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    Show Yourself (again)

    I don't know if anyone is into/knows Yumeleep here, but I tried Omochi's makeup today ✨ Hope you like it.
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    The Piass

    The GazettE new album release

    This album will be released in spring 2018. There will also be 4 dates for Halloween called "HALLOWEEN 17 SPOOKY BOX 2" which can be seen in the images. The lives on 2017.10.25/30 will have the concept of Abyss while the lives on 2017.10.28/31 will have the concept of LUCY.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Everyone is so pretty >w< I'm a make-up n00b, you guys have mad make-up skills!
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    10 Worst Disbandments of 2016

    Due to my hiatus this list was horribly delayed and I'd like to apologize for that, but I still feel like a lot of us are not over the hard hitting band break ups in 2016 so the wonderful users of MH as well as the awesome ORz members got together to write up some memorials for them. So without any further delays, here are some words for the great bands that called it quits. 10. 凛-THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD- (2010-2016) 9. Sel'm (2004-2016) 8. FoLLoW (2013-2016) 7. SCREW (2006-2016) 6. DuelJewel (1997-2016) 5. BORN (2007-2016) 4. AvelCain (2012-2016) 3. DIV (2012-2016) 2. 少年記 (Shounenki) (2011-2016) 1. ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh) (2004-2016) Please share with us what bands you're missing this year and let us know what you think about this list!
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    semi-friendly admin warning that i will revoke your right to post downloads if you continue to post shitty transcodes kthnxbai ^___^
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    Choose The Theme for The Next TRADE-OFF!

    The next Monochrome Heaven music trade-off will be soon and we need your help choosing the theme!
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    Alright so I decided to translate them anyway, so here they are: Too all [MAD]ist Delivering news like this to everyone who kept believing in us, and for us to not keeping our promise until the end is very hurtful to say the least. These five years with Grieva is something that I won't be able to exchange for anything ever. We managed to get great members, [MAD]ist's and lots of valueable friends. We laughed a lot We cried a lot There's been a lot of stuff we've regret And we've seen a lot of beautiful things In all of this I managed to find my reason to live, and the place where I belong Spending days as Grieva was nothing but happiness to me. I wanted to protect it forever, but in the end I couldn't. I'm terribly sorry. I can't thank all of you enough. Us actually existing for five years as band is all thanks to you. For the remaining gigs, I want to express this feeling and create even more beautiful atmosphere than what we have been able to do so far, therefore please stay with us until the very end Grieva KYOUKI Thank you for always supporting Grieva! We started Grieva in 1st of july 2012, but 30th of december it has to come to an end. To me, Grieva is like a family and the life I have built up. We've been troubled and thought a lot together Smiling together everyday, trying to become a better Grieva together Seeing fans getting happy because of us Wondering how we're going to face new fans, how to get new fans We've searched for answers for all these things together. The fact that we managed to do all this, with all these amazing members is something I proudly boast about. Five years is definitely not little time, and if all of you weren't here for us then nothing of this would ever be possible, and I also wouldn't have been able to grow as much as I have. Thank you all so much. The time we have left together is barely none, but I want to give back the favor to each one of you during the remaining gigs. If you think "Grieva was such a great band" when you're thinking back on us, then surely nothing will actually change and we'll continue to grow. We'll keep on fighting until the very end, so please continue support us! Grieva ROKU Thank you for always supporting us. From 2012 we've changed a lot, we said goodbye to members but still kept looking forward and doing activity. However, at 30th december this year we have decided to call it quits. We're all very good friends and we've felt a lot of stuff together. We've always encouraged each other so much, and to be honest, for the first time in my life I've thought "So this is what friends are!". I really think we managed to create one of the best bands. If I'm going to be honest, had I not been invited to join Grieva at that time then me today would be very different. These five years has been a rocky road, but because of that we have all been able to grow personally and as a band. Being able to keep doing this for five years has been all thanks to you. Getting up on stage, seeing all of you has always made me think "this is my reason for living". These five years has been the absolute best of my life so far. I feel nothing but gratefulness because you made me be able to be this happy with my band, all of you, and all our staff. Thanks for supporting us for five years! There's not much time left but I want you all to come to our final gig and leave no regrets behind as we close up this band. We're going to do our best for every last show we still got up until then, so please come support us until the end! Grieva HARU It's been five long years, huh. Time goes fast! I wonder if you're all mad when you're reading this announcement? Or maybe you're sad? Sorry for such a sudden announcement. For me personally I could continue play in this band with these members for the rest of my life. Every day we've had a gig I've been so happy. A lot of you have told me "Grieva has saved me" and it always made me happy to hear. On the contrary, I think hearing those words have saved me in a way. Being able to play bass in this band as Hisame, and having all of you fans has always made me so happy. There's not much time left but we have a lot of gigs, let's enjoy them to the fullest together! Grieva HISAME This band Grieva is the band I've done most things in The band I laughed with the most The band I cried with the most The band I thought "I am so happy" with the most The band I've regret most things with All of this as Yuugo from Grieva And me as a person Is something I thought I'd never experience. And this is my fortune, in a life I thought nothing about me ever would change. We've fought so hard together, done stupid shit together and discussed our dreams together. It all comes to and end 30th of december. Grieva has been active for five years, and it's been three years since I was invited. I don't think if I'm the one to say this but in a good way it feels as if Grieva has combusted. Either way Grieva will be Grieva until the very end. None of us are on bad terms or anything like that. If we all can treasure each day as it is and have fun together then I'll be happy. Feast your eyes on Grieva until the very end, if we're able to leave a mark on your heart forever then I'll be happy. Sorry for everything ending. Please support us until the very end. Grieva YUUGO
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Here's a recent pic in which I played around with one of those cheesy, sketch filters.
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    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    Karma ex. AvelCain announced a new project on Twitter. Not much has been revealed yet except for that there is a song titled "愛の特異点" (Ai no Tokui Ten)
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Me and Yue from Kizu
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    Youtuphobia - a fear of downloading a YouTube rip from the DL section
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    眞呼(maco)(deadman) will act as a special guest at Schwarz Stein's 15 th annivesary live in Nagoya on November 19, 2017! Kozi will be a special guest in Osaka.
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    Recommended Tracks: July 2017!

