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  3. $50 for a bloated single with like 2 good songs only, dim bitches better overdeliver on their next album.

  4. ummmmmmmmm on the bright side they aren't on starwave (yet) so there's still hope for this project I used to like her voice back in the day, but the OP post song sounds like absolutely uninspired shit
  5. nekkichi

    I hope they fire Shou ASAP and replace him with the congested nose robolesbian that is sanging that and that's that on that
  6. Miku70

    This is really interessing 😊
  7. Fyrnia4Maya

    Do you know if Issei has chilled after DIMLIM? He seemed sorry in his departure of DIMLIM and apparently he is asking YouTube channels to remove their music instead of just striking down, I would like him to rethink his attitude
  8. Jigsaw9

    inb4 they troll everyone and it's gonna be a cover of the Pentagon song
  9. seikun

    If they sounded like Yami ni chiru sakura I would listen to them.
  10. they made an instagram account :'D -> mother_offi
  11. Yukimoto

    Haha nice! the new site has their whole discography now
  12. patientZERO

    What a miserable looking bunch.
  13. ahnchc

    an iconic visual kei band: goes through with their long awaited return and seemingly to their former style of music by extension as well the iconic visual kei band: fucking vocaloid cover???? are you deadass????
  14. Paraph

    Oh wow I love this
  15. frankbeck

    BABEL 😍
  16. So I won a copy of DIMLIM's live limited single on Yahoo Auctions. I'm out a lot of money but it feels worth it lol. Can't wait till it comes in!

    1. suji


      yass congrats 💕

    2. monkeybanana4


      Congrats on winning a copy ^^

  17. violetchain

    I'm not really a big fan of consoles that you have to plug in since I feel bad playing when someone in my family wants to use the TV, and someone always seems to want to use it when I'm in the mood to play something. I play old SNES games using emulators, I play some more recent stuff on Steam, and I have a DS and a GBA I use sometimes when I'm commuting.
  18. IGM_Oficial

    It rarely happens nowadays, but when I want to play games, I use emulators. When it comes to real consoles, I go after my PS2 or Xbox 360. Yes, I know I'm two generations late.
  19. Bless Arlequin for putting their music on Spotify but this new single was underwhelming ._.

    1. 123Sandman321


      Yeah, I feel very much the same. The instrumental is solid as always, but Aki sounds like he's not really into it, or just tired, dunno, but...he is definitely the low point, this time.


      The 3rd track is phenomenal, tho.

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  21. psychonnect_rozen

  22. psychonnect_rozen

    Blameitonjorge is awesome
  23. Fuck yeah ! I love Wizard. Too bad they were always so underrated. Wish they'd come back for real this time. What about that supporting member replacing masumi ? In which bands did he play before?
  24. IGM_Oficial

    When I found out that the computers on my university can play 4K, 60 FPS videos from YouTube, seamlessly
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