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    VK grandma represent \o/

    Welcome my dear children! How's vk doing these days? 😎 I see you can even listen to your weird japanese metal on Spotify, kids have it way too easy nowadays... BACK IN MY DAY I had to hunt single songs in 92kbps on dial-up Limewire and half the time ended up with "I did not have sexual relations with that woman.mp3". Funny story, that's how I got into vk! 13-year-old me was browsing the wide web, probably for some quality Britney Spears, and found a grainy Miyavi's Jibun Kakumei PV instead. With a 20MB download limit per day, I thought CLOSE ENOUGH and the rest is history. Now I'm back after over 10 years of impersonating a Serious Adult™ and I have Opinions™ to share. Some bands that I used to listen to (some of which are surprisingly still around!): Miyavi (duh), MUCC, Merry, girugamesh, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Hora, Kaya, Schwarz Stein (can't believe they got back together, it's like I never left!) and the whole shebang, Aural Vampire, Kagrra,, Yoshiki's classical stuff~ And some bands that I've discovered in the past few weeks and absolutely love: Initial'L and consequently Lycaon, DIMLIM, Xaa-Xaa~ Also, I'm Anna 💩 P.S. I also listen to a lot of kpop, all kinds of electronic and celtic music; don't expect there to be much overlap but you never know! if your music taste is as all over the place as mine, hit me up, we can share obscure recommendations!
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    Show Yourself (again)

    shalom, shalom
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    Goodbye for now

    Didn't you just make a new topic, like, just a few minutes ago? Nevermind that, it's sad to see you go this quickly. Thank you for reviving discussion on MH with your threads, especially since you're a newbie who has lots of questions and there's nothing wrong with that. There hasn't been a lot of discussion on certain subjects before you came and posted about them, so I commend you for that; it really helps other newbies navigate this weird world of visual kei through a newbie's standpoint, followed along by replies of longtime fans with years of experience (which largely makes up the majority of this forum) However, you must also realize that this is an open forum, where anybody is free to dish out their opinion, whether it be good or bad. You don't have to agree with it, but you have to deal with it; that is reality. I know you're young and you stand by your opinions, but I used to be like you, blowing up when someone said something negative about someone or something I care about, and it escalated to the point where I suffered consequences and basically had to grow up and redeem myself. That's basically how it is in the real world; sometimes you can't convince people that you're always right, and they stand by their own ideals no matter what. What's most important however is at the end of the day, their way of thinking shouldn't matter to you. You live your life by your own principles and your own beliefs, and you alone are in charge of that, not anyone else. All I'm saying is, don't let these people get in your head, and you'll be ok. Hope to see you again soon!
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    DIAURA will release a new single titled 「FINALE-Last Rebellion-」on 2019.10.02 and it will come in 3 types. TYPE A: CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL DVD 01.FINALE(MV) TYPE B: CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL DVD 01. 2019.07.13 Footage from the live TYPE C CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL 03.Mind Mirror Additionally the band will release a live limited single titled 「GARDEN」on 2019.09.03. It will contain one track. CD 01.GARDEN 😄
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    Cant this site just go back to sucking kizu and dimlim's dicks 24/7 or something
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    Fuck this break.

    If you leave us again, I'm permabanning you.
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    Dear Yoshiki, here I gift you the new X album cover, so you can release it. IT'S FOR FREE! No need to thank me. xoxo
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    Does KISAKI Is Gay?

    I saw kisaki at a grade school in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how bad it was to meet him in person, and that he should probably leave or i’m gonna call the cops. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “yes, hello, police? i would like to report a strange pedo at a grade school,” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my 911 call, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When the cops came to arrest him for being a child diddler, I saw him trying to walk away with like fifteen 2nd graders following behind him. The cop that came out was very professional, and was like “Sir, you’re going to prison.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the school. When the cop was handcuffing him, he radioed for backup to come take the kids back to class. kisaki stopped him and told her to take them each individually “to prevent any pedo infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After he was cuffed, the cop started to read him his rights, but he kept interrupting him by yawning really loudly.
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    Your last music-related buy!