    Greetings, MH! Another month, another batch of recommended tracks from the amazing ORZ team! Check them out and let us know what you think! (We apologize if some videos aren't available due to region restrictions!) @plastic_rainbow's Picks "天上天下" by ARCHEMI. "Tenjou Tenge" by ARCHEMI. Using religious themes like Hotokesama - which refers to Buddha - worship and spiritual enlightenment along with a heavy and aggressive sound, ARCHEMI. stands out from most VK bands. They recently gained a new drummer and now continue as a 4 member band once again. Although their new drummer Maya previously performed in a visually brighter band, Aloud, his fast-paced drumming works well with ARCHEMI.'s tumultuous force. Their newest single includes three equally good tracks - the fourth one being an SE - , of which "Tenjou Tenge" is the most refreshing. Instead of rehashing their overdone but brainwashing-in-a-good-way Hotokesama worship, the shouting of 'soiya soiya soiya', the beating of taiko drums, and flute in "Tenjou Tenge" evoke a traditional Japanese spirit. That being said, ARCHEMI. still have their furious bang down with the highly addictive heavy metal riffs and rushed drumming. Listening to ARCHEMI. is like following an underground cult, and the enthralling chants and head bursting screams spewed by Isami will drag you into a dark and calamitous spiritual adventure between heaven and earth. If you've never heard of ARCHEMI., you are totally missing out. "鮮やかな矛盾" by NoGoD "Azayakana Mujun" by NoGoD Picking up in quality again, the year so far has been looking good for NoGoD after the blasting release of Missing several months ago. They continue their successful streak by dropping another outstanding track that is "Azayakana Mujun". It brings back the softer and more poignant sound reminiscent of their indie days. Or to be more specific, I'd say that it carries the very essence of their album Mugenkyou, which was when the band peaked. Danchou's vocals become most effective when he exerts his voice in a wistful way, which he has not done in a while until very recently. In "Azayakana Mujun", the intro begins instantly with Danchou's passionate vocals, but later includes calming spoken word as well. One thing that NoGoD always excel at is the ability to contrast the silent and loud moments in a compelling way. You can especially hear this when the powerful guitar solo follows right after Danchou's soft spoken words backed up by tranquil guitar melodies. If you thought NoGoD would never produce anything as good as what they did in their heyday, I recommend that you check out "Azayakana Mujun" and think again. "昏睡" by SCAPEGOAT "Konsui" by SCAPEGOAT With their sound growing sharper each time, SCAPEGOAT has put out a killer tune yet again. Unlike their previous songs, however, the intensity and beauty of "Konsui" will surely make you listen to it nonstop. Shifting between a heavy and slow tempo, the track manifests the very feeble moment of being torn between life and death. It opens with heavy guitars and the muttering of Haru's sullen voice, giving it a sinister quality. Then, as if a helping hand reaches out to you, the trickling piano miraculously opens a door of light to illuminate a groovy ballad. The mellow guitars and soft bass lines plucked from a double bass barely border on art-kei, and Haru's compelling vocals breathe out a transient repose until all hell breaks loose again. Continuing as they are, I expect that SCAPEGOAT will keep on delivering stellar tracks such as "Konsui". "青年ナイフ" by ニトロデイ "Seinen Knife" by Nitro Day I bring you another great YouTube find, and one that shows a lot of promise! Nitro Day is a very young indie rock band that began activities just last year. Despite being new to the scene they are already growing fast, and with good reason. "Seinen Knife" demonstrates all of the stunning talent from the young 4-piece band. Right from the beginning, the striking high-pitched guitar notes and smooth bass lines lead you to their robust and dynamic sound. The unique and emotive vocals, which might be too nasal for some, are the front wheel that drives the band's gripping momentum, while the more laid-back drummer keeps them in pace. They are one of those bands that can only make you think 'they’re cool' as you listen in awe. If I have to describe their sound though, they are like an alternative noise rock band with an emo and punk edge. Nitro Day are already receiving comparisons with huge J-indie acts like Number Girl and Bloodthirsty Butchers and could be the next band to lead the increasingly stagnant scene. I insist that you give them a listen now. "Sorry, I Am Not" by SHE TALKS SILENCE SHE TALKS SILENCE is a minimal noise and shoegaze DIY solo project led by Minami Yamaguchi that began way back around 2009. She's had a few supporting members in the past, but has been working completely solo again starting this year after her drummer left to pursue her own music path. In the early days of SHE TALKS SILENCE, Minami was very rough in her music writing, but has improved greatly over the years with better production as well. The newest song she wrote, "Sorry, I Am Not", comes from an album of the same title released this month, which also compiles her older songs from when the drummer was still around. In "Sorry, I Am Not", Minami sings in her whispery style, as she always does, accompanied by eerie guitar melodies, a constant bass drum, and clattering noises, making it one of her more haunting songs. Still, there remains a tangible sweetness from her gentle voice that floats like an angel's feather amidst the dark atmosphere. I admit that the choppy bass lines do need some polishing, but the simple melodies and mellowness of noise as expressed by SHE TALKS SILENCE may be for you if you've never heard of them. @qotka's Pick "雨” by 游彩 "Ame" by Yusai While desperately searching, which is what I call mindlessly droning through YouTube these days, for some new decent angura-kei to heal my weaboo heart, I ran into a band called Zin on several occasions. Zin were a sweet yet hardly memorable mixture of that traditional-Japanese-sound infused rock and oshare-kei pop. This fragile bunch disbanded late last year only to reemerge as Yusai a few months later, sporting a more leathery look and slight stage-name changes. "Ame" is Yusai's second single and it paves their way into a darker, somewhat more sophisticated form of existence. The intro almost sounds like a generic start to a nu-metal anthem, but it breaks down into a solid, mid-tempo ballad that elegantly mixes in a sequence of electric shamisen chords without making it sound forced or artificially glued onto the track. But what made me go back for a ridiculous number of listens this past month was Rui Amane's laid-back vocals. His voice is not exceptional but he knows how and when to use it, keeping it on the low side for most of the track and saving those miserable, characteristically v-kei wails only for when they're really called for to create maximum impact. Another