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    The new look, bigger:
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  4. Triangle

    I have this designated shelf where I try ordering them by size. I start with the big ones because I don’t like when they stick out randomly and go from there. Not much going on, but it makes me happy XD
  5. Total Saikou

    Ooh, I usually never segregate my western CDs from my Japanese ones but maybe I'll try using your system for my next ordering! Especially keeping in mind ordering CDs by the same artist chronologically, I usually just end up putting which one I like most closest to the front when I do my artist name format
  6. madygrain

  7. patientZERO

    This is the second of their four-single campaign, the first of which (Koyoi Mirai No Tameni Utaou) is out already. I've got continued high hopes for this band, though the last single was only mediocre for me.
  8. I read the replies to the original post with interest. Since the coronavirus lockdown I have been searching for new bands and new music. xaa-xaa is a band that I was aware of via Dadaroma but never gave them a listen. So I watched the Horror vid and I thought it was hilarious! Maybe it’s not supposed to be funny but every time burlap head showed up they fell backwards to the floor! And when the fake blood splashed in Kazuki’s hair? Classic! Why was his mouth bloody though? An get props for grabbing a sharp weapon! You Tube’s algorithm then suggested this number I gave it a go since a band is best judged by its live performance. I have to say I’m impressed and when Kazuki hits the notes starting at 4:11 he nailed it! Digging the sequined jackets and the satin gloves! xaa-xaa totally stunting on you hoes! And just like that, xaa-xaa has a new fan!
  9. patientZERO

    I feel it too. I'll continue to support them (paying $1.60 a single ...) but I don't know if they can really call themselves a band at the moment.
  10. benzaiten._

    So much better than the first single, but still... nothing to be surprised. The only thing that keeps me coming back to check these guys is that i loved Seiya in Deviloof but something here is lacking
  11. ChaoticEnding

    Sounds ok, i'm not impresse, but...good enough.
  12. Holding out for tracks 3-5, all sounding pretty good
  13. I guess it's fine but either these guys have started running out of ideas or they had some fire ass ghost writers during their ains years
  14. Alyx A

    This is an interesting question! I just started collecting chekis this year and have about 20. I haven't stored them anywhere and so they're arranged around my computer keyboard. The thrill of ownership is still strong!
  15. Yukimoto

    The full song is really good! The lyrics are all over the place but I like it!
  16. Arkady

    (premise: my Vk collection and the MUCH smaller western musicians one are separated) I divide them by artist/band's name THEN I order each artist's disks by cronological order, from the oldest to the newer (from left to right).
  17. Komorebi

    I store them in a shelf and there isn’t really much of an order as to what band goes where, more like how can I fit them better. Releases within a band are arranged in chronological order though.
  18. They just did another live stream concert yesterday that will remain viewable until the end of day (23:59 in Japan / 14:59 GMT) on July 14th. This one was about a hour long: https://loft-prj.zaiko.io/_item/327976
  19. Tokage

    The only thing mana smokes is fat goth doobies of primo quality cemetery w e e d
  20. fruitfork

    I think he's tried his best to prevent aging since he was pretty young which has helped tremendously down the line. Japanese people in general are like that. He's also a vampire too, so there's that. Does anyone know if Mana was a smoker at some point? Can't recall.
  21. Kaile

    I keep all of my CDs on the same bookcase, separated into 4 sections. 1. The Gazette 2. Japanese artists 3. Polish artists 4. Everything else Then, i just sort them alphabetically(roman alphabet , not kana) by artist name, albums from oldest to newest. If i have any singles, singles first, then albums. One shelf in the middle for signed CDs.
  22. so glad I took a roughly year long playlist hiatus from Deg, I can finally enjoy their old stuff again orz


    wAk̛E͝ úP͘ ͞yo͏ ḓ̗̟͕͔ͥ͐́̉ͦE̲̼͍̹̲͛̆ͣ̈̇͘Ḛ̢̨͍ͩͫ̆͊̀̾͞E̡͓̗͓͕̗ͮ̽̌Ḙ̵̖̣́͌̊ͭ̌ͬ̍͡Ȅ͇̝̳̖͎̰͕̥̭̉ͬ̕E̛͍͖ͬͫẠ̵̙͈͗͋̇ͯ͞͠A̫̹̲̝͑̿̈ͧ͑ͣͤ̎̚A̢̮͓͎̳̜̾̓͊ͩ̕̕A̸̴͉̣̣͑̐̊̔̌ͫ͑̚A̧̦̫͇͚̳͎̝͕͕̔ͥ̾̋͑͊ͦ͜͜A̴̞̒͊͛̂͞Åͪͣ̈́̑̉ͩͨ͏̕҉̯̦̣̗A̢͚͚̣̱̱̳͋̉̊̈͛̋͠ͅͅD͔͍̞̤̰͖̉ͪD̻̬̼̽ͧ͋ͭ̓ͯͭ͒͠͡D̵̪̈̄͐̔ͮ̄̊̀͘D̨͖̟̫̭̙̩̲̓̾̈́̀͝D̆͊̈͏̠͇͍̻D̬̣̣̹͍͓̭ͪ̑̈́ͩ̓͟͢D̷̷͓̙ͧ̑͊ͅḌ͈̘͓͙͚̙͎̩̍̊̊͂

  23. Total Saikou

    By the title I’m not referring to storage methods but how you order your collection if you do so. I love asking this question with CD collectors! Even though some don't actually order them in any particular way (as I've learned from asking). I’m wondering how MH peeps like to order their CDs, specifically because of the different ways to order Japanese versus English CDs. For example, I normally order my collection by artist name through the standard Alpha-numeric to Script system: Special characters -> Numbers -> Alphabet (A-Z)-> Hiragana (A-Wa) -> Katakana (A-Wa) -> Kanji (A-Wa). However, I like to “play” with my collection by ordering them in different ways. Here’s how I’ve arranged them before: By artist name, purely phonetically (Japanese mixed with English names, so, for example, 蜉蝣 is next to Kanye West) By album name, Alpha-numeric to Script By oldest to the newest album release date (purely by the date I see on the back of the CD) By newest obtained to the one I have had the longest (I used to order it like this until I learned how to read and look up Japanese) By artist genre, generic to specific (Like this: Electronic -> Electro -> Synthpop -> Piko-Piko) By album genre, same as above. "generic to specific" is just done arbitrarily by how popular I think a genre is when I'm already as specific as it gets By my personal favourite to least favourite How about the rest of you guys? Do any of you use a system I haven't tried yet, because I wouldn't mind trying a new order for my collection!
  24. nurié new digital single "ラブラドール" (Labrador) will be released at 2020/07/31
  25. Kirito

    They can just have fun to create songs and do covers... I don't understand what is the problem. Also when there are 4 or 5 members in a band, decisions are way more tough to make. That's one of the reasons why so many bands don't last very long. If they are good this way, why not.
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