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  2. Also, Jui (ex-VIDOLL) released an album that was cringey, soft-rock bullshit. Him too.
  3. another song recorded in the vocalist mom's basement.
  4. Today
  5. They uploaded this yesterday....the very end got me ;_;
  6. many songs of their discography are a kind of "deconstruction" of the gazette songs it's so obvious that is kinda funny
  7. I like kinda this. The title track began super boring but picked up after a while, the other song doesn't seem to be anything special.
  8. @rekzerIt feels strange that there are no plans after 2 years of constant touring. There are not even events / festivals they are playing at... There might be some kind of announcement at Shinkiba or Zepp Tokyo, but I guess they might focus on recording over winter?
  9. At least they fixed the audio, drumming still sounds awful tho
  10. the last good new band i checked was MEIDARA,the rest since them is just...crap.
  11. Thanks @patientZEROI'll update the discography with the DVDs. Sicks was already in the original post, but I couldn't find the image, so thanks for that as well
  12. I don't think it's amazing.... but it's not awful. I think with the right production and more practice they have potential to find a decent sound.
  13. I didn't even realize or read it until you said something. lol
  14. Wing Works.
  15. I've been following Tenten since Hanamuke but I've officially jumped off the hype train with this project. It's very disjointed and one song sounds like 5 and it's hard to tell when one song ends or one begins. I don't feel that any solid ideas are portrayed in their songs. Also if I'm not mistake the last full Album was with the session band kiss my way which was a pre-order/mail order only???? But it was 8 tracks I think so I don't know if that's like really generous mini-album or really dinky full album.
  16. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

  17. I checked out the YouTube video and it was decent until the vocalist started singing. It could be production quality as well though as it was just a little dry. Bummer.
  18. Bottom Line is bigger than ELL size by at least 500. It's bigger than ELL, too. Think the next livehouse up in size from Bottom Line is Diamond Hall. So I guess they have at least one band they're betting on doing pretty well that day.
  19. I could see them doing well with some more experience/skill. "Toriko" would probably great live. What gya doesn't like a good looking VK dude singing "I'm your slave" to her lol.
  20. Yesterday
  21. tfw there are new workers at your job and you have to act as their senpai...... i only know about half of what goes on around here so i'm not the most reliable person to ask about things. plus i'm a really quiet person and rarely talk to anybody, i just kinda work there
  22. 絕鳴 sounds great. I love this song.
  23. The first 16 seconds were pretty okay!
  24. Sharaku, what happened?
  25. ^ Awesome movie indeed! Also, thank you for mentioning The Devil's Candy. I downloaded it ages ago but completely forgot about it. Just watched it yesterday, and it was pretty solid. I especially liked the metal elements in the story / characters / soundtrack, nice touch. Also pretty cool/weird when there's a creepy scene and suddenly you realize you understand what Attila is murmuring in Hungarian, lol.
  26. 0:32 "would you eat my ass?"
  27. Members. Vo.たぽ。 Bass.夕真 Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakibaki_info YT movie:
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