thing to notice about "Ame" is the great bass work, especially after the first chorus. If you like your bass strong and distinct, I recommend listening to this one with headphones on. Only time will tell what will become of Yusai in the long run, but they're definitely off to an interesting (re)start. @emmny's Pick "虚言癖" by DAMY "Kyogenheki" by DAMY I don't think it's any surprise that the more 'heavy' or 'abare' styled bands are more or less flopping lately, as the songwriting tends to be subpar compared to more melody-loving bands. It's a problem DAMY had suffered from in the past as well, with sloppy song structures and messy playing made up for only by the pure aggression and despair conveyed by the band. They have hinted at their abilities with "Obutsu" from their last album, but never quite hit that peak again. Every once in a while, a bop comes out of the indies scene so damn good that everyone--ghost writers, bandmen, fans of other bands--are left clutching their pearls, permanently shook. Much to everyone's surprise, mine included, "Kyogenheki" is that song. They've definitely got a new ghost writer stepped their game up all the way around and wrote a cohesive, heavy-yet-melodic banger that doesn't sound like a DEZERT song but definitely keeps that influence obvious. The most notable change here is in the percussion and vocals department, with Ryo taking out the over-the-top zetsubou vocalizations and replacing it with Chiaki's signature sing-talk-whatever while still keeping his whine in there. Miharu, once a roadie for DEZERT is starting to show off his chops, with an incredibly rhythmic drum line and sharp little frills and fills that definitely recall his mentor's drumming style. I don't have enough good things to say about this, DAMY have definitely established themselves as serious contenders. @helcchi's Pick "⚪︎と×" by ザアザア "Maru to Batsu" by Xaa-Xaa Xaa-Xaa are exceptionally adept at writing ballads, with Kazuki's soulful voice compellingly conveying emotion and psychological conflict. Their newest release "Maru to Batsu", continues their creative streak. While "Maru to Batsu" might not be as haunting as 2015's "Yukidokei" nor as sorrowful as last year's "Shizuku", those upbeat tunes still hit you with sentimentality, for they are sure to evoke a wave of nostalgia. Working early 00s melodicism into a repeating chorus that's strongly reminiscent of "endless loop" by ROUAGE, and with a sound that's manifesting in Kagerou's influence, "Maru to Batsu" is an injection of all the feels. Let this song transport you back into the past. @tetsu_sama69's Pick "burst" by Zill I have an extreme weakness when it comes to anything Cra gets herself wrapped up in, even if it usually only ends up being something temporary. I am hoping that Zill is something that ends up having a much longer lifetime, as their first release Adam is already overflowing with potential. All three tracks on the single are very strong, but "burst" ended up getting my attention. It's got a catchy rhythm that gives you such a rush of energy it's hard to sit still while listening to it. The breakdowns give "burst" the chance for you to enjoy a fair bit of headbanging fun between the melodic full course meal that Zill delivers. If you find yourself thirsting for a visual band that relies purely on musical prowess instead of synths and metalcore, then Zill will definitely sate your tastes. @The Reverend's Pick "Dystopia -Vanishing Point-" by Boris You know how songs get labeled 'epic' just cause they're kinda longer than normal? Even though Boris often deserve it, I am going to purposefully not levy that trite praise on the penultimate track from their new album Dear (even though it is twelve minutes long!) The first half of "Dystopia" is really just a chance to set the stage for the climactic guitar solo that makes up the last five minutes of the song. Kind of like someone shushing you because the good part of a a movie they've already seen is coming up soon. And what a guitar solo it is! It sounds like a savant who has never actually touched a musical instrument got handed a guitar; the first couple minutes are full of awkward tone and fits and starts while this hypothetical 6-string genius gets comfortable with the instrument prior to unleashing some magic. But as soon as it comes together, boy is this song powerful! Alternatively, I'd compare it to those baby giraffes that stumble around immediately after being born, but before you know it are galloping confidently with their mothers. Not quite the usual doom/noise dirge preferred by Boris when they write such long songs, "Dystopia" is certainly full of melancholy, but is also undeniably beautiful. Check this one out if you've been scared off by how *dense* the band usually is! @CAT5's Pick "声飛行" by Gutevolk "koe hikou" by Gutevolk It's been seven years since singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Gutevolk (Hirono Nishiyama) released an album, but she's back in full effect with the leading track from her upcoming release titled, Gutevolk no koe hikou -Hello Tiny People!I Will Catch You-. "koe hikou" sports a prominent, pop-style beat, which instantly sets it apart from the subtle instrumental subtlety of Nishiyama's past works. Outside of that, however; this is vintage Gutevolk. Whispery, dreamlike vocals? Check. Whimsical, childlike melodies? Yep. Colorful, beautifully layered instrumentation? Of course! All the charm of Nishiyama's lighthearted indie-pop has remained perfectly intact over nearly a decade of radio-silence. The album sounds set to be a winner! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thanks for checking out our recommendations this month! If you have any thoughts on the list, or if you have any recommendations of your own, we look forward to seeing your comments below!
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    I'm pretty sure that foreign fanbase is an afterthought at best. That said though, I attended the entire tour and didn't see one single of the many Chinese people present break out in tears, rip their Dir shirts to shreds or try to suicide bomb the venue. I didn't see a single overtly supremacist statement or controversial point beyond a very mainstream "free tibet" deal which makes sense based on their Buddhist backgrounds. It's about as dangerous and edgy as wanting to free Syria from ISIS. I think it's safe to say these "problems" mostly exist in your head, and to be frank you present them in such a convoluted way that I think most people aren't even sure of what you're trying to say. Let that be an end to this for now, we don't need any "Dir en grey are supremacists" discussions based on hearsay.
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    The real Ruki died in 2004 and the'Ruki' we've known ever since then is a paid impersonator hired by the management.
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    post-retirement home kei actually
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    Show Yourself (again)

