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  2. stressed to the MAX because of this new job and the amount of school assignments i've been neglecting. transport me to another dimension for a day where none of this exists zzzzzzzzz
  3. Lol I kno these things. I was just trying to point out that learning to record/play/write together is all part of being in a band and because it takes time for someone to actually join a band in no way implies that they won't or can't. Idk if any of them will actually join tho but a boy can dream True they probably are paid, I mean more than likely lol Me too. Just like they did before their recent comeback.
  4. Jump down the rabbit hole and give this article a read then you'll understand https://medium.com/@jamesbridle/something-is-wrong-on-the-internet-c39c471271d2
  5. Don't worry, Why should I be offended? we are only expressing our opinion. I Repeat : (Chariots, however, are going to be in indefinite hiatus) these guitarists have nothing to do with Chariots, all present will only play one night with them (they are probably paid, I don't think they sound for free) It may also be that these guitarists disgust the music of Chariots but have to do their job, I would love that Chikage collaborate with Riku because they have known for many years, but we will know the answer obviously after Chariots will go in pause and play under another name.. i hope that will join two guitarists instead of 1 when Chariots return!!
  6. No offense bro but it does take time to actually join a band, and that is ultimately up to the band themselves. This last guest performance deal isn't some sort of competition on who gets to replace Kaz lol
  7. No offense bro but just because it takes time to learn to compose songs and write lyrics with a new band doesn't mean that they won't join. That's kind of how all bands start. Everyone has to learn.
  8. It's not easy to get into a band. Maybe for an evening they may also be available but can not promise seriousness in the project, or stay with them or be able to compose texts / tabs along with the rest of the band .. in this case, they told him "learn to play these songs, here are your guitar tabs"
  9. What's the tokuten? Cheki sets?
  10. I always wondered what happened to Yuki and Fumi of La'Mule. I also wonder what's happened to Shion of CrowXClass. (all the other members minus Kurona and Hibiki just returned to what they did before: Playing in regular traditional ensembles)
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  12. can't wait for DEVIZE new single meaningless! will be a great xmas present! 

    Also Merry badend new single is absolute the blast! far their best until now! 

  13. and the songs are amazing again the DEVIZE song is a little bit calm but still with a nice heavy beat. just a damn beautiful song! I hope that my friend is able to catch the free cd at a cd store when it's available! definitly worth to have a real copy too.
  14. nice! their look is less interesting, I like their style though they still look good. gotta keep with the hindu theme lol!
  15. I'm already hyped!
  16. Couldn't have said it better.
  17. Everything SHIVA/Crimson Shiva made ..after Tokiya learned to sing better.. was gold (to me), will be interesting to see how they sound after losing their guitarists.. I'm still not over that shock. (I hadn't been following ANY vk news for most of this year, just randomly went to their ohp last month and was like, why are there only 3 members in the photo OH SHIIIIIIT...)
  18. @Alkaloid It would be cool if one of them did join tho. But why don't you think any of them will join? They are willing to perform with "chariots" and they're free atm.
  19. 祐弥 (yuya) (ex-DuelJewel), 刻 (toki) (ex-Black Gene for the Next Scene), N∀O (ex-REALies) and 蜘影 (Chikage) (ex-Megaromania) aren't in bands at the moment. I don't think any of them will join. But I would love to see Chikage in a new band!
  20. Question, are any of these guys not currently in band? And if so you think they'll join chariots?
  21. Been blasting Mamireta for the past 5 hours, sorry neighbors.

    1. Mamo


      Wow thanks for saying this I hadn't heard of them. I just checked their PV's out they're awesome!

    2. yakihiko


      When you got your Tenten's album make a 24hrs play for it, at the end of every cd full play, scream: "FEEL THE TENTEN POWER YOU ALL! HAHAHA"

  22. that 2nd gossip album be dropping like






  23. I sure am. I mean like Kamijo and happily bought the past releases. But I don't like him quite that much.
  24. jealkb new maxi-single "R-P-S" will be released at 2017/11/22 (1000yen) [tracklist] 01. R-P-S 02. silver 03. 6(Bonus Track)
  25. YKC new mini-album "チェキを遺影に" (Cheki wo Iei ni) will be released at 2017/11/22 (1620yen) [tracklist] ・チェキを遺影に ・カラコン ・優しい運営厳しい運営 ・モノクロームイメージ ・伝書ヲタ ・ワンダーアンダーグラウンド
  26. バレッタ (Baletta) new mini-album "輪廻のCOFFIN" (Rinne no COFFIN) will be released at 2017/11/19 (2160yen) [tracklist] 01. 妄想メンヘラー (Mousou Menheler) 02. SLAVE DOLL 03. エイダのCoffin (Eida no Coffin) 04. ripper 05. 赤いヒール (Akai Heel) 06. The brilliant world
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