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  2. There's some cool agalloch/2010 alcest worship on the recent codomo dragon album. I can't quite pick what song they ripped off though


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  4. Takadanobabaalien

    do yall ppl like anything smh
  5. psychonnect_rozen

    Any kind of fizzy drink is gross. Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew are all disgusting drinks. I also hate it how alcohol as basically become the norm nowadays. Like you NEED to drink whenever your at a social affair or party. It’s the reason why I hate high school parties. I don’t wanna drink because I feel goddamn uncomfortable.
  6. My review will be up in a few days. @Hohchicano96thank you for your patience.
  7. Oh yeah, just allow hundreds of thousands of people inside the base full of secrets we're not even capable of understanding. I'm sure no malicious person or spy would take the opportunity to sneak in with the tourists. lol And wouldn't be beyond the American government to shoot down hundreds of people as they approach the base and then create an abduction conspiracy or cover up story.
  8. CAT5

    Romantic love and the concepts of "being in/falling in/falling out of love" are some of the most dysfunctional ideas ever. Love is a verb. Either you do it or you don't. Fuck outta here with that other shit. "Follow your heart" is some of the stupidest advice ever. People's hearts are full of all manner of sick, twisted inventions, and most of us decieve ourselves daily as to the contents thereof. "Do whatever makes you happy". Also bullshit advice. Ask your local crackhead or alcoholic how that's working out for them. We're living in hell. Chasing happiness in hell doesn't seem like a good strategy. The fact that everyones chasing happiness is evidence enough, as it clearly shows you that happiness must not be the default state of this world if everyone is chasing after happiness to destract themselves from the fact that they're living in hell. We're living in a time where 60 years ago, there was no such thing as "organic" food. Why? Cuz all the food was organic back then. We're also living in a time where muhfuckaz is seriously debating if there are more than 2 genders, the family unit is being obliterated, the poor are still being shat on, everyone is depressed & anxious, and muhfuckaz are becoming more divisive by the minute...you'd truly HAVE to believe that we evolved from some damn monkeys to think this world has progressed anywhere. Anywhere good at least.
  9. Ricorda

  10. Hearing Fuma (ex. Purple Stone) singing "Honesty" by Billy Joel is my current jam.

  11. I don't have money to buy something like this today, but even if I watch it on YT I wouldn't hasitate to buy it if later on if I can afford it. Most of my generation grew up downloading from the net and, once you got a job you purchased that same material.
  12. secret_no_03

    I'm not the devil because I like free entertainment whether it's pirated video games, music, movies, anime, etc, and you're not fucking God because you have all kinds of expendable income and can afford everything a band puts out and you are willing to pay anything for a release because you're that obsessed and let's be honest, desperate.
  13. suji

    kurt cobain didn't die for this
  14. secret_no_03

    I highly doubt more than 1,000 people will show up and you're not getting in there, there's monitored check points and as soon as anyone gets close to the area the national guard and local law enforcement will be there to hold things at bay. It's literally hundreds of miles of desert, so I hope they bring shovels, water and infra red goggles since any installation is more than likely miles below the surface as they've been there for nearly 100 years.
  15. So, be a slave to predatory practices, just go support a band who have absolutely no excuse for not releasing anything besides not being able to find a singer who can handle Mana's ego and are in no way hurting for money as M10M consistently make a mint and Közi has 4 projects including a solo project going on. The only person who could use the money is probably Yu~ki, but I doubt it. This is just predatory pricing to capitalize on starved fans who will buy anything they put out and Mana knows that. When you price something this ridiculously, and it just be a single disc, blu-ray or not you're essentially making an idiot tax to see how stupid and guilbile your fan base nearly 20 years after your last release. Over $150 for a single disc release is beyond ridiculous, but people will eat it up and they'll just release the next thing with as little cotent as possible. It's called minimum viable product as in, what the minimum effort someone is willing to put into a product for the maximum profit. If you price something this high, expect it to be pirated by those outside of Japan. This shit is the equivalent of virtue signaling in politics. You're no greater or better or more devout a fan just because you paid double what something is worth or everyone who buys shit on yahoo auctions or mercari would be the biggest and best fans in the world. Speak with your wallet as pandering to a band and just accepting whatever they're feeding you sends the wrong message and they'll be confused when their sales for the next one are flat if they even think about charging $200 for say, 2 discs and a photo book. The holier than thou anti-piracy sector of VK is always something to behold. I'm a fucking huge DÄLLE stan, and I support the hell out of them, but if I can find stuff online, I'll download it and that saves me money and I can use that money immediately or later down the line to buy something I can't find from them or merch other than music. Supply and demand, you should buy what you want, not buy what you don't, and asking kind souls for something you don't have the money for doesn't make you a bad person, just like you paying for something doesn't make you better than those who can't or won't buy it and would rather wait for it to be available online. If someone thinks it's worth it and they have the expandable income, then good for them, whatever floats your boat, buy it, buy five, but don't shit on people who either don't have the money or think that it's worth the perceived value that the band and some fans think it is. 😊
  16. Explosion at Kyoto Animation's head office, and the inside of building seems largely damaged from the subsequent fire. Multiple injuries 😟