    Japan trip loot
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    Sexiest Visual Kei outfits

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    yoshiki doing just about anything (besides releasing that album) to stay relevant in these trying times
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    Hello, everyone!! My name is Alex, I'm 24, and I've been listening to vk for wow, a while now. I dunno if this counts as being a veteran or not lol but I discovered vk in around late 2006 with An Cafe, but didn't get hog-wild crazy into vk until the summer of 2007. The last time I posted on a vk forum was back when batsu was still alive lmao. I think I was GentleLie on there?? And I was 12 which was a talking point or at least I thought it was. Anyone else from batsu? Anyway, it's so nice to see a vk forum still in existence! I've never really gotten all the way out of vk 100%, but I've waxed and waned over the years. I just recently got back into vk pretty full force this year after seeing the GazettE in Dallas, which was my first time seeing them, and it brought back so much for me. They were one of my top bands when I first got into vk, so it was really special for me to see them finally. I'll list some of the bands I liked from different points in my vk history just so y'all can get a feel for who I am I guess. : P early: An Cafe, Ayabie, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, the GazettE, Alice Nine, LM.C, Dir en Grey Mid: Versailles, Phantasmagoria, hurts, Screw, lynch., Dio, D, aicle, Kaya, vistlip, Canzel, Sugar, Schwarz Stein Late: AND, VanessA, Lycaon, Megaromania, NEGA, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Born, -OZ-, Unsraw, Dog in the PWO, Super late, aka the last band I paid attention to actively: MEJIBRAY I'm slowly discovering current bands and having a lot of fun doing so! I just found out about DIMLIM and am currently obsessed with their album CHEDOARA. I would super appreciate any recs! Nice to meet everyone, and I look forward to talking with y'all.
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    Rena sweetie the og LmC stopped selling like five years ago, what's the point of ripping them off now?.. u literally have time for this but can't be bothered to revive femme fatale out of ha ashes smh
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    petition to change this misleading project name to MODERATELY FESTIVE ANIME OPENING POP PUNK KID Shame, cuz otherwise the backing lineup seemed very promising!
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    Thanks for sharing my upload! If I see this video doesn't get into trouble the next few days, I'll upload the full live!
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    Yo, PSA: If you don't like some of the topics being posted (in forums dedicated to those kinds of posts). Ignore them. I PROMISE you they won't ruin your life. Now if someone is actually breaking forum rules or posting inappropriate content. Let us know. We have a report button for a reason.
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    new band "LilBerial" has formed

    GODDAMN LIBERALS AT IT AGA--*squints eyes* ohhhhh...
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    #120: llll-Ligro- - 弔 (Tomurai)

