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    Just like the title says this is an attempt to bring back the m-h jrock awards for the year 2017 which last took place way back in 2012 and apparently ended do to lack of participation. Awards were given for best album, single, new band, etc. And all of this was decided by user votes. So I asked about reviving this and here's what @Zeussaid, Judging by all of the yearly best album/single reviews I would hope there's still some interest in something like this. So if you want to see the "Monochrome heaven J-Rock Awards 2017" then help me get this topic 50 likes and/or 50 comments by the end of the month.
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    I've been wanting to write some of this stuff out forever because I'm a huge digital packrat and I like to archive these types of things... I don't think any of this has been written out anywhere before, but I'm not sure how much people actually care about the fan culture part of VK here, especially the Japanese fan culture, and especially the online Japanese fan culture. But, just in case any of you are also level 50 Turbo Nerds I thought I should post it here. I hope this is a sensible place to put it?? this piece is WAY too long for how lame the subject is and i'm so sorry tl;dr: tanuki is old as fuck and there used to be another tanuki and forums are dead, long live tanuki edit: fixed a number i screwed up
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    llll-Ligro-restart activites

    It was announced on 2017.12.01 at the "Raphaelesque Head Bursting" 時限式:uadjet's sponsored event at EDGE Ikebukuro, llll-Ligro- restart their activities from today with two new members : Gt. Jesse and Ba. 羽鳳(hao) They were on hiatus since december 2013. They will have their oneman 「THE BEGINNING OF THE END」 on 2018.03.04 at EDGE ikebukuro. Voice. ヒナタ (hinata) Guitar. kazari Guitar. Jesse (ex ZeR'0-ゼロ (ジェシー(jecy)) Bass. 羽鳳 (hao) (ex ZeR'0-ゼロ (蓮 (ren)) Renewal OHP : http://llll-ligro.info/
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    Show Yourself (again)

    been debating for a long time if i should show myself here or not but i trimmed my hair yesterday and felt pretty happy about myself so hi i miss my longer hair tho. this was me from a year ago. i was thinking about growing it out like yusuke koba's mane but having to tie it up at work made me feel more girly so i've been going back to shorter hairstyles
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    Show Yourself (again)

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    General Rules for the News Forum