    *Act of arson



    1. suji


      wtffff this makes me so angry

    2. ambivalentideal


      holy shit. seems like over 30 people were injured, 1 has died, and up to 10 people are in critical condition. Suspect is a 41 year old male. I used to live in Kyoto so this is really really horrible to see, everyone must be terrified. 

    3. platy


      wow wtf? Why :(? 

  17. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/MDN-141771593?s_ssid=e335705d2fdb9855d7 CDJapan has pre-orders up for a new batch of the Blu-ray. Here is the info about it they provided: "[Important Notes for Orders Placed After July 16, 2019] Pre-order Deadline: July 31, 2019 (Japan Time) Orders of this item placed after July 16 will be shipped after the release date, and there is a possibility that your order might be shipped in early August or later." Seems like they are manufacturing more on a made-to-order basis. (?) Price is: 15741yen (US$ 146.12)
  18. lichtlune

    If that many people want to see what's inside why not? American people have the right to know what's inside. They have the right to know what their government is hiding from them. IMO. If anybody actually gets killed at this event that only shows what we should have all already known about our authoritarian government.
  19. IGM_Oficial

    When I found out that the computers on my university play videos in 4K and 60 FPS, seamlessly:
  20. If you were really guilty, then you shouldn't have uploaded the Blu-ray in the first place. This fandom reeks of entitlement due to so many people thinking they're owed a live recording simply because it is"at such a disgustingly high price". And it's not just this one release I'm talking about. Well guess what? It's a Blu-ray so of course it's gonna be more costly than a DVD. There are many reasons that can justify the price of this release. First, this is their first release in nearly 18 years (I'm not including anything released by Nippon after their hiatus). Second, if anyone knows Mana, then you should know that he's not a cheap date. Thirdly, if you truly love the band, then you wouldn't be complaining about prices; you'd be supporting them. I understand not everyone is able to do this, but you also wouldn't be whining to get the full live uploaded either. You should've saved up for it then. Finally being able to buy a new item from MALICE MIZER was an exciting experience. All I could buy before was old and used. There were some items still in the original packaging, but there wasn't really a sense of pride in buying something that hit the market nearly twenty years ago. If you love a band, please out of respect, buy things from said favorite band. Do it so that they can create more things for you to enjoy.
  21. secret_no_03

    I'd operate under "If it's been a popular topic in the past week" it's a current event.
  22. YuyoDrift

    You think? @secret_no_03? While it is an actual event on FB, we all know its BS. Eh, screw it.
  23. secret_no_03

    This should probably go in current events by the way.
  24. huh, so danger crue's YT channel is just MAVERICK DC GROUP now... https://www.youtube.com/user/DangerCrueRecords/

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      But it's always been like that, wasn't it?

    3. colorful人生


      What weird is I don't remember there being a distinction between MAVERICK and Danger Crue other than in name, to my knowledge. There's the "Moving On" group w/ ling tosite sigure and the peggies, but Sony and Epic are more involved w/ them, I think?


      "Danger Crue" is catchier than "MAVERICK DC GROUP", imo.

    4. saishuu


      I don't remember there being a distinction between both either. Perhaps MAVERICK is a larger company and Danger Crue is just a smaller ramification? Kinda like what PSCompany did once by creating PS Indies.


      But yeah, LIng tosite sigure (and TK by association) at least seems to handled more by Sony and it's been like that since their major debut. Regardless, Danger Crue/MAVERICK have always been weird with their band selection. You'd think they were VK-exclusive judging by what is posted on their YT channel, but they've had plenty of other non-VK acts over the years too listed on their website. Whoever is in good terms with Ken and Sakura I guess...

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