    From about 2 days ago.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Some recent looks + Makeup tutorial
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    Klubb Lunacy is one of Europe's oldest Visual Kei nightclubs, which originally ran between 2004 and 2010. After a 7 years long hiatus, I'm happy to announce that I'm the one who is carrying on the torch and together with the old owner I'm reforming it and intend to make it stronger than ever. The first date is set for 1 of September in Stockholm, Sweden. Six hours of old and new Visual Kei music, a Visual Kei outfit competition with an amazing prize sponsored by RarezHut, and the chance to hang out with over one hundred other fans of this increasingly rare style of music. And while we hope that some of you might be able to attend this grand revival, we don't intend to limit our activities to Sweden, and would be glad to bring it wherever enough people who are interested might be located, mainly in Europe. So if you have any connections or ideas please feel free to message me and we'll see what can be done! The clubs Facebook is located here: https://www.facebook.com/KlubbLunacy/ And the event itself is located here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1435508826514161/ Most posts have an English version after the Swedish text, so please scroll down if you want more info! We're glad for any and all support we can get from you guys as we try to bring back some community and party to the fandom! Also a special thanks to @orange~ who designed our logo!
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    The Piass

    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    Let's hope that he learnt to sing. Well, after listening to the song, he did not learn to sing.
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    Karma (ex. AvelCain) new project

    @emmnyfound dead in miami
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    バラライカ (Balalaika) new single "チェアー (Chair)" will be released at 2017/10/25.
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    Hello ^^ I have come across this forum a couple of times while i was searching for Visual Kei information online, i decided to sign up today after lurking on this site for a couple of weeks ^^ To tell something about myself, i have been a fan for a long time now (least 8 years) and have not really communicated with anyone about it. this due mainly to anxiety i have hand being afraid i often will get judged for it ^^' i hope i can make some contacts on here and hope to learn new music even! Musical bands that i am interested in is mainly older 90's bands, such as BAISER, MIRAGE, MALICE MIZER, ROUAGE and a couple of musical releases by La'Mule, i recently found out about D=SIRE and love them a ton! There are also a bunch of other genre's that peek my interest such as some kotekei bands or late 90's/early 2000's indie projects ^^. Thank you very much for everyone who takes their time to read my little story ^^
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    Anne Claire

    Show Yourself (again)