    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, the news section is more active than ever before since a certain character has departed, and more and more users are able to contribute their findings without any disruption or intimidation. With more contributors than ever, we each have our own writing style; some of us simply copy and paste band announcements and then translate them - whether by machine or on our own - to the best of our ability, and some of us take a more journalistic approach by adding more details rather than the standard news format of the past. To keep our status as one of the leading J-rock news sites/forums, we've decided to add in some rules and regulations to keep the forum in order and to help future contributors post without any issue: REQUIREMENTS: - intelligible English - News sites like Shattered Tranquility and JROCK NEWS actually make articles about the topics posted here, so think about how you write them. Make sure to proofread spelling, grammar, etc., so that it can be more coherant to the reader. - Translations to romaji are required mainly for band and release names, since most of our users are not proficient in Japanese (Google Translate is fine, but you are free to request/suggest alternate translations for the sake of accuracy, especially since song titles are a bit more challenging) As elaborated further down below, vkdb or Google can help decipher any names if you need to double-check. - Please Please PLEASE use the report button if there's a double-post or issues in the thread. (the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is to check up the news and try to find some things that are out of order. Some days, I won't be around, nor will the rest of the staff, to do that as we do focus on our own lives too. Reporting a post is a much easier way of getting our attention rather than simply posting in the thread about the error, or even worse, unnecessary drama...) - Speaking of cooperation, this is NOT a competition. If someone else posts what you originally left out/posted seconds ago, don't make a big fuss (unless it's a double-post of course) ; after all, providing news is a team effort, so it's better to work together and to help each other out! ♥ - Make a new topic if necessary, especially if the band's previous thread hasn't been updated in a long period of time. In other words, don't necro long-dead topics, especially if you're only doing so to request an old release. That's what the Requests section is for btw. RECOMMENDATIONS: - Band/release names in kanji and romaji are recommended (makes it easier for hardcore/casual/non-Japanese speaking fans to search up their faves; may have to extend this to the download forum as well) If there's any problems trying to figure out a band/member's name, especially in romaji, google them or check out their webpage/social media/vkdb page, which can all be very helpful. - BEFORE posting, use the search function to check if anything has been posted yet. This can prevent double-posts of topics (such as accidentally making 2 threads about a band's new single), and confusion/competition between users. - If you want to make any posts about an artist in general, please do so in their appropriate thread in the Artists section (or make one if necessary). This will prevent any clogging of release threads and saving some of us the trouble to going through page after page to find more relevant information about the actual release. - Put some effort in how you actually research and post news. If a band is disbanding at the beginning of 2018, and the actual date of their last live has been posted, please post that date instead of "so&so will disband in January/February 2018". Most news topics don't need a lot of digging, but for posts like these, it'll totally save up a lot of time and stress. **Also, not everyone can keep up with a certain band/release (and understandably so), so threads often tend to go dead even though new stuff is being announced via the official source. It's highly recommended that you follow a band's twitter or check their webpage ever so often for new updates so they well, won't be forgotten or fall off the face of the earth. xD - Don't go overboard on making your news look pretty or overexaggerated. We've had some issues with certain users putting in too much formatting on their text, posting too many Youtube/Twitter/etc. embeds all on one post, and it's tiresome to actually go through everything, especially when dealing with a slow internet connection or other factors. Extra formatting such as big text, abusing the bold italic formats, or puking rainbows is completely unnecessary and distracting when all we want to read is the news. If you want to proceed with posting lots of tweets/picspams/videos that are relevant to the topic, fine, but put all that shit under a spoiler.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Been a while since I showed my ugly visage around here. Just got back from an awesome gig, and got this new beanie, it's so comfy & warm <3
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    visual kei was MADE for heterosexual men! the demons known as "women" and "gays" need to get the FUCK out of the scene!!!!!!
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    The Reverend

    Show Yourself (again)

    That crisp mountain air.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    So this is a thing I did
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    thank you very much to @emmnyfor alerting me to this clownery In a bizarre PR move, tensai. member Karuto will bike (as in, on a bicycle, not a motorbike) from Osaka to Tokyo to promote their free one-man at Ikebukuro Black Hole on 12/11. His journey will begin at noon on December 1st from Like an Edison Osaka. There are various rules and stipulations, the first involving how much money he'll be taking with him. His credit cards will be confiscated, and he will be given 10 yen x the amount of retweets that the embedded tweet receives. At the time of posting, that's about ~16,000 yen. [Rules] ①He must arrive at the goal within 7 days of departure. ②He will be given missions to earn money during his trip. ③He will distribute tickets for their show to fans he meets along the way. ④Money will be taken from him if he neglects to tweet before he goes to bed. ⑤He must visit designated stops. ⑥Their "super roadie" Yuuma will be sent with him as part of his roadie hazing on guard duty.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    somehow that hand is actually mine and not a stranger's
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Long time no see ya'll
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    Show Yourself (again)

