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  2. Himeaimichu

    I never bashed them, but I didn't care for their music, but that's mainly because metalcore isn't my thing and they sounded like every other generic metalcore vkei band. But the musicians do have skills at least. Can't say the same for Tsuzuku's voice tho lol
  3. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    In no particular order: Nightmare - Libido Nightmare - Anima Nightmare - Nightmare Penicillin - Vibe The Gazette - Disorder
  4. nullmoon

    They're hit and miss but they have some real bangers. I'd recommend checking out their singles albums as they contain most of their better songs (except Emily. Screw that song).
  5. suji

    Tsuzuku's voice is just like nails on a chalkboard and screams like Donald Duck, there I said it........plus their fandom is basically filled with 14 yr old transtrender kpop stans
  6. That was awesome! Reminds me of her work with Neko Saitou~
  7. nekkichi

  8. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    They were in between, had some pretty good moments.
  9. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    Damy (Even though they just disbanded) Miztavla VelBet [_Vani;lla]
  10. colorful人生

    glad my favorite gen 2 boi is getting some meme love
  11. Elazmus

    both, MEJIBRAY is both of everything
  12. Himeaimichu

    Gill'e Cadith. Even though they were short lived, their music is really important to me personally, and it's sad that Karuna barely does anything that I can vibe with anymore. At least bassist Shigure is playing support for Kimi wa Surudoku, so maybe a revival will come someday? Hopefully?
  13. returnal

    ten copies?? given how expensive and time/resource-intensive it is to press vinyl that's one hell of a flex. hell, that's Asatsu-DK money!
  14. Megaromania, Celia'xeno, Malice Mizer, Da'vid/shito:aL, or Klein Kaiser...xD And Sear/Lene because they went to shit once they went to Starwave...
  15. saishuu

    D'espairsRay for sure, even if it meant their quality kept dropping. I was devastated once RENTRER EN SOI disbanded too, but now I can find comfort in knowing they ended things before it all went to shit (and it would've happened). Their timing was perfect. Other than that, I just wish Isshi was still alive.
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  17. psychonnect_rozen

  18. SakuraFox512

    There are a bunch of rarities I'd like, but I'm broke and have to prioritize two things stand at the very top of my list: * There's a certain obscure-ass demo tape from Plastic Tree I'd love to own. The thing didn't even have a title, and there were only 50 copies made, which were all distributed at one specific show they were part of...in 1995. I have literally never seen it around, despite managing to turn up demos -- both for them and other bands -- with even smaller print runs (we're talking to the tune of 10~20 copies). Which is terribly frustrating, because from what's known about the tape, it has a 'really bizarre (/trippy)' alternate recording of one of their more unexpected songs that shows up exactly nowhere else. * "Welcome to the Double Bed", a demo tape for the titular band Double Bed, predating Kuroyume (...and Garnet...and SUS4...) alike as the first band Kiyoharu ever fronted. I was keeping a lookout for the thing for ages, and then had a couple week span where I was hanging out with some of my extended family and didn't keep a close vigil...guess what I learned had finally surfaced after the listing had already ended?
  19. colorful人生

  20. secret_no_03

    I'd have to agree with UnsraW and Sadie. I'm not a fan of what has become of the latter with The Thirteen.
  21. suji

    basic microphone meme template; make of it what u will
  22. RaeDesu

    Oh man, yes, 12012 for suuuure, I miss them!
  23. suji

    why is this giving me qeddeshit flashbacks anyway, song started off good, but then the singing started and it was nasily and bad and I don't remember the rest of the song :))) other than that, this whole spoopy suicidal schoolgirl nonsense really needs to stop, it's like everyone is doing it now the artwork is fucking amazing tho holy shit *_*
  24. secret_no_03

    All music is subjective, but I personally love MEJIBRAY and Tsuzuku is a once in a decade talent, I hadn't seen such vocals since Kyo.
  25. psychonnect_rozen

    Three Cheers is amazing as well! The Jetset Life is an absolute favourite of mine!
  26. secret_no_03

    I prefer Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, but TBP is beloved to many including my girlfriend so I totally understand where you're coming from lol.
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