    I've finally cut my hair, goddamit x'D Before: and after:
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    Plastic Tree has announced that their major debut 20th Anniversary DVD, "1997.09.15" (6500 yen, 120 min) will be released in October. Footage will feature the band's reproduction of their major debut performance at their live on June 25, 2017 at YOKOHAMA Bay Hall. Songs featured: 痛い青 (itai ao) 本当の嘘 (hontou no uso) twice 割れた窓 (wareta mado) クローゼットチャイルド (closet child) スノーフラワー (snowflower) 銀ノ針 (gin no hari) リラの樹 (rira no ki) まひるの月 (mahiru no tsuki) 水葬。 (suiso.) トランスオレンジ (trance orange) アブストラクトマイライフ (abstract my life) ねじまきノイローゼ (nejimaki noiroze) エンジェルダスト (angel dust) エーテルノート (ether note) 鳴り響く、鐘 (narihibiku, kane) psycho garden クリーム (cream) サーカス (circus) http://plastic-tree-special.com/114/
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    This bodybuilder guy revealed he was a vk bandman on tv (I think he was from アンド (AND))
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    Tracklist Disc 1: Shin Homura Uta 1. ホムラウタ (Homura Uta) 2. 絶望 (Zetsubou) 3. 幸せの終着 (Shiawase no Shuuchaku) 4. 君に幸あれ (Kimi ni Sachiare) 5. 僕が本当の僕に耐えきれず造った本当の僕 (Boku ga Hontou no Boku ni Taekirezu Tsukutta Hontou no Boku) 6. ママ (Mama) 7. 暗闇に咲く花 (Kurayami ni Saku Hana) 8. 嘘で歪む心臓 (Uso de Yugamu Shinzou) 9. およげ!たいやきくん (Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun) 10. 前へ-In its true light- (Mae e -In its true light-) 11. 黒煙 (Kokuen) 12. スイミン (Suimin) 13. 帰らぬ人 (Kaeranu Hito) 14. ズタズタ (Zutazuta) 15. 水槽 (Suisou) 16. 大嫌い2006 (Daikirai 2006) Disc 2: Homura Uta ~Remaster~ 01. ホムラウタ (Homura Uta) 02. 絶望 (Zetsubou) 03. 幸せの終着 (Shiawase no Shuuchaku) 04. 君に幸あれ (Kimi ni Sachiare) 05. 僕が本当の僕に耐えきれず造った本当の僕 (Boku ga Hontou no Boku ni Taekirezu Tsukutta Hontou no Boku) 06. ママ (Mama) 07. 暗闇に咲く花 (Kurayami ni Saku Hana) 08. 嘘で歪む心臓 (Uso de Yugamu Shinzou) 09. およげ!たいやきくん (Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun) 10. 前へ (Mae e) 11. 黒煙 (Kokuen) 12. スイミン (Suimin) 13. 帰らぬ人 (Kaeranu Hito) 14. ズタズタ (Zutazuta) 15. 水槽 Sg ver (Suisou Sg ver) | Classics are made to be tempered with Here's one band that hasn't been getting a lot of rest in 2017. 新葬ラ謳 (Shin Homura Uta) includes two versions of MUCC's 葬ラ謳 (Homura Uta) - a remastered one and a shiny, new re-recorded one. It was released along with 新痛絶 (Shin Tsuuzetsu) as part of the band's 20 year anniversary extravaganza, its announcement coming in contiguity with their '哀愁とアンティークと痛みも葬る (Aishuu to Antique to Itami mo Homoru)' summer tour, in which they exclusively performed materials from their first two EPs and first two full length studio albums. There isn't much to say about the remastered version, so this review will focus on the new recording. This release is not just about paying a nostalgic tribute to their past or reliving it. Revised 葬ラ謳 is as vibrant and relevant as the original was 15 years ago; not much has changed on the surface, yet everything sounds different. It's a great example for an album that has evolved in a similar way language does, with its tracks going through years of being performed live, re-recorded, and remixed; the result is something anyone who speaks visual-kei can understand, but with noticeable changes. 葬ラ謳 was a fairly commercially successful album. It was first released in September 2002 as a limited edition that sold out quickly; a regular edition came the next month, and a reissue of the limited edition came in 2004. This album had a story to tell - a story of distilled anguish, pain, sorrow, loss and all those other heart-wrenching emotions and experiences that have been driving people to create art throughout history. In that sense, they never offered anything revolutionary; they were just good storytellers who used heaps of murky sound and raw energy to create something people could relate to. It is also clear that grunge, alternative rock and even nu metal were among their many interests at that point, and they were learning them carefully and experimenting with them as best as they could. In 2017, the same album tells a completely different story. The muddy sound is replaced with a polished presentation, which might strike some v-kei veterans as 'lacking depth' or even 'less than genuine'. It’s true that nothing can replace those pain-driven shrieks in the original “絶望 (Zetsubou)” or “ズタズタ (Zutazuta)” that sound like someone’s soul being run over by an 18-wheeler. But this is just where the potency of the new recording lies; it doesn’t try to recreate the original, it uses it as a foundation to create something new. It doesn’t only show the experience the band has gained in the past 15 years, developing both in terms of musical skills and delivery, which can clearly be heard in Tatsuro’s crisp vocals and Satochi’s precise drumming. 新葬ラ謳 is a story that couldn’t have been told the way it is without the band’s (sometimes questionable) musical endeavors over the years and could be seen as a journey journal of sorts - one that doesn't leave out even newfound quirks, like in “前へ (Mae e)", which now includes an auto-tuned reggae moment brought to you by music nerd Miya. “前へ” was re-recorded in 2014 for the “ENDER ENDER” single, and it shows that nothing is sacred in the name of nostalgia - everything can be torn, mixed, glued on, and tempered with for the sake of trying out new things. Many of the other changes are smaller and rather conservative, like a new verse in “帰らぬ人 (Kaeranu Hito)” and an altered enunciation of the lyrics on many of the tracks, but they're enough to turn 新葬ラ謳 into something worth listening to in an of itself, even for those familiar with the original release. People who have been listening to this album for years will have a lot of fun playing ‘spot the difference’ while listening to this. This solid and clean rendition of a classic wasn’t only a chance to play around the border of nostalgia, self-cover, and re-imagine, but also a great way to introduce old material to new fans. MUCC have always been open to adapt to trends, experiment, and evolve, which means they’ve gained new listeners with every release (and probably lost some along the way). A crowd that’s been around since カルマ (Karma), SHANGRI-LA, or THE END OF THE WORLD will not necessarily bother checking out their older releases unless they keep them alive and relevant, which is something they’ve succeeded in by re-recording both 痛絶 and 葬ラ謳 and taking them on tour. This 2-CD package will probably be the first thing I’ll recommend to anyone interested in listening to the band for the first time or exploring their older materials, as well as to more old-school listeners who have been out of the loop for the past couple of years and have been wondering what they’re up to nowadays. Support your jrawk poets: the [limited] and [regular] editions are available to order!
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    ヴァージュ(Virge) new single "凱歌" will be released 2017.11.01. TrackList: CD 1.凱歌 2.踊り子 3.泡沫 4.夜想 DVD 1.凱歌 Music Video Dr.或(Aru) (ex.MALISEND) has also joined -Edit- New Look: vo.遼(Ryo) gu.紫月(Shizuki) ba.沁(Shin) dr.或(Aru)
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    The Piass

    LYNCH new single release !