    hi again
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    Aie is def. the real, true & undisputed nagoya kei KING. No contest whatsoever. (also remember when people thought Nagoya Kei = heavy & brutal back in the days? fuck that era)
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    Tracklist: 1. 蟲聲 2. デルタ (Type-A only) 2. 六花の歔欷 (Type-B only) - Love them or hate them; but don't do either based on this single I was able to put into words the biggest reason why I’ve liked 儿 (Jin) ( The Black Swan/ Nega) while attending The Black Swan’s one-man live in June of last year. I realized while Jin was pouring his heart into one of their trademark overwrought, overlong ballads that no one else is able to tread the line between embracing the tropes of Visual Kei and mocking them like Jin has. He doesn’t just tow that line, he and his bands have taken up permanent residence there for some time now. Take 2015’s “I’m Shit Noodle, But…” off The Black Swan’s 失愛と依存、その感触 single as a prime example of this ability to live the VK lifestyle, tongues firmly in cheek. VK is a genre so built on the idolization of characters that it is downright scandalous when it’s publicly revealed that band members have engaged in mostly innocuous activities like having girlfriends or smoking some weed. The Black Swan wrote a banger turning this image of the impossibly virtuous band member on its head by shouting about their enjoyment of sex, drugs and money; a value system that is traditionally accepted in rock’n’roll but rarely espoused by people in the VK community. I enjoy Jin’s nasal warble; I appreciate uniqueness and passion more than a traditionally ‘good’ singing voice…which Jin certainly does not have. I think it’s often unnecessary to have two guitarists playing downtuned/seven+ string guitars and a bassist basically occupying the same sonic space, but all the guitarists are competent. I also thoroughly enjoy that the drummer has achieved a slight amount of separate-from-the-band fame by being a scary looking VK dude who adopted a tiny, stray kitten. With all that being said, I was disappointed when The Black Swan announced recently that they’d be disbanding next May after more than three years together as a band. They have not announced any other releases, though this being VK, I assume we’ll get a best-of release with a new warmed-over B-side or two, so 蟲聲 might be the last gasp of this particular band of VK provocateurs. The title track “蟲聲”--after it gets the acoustic intro from “Chop Suey!” out of the way--is the kind of song that Jin and The Black Swan will be remembered for; a little all-over-the-place compositionally, a riff that sounds like the guitarist would be walking toward the camera in the video, a plethora of vocal styles (some squeals, slightly flat singing, deathcore-inspired growling, some gang shouting), there's slightly haunting piano to highlight the sombre mood, the chorus that Jin uses for about 30% of his songs. All-in-all this is probably the least interesting track on this single. This being a VK single, of course there are multiple versions to buy to get all the songs. The A-Type version of 蟲聲 contains “デルタ (Delta)”. Critics would say this song sounds a lot like someone took a solid Dezert song and sprinkled some fart-sounding drop-A riffs and strained vocals throughout; to which I couldn’t make much of an argument except to say the chorus is deliciously catchy no matter if someone else would’ve done it better or not. I like the gravelly whisper in one channel under the singing that Jin does to end the song too. The B-Type song "六花の歔欷" would seem to be a very lengthy track by VK standards, but Jin fans will be unfazed after epic-length experiments like “虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意” and “Ousia”. This track pales in comparison to those other 7+ minute songs, mostly by not differentiating itself enough (all the usual ingredients are there: piano, acoustic guitar, etc.), but it does have a pretty stellar falsetto wail right before a smart guitar solo @ 3:50 and it gets points for not trying to scare the listener with unexpected guitar explosions, but rather is simply a solid, longing ballad throughout. The Black Swan will go down as being mostly a logical evolution of Jin’s sound during the latter days of Nega that continued their quest as one of the more polarizing bands in VK. Love him or hate him, Jin will get you to have some reaction. But don’t take my word for any of this, my favorite Jin project is freakin’ Perestroika ;).
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    #105: lynch. - BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE

