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  2. Yes it's a single and you decide the price for buy here Cover :
  3. HOLY FUCK, they did so many videos! :'DDD This one's great, Tetsu can't help striking the Himuro Pose™ every 20 seconds, lmao.
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  5. I couldn't find more info on this song, and their site apparently is down I thought it was coming as a b-side of this new single, but I guess not did they ever release it? it's so fun!
  6. This new album sounds alot better than their previous ones since it seems to have a little of everything. I used to love all things Tetsu but then he started fragmenting his songwriting into so many different bands that and I've felt it's missing that energy he would have when he channeled into one project. nil is the punk rock stuff now. JuneJulyAugust is for the mellow and slow songs. The Black Comet Club Band is the fun rock numbers. And Zigzo is for more classic pop rock. Back in 2014, he released 3 albums from the above bands (except TBCCB) and it sort of worked but at the same time felt like he was creatively burning out doing too much. Anywho... The new TBBCCB album is available digitally on most major platforms like: https://www.amazon.com/Rose-BLACK-COMET-CLUB-BAND/dp/B088LJ5ZCW/ And officially on CD from their website: https://mongolian.shop-pro.jp Also, Tetsu has been posting on the Afro Skull Records Youtube page with home recordings during the lockdown there.The first few weeks he just did it by himself covering songs and his back catalogue. More recently he's been performing alongside TBCCB's drummer Jin Terui as their session unit 'Tetsujin' or 'Iron man'. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0FsOnTvzd0d_s-Xeyun3bg
  7. blackdoll

    DIAURA【DRAIN DRAIN】 sounds like Arlequin - Zou DIAURA【ENVY】 sounds like which baiser did first 蘭【生きる理由は君だった】 sounds like Lycaon - The end of [Delusion] 蘭【同じ未来】 sounds like Lycaon - suckin' on a lollipop 蘭【「1%」 sounds like Lycaon - Cordyceps sinensis Nega - Neo destruction which @Disposable said a lot of bands ripped off in the 2000 Nu metal vk thread sounds like Limp Bizkit - My Generation and he said early Lycaon was the Repackaged Limp Bizkit
  8. blackdoll

    At first i thought they got their sound from DIV but now i'm hearing Baiser influence. Tricky bastards hmmmm
  9. blackdoll

    So it's definitely vocalist. Anyone can make a beat or melody but not everyone can sing a certain. It also explains why i never think of one Initial'Lycaon's release as better than another while people continuously say they gotten worse. Yuuki's vocals has always hit the spot even when he is whispering or talking and the peaks in future releases don't overshadow the rest of the graph. It also explains why i stop listening to most bands/songs as their "good" instrumentals get tired . But honestly instrumental skill doesn't even wither overtime they just change sound and people bash them for it do to their bias instead finding other bands/outlets.
  10. platy

    the link requires a password fyi
  11. blackdoll

    If you buy the goods on their website you'll get part of 66 demos that are unreleased you can listen to / preview them here. @kyoselflove says it's CD plus download. Satoshi via Facebook said it for Japan only. They are also applying for a huge music festival, you can vote for them to get in via FB or twitter with this link https://audition-vote.supersonic2020.com/artists/16?action=vote#_=_
  12. LIDL

    "Let's play dress up and don't tell J"
  13. VkBrutaliaN

    The music sounds nice but too much autotune on his singing....
  14. Keiyuh

    An old song which I only have the photo of lyrics https://drive.google.com/file/d/16gd8ymIBtWGl_xlga7vkCfPOQQoRXehC/view?usp=drivesdk
  15. Well I made a new twitter, and deleted my old one.


  16. you know your brain's been exposed to too much politics when your mind autofilters the bandname to THE BLACK LIVES MATTER BAND
  17. secret_no_03

    @Mr.0 and I generally get all of their music and I've uploaded the entire disco minus their latest live DVD which I don't actually own over here so I'm sure one of us will get it and upload it.
  18. Good to hear Papa Tetsu keeps truckin' along. The piano intro sounds almost like it could have been written by MALICE MIZER, haha.
  19. 少女椿

    I mean, if they will release something and somebody will be willing to buy I can help to get it without extra charge (^_^)/ (+100 yen for chocolate, maybe w)
  20. benzaiten._

    I had hopes for this single but damn... that was a big mess. I appreciate the fact that they are trying something a little bit different for vk but this could be done so much better
  21. Bordering on cringe, but this somehow ended up the least worst thing I've heard from an ex-MEJIBRAY project so far??? Wouldn't jump to calling it straight-up good tho.
  22. Daizystripper will release a new single titled "My Ghost Hotel". More TBA later. They will also hold a oneman live, "WELCOME TO My GHOST HOTEL", on 2020.10.24 at Kanda Myojin Hall. Info Source: https://daizystripper.com/contents/323484
  23. When I first heard of this song, I wasn't paying attention to the MV and I honestly thought it was <okay>. My only mistake is watching the MV and having to watch Koichi do that squirmy-epileptic dance he does each time. At least the boys from ALTL have more moves than this. 🤣
  24. secret_no_03

    At least here in the US CDJ still ships and has discounts for alternatives to EMS, not sure about the rest of the world.
  25. Someone needs to deepfake the faces of the members of GossiP onto this (At least Saku's face on Yukika) and put in the 100x better GossiP cover of this song


  26. 少女椿

    Hmmm I think I can buy it but I'm not sure when international shipping will be available again...
  27. Glad to see the band revived ,but I expected at least 3 or 4 new tracks... let's see.
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