    The band will release its new single on 2017.11.08. Limited edition A : 6667 yen + taxes CD : 3 songs Blu-Ray : 01. TOUR‘17『THE SINNERS STRIKES BACK』FINAL -2017.8.11 at 日比谷野外大音楽堂 02. 特典映像『THE JUDGEMENT DAY』 -2017.4.18 at 新木場STUDIO COAST- (3 songs) 03. New clip Limited edition B : 5000 yen + taxes CD : 3 songs DVD : 01.TOUR‘17『THE SINNERS STRIKES BACK』FINAL -2017.8.11 at 日比谷野外大音楽堂 Regular edition : 1389 yen + taxes CD : 3 songs http://pc.lynch.jp/information/1359
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    #101: MUCC - 新痛絶 (Sin Tsuuzetsu)

    Tracklist: CD 1: Shin Tsuzetsu —-. Momoku de Aruga Yue no Sogaikan (盲目であるが故の疎外感) Samidare (五月雨) Hai (廃) Itai Tegami (イタイ手紙) Chintsuuzai (鎮痛剤) Yoru (夜) Suna no Shiro (砂の城) Haitoku no Hito (背徳の人) Shofu (娼婦) Danzetsu (断絶) Ieji -2017 Hisyou- (家路 -2017 飛翔-) Kurutta Kajitsu w -2017 Haru- (狂った果実 w ~2017 春~) Kare ga Shinda hi (友達(カレ)が死んだ日) CD 2: Tsuzetsu 1st —-. Itai Tegami (イタイ手紙) Shofu (娼婦) Chintsuuzai (鎮痛剤) Hai (廃) Suna no Shiro (砂の城) Yoru (夜) Haitoku no Hito (背徳の人) Momoku de Aruga Yue no Sogaikan (盲目であるが故の疎外感) Danzetsu (断絶) | Aged like fine wine. Ever the black sheep of MUCC's discography, color me shocked when it was announced that 痛絶 (Tsuuzetsu) would be among the first two albums MUCC would re-record in full fifteen years later. This release, entitled 新痛絶 (Shin-Tsuuzetsu), includes two discs: the first disc including re-recordings of the entire album, the second disc including the out-of-print original first press of the album (and 友達が死んだ日 (Kare ga Shinda Hi), an extra track that didn't make it). The original 痛絶 (Tsuuzetsu) is not the coveted starter album for new fans: that honor belongs to their second album, 葬ラ謳 (Homura Uta). It's not an album anyone talks about with rose-tinted glasses, between huffs of nostalgia, it's not even an album people bring up when discussing their favorites! I chalk it up to the style. This style of angura-kei wasn't all the rage back in 2001 and its popularity has only been sinking since. In this age of bands courting old and new fans with new versions of old material, 新痛絶 comes across as the most honest and straightforward application of this tactic thus far. Fifteen years later, this album may finally make the impact that it originally should have. Plus, the new jacket for 新痛絶 (Shin-Tsuuzetsu) is dope. The one for 新葬ラ謳 (Shin Homura Uta) looks like Robot Chicken claymation, but I'll leave that alone. The success of this entire venture rests on this conservative approach. MUCC takes the adage "if it's not broke, don't fix it" to heart. They demonstrated this in 2006, they tackled "娼婦" (Shoufu) and "五月雨" (Samidare) for pre-極彩 (Gokusai) singles, and "断絶" (Danzetsu) in 2007 for the WORST OF MUCC compilation; they didn't sound out of place then and they don't sound out of place among the other seven tracks now. For all the changes they could have made, most of them are not alterations to the songs or their structure. This is more important than I had initially realized. The international scene has felt burned by sub-par re-recordings in the past and this hesitation carries over to MUCC despite their good track record. One thing I desperately hate is for a re-recording to share little similarities with its original - for all of that tweak it some more and sell a new song! I want to have an air of familiarity around what I receive, and in this regard, 新痛絶 exceeds in spades. It's the same album, but it feels new without changing much (or anything) at all. A part of me wonders if this was planned long ago and they finally got some time to do it. The quality difference is night and day. This can prove to be a problem for the handful of 痛絶-era fans used to hearing the album a certain way, and the second disc would be for that crowd. There's even a third disk live performances to sweeten the deal, but only for those who bought the pre-release edition. I find myself in the group that likes both versions, but prefers the clarity of the new version. There's no doubt in my mind that the budget-conscious choices of the original pressing has become a part of the atmosphere and experience, but hearing these songs with new details and increased clarity is more important to me. It's not going to cause a resurgence of angura-kei bands no matter how for it I am, but it does provide a window into what turn of the century visual-kei would sound like with modern recording techniques and that's worth the price of admission alone. I can confidently can state that I gain more than I lose in this exchange, and I would have no problem recommending the new version of the album to anyone interested. Support the band and pre-order your copy today! AmazonJP | CDJapan ✣新痛絶 (Shin-Tsuuzetsu) is not yet available for general purchase ✣
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    Chanty new live-limited single, "比較対象" (hikaku taishou) (1000 yen), will be released at the band's live at TSUTAYA O-WEST on September 16. [tracklist] 1.比較対象 (hikaku taishou) 2.おまじない (omajinai)
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    Anyone else getting over VK recently?

