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  2. Cantavanda

    I remember when I was so desperate to get that Laliene tape... I made posts and topics and it just seemed like impossible to ever get. Then it just showed up for sale out of nowhere. It did cost an arm and a leg, but don't lose hope that you'll ever find them!
  3. nomemorial

    Yeah - they're definitely something special (even by definition alone) within VK. Can't really think of anyone else that has done their sound specifically, even the other electro/goth leaning acts approach it from a different angle. Would love to see them inject some of that initial goodness into some new tracks, but at the very least I'm glad Kaya seems to be enjoying a relatively successful career (from what I can tell?)
  4. PIZAZ

    You write well and I enjoyed reading your take. I totally agree, Schwarz Stein peaked long ago. I still like Kaya as a personality/talent and some of the old songs, but the creative bankruptcy and shameless fanbase gouging tactics leave me cold on the duo overall.
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  6. CAT5

    Although I've not visited myself, I actually know and fellowship with quite a few of the individuals from this community, as they have a satellite institution here in my city. The origins of this village are pretty fascinating. It was established in the late 1960's by a group of "African Americans" who, during the height of the civil rights movement (when most 'African Americans' were fighting to fully integrate into the U.S.), basically gave a HUGE middle finger to the United States, migrated to Israel, and started their own way of life. I can definitely attest to the fact that the people I've met who were born in this village or have interfaced with this community to any great extent have all been upstanding people. It's wonderful to witness how people can flourish as individuals (and on a collective basis) when those people are nourished in a culture that's not inherently poisonous.
  7. Eskapism (Atmospheric black metal) from Ukraine will release their second album "Ancient Songs Of The Wind" in 2019. The cover was made by Lenar Liner. Tracklist : 1. Revival 2. The Last Words Of The Wind 3. Autumn Sorrow 4. The Cold Breath Of North 5. Dead Willow 6. Lost Land 7. De Planctu Naturae 8. Wind From Niflheim You can also listen to VARGRAV's newest album "Reign in Supreme Darkness" (out on 2019.04.26). I still have to listen to it though...
  8. lstknt3b

    Does this shop ship worldwide ? ^^
  9. The Moon

    very well written review imo good work!!
  10. Everyones allowed to enjoy a garbage band or release every once in awhile, dont sweat it

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! Even after so many disappointments, my hope for them returning to form never dies. I'm curious how their two new singles will turn out, even though I feel that there won't be any surprises. But you never know.
  12. okay, デンドロビューム is gonna have to fill my garbage quota for this year because i'm weirdly into it and I hate myself
  13. Azaeroe

    basic writings - heidegger too long to explain why
  14. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=528000910937809 New Darkthrone track. That sounds awesome. Starts really doomy but picks up on speed and goes in a more traditional 80's USPM direction after that. Fuck me, that second part of the song is truly brilliant.
  15. stupid question, but I don't speak Japanese and translate doesn't really help me understand this...


    what does 後日解禁バンド  mean? they're listed as an act on a live I'm attending and I thought it was an act I was unfamiliar with, but now I'm not sure...

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    2. monkeybanana4


      I think "後日解禁バンド " means that more info will be revealed about the band(s) playing at that live at a later date, i.e. other band(s) participating that haven't been listed/announced. Not sure about the band, Aster, though 😕  

    3. nomemorial


      when I purchased tickets I was like "hmm, maybe some session or something" but then I googled now and realized it listed on a lot of lives, so your answer makes sense and I feel like a dummy. curious who could still be announced then... 


      thank you for clarification!


      regarding Aster, there is a band called "GLEN" that appears to have formed recently with a single being released called "Aster" in May? they show their first live is scheduled for 5/27, though, so not sure if there's any relation. 



    4. monkeybanana4


      Hey, no problem! Always glad to help :) The Japanese language is a tough one to crack. 


      Funny enough, when I first saw the name, "Aster", I immediately thought of the band (Glen), and realized that Aster is only the name of their single, not their actual band name, lol. But yeah, I don't think there's any relation unless there's some hidden joke going on? Not that it would be uncommon in VK, lol.

  16. Peace Heavy mk II

    you get the privilege of listening to hisame again
  17. Takadanobabaalien

    ended up placing an order for both types at jishubanclub. i dont think they'll be having any privilegies tbh /:
  18. It's not bad, but I think the singer's voice isn't quite right for this style of music. I can't help but imagine Chisa (ACME) singing this and making it sound much better.
  19. The song is passable, more so without watching that terrible video lol. Honestly Lycaon had a Mortal Kombat song on each of their last 2 albums, and now there is a limit to how disappointed I can be by this lol. the MK 11 roster is the REAL dissapoint...
  20. chipathy

    Damn sukekiyo's takumi joined kizu on stage last night
  21. nomemorial

    Thanks for taking the time to do this write-up. I really enjoyed your perspective. Reminded me of exactly why I used to love this band and just don't feel too taken by them any more.
  22. Still on the fence about these guys. Chain of Tragedy was just okay and I haven't gotten all the way through Folklore yet, but the production on all of them has seemed less than stellar to me. The songwriting just feels a bit bland when put alongside their "peers." The production doesn't help them at all, either - makes everything sound flat and empty to me.
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