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  2. Bear

    Enter the Fat Dragon - Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung directs and stars in this kung fu comedy where he is paying an homage to Bruce Lee, spoofs and make fun of Bruceploitation as well as Hollywood and their way of treating Asians at the time. This is hilarious, it's superbly choreographed (as expected from Sammo Hung) and it's fucking entertaining. Also as expected from Sammo Hung. If you like martial arts movies but haven't seen this, then get off your fat ass and do it. Because it's truly fantastic! Coffy - Classic blaxploitation starring none other than the beautiful Pam Grier who's as bad as you can get, isn't shy to showing some skin, or her whole body for that sake, and a funky muthafucking soundtrack. Can you dig? Hell motherfucking yes! One of the very best blaxploitation movies made. Foxy Brown - Same as above. Pam Grier was a bloody GODDESS! One of my all-time favourite actresses for sure.
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  4. lichtlune

    Yeah their budget went to crap lol
  5. Naaaaani

    Good luck on your way
  6. Jigsaw9

    I heard rumors that the Snatch Game would be terribad but it wasn't that horrible... only a few highlights tho. That lipsync on the other hand, YES PLZ.
  7. Ikna

    This project had such high potential when they were still a proper band. It fell kinda flat after Chaos' departure. Which wouldn't have been such an issue if they'd simply continued with their activity (loosing one vocalist is no tragedy when you have two), but it seems the rest of the band stopped caring pretty much as soon as he left and now after a long gap of no activity Kyouka is releasing these half assed songs… disappointing.
  8. Seimeisen

    Bitch you're on fucking season 11, how can you not be prepared for Snatch Game? Have you never watched the show?
  9. I listen to aizou ni tsuki so much its interfering with my life

  10. Happy b-day Number Girl! ❤️

  11. Happy b-day Saku! ❤️

  12. Happy b-day Shaneth! <3

  13. Azaeroe

    tarr - (wyndham) lewis I want to read some secondary literature, pertaining to this gentleman, as well.
  14. suji

    We're sorry to see you go! Best luck to you in your future endeavors.
  15. CAT5


    Hey there, welcome to the forum! Feel free to make yourself at home! If you have any questions/concerns, just feel free to hit up the staff (members with blue/red/green names). Enjoy!
  16. Hi all MH crew, I wasn't a very active person here - apparently because of not enough time and other priorities in my life. But just wanna to thank You for all the time I spent here, so much kindness from You all... This journey comes to an end. I'm leaving not because I'm angry, or have sth against You. You all guys and girls are really awesome, and please stay awesome forever It's just because some episodes in my life should've ended muuch time ago. It's one of them - my love for J-music is so weak now, cannot participate anymore in such topics. To be honest with You all: I need some more time and some more space outta internet and internet communicities. That's just it. To summarize it: thank You so much fo everything, keep going to be always so kind and awesome, and hope we'll meet somewhere on the same highway With this post please delete my account on MH - won't be back again Good luck ! Air
  17. Elazmus

    人間飼育係 is what I'm here for !!!
  18. tempaccount

    uruha composed miseinen and chizuru, both of which have music videos iirc there's also a mv for 飼育れた春、変われぬ春, which is composed by aoi apparently let me know if i missed any, here's my source http://heresiarchy.tumblr.com/post/46519794210/the-gazette-song-composers
  19. platy

    Snatch game was one of the most boring yet and I'm CONVINCED Yvie vs Brooke was a choice just to bring this episode back from the depths of boredom. Spectacle!
  20. ambergris

    Sounds boring. I love Memento Mori.
  21. suji


    Welcome to Monochrome Heaven! it's nice to have a veteran fan around! I hope you enjoy it here! if you have any questions/suggestions, please message me or any other staff with a red/blue/green name~
  22. Himeaimichu

    A short bit of the song 嗅覚障害 can be heard in these clips.
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