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    Chronic Bandmate Slappin' Disorder, it's untreatable
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    I'd like to take YOSHIKI's quote and add my own context. This is the key. Visual kei was born out of Japan by those who felt like they didn't fit in anywhere in Japan. YOSHIKI isn't going to say that visual kei can't exist world wide because that's not good for his bottom line, but there's a very good reason why it hasn't taken off outside Japan. It has less to do with looks, singing capability, or chosen musical direction, and more to do with anti-conformity and rebelliousness within and against a homogeneous society. No other country faces the same mix of societal pressures and obligations the way the Japanese do, and as these pressures change over time visual kei changes over time too. This is in contrast to musicians from Western countries who want to emulate the style and look to their favorite and popular artists first. It's the difference between taking a picture, and taking a picture of that picture, and taking a picture of that picture. The farther away one gets away from the source and the conditions that cause that source, the less authentic the final product is. I fully agree with this. So many bands follow trends because it's the thing to do, but at some point a trend started as a unique idea. Much as I expect musicians to look within themselves and put their feelings into music, I expect inspiring Western visual kei musicians to do the same thing with their looks. The looks are supposed to be an expression of how one feels, not a style of the decade to phone in and gain legitimacy. I do think Western visual kei is a thing that can happen but the form it would assume would be so different we wouldn't even recognize it by looks alone. My ideal Western visual kei band would be identifiable with the sound alone. We would hear them and just know where those influences came from instead of the "lol i like visual kei and pocky" archetype that usually translates over first. I'm done ranting.
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    Zin from Jupiter will depart

    Secretly hoping Hizaki gets Juka off of fishing and back to singing dope epics again
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    so you had an opportunity to ask for his opinion on the developing north korea nuclear crisis and its relation to the everyday lives of japanese people, but went for validation of die/may existence from the mouth of VK godmother herself? may your patreon always prosper, x.
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    I'm feeling this tbh side A: 「Re:quiem ~for career~」 side B: 「 Re:tirement Age」 (guest dr.: Yoshiki)
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    The other day I met YOSHIKI. I was at a showing of We Are X in Oslo, Norway. Norway doesn't have a huge VK scene so I was happy he had come. It turned out to be his first time in Norway. I asked him "Can western bands be visual kei?" - He laughed and replied "Of course!" So I followed up with "If a western band is to be visual kei, is there something they must adhere to, in terms of style or aesthetic?" He explained VK is more of a mindset, born out of them feeling like they didn't really fit in anywhere. As he said, they played "super heavy" and "super soft" music. He also told me about a festival he hosted recently where the bands were everything from metal to pop, and there was even a band that didn't play music (that got some laughs around the room). He summed everything up by saying it really isn't a genre, but more of a mindset allowing yourself to be as creative as you want. And it also generally has makeup. I am summing these things up from memory. So here's my take on VK: 1. You must be influenced by Japan/Japanese music (because after all, it originates from Japan). 2. Make creative use of makeup/visuals. 3. Be somewhat diverse in terms of style. 4. Be doing your own thing confidently (basically: be true to yourself, because people and fans can see through you being a cookie-cutter). So basically, no you don't have to have a lolita in the band. One member doesn't have to wear a surgical facemask at all times. You don't have to have death-metal growls in your music. Some music fans within genres and subcultures get really elitist and that gets irritating, especially when people say that VK is only Japanese (so is glam-metal only truly American? Can you not make Brazilian samba music if you aren't from Brazil?). VK is unique in that it is vague but also has a meaning. A band alone isn't just "visual kei" but "visual kei rock" would be a better indicator. I think in that sense, the addition of the term "visual kei" before "rock" to me would indicate the above traits I listed, like being influenced by Japan, be somewhat "different" in terms of makeup/visuals and potentially have a diverse musical style. I had a blast meeting YOSHIKI. He's a funny and nice guy, and it was an honor having him in Norway.
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    It's easy to make fun (which was my first thought, I'll admit), instead it would be nice if we could all make some constructive criticisms to help the gals, since they'll probably check the thread... - I don't care about visuals, but people in general do, and you are all looking nice. Hair, clothing, makeup... maybe work on your poses, and improve the photoshop (the group photo is much worse than the individual ones, probably too much light on your faces) - The main point: the recording of your song is PRETTY bad. I know youtube usually drags it down and you probably don't have that much of a budget, but you can DEFINITELY record a song or two in a proper studio with a couple hundred bucks. Yes it's an investment, but it makes the world of a difference. That chorus could be catchy if properly recorded and equalized, the drum lines specially. It's such a niche market that usually don't care about western bands, so you really have to go the distance to win this crowd. - It's a matter of personal preference, but I find your logo way too confusing, really hard to identify the band's name. Branding is important, I would try to express that differently. wish you girls luck!
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    Anne Claire