    Three things in life are inevitable as a visual kei fan: death, taxes, and your favorite band ending activities. If you are a fan of llll-Ligro- , then you experienced all three at the same time when they announced their second disbandment. I wasn't super into the band at the time of both of their disbandments, although they were on my radar and not on my shit list, so I can sympathize with fans who had to deal with heart break twice. Fans of yesteryear went through a similar phase with UnsraW's vocalist Yuuki, and depending on who you talk to he still hasn't gotten back to his prime ten years later. The similarities are so striking it's hard to resist the comparison. But this review isn't about UnsraW, it's about llll-Ligro- and their unreleased second album 弔 (Tomurai). The three tracks that managed to survive stand as a reminder for what could have been, and what should have been. Before its cancellation, 弔 was announced for a 2018-05-30 release. Artwork and booklets were probably designed and pressed, but no scans other than the front exist. A track list was released but we don't know how many of the nine unreleased songs were finished. The album was delayed multiple times due to Hinata and Kazari's habit of postponing releases for the sake of quality, but Hinata's refusal to finish recording his parts due to acute chorditis implies that at least some of these songs were unfinished. As is, it will be impossible to give a full review of it, but there are several tracks we can reflect on. Those tracks are comeback single "INVICTA", live distributed single "basket case", and other promotional single "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL". "深閑ガラス" (Shinkan Glass) is a track played at their last live but no recording of it exists. 弔 (Tomurai) 1. Blame me (SE) 2. INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL 3. basket case 4. Shinkan Glass (深閑ガラス) 5. Kuroneko wa Kaku Katariki (黒猫は斯く語りき) 6. Ratai Are Hateta Hyou (裸体荒れ果てた標) 7. DIRGE OF INFECTION 8. HIRAETH 9. INVICTA 10. Mist 11. DEEP SIX 12. Seija no Koushin (聖者の行進) 13. Kanransha wa Adabana to (観覧車は徒花と) 14. Isho (遺書) Despite all the material released as a part of llll-Ligro- 's first phase, "INVICTA" isn't the ball scorching metalcore banger I was expecting. The unassuming opening does a lot to disarm the listener, and on the first listen I thought this was going to be a ballad, but before long the song ratchets up the complexity and the aggression. The band dips their toes into the progressive metal waters with this one, as everything from synthesized piano keys to acoustic guitars and a generous amount of toms and cymbal crashes makes an appearance. Hinata's vocals are one of the most striking elements of the track, featuring his signature skill of deftly switching between harsh growls and pig squeals. Sometimes the transitions are so fast I'm not sure if it's all natural or studio magic, but having to perform that live is absolutely killer. It's a seven minute trip far more realized than most of their contemporaries. If every band has their magnum opus, "INVICTA" could be theirs. This must have been a product of their time as 時限式:uadjet (jigenshiki:uadjet). "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL" is a much more straightforward track, and would have been the first track on the album after "Blame me", which is an SE so I don't count it. There are a lot of cool ideas here. I think my ultimate favorite part is around 3 minutes, where Hinata's clean singing is laid over his screaming, creating a great dynamic tension to push the song into it's last section. The piano motif returns again, which makes me suspect that we would have gotten at least one piano ballad on the album. There's also some pretty dope bass slaps before the eagle scream halfway through where I expected a breakdown to appear, which is what cemented my opinion of this track as an above average metalcore dirge. The last track that was released was "basket case", a live distributed teaser that ended up becoming their last official release. This would have followed "INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL" and does a good job providing contrast to the first track. This wasn't uploaded anywhere else, so I'll try to give a good description of how the track sounds. "basket case" opens up with a short, distorted riff into a chorus with clean vocals with a straightforward, 'four to the floor' drum beat. The main guitar riff of the song sounds mental and the song moves at a frantic yet restrained pace, alluding to the title. Most of the singing is clean and takes place with Hinata's higher register, but mid range barks, growls, and a pig squeal makes an appearance shortly after the second verse. There's a strong emphasis on twin guitar melody for this song. The chorus has a very stereotypical visual kei melodic progression, so much so that I feel like I can place at least the first few notes of "basket case" from another song, but I can't figure out which one it is yet. "basket case" descends into thirty seconds of noise as the track winds down to an end, and I find myself feeling saddened that the album will never be released in its entirety, and that I'll never get to hear "深閑ガラス" (Shinkan Glass). llll-Ligro- hold the crown for visual kei bands with one of the most promising yet unfulfilled musical development arcs of all time, and that's not a title I'm keen on reassigning any time soon. Based on what I've heard, 弔 would have been the album that made a fan out of me. I just know there's a copy of the unfinished masters sitting in a vault in Japan somewhere, and perhaps a second or third copy on a hard drive, but the odds that we'll ever get to see or hear any more of this album are slim to none. At this point, I'd even take a mini-album of whatever is fit enough to be released. A lot of unknowns remain around the members and the state of the band. Can Hinata ever sing again? Is the relationship between Hinata and Kazari too strained to imagine a third reunion? Do they even want to try or will they both move on to new, separate projects? I am reluctant to stoke the fires of hope for the remaining llll-Ligro- fans out there, because that's just cruel, but the scene has shown with both HIZUMI (D'espairsRay) and Yuuki (UnsraW) that there's always a chance for Hinata to return.
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    I think there are two main reasons: 1. Techniques for smaller studios/home recordings are much more advanced now, so even no budget bands can finally afford making more polished releases. 10+ years ago a decent recording/mixing session would cost a lot of money while pretty much now anyone can fix songs with melodyne, preamp guitars and the like. Especially with indies band you can really feel the quality gap between recorded songs and live performances. A lot of dudes are not even playing their instruments/singing live anymore as they are aware of that. 2. Socially speaking the musicians are completely different people nowadays. Otaku-ish dudes who liked music and grew up listening to bands are more common in the scene now, while in the past it was really just a bunch of ex-chimpiras, yakuzas, bikers, hosts, etc. who did not fit into society and were in bands just because there was little else they could do to get chicks (of course there are exceptions). They had the ideas and the fierceness, but mostly no music knowledge whatsoever and especially no will to practice or overthink about their music. Now most guys went to school, have money to learn playing their instruments and afford decent equipment, and especially they all mostly compose on their laptops so there is again a bit gap in what their minds can compose and what their hands can play on an instrument. So the result is mostly polished and well performed songs but kind of lacks the raw energy and "heart" older bands had instead. There is no right and wrong about it, it really depends on what you are looking for in music.
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    Hello, It's me...

