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  2. it could be a tiny nod to the subculture. i think yoshiko/yohane's character seems to be, as well. saint snow and guilty kiss are the best aspects of love live for sure.
  3. Happy birthday, Cat! Hope you have an amazing day :D You are an inspiring person and an awesome admin. Wishing many more years for you!



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  5. Gesu

    I have nothing against synth so I was initially thinking "oh, it can't be that bad", and it wasn't... then he started singing... c'mon, guys, this ain't you. You can do better than this.
  6. darkindastad

    I just hope it’s release in the American iTunes Store 😬
  7. Gesu

    Ayy, thanks for the follow and happy birthday, friendo! :3

  8. Happy b-day Cat! ❤️

  9. Gesu

    Exactly. When @BrenGun said what he said, I don't think he meant to emphasise the gender of the parent. One of the parents does need to stay at home and look after the children (or at least, a relative or trusted friend). Not to give you my life story here, but I think it'd help to put this into perspective so no-one gets #triggered. In my case, it was my mother who worked and my father who looked after my brother and I until he passed away (nine years ago today, it's March 19th here in England), then my mother quit work and the task of looking after me was delegated to my brother until we were both a little older and I was more able to look after myself and my brother got his own job. My mother then started working part-time, but even with a part-time job she was never around to look after because... well, because she was a shitty parent, to put it bluntly. Not having someone around to look after me really fucked me up. Even if one of the parents works - hell, even if both of the parents work - they should still be dedicated to their child. Yes, having a career is good for you and your family (in fact, it's arguably essential for you and your family), but not if you put it before your family. Regardless of how you spend your time away from your family, you absolutely have to be committed, because the children suffer greatly if you're not. Besides, if they're babies, I don't think you have any excuse to go out all the time without them instead of looking after them unless you absolutely have to (e.g. work, doctor's appointments, etc). I'm not saying you wouldn't be a good mother personally, but it's not the sort of thing you can gamble with, so spend some months thinking about it before you make a decision. All the best x
  10. Spectralion

    Sousou sounds more plastic-y, but I like it cause the disjointed twinkly element is what makes this song sounds fresh, just like that Godlike WARUAGAKI.
  11. chipathy

    im a dude so take whatever opinions i have of parenthood with a grain of salt but after seeing how much of a fucker i was growing up, how much of a couple fuckers my brothers were growing up, and being exposed to bratty and shitty middle school and high school kids at work the last thing id ever want is a child. what an absolute nightmare to think about
  12. 123Sandman321

    If you are willing to sacrifice the well-being of your child for your career, you shouldn't have your own children in the first place. My point is that if either of the parents isn't ready for the commitment, they shouldn't go through with it.
  13. Yesterday
  14. While everyone waits for god knows when the heisei music video drops heres my rankings for their main tracks 



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    2. chipathy


      Yeah it still feels pretty odd to me nothing is out yet since I'm pretty sure stores in japan are open now and the single is basically available, oh well hopefully the wait is worth it since given their trajectory this can be another incredible single 

    3. 123Sandman321


      It's fucking 9 AM, in the Ramen-land, I hope the PV is there when I wake up.

    4. chipathy


      i still have about 5 or 6 hours of being awake before i gotta get some sleep for work so hopefully i get to see it before that lol 

  15. saishuu

    i'm carrying
  16. Komorebi

    It's 2019 and women have careers, u know?
  17. Awesome news, looking forward to this, already secured my pre-order! the album setlist is amazing, every song is great and the balance is perfect, probably their best album so far, they just keep getting better and better, Kirito never disappoints.
  18. BrenGun

    Only be a mother if you will have time to raise them. not that you need to put them in daycare 24/7 A good mother is home when the kids are free.
  19. evenor

  20. Peace Heavy mk II

    you're ready to be a lv. 5 girlfriend?
  21. Hi! Thanks so much for the follow :love:Followed you back~

  22. saishuu

    they're really going by tRaeH? also meh, I'd rather listen to the originals. would like to hear the new songs on 're:Play' though.
  23. Miku70

    VK Holic ask members and anybody don't know Gilles de Rais
  24. Tbh I fuck with all of Hiro's projects from visage to verxina but I feel like I'm the only one who actually digs verxina the most for the exact reason some people dislike it. I just love how messy and over the top it sounds sometimes, it feels more unique and different in that regard

    1. chipathy


      Ofc I'm not staring it's his most impressive or objectively best project, it just has the most appealing sound to me 

    2. saishuu


      gossip is my favorite because it could be emo as fuck sometimes and I fuck with that kind of music the most, but Verxina being messy is over the top is exactly what draws me to them as well. to each their own

  25. Azaeroe

    bonaparte bio
  26. I traded mixtapes with @Triangle and I think we were a perfect match. Not only out mixes had very similar themes but we seem to have a very compatible music taste. I enjoyed their mix very much. I'm really sorry I can't add the image here, but every song really fit the one they chose and it's overall a fantastic work!
  27. So,is there anyone here who decided to quit SMOKING (nicotine) for real and still through the abstinence process or even feeling the abstinence?

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    2. BrenGun


      Then just don't drink...


      Be too busy, too tired to drink...




    3. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      @BrenGun haha I wish it was that easy,but unfortunately there's a lot of stuff going on


    4. yomii


      oh wait yeah then you better stop.  in that case if i had to choose i'd better try to quit drinking than smoking tbh, drinking without smoking is a waste anyway. 

      being busy with smth you're really interested in really helps btw, like, i won't drink if i know i have to do my homework, but im lucky i realised i love studying before it was too late. finding something you can really dedicate yourself to is not easy, especially when you are not feeling okay. just being super busy doesn't work - we all know how nice it is to reward yourself with some beer after an awful day.

      you know i've never self-harmed, but i feel you in some way, coping with pain can be really difficult. i've heard therapists can help but if things were so easy you wouldn't bring up such themes in the first place huh?

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