    Show Yourself (again)

    i'm set 4 life, bruh.
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    THE BLACK SWAN will disband

    Look I was no fan, but how the fuck is TBS crumbling before The Thirteen?!
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Made test for my Halloween costume and i'm happy with it. :') Mostly inspired of Chiaki from DEZERT
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    title track + MV is out! i heard about the cowbell from some japanese gya who heard it on the radio but it's still kind of surreal to hear lmao
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    BRING MY POPCORN THERE'S SOME DRAMA GOING ON IZA from RAZOR tweet: "This is awful as fuck. i feel ashamed to be in the same genre as them. If you think about things like giving trouble to the people around you and the fans feelings, you'd be able to separate things that you CAN and CAN'T do. It will end up being an insult, but aren't you guys really stupid?"
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    New look: [TYPE-A] 1.蟲聲 (mushigoe) 2.デルタ (delta) [TYPE-B] 1.蟲聲 (mushigoe) 2.六花の歔欷 (rikka no kyoki)
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    do you think amateur visual-kei cosplayers should be prohibited from eating anything for 24 hrs before any scheduled photo/video sessions, so as not to insult the eye of the rando internet weeb otherwise, MH?
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    So @emmnywrote the definitive Kagerou piece about their best era.... but the timeframe discussed there left out one of my fave Kagerou songs! (And I wanted to talk about what Kagerou meant to me a little bit...)
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    Yo peeps. I wanted to talk about an issue that's very dear to my heart, and that's called planning a family, or a lack of it. Just like the title says. At my age, most women (and possibly also men) are, if not already totally at it, at least planning for their own family. You know. Husband, kids, golden retriever, stuff like that. Most women have silently agreed to have children, even if they don't particularly want them, just because society thinks they should. I stand at the other side of the whole concept: I don't want kids. Ever. I've been told ever since I was a tot that I'll change my mind and when I'm older I'll understand the need to have children. Bitch, I'm older now and still don't want any. In fact, I would gladly have my tubes tied into one hell of a knot to ever avoid even considering the idea that I might be with a child. The idea of pregnancy scares me. The idea of childbirth scares me. I don't like kids. I don't think babies are cute, not in the least. In fact, I believe children up to the age of 10 are, at best, a bore, and at worst, horrible spawns of satan I want nowhere near me. And yet, medical specialists argue I'm too young (nearing 30 here) to decide if I want kids or not, so they won't perform a sterilisation. Yo, people can decide on a sex correction surgery once they turn 18 but I'm not old enough to know I hate kids and don't want any. And I'm not saying this to mock anyone or say that transgender people shouldn't have the option to do that, but just that both are a part of body autonomy that I think one should have the right to rule over after a certain age. Are there other people who feel the same way as I do? Ladies and gents who just don't want kids, no matter what? Or people who want them but can't have them? Tell me your thoughts and give us some peer support.
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    Asagi, First of Her name. Mother of Dragons. Breaker of Chains. The Unburnt. Queen of The Andals. Lady Regnant of The Seven Kingdoms. Protector of The Realm. Queen of Mereen. Khaleesi of The Great Grass Sea
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    Sorry I haven't been around in the forum much lately. In related news, I'm getting married in 6 hours!
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    Show Yourself (again)

