeal featuring bright dance-y music and catchy lyrics, she also brings with that a blend of future pop and experimental sounds. The production on her latest record is absolutely amazing and I was hooked from the first track onward. Although I'm a fan of her latest sound, she's probably most known for songs like "Boys" and "Vroom Vroom" (which, I absolutely love both). Samples Sophie Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (06.15.2018) -If Charli XCX's recent output is futuristic, then Sophie's music is so far ahead in the pop genre that by the time it's considered a classic the human race will have evolved into a higher physical state (fun fact, Sophie actually produced Charli XCX's EP "Vroom Vroom". ). All jokes aside, this album is quite simply something else. It has a few more traditional poppy moments but the other 90% hits you with leftfield experimental sounds intermixed with soundscapes and industrial bass music. The production on this record is so good though and there were so many times I kept asking, "what the hell was that sound? How did she do that?". It's certainly not for everyone, but for those looking for a more expanded take on pop music, so much as to the point of almost being unrecognizable, I highly encourage you to take a jump. Samples
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    Thank you! Love More and Loki is a great guy. Thanks for sharing the song Suji! ❤️ Mr.Antonini is a studio musician living in Rome,Italy that we are using for the 1st releases live support will be the drummer of Anatomy. badabing badaboom! haha. Will try for a bit longer than that. Maybe 3 months and a hotpocket. yussss. /m/
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    I am probably the last person on planet earth who has listened to MISC. by DIMLIM but i finally did it. And DAMN what a positive surprise!! When it was released i only listened to the samples on amazon and had very low expactations because of all the negativity around it and to be honest the 30sec samples all sounded super samy which got me extremely worried. But now that i have listened to its entirety i gotta say i LOVE the album!!! There's not one single song i dislike and Sho's voice is so powerful that i don't even miss his harsh cuz he delivers so much variety within his clean vocals its just amazing in every single way. HUGE THUMBS UP! (listened to the album 3 times for get some thoughts together)
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    Izumi (ex.シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain)) session band "RegÐ'alii-レグダリ-" will perform at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2020/04/27. They will perform Girugamesh songs. "RegÐ'alii-レグダリ-" members: vo.Izumi (ex.Rutiru, Tokami, シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain)) gt.yu→ (ex.BLADE, La'veil MizeriA (support), LIV'ERT) ba.Gill (ex.Veriel) dr.Hakuya (ex.NightingeiL, Louder, La'veil MizeriA (support)) Twitter
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    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if YOSHIKI came out to say that the album would be postponed again due to the Coronavirus 😒
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    L’eveil en Roseraie new release

    Gt.Renée has commented that a new release is coming. My sources tell me that it could be an album, although we have to wait for official confirmation
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    I am no longer a teenager. Here's hoping this next year of my life is better than the last!
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    Unfortunately, Shinpei hasn’t officially joined the boys. But he did say that he genuinely loves the band and that he does think of himself as a member. I know that NEVERLAND feel the same way. That’s why they have started coordinating outfits and including him in promo. He will continue to support them for the foreseeable future.
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    According to a tweet from like an edison their first minialbum (title not yet finalized) will be released sometime in june.
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