    Hi guys! So I finally decided making an introduction topic here... I'm not good with this but, let's go: You guys can call me Aoi, I'm a eternal 24 years old veteran fan VK. As you can tell I like The Gazette, and Jiluka, Kiryu, NoGod and I'm into Nokubura these days too! I started a variety youtube channel specialized in VK with a friend this year. You can check it out here. The name is VK Onee san. (Our inicial idea is creating a bilingual channel, but until now the videos are only in english ^^') Also we have accounts on Twitter/Instagram: @vkoneesan, please follow us^^
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    please stan slothreat

    please stan slothreat
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    Your last music-related buy!

    last month's purchases I'm happy to get more distributed CD of Hannya band
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    BABYMETAL 3rd Album "METAL GALAXY" will be released at 2019/10/11. Riho Sayashi (ex.Morning Musume) and Kano Fujihira (Sakura Gakuin) have supported the band lately.
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    Why are y'all so upset about this thread? You can all ignore it. It's not like no one posts random shit here, people come and cry about their failed relationships all the time and no one bats an eye about those "boohoo my ex left me" threads. There's no specific rule on the forum about political discussions so I don't really see the problem. Y'all can just ignore the threads you aren't interested in instead of making a fuss about them. Or then rewrite the rules or something, idk. Go post about VK to balance it out. To secret: yeah, the religious post was fun and insightful as a few others that had real substance, but just posting a link or a youtube video and expecting discussion to take off in a healthy manner is not the way to go either, this isn't your FB newsfeed. I advise to either restrain from it or at least provide a richer starting point for a conversation to make it interesting. Otherwise it looks like cheap clickbait and I can see why users get upset.
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    It’s not like half of the threads you post are in the genre of ”stupid libtards upset about X Y Z” ”Desperate for wokeness points” who the fuck are you for real coming on this board about vk bringing your asenine american political shite in here. Nobody here takes this shit seriously enough at least in the context of this forum to give a shit enough to virtue signal for anything. Left right up and down or center these titles and threads are peak cringe and I’d rather see this forum dead with its dignity intact rather than have this shit continue
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    We're actually living in the fictional reality of the X Files series and it was actually Agent Scully investigating whether the new X JAPAN album really existed or just a hoax (plot twist: it's a government cover-up to draw attention away from UFO sightings). Mulder still wants to believe.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    From a recent photoshoot
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    ヴァージュ (Virge) has revealed a new look!
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    Japanese Anti-Feminism

    I thought the title was about Anti-Feminism the band at first.
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    Monochrome Heaven's 3rd Free-for-all Trade-Off!!! It's been a while since our last Free-for-all Trade-Off! So this time, there's no theme. Got some mix ideas you've been sitting on? or just some cool songs you want to share? Whatever the case, you're completely free to put together any kind of mix you want! Basic Rules: Any questions? Feel free to ask! Sign-up will end and partners will be revealed Wednesday, June 26th Your mix must be sent by Sunday, June 30th Final reviews must be posted by Sunday, July 14th (if you need more time, just post here and let me know) NOTE: @Ro plz has been banned from participating in this Trade-Off after failing to submit a review for @monkeybanana4's mix in Monochrome Heaven's "Best of 20.." Trade-off - PARTICIPANTS @CAT5 @suji @doombox @yomii @monkeybanana4 @Triangle @platy @indigo @Zeus @Seimeisen @Original Saku @qotka @Hohchicano96 @Komorebi @ghost @colorful人生 PARTNERS @Zeus + @yomii @Seimeisen + @monkeybanana4 @suji + @Komorebi @platy + @Hohchicano96 @doombox + @indigo @Original Saku + @qotka @CAT5 + @Triangle @ghost + @colorful人生
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    The Piass