    Trying to blend in with all the autumn colours
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Wore my new choker and I like it.
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    Peace Heavy mk II

    NightingeiL will reform

    new extensions get
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    Excited for disbanding news
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    It will be released on 2017.10.27. TYPE A : 2871 yen + taxes CD : 01.愚かしい竜の夢(Orokashii ryû no yume) 02.竜哭(りゅうこく)の叙事詩(エピック) (Ryû koku no jojishi) 03.Draconids(ドラコニズ) 04.遥かな涯へ(Haruka na hade he) + 1 song DVD : 01.「愚かしい竜の夢」 Music Video 02.「愚かしい竜の夢」Music Video Making TYPE B : 2315 yen + taxes CD : 01.愚かしい竜の夢(Orokashii ryû no yume) 02.竜哭(りゅうこく)の叙事詩(エピック) (Ryû koku no jojishi) 03.Draconids(ドラコニズ) 04.遥かな涯へ(Haruka na hade he) 05. 愚かしい竜の夢 (Voiceless) + 2 songs Their DVD live 「D TOUR 2016~2017 Wonderland Savior ~月の歯車~」 will be released at the same date. (6000 yen). It will include a booklet. It will be sold via their web-shop. Disc 1 : 13 songs D TOUR 2016~2017 Wonderland Savior ~月の歯車~ 2017.1.27 Grand Final at 新宿ReNY ライブシューティン 01.Underground Revolution~反逆の旋律(メロディー)~ 02.シュレディンガーの夢遊猫(むゆうびょう)とジャッカロープの杖 03.Keep a secret~帽子屋の憂鬱~ 04.海王鯨島 亀毛海浜夢珠工場(かいおうくじらとう きもうかいひんゆめたまこうじょう) 05.Egg Supremacism 06.HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY 07.月影の自鳴琴(オルゴール) 08.Psychedelic Horror Show 09.フューシャピンクとフランボワーズの鍵盤 10.MASTER KEY 11.Wonderland Savior~太陽と月の歯車~ 12.水たまりの空~ドードー飛行記~ 13.七色革命 Disc 2 : D TOUR 2016~2017 Wonderland Savior ~月の歯車~ ツアードキュメント(Live footage) Album「Wonderland Savior」全楽曲のイメージフルCG映像 (14 songs)
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    From freaky clowns in sewers to murderers in hockey masks, fictional serial killers and October go together like pumpkins and pie. For our next trade-off, dedicate a mix tape to the theme of smooth criminal. How you interpret the theme is up to you. For some examples, you can: create a playlist about the perfect crime create a playlist Jack the Ripper would listen to invent a criminal and detail his or her journey and motivations create a mix that sounds like the mind of a killer create a mix where every song references crime, murder, or passion create a mix about criminal activity. Murder, crime, drugs, etc. The theme could also be a little less pointed, focusing on themes such as insanity or blood lust or even one particular historical figure. Do whatever you want, as long as you can tie it back to the theme. Partners will be revealed October 13th Your mix must be sent by October 15th Final reviews must be posted by October 22nd @Zeus <-> @Lestat @saishuu <-> @fieldsgrow @doombox <-> @robkun @indigo <-> @reminiscing2004 @qotka <-> @ghost Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Don't forget to PM your mix to your partner rather than posting them on the thread.
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    I've always thought of vk as something not exclusive to Japan. The reasons i believe western vk gets so much dissaproval is because for the most part people that attempt vk that are non Japanese come off as cringy or just not as good when compared to vk bands from Japan. Elitists will argue vk is exclusive to Japan but i dont think so. When it comes to vk Japan does it best but that does not mean no one else should attempt it. Western vk bands arent as common... but if we truely want to see vk grow we should encourage those that do attempt vk. Visual-kei has several influences from other subgenres and it ended up adding its own unique aesthetic and became something new. If people had shun vk for taking influences several years ago it wouldnt have become what it is today. Im happy to hear Yoshiki's stance on this. Thanks for sharing this
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    This new single will be released on 2017.11.22. Limited edition : 1800 yen + taxes CD : 1.アサガオが泣いてる (Asagao ga naiteru) 2.ヒルガオの憂鬱(Hirugao no yûutsu) DVD : 1.アサガオが泣いてる(Asagao ga naiteru) Regular edition : 1500 yen + taxes CD : 1.アサガオが泣いてる (Asagao ga naiteru) 2.ヒルガオの憂鬱 (Hirugao no yûutsu) 3.ヨルガオは笑う(Yorugao wa warau)
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    DECAYS announced a series of lives for december, and they've brought a new look and lineup for the three shows! lineup: Vocal & Guitar Die (DIR EN GREY) Drums 樫山 圭 (MOON CHILD) Vocal & Guitar aie (the god and death stars) Bass 拓磨 (ex.Sel’m) lives 2017.12.16(土) 大阪・OSAKA BRONZE 2017.12.17(日) 愛知・名古屋HeartLand 2017.12.20(水) 東京・渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGE edit: they will also distribute a live-limited single during their tour thought i recognized takuma, lol good for him for this! die has good taste, even if his compositions are highkey subpar. fanclub presale info @ decays.jp
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    Recommended Tracks: September 2017!