    I can think of a few good reasons why. There isn't anywhere else. There wasn't ever anywhere else really. During the VK heyday, most of our "competition" were blog spots. Finding downloads is easy. MH is one of the few bastions of hardcore music discussion left on the Internet dedicated to visual kei. It's not endemic, but it's not uncommon either. There's something about visual kei that comes and goes in waves and perhaps by sharing our experiences we can all come to a common understanding on what visual kei really means to us. The more I think about it, I don't "fall" out of other scenes or genres the way I do visual kei. I could go three to four months only listening to visual kei, and then spend another three to four months not listening to it at all. It's got a really addicting quality to it! Some people remain steadfast, others worship the false god K-Pop, and then the rest of us are somewhere in the middle, one foot still tied to this place. Or at least I am. For me at least, it's really interesting to see why people are leaving visual kei. The first reason given is usually a general one that hides the real one. A pattern I have noticed and never seen mentioned is that all it takes is one band's untimely disbandment for the wind to leave someone's sails. Mine was D'espa. For what it's worth, I haven't noticed too much complaining in this thread. But I have noticed that a lot of members have refined tastes in visual kei, and know what they like, and will tune in when something catches their interest. There's just so much going on in the scene these days, if one is not knee-deep in it and doesn't have a gateway band to ease returning into the scene, it can feel like the scene has nothing to offer them anymore.
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    & all of this just because they didn't play ash this tour, smdh guys
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    On 2017.10.04, the band will release a mini album called 『THE LIGHT』. Limited edition : 3240 yen CD : 01.Outbreak 02.NEVER VANISHING BULLET HOLE 03.-273.15°C 04.JIHAD 05.カレタソレイユ 06.BLAZING HEART 07.Twilight DVD : 01.BLAZING HEART[Music Video] Regular edition : 2500 yen + taxes CD : 01.Outbreak 02.NEVER VANISHING BULLET HOLE 03.-273.15°C 04.JIHAD 05.Sense 06.カレタソレイユ 07.BLAZING HEART 08.Twiligh Little hearts limited edition : 2500 yen + taxes CD : 01.Outbreak 02.NEVER VANISHING BULLET HOLE 03.-273.15°C 04.JIHAD 05.MIRAGE(THE LIGHT ver.) 06.カレタソレイユ 07.BLAZING HEART 08.Twilight + Bonus track「MIRAGE(THE LIGHT ver.)」 Zeal link limited edition : 2500 yen + taxes CD : 01.Outbreak 02.NEVER VANISHING BULLET HOLE 03.-273.15°C 04.JIHAD 05.Rose?(THE LIGHT ver.) 06.カレタソレイユ 07.BLAZING HEART 08.Twilight + Bonus track「Rose(THE LIGHT ver.)」
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    [CLUB] Girugamesh Trivia

    - Every Girugamesh release until "volcano" was always written "Very special Thanks to : 蜉蝣 (Kagerou)" or something similar on the credit page. - If you're listening to 不純愛(L), it will show up as 不純愛♥ with a big red heart on MSN. Not sure if it's the band's intention. - The song "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 had been often used as the opening song of their live concerts in 2004-2006. - The bassline in Sel'm's オリエンタルリリー sounds very similar to ミッドナイト at the intro. - The correct romanization for the song 枯咲き歌 is "Karezaki Uta". - Sadie's 迷彩 (meisai) and Girugamesh's 【獄】 (Goku) have the same intro. (Goku was released first.) - 拒絶された机 (kyosetsu sareta tsukue) is the only song that's still unknown who composed it. - The shortest track ever is 男魂 (Otoko Tamashii) which is just 3 seconds length. - The live dist. DVD 千名阪ツアー配布DVD is one of their secret releases. - The speech "An Appeal to the Red Army" by Vladimir Lenin was used in 亡者ノ行進 (Mouja NO Koushin). - The single 零-ゼロ- (Rei-ZERO-) was sold in advance at the live concert on March 22, 2006 (which was also the date GLAMOROUS SKY was distributed). - The live dist. CD "jelato" had been rare for over two years until it was leaked in September 2006. - The live dist. CD ミッドナイト (MIDNIGHT) had been a secret release of theirs until it was discovered in 2006 and leaked in mid 2007. - 零-ゼロ- (Rei-ZERO-) was co-written by the two members of the band, Nii and Ryo. - DEATHGAZE's abyss PV was probably shot at the same location as 終わりと未来 (Owari to Mirai) PV. (Girugamesh was first.) - Their first oversea live was held at The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles on May 26, 2007 (J-Rock Revolution Festival day 2). - The lyrics on Reason of crying regular edition booklet are handwritten by Satoshi. - The self-titled album "Girugamesh" was released on Shuu's 23rd birthday (December 26, 2007). - ROCKER'S from the limited edition is sightly different from the regular one at the end of the song. - The song "stupid" doesn't have lyrics written on the booklet. - The Girugamesh logo on MUSIC CD looks similar to Metallica's. - Mariko Goto (ミドリ Vo.) is the guest chorus in the song evolution. - No even singles or old songs included in the self-titled album and MUSIC. - From the album MUSIC onwards, the whole band has been given credits together as the music composers on the booklets. - If you don't know this guy, you're not a die hard Girugamesh fan. - ALIVE was the first single in 3 years since 2006. - They used the photo of a 5 year old boy as NOW album art which referred to the years that the band had been active so far at that time. (And also their mental age? XD) - NuTz (Fly Sleep Fly Vo.) is the guest chorus in the song BEAST. - In DIRTY STORY PV, Satoshi sings "I wanna be a sincere man, SAY!!" which sightly differs from the audio track on CD. - In July 2010, tons of the people on Last.fm were fooled by the fake song the foolish mindcore. (Me included.) - The title of the album GO could also refer to their fifth album. (Go = 5 in Japanese) - The previous singles, COLOR and Inochi no Ki, included in GO were left untouched unlike the ones in their other studio albums which were at least re-recorded. - ShuU is the collaborating bassist in the song 翻弄(Honrou) on Daisuke's last album. - They released a song titled "pray" as a charity song via iTunes Store on April 13, 2011 to help the tsunami victims. - "Future", a digital single, was a song used in a Russia-Japan event in 2011. - On October 19, 2011, their OHP had become a blank page with the number 13. Later, it was revealed on October 23, 2011. (Which was the announcement about their new tour and a new live DVD to be released in February 2012.) - Satoshi is the guest vocalist as the screamer in the song No Reason in the Pit by ROACH. More info - They had a song tribute to Tatsurou (ムック) called たたたつろー!!. It later became 絶頂BANG!! with alternate lyrics. - 斬鉄拳 (zantetsuken) released in 2012 was a one-type single in ages since 零-ゼロ- in 2006. - In late 2012, the band had paused all activities and stayed quiet for almost a year in order to focus on practicing to improve their musical skills, and they made a comeback on July 22, 2013 (Which was also Nii's 29th birthday.) - Satoshi joined another band named REDMAN as the vocalist in late 2013. - If you order the album titles they have released so far, it's gonna be "Girugamesh MUSIC NOW GO MONSTER". - They had two distinct songs with the same title: Intro. One is from the self-titled album, and the other is from MONSTER. - On February 20, 2014, Nii and Ryo opened a joint Twitter account, and Ryo clarified that they both were actual blood-related brothers. This was kind of a big shock to all Girugamesh fans. It had been 10 years they kept it a secret. - The LIVE BEST tracklist order resembles a setlist they could have played live. - gravitation was the first one-typed album ever. - They had a live distributed album containing 25 pre-13's reborn songs (2 CDs) titled "CORE BEST" released on October 11, 2014. This was the first live distributed CD in over 8 years since Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe in 2006. - In May 2015, Shuu joined the band named KEEL as the bassist. - 2015 was the first year the band had no releases. - On May 2, 2016, they announced their disbandment ending their 12-year music career, and the last live would be held at Zepp DiverCity on July 10, 2016. (BORN and SCREW also disbanded on the same day. Coincidentally, it was on hide's 18th death day. ) - 希望ト夜 (Kibou to Yoru) by グリーヴァ is a 【獄窓】 (Gokusou) rip off. - ラストダンス (Last Dance) by ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) is a Dance Rock Night rip off. - Their last song titled "period" was distributed at the last live and available to purchase online later on; unfortunately, it was never played live. - There is a small typo on the last live DVD booklet. 縁enishi became 緑enishi which the latter is read "midori". lol
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    SCAPEGOAT New Mini Album Release