    Tracklist: 01. BLOOD 02. CREATURE 03. the whirl | lynch. is as lynch. does Either my standards have risen too high, or the floor has fallen out, but 2017 has been a symphony of bands failing to meet my expectations. No single or album has resonated with me, and I've been on the lookout for the next act ready to blow up the scene. That's why it's deliciously ironic that the one band I expect nothing new from delivered something that captures my attention, and they did it by doing what they always do. The secret to liking lynch. is to expect nothing new. A band that's been together for thirteen years knows themselves musically, and forcing change just to change is how you end up with EXODUS. Much like their departed big brother DEATHGAZE, lynch. has a defined sound they shouldn't stray far from. They went to one extreme with pop on I BELIEVE IN ME, the other into metal with EXODUS, and yet they always come back a mix of pop and metalcore that's undeniably lynch.. BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE is your standard lynch. single through and through, and I guarantee you already know how you feel about it before listening. It goes without saying that I like the two new tracks "BLOOD" and "CREATURE", but I don't remember the melody from either. "BLOOD" is your two minute banger virtually indistinguishable from "BEAST", "MAD", or "ANIMA". There wasn't ever much depth in these sub-three minute tracks and "BLOOD" is no exception. "CREATURE" is the more interesting of the two new offerings, sounding like a more traditional lynch. song, and it hides its recycled parts better. I particularly enjoy the break down near the end, but I would be lying if I said that both of these tracks could have been on AVANTGARDE and no one would have noticed. The real attraction is the re-recording of "the whirl", which is low-key one of my favorite lynch. tracks due to the dynamics between soft and heavy. This contrast is not lost in the re-recording, and is perhaps even enhanced with the clean production and the grittier metal bits. I hate to say it's the best track here, because that takes away from the impact of the new material, but it is. Don't get the wrong impression about "BLOOD" and "CREATURE" - both are fine singles and lynch. has produced far worse in the past - but that's it. A band that stays in the same musical realm for thirteen years is bound to repeat themselves eventually. The best thing about knowing what to expect is knowing what to expect, and the boys find some way to surprise me with every album. If we treat this single as a sample of what to come, the next lynch. album is shaping up to be slightly more memorable than the last. I don't even remember which of the lynch. albums is the most recent one, but that's the price one pays for consistency. Support the band! iTunes
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    okay but can u imagine the GAG of this unclockable NIHONJIN QUEEN walking into the werk room w/ a "ご機嫌よう~” & a twirl in some alice & the pirates 80,000 yen custom made FANTASY rupaul would be SHOOK the house down BOOTS BITCH YAAAAAAaAaaAAAASS
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    MH JRock Awards 2017

    Making its return for 2017, due to popular demand, we will be hosting the MH JRock Awards !!! Now, before you start voting, read the rules provided in the spoiler below, or be slapped by a HUGE Viking Fish! – @Champ213 Once you have read the general rules, here's how to vote: 1. Copy the list of categories below into your reply 2. Fill in your votes (you can skip as many categories as you'd like) 3. Submit. Your posts will stay hidden until the end of the voting. Here are your categories to choose from: Voting will last until Sunday, January 14th of the New Year (2018) This will allow everyone to take their time, since some of us are still waiting on some final releases to come out this month. Note: "Album" includes both full and mini-albums. For simplicity reasons, we follow the "Once Visual Kei, always Visual Kei" rule. So yes, that makes bands like Dir en grey or L'Arc~En~Ciel a Visual Kei band, just for the purpose of this voting. Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Staff! Happy Voting!
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    New band SARIGIA has formed and will start activities from 2018.1.27 at Ikebukuro EDGE. New single [Ruin] will be released on 2018.02.07 Vo. アスカ (Asuka) Gt. Natsu (ex-MEABEL Koudai) Ba. 翔磨 (Shoma) DR. 水希 (Mizuki) (ex-MEABEL Miya) Twitter OHP
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    Moi dix Mois event, "Deep Sanctuary VI ~MALICE MIZER 25th~ Anniversary Special" will be held at Toyosu PIT on September 8, 2018. Participating artists: ZIZ Moi dix Mois MALICE MIZER (special session) special guest: Yu~ki (ex-MALICE MIZER) Guest Vocalists (MALICE MIZER roadies): Shuji (caligari/GOATBED) Kamijo (Versailles) Hitomi (Umiyuri, ex-Moran) Guest Drummer (Kami's Master): Sakura (gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, Rayflower, ZIGZO)
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    Went ahead and translated this addicting song by request from @platy. Although I work in translation I don't have much experience translating lyrics but I hope you guys enjoy. Just a couple of notes. For anyone that doesn't know, "ojamashimasu" doesn't really have a direct translation. It literally translates to "I'm going to be a nuisance/bother" and is usually used when entering someone's house in Japan to acknowledge that your host is allowing you to "intrude" (enter) their house. Although "ojamashimasu" is said multiple times throughout the song I tried to translate it in various ways that I personally believe conveys the meaning of their usage in the song better. The whole song is one big perverted metaphor for intruding on, or more specifically violating a girl. Note: "Chome" is one part of Japan's crazy address system and denotes districts of a town. The song basically travels through different districts (district 1, district 2 etc) which are also metaphorical. He's going to ojamashimasu every part of the girl. English translation is my own and I wrote up the romaji myself. Kanji taken from Batsu's official Twitter (https://twitter.com/BATSUmamire). Any feedback/suggestions welcome! --- Kanji Romaji English
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    Show Yourself (again)