    Greetings, MH! Another month, another batch of recommended tracks from the amazing ORZ team! Check them out and let us know what you think! (We apologize if some videos aren't available due to region restrictions!) @The Reverend's Pick "Lunar Regret" by BLESS THIS MESS At first blush "Lunar Regret" is just another VK song in a long history of mediocre tracks released by nobody visual kei bands. It's got all the hallmarks: the band playing in a nondescript basement, frilly black jackets, piano in the intro that isn't quite necessary, a drummer consigned to the shadows because he's not actually in the band, random stock footage of things that set a mood but don't really say anything. But then you start to notice the things that make this track a winner: a band with the patience and maturity to let the song breath and introduce elements gradually, the vocalist's unique timbre that makes you think you could actually identify him without the band's name on the screen, the chorus being catchy as hell, the guitarist Kevin Shields-ing a smart guitar solo that doesn't just ape the vocal melody, and the band interacting in natural ways in the video! (Don't get me started on this tangent... why do so many VK bands seem to only acknowledge they're sharing a stage with other people during the prescribed 'this-is-our-fanservice-minute' portion of a show?? I blame Dir en grey) I'm rooting for BLESS THIS MESS to have success and find a wider audience with the backing of their new label home Starwave. This video may have been released slightly too early to be a teaser for an album that doesn't drop until December, but if this is a taste of what's to come I'm excited for their future. Fingers crossed Yanagi stays healthy!! @emmny's Pick "症状4" by SCAPEGOAT "Shoujou (shi)" by SCAPEGOAT Back at it again, our consistency legends SCAPEGOAT are continuing to snatch the wigs firmly off our heads. They've been on a murderous streak for the past three years (*wink*), combining mid-era DIR EN GREY heaviness with Royz-core melodicism. The basis of their sound isn't new, but the band's execution is god-tier, resulting in some of the strongest songs to come out of the scene in the past few years. I had written them off for a while simply because they weren't a superlative band--they weren't 'br00tal', highly technical, virtuosic, challenging, über melodic or with shocking presence. They're a middle of the road band--but they're far from average. "Shoujou shi" is a perfect example of their trademark compositions. Haru's raspy vocals ratchet up the tension, but it never culminates in a screaming match--rather gang shouted, exclaiming 'despair" among his yells. Guitar and bass are simple, laying a firm rhythm while the band's trademark circus-y synth/guitar occupy the lead space. The structure follows like clockwork, from fist bumping riffs, blastbeats and key change to a dazzling chorus; rinse, repeat and topped off with a beautiful vocal solo toward the end. A track this good off another of SCAPE's concept mini-albums has me literally counting down for October when it drops...let's see what other medication the band have prescribed for us. @plastic_rainbow's Pick "Utopia" by Behind the Shadow Drops If you haven't heard yet, Takaakira 'Taka' Goto, the guitarist and composer of post-rock band MONO, released an album titled H a r m o n i c under a new solo project called Behind the Shadow Drops. Being less rock and metal oriented, the album breathes out an ambient and neoclassical soundscape full of melancholy with a tiny glimmer of hope, portraying much of the orchestral side of MONO. There were many remarkable tracks from the album; it was hard to pick just one track to recommend, but of the many standouts, "Utopia" presents a refreshing taste to MONO listeners. Contrary to its title, the track sounds nothing like bliss, rather expressing a desolate and haunting view of the world. The intro leads a trip-hop beat with a blaring noise in the background as an eerie