    SCAPEGOAT new mini album (title not yet determined) will be released 2017.10.25. Further details tba
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    Hello (From dead Batsu.org)

    Hi, Is there anyone from Batsu still on here? I can't believe how long it's been since I listened to JRock. I only just found out about Isshi from Kagrra and had nobody to 'mourn' with. How is everyone?
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    グリーヴァ (Grieva) to disband

    This band really did fall off the wagon. I remember jocking them hard a few years ago and then my attention drifted elsewhere and the boys were never able to pull it back. Seconding comments that they also ran out of good Dir en grey to emulate. There are a ton of 90's bands like La'cryma Christi or GRASS that they could have lifted some tracks from when they felt low on inspiration, but they really only wanted to emulate GAUZE-era Dir en grey. Which is cool, but didn't work out too well for them in the long run. I suppose they reached that wall Dir en grey did after Kisou where it's "innovate or die" and these guys chose to die instead.
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    NoGoD will release a new album titled "proof" on 2017/9/20. Limited edition will include 11 tracks and a DVD for "Missing", "Arlequin", and "break out!". Regular edition will include 12 tracks. Tracklist: 01. In the cage...(Instrumental) 02. break out! 03. Arlequin 04. 蜃気楼 05. ヘンリエッタ 06. proof 07. 矜持と共に (Instrumental) 08. forever 09. 煽動 10. Missing 11. Tonight! 12. DREAMER *regular edition (already posted this in the other topic cuz i got too excited but here it is again)
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    I went to their show at Shinyokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!! yesterday. I’ve written a short report for you guys while it’s still fresh in my mind. I also have a couple more drafted: 7/16, 6/25, 6/11, 3/30, 2/5 (the Tokyo oneman). I’ve been pretty busy recently so I’m not sure when I’ll get around to posting those though. Sorry for keeping you guys hanging. Also, an update re: my shopping service for the upcoming release: unfortunately, there’s a limit as to how many CDs I can buy at one live. I can only buy two of each CD, so the next time I go (8/20) I can only get one copy of Namae ga nai for myself, one for one of you guys, and two of the compilation CD for you guys unless I can get one of my friends to help out. If not, I’m seeing them again 8/29 and can get two more copies then. I’ll keep you guys updated.
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    Whenever they play a gig without Sustain the Untruth I feel like I've won the lottery.
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    Transcodapallooza around here lately...
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    Ugh. Negative-Nelly here again but honestly, guys... I know this thread has been on the forum for a good while now, and I didn't understand it when it was first posted and I don't understand it now. Do you guys seriously need a support group for not finding VK likeable anymore? Or what is this about? I'm about this full of people constantly whining about how "current VK bands aren't good" or "I've realised VK sucks" or "I've just moved on". (And by constantly I mean multiple times throughout years, not necessarily all the time every day. ) OK, that's great. Good for you. But do you need to be telling everyone else about it? Why do you feel the need to come amongst people, who most likely are still into that stuff, in some way or another, and just tell them that you're not that into it? Do you think anyone cares? Damn this forum sometimes. Makes me wish there was a therapy moderator who'd just listen to people's whining so they wouldn't have to come on the forum to do that.