    ミスイ(Misui) new band have formed

    Singer : 柳(Ryu) (ex-MoNoLith) Guitarist : 天音(Amane) Guitarist : 湊人(Minato) Bassist : Tetsuya Drummer : LANA-ラナ- Their first live will be on 2019.09.28 at Ikebukuro EDGE.
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    Retsu and Sho write all the music. Nothing's gonna change music-wise.
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    I'm not at all surprised about Ryuya leaving, but Taishi is a bit of a shock for me. I've known he's had health issues for a while but I didn't think it was getting to such a point that he'd be quitting music. He's always feeling his oats on stage. Ryuya's been dropping some pretty strong hints for a while, though. For several months now he's had little no to motivation at lives, and while the others don't really update SNS that much, he completely stopped for a while other than retweeting announcements. In addition, he looked 100% done at their live on Monday. My friends who are fans of his left that live feeling really down and disappointed. I feel bad saying this because he's a nice dude but Ryuya's a very mediocre guitarist and it sounds like he's admitted defeat. You can get better bro, you're still young.
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    Google's apparently been listening in on people through their Google Assistant app and recording their conversations, nice. Funny how it's 'FUCKING CHINA REEEEE' when Huawei does it, but when Google or Facebook fuck up for the umpteenth time you never hear anyone making a peep
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    ha! ฅ(•ㅅ•❀)ฅ its me, fantasy kun! this is all about visual kei music and people with sexy and gorgeous music taste, like the girl from the sublords i want to be stark for the best of both of us all -laughs in japanese kaomoji- you should be busy taking your own lifes and there will be topics more intersesting than a newcomer trying not to hide lurking anymore. im fantasy kun/adrian, im a vk fan originally from spain but im living now on england and ive been into vk music and asian music in general since i was 14 more or less that was on 2011.......... my first and favourite band to be discovered were my lovelies oldies as malice mizer, shazna, dir en grey (theyre coming to england in a few something!!!!!!111) buck-tick (shiki vibesss) alice nine idk i remember a lot of song i usually forget their group but they're golden nineties........ also i got soooo interested in modern vk style of clothing as penicillin and arlequin, dadaroma (and swedish vk rock i now remember seremedys looks but i kinda know they're like disgraceful for a lot of vk fans????) -shut up, fantasy- errrrrllll amongs that i like a lot of things, i like manga, anime, fashion, and internet in general lol ok idk, so, well, and ive been in forums since i started getting along with the internet lol those crazy teen years but theyre not a big thing anymore and i usually dislike discord kik facevook whatsapp etc groups so i was unable to make friends from my zone related to tastes in visual kei............ hope to find anyone here! see you this lovely japanese glam rock wave is getting us! love you all xxx -yawns-
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    Like really being into dad aroma?
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    Their singer デイブ(Dave) was arrested because he did not pay for his meal at McDonald's. He is suspended indefinitely. As a result, the band will go on hiatus. Both lives on 09/16 and 10/14 are cancelled. However, I still have trouble with this sentence : 本国に強制送還されました
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    ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) new single release "破裂 (Haretsu)" will be released at 2019/7/24. Type A will be CD (2 tracks)+ DVD ("破裂 (Haretsu)" MV) and Type B will be CD only (3 tracks) Their other new single "水没 (Suibotsu)" will be released at 2019/8/24. "破裂 (Haretsu)" track list: 1.破裂 (Haretsu) 2.劣等生 (Rettousei) 3.光 (Hikari) (included on Type B )
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    Fuck this break.