drone seeps in. The guitars lament in a melody and the strings sway in a sad prayer. "Utopia" feels like you're losing your mind slowly when everything has become blurry and deafening, yet it is somehow quite soothing at the same time due to its subtlety. I'm very pleased with this new solo project of Taka and wonder if he will have anything else planned in the near future. @tetsu_sama69's Pick "puzzle" by アルルカン "puzzle" by Arlequin Overall, 2017 has been an extremely solid year for Arlequin and they seem to have no intention of slowing down or releasing anything but pure bangers. Not a trace of overwhelming bloops to be found or predictable br00tal breakdowns. "puzzle" is a sweet refined candy that you can't help but hit the replay button to get another wonderful taste. It's hard to pick out a favorite part of "puzzle" since the composition is so damn top notch and the vocals take the perfection up another level. I'm a major fan of when both guitarists play an amazing solo together, especially since Kuruto and Nao have no issues keeping up with each other to make it shine brilliantly. If you haven't already been charmed by Arlequin, then I highly recommend anything they've released this year since none of it has fallen short. @doombox's Pick's "グラスの底は、夜" by JYOCHO "Glass no soko wa, yoru" by JYOCHO Math rock isn't normally my gig, but every once in a blue moon a song gets a hold on me. "グラスの底は、夜 (Glass no soko wa, yoru)" happened to do it this month and I got sucked into the emotional ebb and flow of the track. There's a wonderful musical contrast JYOCHO has that takes their math-y, complex time signatures and put them across in a very restrained, almost minimal fashion. I can really dig their gentler approach. Maybe JYOCHO will finally be my foot in the door to dive into this genre properly, what about you? "Phoenix" by SEVER BLACK PARANOIA The boys are back with a new release and a new label, recently making the switch to Epictive Records. As one of the bands still carrying the electronicore torch they maintain a blend of metal with it that's become rare after most bands in the scene chased the popularity of more dance-able EDM or have disbanded over the years. "Phoenix" is a great showcase of all the elements that make this band great and only getting better. It's a good place to start if you've never heard of SEVER BLACK PARANOIA before, or something to hype you up even if you have. Guest Submissions: @Ada Suilen's Picks "Mademoiselle" by KAMIJO After the glorious return of his historical band Versailles, Yuuji Kamijou turns back to his solo project, where he continues to be majestic, starting from the sublime "Castrato" (where he shows a great improvement in his English). In this new track, after having tricked us with a goth industrial look, the Prince kicks out a ballad which goes back in time, recalling the nostalgic work of Lareine's best tunes and a bit of personal fascination, in a tender melody and sweet vocals, showing that Kamijo hasn't lost his 'tendresse'. "Sadistic Emotion (D'Erlanger cover)" by Kiyoharu With a thrilling line-up worth of guys like Hyde, Kiyoharu, Dir en Grey, Acid Android, Mucc and Merry among others, the D'Erlanger tribute album is a real attraction for true J-rock adepts, especially for the lineage that band has for the scene itself. All the interpretations were made different from each other, but Kiyoharu made something which no one expected: he Kuroyume-ized the famous hit "Sadistic Emotion," driving it with deep vocals and an engaging rhythm, with a sumptuous touch of nostalgia. In general, "Stairway to Heaven" is only for true J-rock lovers, so listen to it as soon as possible! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thanks for checking out our recommendations this month! If you have any thoughts on the list, or if you have any recommendations of your own, we look forward to seeing your comments below!
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    Show Yourself (again)

