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  2. Sickle

    that sucks
  3. Peace Heavy mk II

  4. Alkaloid

    Damn how did they get into my head? All "jokes" aside, they look cool!
  5. Shaolan974

    New band "ああああ" (aaaa) has formed [members] Vo. スな (Suna) Gt. てと (Teto) Ba. 石倉康司 (Ishikura Yasuji) they will hold their first live at 2020/08/26 at Shinjuku CLUB SCIENCE https://twitter.com/aaaaofficia1
  6. The debut and demo single have been postponed.
  7. CAT5

    Yukimi Nagano will always be one of my faves
  8. Added some Diaura, lynch., Do As Infinity, Acid Black Cherry and Gotcharocka items



  9. wow, it's super bad. I am impressed !
  10. Today
  11. Cantavanda

    Alucardius is awesome, he is a great buyer!
  12. Yes. - https://github.com/Last-Order/Minyami Install Node.js for Windows (which comes w/ npm) then Git. https://nodejs.org/en/ (LTS is fine) https://gitforwindows.org/ Install the Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/minyami/cgejkofhdaffiifhcohjdbbheldkiaed Enter this into the Git Bash Terminal (just once for installation): npm install minyami -g With the Chrome Extension you'll see something like this: Change the quality to 3mbps so the extension recognizes the highest quality video Click the bottom-most button to copy the contents in the text box. Right-click and paste them into the Bash terminal and hit enter. You want to have the video running in the background (you can mute) while this process is happening. I tried doing it in Command Prompt and got a dependency error, so that seems to be the way to go. All this is necessary b/c it's HLS which breaks the data into smaller segments to avoid video downloading. There's also encryption on top of that in some cases. This is the first HLS downloader that I've used to work with NND Live. - Otherwise, you can just pm me your acc. if you're comfortable and I can do it.
  13. Yukami

    Trouveres songs now support DL! This release includes more songs and is available on AmazonMusic, Spotify, etc. Release: 2020/03/29
  14. secret_no_03

    Totally forgot that's what today was as it's my anniversary so I don't put much stock in the fake joke part of it lol. Anyway, I could totally see them doing that though, at least in an advisory role, haven't actually had time to read it yet.
  15. platy

    hurr durr April's fool. The waifu stuff snapped me out of it.
  16. Yukami

    01. Acid Blue 02. the Answer 03. 故に、散る
  17. secret_no_03

    In an article that sounds like it's straight out of the Onion, the Japanese government have put a hikikomori in charge of Japan's self-quarantine division. https://soranews24.com/2020/04/01/japanese-government-appoints-hikikomori-as-head-of-council-on-self-quarantine-strategies
  18. The first digest video can be grabbed w/ youtube-dl, but the second (set of videos) requires a 550 yen per month fee even with a premium subscription :/. *To clarify, it's separate from premium. You could have a free account but have to pay the 550 yen fee just for the channel alone.
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