    to all annoying people here who says that MEJIBRAY sucks ♡
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    Sioux New Mini-Album [shimmer]

    Sioux will release a new Mini-Album beginning December 30th until February 3rd. They will release one track every saturday making this a 6 track Mini-Album. The songs will be availbale for download via their website. In addition a physical release is planned but details will be revealed at a later time. http://sioux-2016.com/archives/news/20171210s
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    cali≠gari new look

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    After going on hiatus at 2017/11/22, Sick. has changed their name to Screaming inside can kill. (still pronounced "Sick"). 3 new members have joined the band, whose identities will be revealed later. Vo.詩季 (Shiki) and Gu.風輝 (Fuki) have changed their stage names to their real names, Nakanashi Tatsuki and Konishi Fuki, respectively. Their new mini-album will be released (6 tracks), although further details are unavailable.
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    I think the key point of ggg is their lives. There are no other japanese bands with such a unique atmosphere. They started with improvisation in highfashionparalyze, having no distinct lyrics and performing just the way they feel on that day, and even though ggg now have fixed melodies and texts every new performance is still sooooo different. I think it's just the type of music you will get into bit by bit. You may feel weird in the beginning of the live if you see them for the first time, but in the end of performance all your feelings will be inside out. Maybe it's the reason they are often the last to perform at few bands events, because after their show it's really hard to switch and listen to someone else. Unfortunately, they are not selling too well, but i am happy they are not going to stray from the path and are still full of motivation and ideas to try. Definitely the best active band for me.
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    This single is now their best selling single. It's also charted longer than any of their previous singles. Although the opinions here are lukewarm on the single content itself, let's put that aside for now... They haven't been able to top MIRRORS in sales for 6 years, and they've done it with a release whose premium edition was essentially a full-length live blu-ray with a bonus single attached -- this is pretty impressive because DVD/BD sales are usually harder to push. With their top single being their most recent and their top 4 selling albums all being from their return to their more visual kei roots in 2014 onward (AVANTGARDE, GALLOWS, D.A.R.K., SINNER-EP) they've really made a comeback after their slight downturn in 2012/2013.
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    Contender for the strongest first post in MH?
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    黒百合と影 Kuroyuri to kage

    can they stop changing names and reCORD SOME FUCKING MUSIC
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    “poison excl.” tour ~gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy vs Merry Go Round Respects~ 2018年2月2日(金) 愛知 名古屋 ell.FITS ALL 2018年2月3日(土) 大阪 アメリカ村 DROP 2018年2月9日(金) 東京 下北沢 GARDEN 2018年2月24日(土) 愛知 岡崎 CAM HALL 2018年3月15日(木) 北海道 札幌 COLONY 2018年3月16日(金) 北海道 札幌 COLONY Merry Go Round Respects is a session band for PARTY ZOO 2016 and 2017 consisting of members of gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy + Miya (MUCC). The tour was announced after today's show in Zepp Tokyo.
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    I'd say a healthy dose of both, lel Honestly, something like this would be the absolute dream. Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to read this, I'm so glad it went over well! Eventually I'd like to write about the old roadie/mentor system in VK (but it's been a pain in the ass to research), or do an archive of the older legends/rumors of VK (easy to research but probably going to take 100,000 words to write it all out), it was very encouraging to see that people were actually interested in this piece since it was my first crack at this kind of thing.
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    Ru:Natic x Insanity Injection x Glamscure collab single samples are up!
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    Setsuna (ex. THE EGOIST) Arrested