    tried some halloween make up although I won't attent any event I hate that there's nothing close to me because it's so much fun to put on some make up lately I tried to do some D13 from Leetspeak Monsters inspired make up, didn't turn out how I wanted it to be but I'm kind of happy with the result anyway.
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    Worst Jrock CD Cover

    Excuse me, but this isn't the "Best Jrock CD Cover" thread.
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    the dude literally only wrote two songs (and they were credited to both him and hazuki) because hazuki constantly rejected his compositions as they talked about a few times. hazuki had almost 100% of the creative control and still does minus the handful of songs written by yusuke. and the bass was not the problem with their particularly same-y albums, in fact, akinori introduced slap bass to their repertoire which they promptly lost when he left. i love hazuki but he is 100% the problem with lynch.'s music being stale because he IS the sound of lynch....
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    Apollo 2017/10/11 - Cube Records / JMS CD 1. Apollo 2. Machina 3. Dreamscape (Omega PhaseOne Remix) DVD 1. Alpha 2. Omega 3. Matrix 4. Metro 5. Six Feet Under 6. Waves 7. Prometheus 8. The Fire Inside
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    SPEECIES has just dropped a fun lil' MV for a new song titled ロックン露悪流マルカジリ. yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
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    New band "MERALOA" has formed

    Geez everyoneones so critical Let them release some music first lol I like it for a first look i think they did a real good job
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Just your resident edgelord.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    I guess it's nice to see who you're talking to on the forum, so here's a snapshot of me and one of those self-portraits I do from time to time.
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    The Reverend

