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  2. Their singer デイブ(Dave) was arrested because he did not pay for his meal at McDonald's. He is suspended indefinitely. As a result, the band will go on hiatus. Both lives on 09/16 and 10/14 are cancelled. However, I still have trouble with this sentence : 本国に強制送還されました
  3. Manji 卍

    If you say that to a Christian,he would probably laugh at it.they believe that they can use "faith" as a key to get access to their god,based on the thought that he cares very much about humans.So once you saying that he doesn't care if people believe in him or not, you're making all their efforts to convert people and the concept of religion itself devoid of meaning. Thus,I wouldn't have a guy crucified on my living room wall and people saying that I'll go to hell.
  4. The Piass

  5. The Piass

    It will be released on 2019.07.16.
  6. vkboytotransgirl

    Summer vibes ❤️
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  8. Serox

    I love him!
  9. Serox

    Misaruka WDP will also perform at 25/07/2019 (Opening Act) at Fukuoka GRAF (Rin's Birthday Event) Live Members : Vocal : Rui (Ex-Misaruka -> Mikansei Alice) Guitar : Rin (Ex-Misaruka -> Scarlet Valse)
  10. Tokage

    is this the same Hotaru w/ the vocalist that moved on to Jully afterwards? If so, nice! Too bad it probably will never surface
  11. Himeaimichu

    I just cut my hair a few days ago, and my hime bangs are already starting to cover my eyes lmao. Gonna need some light trimming. Also, yes, that is a custom made Cuartet T-Shirt. I really hope to do a makeup look with these glasses soon, since these are like the perfect glasses for me. They fit almost any Vkei look, whether it's Oshare, Angura, or Kote Kei.
  12. HYDE is opening for Bring Me The Horizon 🤔

  13. Gesu

    My mother was raised religious, but she's not anymore. I guess religion was something her family held dear when she was a kid because her dad was a German Jew and when he was young, needless to say Germany weren't too big on Judaism, hence why he came to England. Anyways, my parents never raised me with any religion and I never have been religious. Don't get me wrong, I find the idea of religion intriguing and I love mythology, but I guess when it comes to what I really believe in, I've just always been more science-minded. That, and it's like politics; I could spend forever researching religions and finding which teachings I liked/didn't like, but in the end, I'd never find one I completely agreed with. The closest one would be Buddhism, but as @secret_no_03 stated, that's not really a religion. I've never believed in some divine purpose we all have collectively or individually, and I think it's up to us to determine our fate. I used to believe in fate to an extent, but I think I stopped when I realised just how much of my life I could control by myself. As for the idea of an afterlife... I'd like to think one or more existed because I've always been terrified of death and everything just ending forever, but I can't say. No-one can. I hope there is one, but I don't think I strictly believe there is.
  14. BlackSwan_86

    The beginning is giving me some AND vibes, love it
  15. Silverhawk33

    Definitely got me hyped now
  16. Himeaimichu

    Nice! Too bad it's live limited. I haven't listened to these guys enough, and I'd like to hear more (if anyone's got any recommendations)
  17. Himeaimichu

    I was raised Christian, but I decided that monotheism made no sense and switched to my own brand of paganism. Essentially, I believe all religions have some truth to extent, but I mostly focus on East Asian deities, and some Hindu Deities. I am also an animist, which means I believe that spirits reside in everything, and a Shamanist, which means I believe in contacting spirits; Shamanism. Animism and Shamanism tend to be a huge part in pagan religions throughout the world, especially in Southeast Asia. The specific brand I focus on is Vietnamese Len Dong Shamanism (because, well, I'm Viet lol), which is influenced surprisingly not mainly by Chinese forms (which are mostly dead outside the scope of Taoism), but mainly influenced by indigenous traditions, as well as the traditions of the surrounding tribes such as the Lolo, Zhuang, and Hmong. However, I also keep myself a little agnostic, just to be safe. I also used to be confucian, if anyone considers that a religion (technically, it is), but I stopped because I realised how sexist, classist, and toxic it was, and it didn't make sense to combine it with other Southeast Asian religions, which come from mainly Matrilineal peoples, as opposed to more patriarchal Chinese culture (and even then, before the rise of Confucianism, Chinese culture was way more matriarchal. Confucianism, at the time it started, was considered a complete turn around lol) As for heaven or hell, I don't believe you go to one place based on what you do. I actually believe that concepts like "you go to hell if you are bad" are afterthoughts, and that when you die, your spirit/soul/whatever you call it, is free to do whatever it wants. Do I believe heaven and hell exist? Well, I mean, you're free to go where ever you want, and some places are better than others, so one is bound to be a heaven, and another a hell. But it's way more than just those two. This is also a pretty animist belief. TL;DR - I'm Shamanist, Animist and Taoist, who believes every religion has some truth to it, to some extent.

    That's really exciting! I've been in love with their sound ever since I first listened to them back in the day. Probably gonna be a bitch to get a decent rip let alone the physical release 😕
  19. This album is scheduled to be released on 2019.11.30, only at this live.
  20. BlackSwan_86

    wow, you’ve already have razor and shiva…would you mind sharing them? 😇
  21. What, you don't think they staff your local conbini? 😱
  22. yomii

    i hope all religions are real at once cuz their stories are so cool!!! i love reading about religions
  23. I think I never really felt WERKMARE's music in my bones. Perhaps I should give them another chance.
  24. yomii

    vk saviors ♡
  25. Euronymous

    @secret_no_03 just wanted to share a bit of my experience and thoughts because i identified myself with what suji said. You only refuted what I said based on what you think you believe,and i would just do the same and so on.i can't see the point in it.For me, religion looks like it was meant to be taught and clarified,between speaker and listener. but perhaps that's just not the purpose of the thread and i got it.
  26. anadentone

    I never saw anything wrong with his nose. Even youtuber Vambi done the same to his (I thought both men did it for some allergy/sinus issue). When chubby nose Mah smiled, he had a beautiful ,humble smile, now when he smiled it looked like that meme of Kim Kardashian crying: shitty. I guess when they get damn near 40, they want to change to keep young (?) Another thing I just thought about is maybe he does like a lot of people do when they get in a relationship-change to appease their partner? I just hope Hiyori stays a beautiful princess forever ❤️
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