    Don't let the actions of one member from a disbanded RR band influence your feelings on an entire scene. Bad apples exist in every batch.
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    Show Yourself (again)

    Pics from 2 yrs ago (。-ω-) I guess I'll take a newer one with heavy makeup next time....
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    tfw they couldnt dig up klaha's embalmed corpse for this
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    Even though "gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy" are a newer band I think it's already safe to say they're one of the greatest vk bands of all time. Even if they were to disband tomorrow my opinion wouldn't change. Because their exitisting work I think is already enough to make this judgement. And they're line-up is fucking legendary kazuma (Merry Go Round), aie (deadman, the god and death stars, the studs), kazu (蜉蝣, DIMMDIVISION., the god and death stars, STEREO.C.K), sakura (L'Arc~en~Ciel ). Nagoya gods I'd like to know what everyone else thinks. Are they even in the discussion after only 2 albums, 1 single, And 2 V.A appearances making for only a total of 24 songs? IMO I really do think so. BTW listening to gibkiy×3 while I wrote this Their discography (LIST WITH IMAGES ONLY NO DOWNLOAD): My honest rating ()
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    Surely members have many other projects and sometimes I see jp fans saying "oh, ggg is just a weird hobby band", but for Kazuma-san it's actually his life. He is so dedicated and excited about everything ggg, about new concepts and things he wants to try during the next recording or lives. He says the key point is to make people feel something and even if it's "wtf!" or "that's too scary!" then it's just enough. He, who is actually the sweetest person in the world, says "standing on the stage you gotta be a monster and make people shiver, otherwise it doesn't make sense, so I am not going to do something more appealing". And other members are so supportive to let him try whatever he wants. They are so unique and inspiring, I am really happy gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy happened to the Japanese music scene.
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    what's that fucking windows xp desktop background-ass looking artwork?
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    Yeah it's cool that a bunch of 40+ year old men can release music that sounds more inspired then 99% of what the new younger crowd can put out. Similar to how Swans 2010s output is better then pretty much all modern rock music despite the man behind it all being 60 years old. Gibkiy give me Swans vibes as well.
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    The Moon

    Family planning and the lack of it

    i want to have a kid just so i can abandon it at a mall
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    Wtf did I just read?
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    Question for heterosexual males: Is crawling like a cat Nick Jonas marketing himself for the dads or their daughters? Question for DILF chasers: Are they DL dads, or is he fishing for straight unsuspecting peen?
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    I just care about Atsuki's face at this point. I have no hope they're going to make music I like again.
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    I was there ^^ He sang 暖炉の果実 (kein), グラミー (kein) and site of scaffold (deadman) alone, and then also Schwarz Stein's "Hakobune" and "Last Hallucination" together with Kaya and Hora at the encore. He was also throwing sweets into the crowd like Santa, smiling, laughing and even talking during the MC! Unbelievable TT Actually during the MC Kaya told a bit of how he invited Mako. At some uchiage he asked him something like: - You haven't performed lately, right? - Well maybe I should do in the nearest future... - Eh? But you haven't sang for so long, why don't you start with performing few songs at SS's oneman? - Well ok ^^ So MAYBE we'll hear from him again quite soon? Who knows.
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    Full session setlists (it basically was the Night of 1000 Kagerous) :
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    I think it's the pose where you're on your knees in front of another guy. Very popular in the VK bandoman circles.
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