    #104: キズ (Kizu) - 蛙-Kawazu-

    Tracklist: 1. 蛙-Kawazu- 2. ラブソング 3. ELISE (Type-A only) 4. 十五 (Type-B only) |Prosaic, but with potential Should a band be held accountable for not living up to hype created by fans before they’ve released a single note of music or even revealed their identities? That’s the question I pondered as I listened to キズ (Kizu's) second, and newest, maxi-single 蛙-Kawazu-. The conjecture surrounding Kizu started near the beginning of this year when a red and black flier was handed out at VK venues with precious little information other than the name of the band, details of their first show, and a phone number prominently displayed. Callers of the phone number were greeted by a recording informing them that the band would listen to “your pain, your worries, displeasure, and anxiety”. All VK fans had to work with was a new, mysterious, melodramatic, emo as hell band that had left no direct clues about the members’ identities; not even a group shot in silhouette or with the faces obscured by masks! The biggest clue being that the other bands performing at Kizu's first show (DOGinthePWO, Unite) were popular bands in the scene, so this new band must be made up of people with connections… probably from playing in bands with some success themselves. This wasn’t a bunch of newbies who would be unknown whether or not their names and faces were public knowledge! Little by little more info leaked out of the Kizu camp (the vocalist of the band would actually answer calls to their number, more fliers with references to despair and scars and blood and loneliness) but still no one was quite sure who was in this new band. Theories about vocalists from all sorts of recently disbanded acts were entertained. One that gained traction that I hoped would turn out to be true was that this was Karma from Avelcain’s new band. The signs were all there: Karma is the queen of teen-angst-zetsubou and these promotional materials for Kizu had that in spades. When it was finally revealed that the vocalist was Lime previously of Lezard there was a collective “not bad… but I wish it had been *insert my favorite vocalist who isn’t in a band right now*”. By the time their first (extremely energetic and polished) PV came out many people had already come down from their speculative excitement. With all that being said, what about the actual songs? The music is not the backdrop for despair that their promo fliers would imply, which is a blessing because Lime is a capable vocalist but it’s hard to imagine him pretending to cut his wrists or mumbling to himself trying to quiet the demons in his head. In fact, the least worthwhile parts of this maxi-single come when Lime tries to showcase his harsh vocals. Too much of "ラブソング (Love Song)" is marred by Lime trying to contort his voice into shapes it just wasn’t meant to fit into. He’s much better highlighting his slightly staccato, higher range such as in the otherwise rather moribund "十五 (Juugo)". Kizu is at their best playing the frenetic, vaguely djent-inspired fast-paced VK you can hear in the title track "蛙-Kawazu-" or after the jarring Beethoven intro homage has ended in "Elise". When the big riffs and digital effects combine into some bouncy, undeniably fun rock'n'roll you can see why Kizu have scheduled a second oneman live at Tsutaya O-West less than a year from their formation and having released only two singles. Ultimately, I'd place my bets on the slightly brasher Razor or the even more scatter-brained Lack-co to be the 'winners' of these djent-kei experiments, but if Kizu can continue to channel the relentless energy of the performances in their PVs (shoutout to them for the throwback 'VK band in the woods' video) into their live shows and releases they should be able to make a name for themselves in the crowded and often staid VK landscape. Support the band: CDJapan
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    Apparently 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani∞, a group from Johnny's) decided to cover visual kei in their show yesterday and it was actually really good?! 鬼龍院翔 from ゴールデンボンバー, as well as DAIGO and 1/2 of SID were the musicians invited to talk about VK history and where the scene is today. And even more importantly, they were there to give praise to the greatest VK band ever, LUNA SEA. #recognizeit Here's the full show (in Japanese w/o subs: Interesting parts: Kiryuin Sho is actually a super knowledgeable guy. Who would have thought that someone from Golden Bomber would be the best and biggest spokesperson for VK in 2017? They split visual kei in decades in a fairly usual manner: 80's as creation, 90's as the boom, 00's as neo visual kei and 10's as nothing is happening and no one is famous or good enough to break into the mainstream DAIGO was a member of 黒夢's fanclub back then and was a huge 清春 fanboy They discuss whether L'Arc~en~Ciel and GLAY are visual kei bands; Laruku doesn't really get mentioned a lot, but GLAY is described by Kiryuin Sho as "VK to show your parents" which is 100% accurate Meanwhile, DIR EN GREY is "VK you enjoy by yourself" which even then is a stretch They play "I for you" by LUNA SEA and it sucks; Mao from SID is the best vocalist out of the three by a mile Forgot any other cool tidbits, so just watch it! It's honestly worth it. Thanks to @cvltic(emma, if this isn't you, blame @itsukoii) for pretty much all the info (I'm lame and don't speak Japanese at all).
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    It has been announced that police has taken Rave's vo. Ren by force and that new details will be disclosed in the following hours.
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    lynch. new single, "BLØOD THIRSTY CREATURE" (3 types, CD&DVD) will be released on November 8. [tracklist] 01.BLØOD 02.CREATURE 03.THE WHIRL [limited copies edition (数量限定生産盤), 6667 yen] [Blu-ray DVD] 「TOUR‘17『THE SINNER STRIKES BACK』FINAL -2017.8.11 at 日比谷野外大音楽堂- Live映像(完全ノーカット版)」(Complete Uncut Edition) + Bonus footage ("『THE JUDGEMENT DAY』 -2017.4.18 at 新木場STUDIO COAST- Live映像 (3 songs) + "CREATURE" Music Video) + LIVE "MOON" DIRECTOR'S CUT - HAZUKI ver. - | - REO ver. - | - YUSUKE ver. - | - ASANAO ver. -) ※ Special package specification, photo book included, audio commentary (secondary audio) [limited edition, 5000 yen] <DVD> "TOUR‘17『THE SINNER STRIKES BACK』FINAL -2017.8.11 at 日比谷野外大音楽堂- Live映像" * Special package specification [regular edition, 1389 yen] CD only
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    i was hoping they'll be getting at least 6 months/a year's break because 1) they deserve it 2) i'm broke
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    Zin from Jupiter will depart

    this band officially has 0 reason to continue on now considering jupiter was literally just versailles with zin kaisan already!!
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    First of all: second "vk sucks nowadays"-topic of the year? You already have one from earlier this year. Anyway, try out other bands as well, there's tons of great bands in the scene. It's pretty common that bands who keep going for 10-20 years don't put out the same quality as they did when they were younger, even outside of VK.