    What are your thoughts on James Charles
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    To cap off their 25th anniversary celebrations, cali≠gari is releasing a new EP titled "この雨に撃たれて" (Kono ame ni utarete) on 2019/08/28. It will have the theme of "rain trilogy", i.e. the songs will be connected to rain. Except for the title track, the rest will be previously released songs but in newly recorded versions. Interesting tidbit, the EP will be released under Victor Entertainment. The release will come in two types: 2CD "Yuudachi-ban" edition and CD+DVD "Akisame-ban" edition. 夕立盤 (Yuudachi-ban) tracklist: 【Disc-1】cali≠gari "Rain Trilogy" new recordings M1. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) M2. 冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame) M3. 続、冷たい雨 (Zoku, tsumetai ame) M4. 冷たい雨~続、冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame ~ Zoku, tsumetai ame) 【特典】特別教材1週間でマスター!ボーカリスト養成講座 課題/M5.この雨に撃たれて 自由曲/M6.冷たい雨 M7.続、冷たい雨 (I have no idea what this last part is, something about teaching vocals? Maybe karaoke versions of the songs?) 【Disc-2】10-Rebuild- (remixed and re-recorded version of the "10" album that was released 10 years ago) M1. ママゴトセンター M2. マッキーナ M3. 偶然嵐 M4. -踏- M5. ハラショー!めくるめく倒錯 M6. 月光ドライブ M7. 飛蝗者読誦 M8. 混沌の猿 M9. シャ.ナ.ナ M10. スクールゾーン M11. 電気睡蓮 秋雨盤 (Akisame-ban) tracklist: 【Disc-1】cali≠gari "Rain Trilogy" new recordings M1. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) M2. 冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame) M3. 続、冷たい雨 (Zoku, tsumetai ame) M4. 冷たい雨~続、冷たい雨 (Tsumetai ame ~ Zoku, tsumetai ame) M5. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) (in-store BGM short ver.) M6. この雨に撃たれて (Kono ame ni utarete) (in-store BGM long ver.) 【Disc-2】映像集 ※“この雨に撃たれて”に関する様々な映像の予定です。乞うご期待! (I guess this will be music video(s) or compilation of images connected to the title track?)
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    Tonight's setlist from "ALL TOMORROW'S PARTY 2019" at 名古屋BOTTOM LINE: 01. please god 02. 溺れる魚 (Oboreru sakana) 03. 受刑者の日記 (Jukeisha no nikki) 04. 盲目の羽根と星を手に (Moumoku no hane to hoshi wo te ni) 05. follow the night light 06. 桜と雨 (Sakura to ame) 07. imp 08. lunch box 09. quo vadis 10. re:make 11. 蟻塚 (Arizuka) deadman's back y'all~ ♥ Also, the remastered 2nd press of "SiteOfScafFold" can now be ordered from zoisite shop: https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?pid=143796168 They seem to have re-stocked their 2004 mini album "701125" too: https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?pid=34236311
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    I prefer to say complementary. There are things one gender is good at or can do that the other can't, and we need each other to survive. I think we've reached the tipping point and we're on our way back to the middle, but this can take years. I don't think we'll see actionable change until people of all walks of life can complain and be heard without banshees screeching in the night about how "it's their turn".
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    Feminism is necessary and it is a good movement. In most Western countries women have achieved what feminism is set out to do, I mean there are some wrinkles still that need or be ironed out but I'd say we lead pretty great lives and there are those (a small percentage) who are now looking to fill the void of no longer suffering under the patriarchy, so they go on the news to say that offices are usually cold because men tend to be in charge of the air con, making women, who usually wear lighter clothing, suffer. Therefore patriarchy is still in effect in their eyes. These people would be much better off seeing what ways they can be of use to other women who genuinely need help, perhaps listening to women who live in countries where they can't even leave the house by themselves, or those who suffer female genital mutilation, volunteering at charities that support those who have been domestically abused and so on. Those women do need feminism. I believe feminism in Japan is necessary, but like I mentioned in another topic, only Japanese people know which is the best way to approach it for them. Regarding the rise in domestic violence against men, I don't think it's a direct by product of women getting cocky cuz giRl pOwER. Men are ridiculed (by other men above all) if they try to seek help coz their partner is a psycho. It is much more common than anyone imagines. I come from a country where having a girlfriend that beats you up and controls your life is desirable because it means she cares about you and because "that's just girlfriends/wives do! The old ball and chain haha". I have seen a lot of men suffer quietly because they believe this is how things are supposed to be. If more cases are being reported that's good, because they sure as hell have been happening all along. It is surprising though that this is rising in Japan, although with the whole "herbivore man" phenomenon, maybe not so surprising. Considering that Japan is already a society where feelings and problems are hidden away by default, imagine being a man with all the added baggage that comes with "masculinity". Also, men can't expect women to do all the work regarding feminism. This movement is supposed to benefit all parties. They need to do their part also in dismantling unhealthy stereotypes which do more harm than good when it comes to divorce, custody and reporting abuse. Support each other, discuss your emotions, etc. The ones who create such toxic, harmful standards for men are... Men after all! The reason there are SO many resources for female abuse survivors is because women fought and worked their hardest to make these places available, no one would've done it otherwise. Men should work just as hard to make sure that these institutions and resources are there for themselves too.
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    Bands that get a lot of undeserving hate?

    can we stop discussing this lmao
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    Visual kei among friends

    People always assume I listen to K-pop the moment they see me. Fun fact: I've never listened to a K-pop song the entire way through besides Gangnam Style and Gentleman by PSY (and that's only because they were pretty much inescapable when they first came out). Not that I have owt against it, I just haven't really listened to it, that's all. I remember showing a VK guy to this guy in my class last year at college and he didn't really think much of him until he put two and two together and realised he was a guy, not a girl. Oh, lordy, I'll never forget the way his face contorted in utter horror and confusion.
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    Visual kei among friends

    "nobody wanna hear that ching-chong music" "why u be listenin to dem Chinamen?" "they make music in Japan???" "they could be singing 'i hate niggers' and you wouldn't even know it!!!" Just a few examples of the ignorant things ppl have said in the 20-something years I've been listening to Japanese music Granted, I can understand why they'd be perplexed. I still don't understand why a poor little black boy in the late 90's took a liking to Japanese music. My only explanation for that would be: "I just like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
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    The return of the BL fanservice

    Linking arms? This should be tagged under hardcore on xvideos
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