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  2. sleepy coffee

    Isnt this the band that sells condoms at their shows
  3. sleepy coffee

    Overall I still enjoy the album but itll definitely be my least favorite Retsu era dimlim release so far. Kind of having the same feelings as others where I feel like it doesnt really pick up until what's up. Also speaking of what's up idk that still feels like the most standout and unique song on the album and I wish the rest of the album sounded closer to that. Still happy to support the bois and like I said I still do like the album, but knowing the talent in the band they can definitely do better.
  4. suji

    yeah but this band isn't worth my full attention span x
  5. Oh wow, I'm a veteran now?!?! Dope! :D

  6. Tokage

    i have a feeling they're only gonna only play stuff off MISC tbh. maybe throw in rijin as an encore or something to throw the fans a bone & that's it
  7. that long sleeve/hoodie is amazing anyone doing shopping service? xD
  8. HimawariHime

    I hope they'll have the wristband too... I really liked the one from the past tour but it was only for de VIPs (This one is pretty simple but I like it anyways)
  9. ANGURA KEI IS BACK (again)
  10. violetchain

    The "risutokatto" trope in general is a huge turnoff for me, tbh.
  11. evenor

    Awkward/sudden key changes.
  12. platy

    One thing that I admire about k-pop, they are open about the members' age. I was pleasantly surprised by how many K-pop dudes are nearly 30. Actually, I can't remember if this is the same with girl groups? Anyway, in Japan it's a crime to be over 18 years old in media/music/etc., which I find creepy and annoying tbh. As if people over 18 can't be charming or cute, can we stop pretending human being don't age
  13. Komorebi

    You said "has released" XDDD
  14. New band "スキゾフレニカ" (Schizophrenica) has formed. They will hold their first live at 2020/04/11. "スキゾフレニカ(Schizo Phrenica)" members: Vo,Prog,Insotsu.阪本知(Tomo Sakamoto) (ex.紅蝉(benizemi)) Gt,Vo.幸子(Sachiko) (ex.即ち性。(Sunawachi Saga.)) Twitter
  15. suji

    and how many more will be released in their remaining lifespan, smartass???
  16. Today
  17. Akrus

    Surely those will be one song + voiceless version. But who cares, give me all those singles
  18. Akrus

    hope he doesn't put that weird voice filter on kikyo like he did himself and Kyouka Hopefully the SCHHHHHHHHH MIX does not return in their new works. Their last album was a hell with those SsCHhhhhSHhhhhhhhhhhChhh
  19. BrenGun

    Yes those "Edgy face reveals" I would say, just don't announce your new band until the day you gonna announce everything. I also dislike like the "My age is secret", "It's secret in which previous bands I played" kinda of crap shit. But I don't mind the Engrish part. Engrish is a known common thing in Japanese bands. not only visual bands are doing it.... no it's a daily thing in Japanese language anyway. Even if it's in the common language spoken in the Japanese way and written in Katakana, English is something which just flew in the language. Only we Gaijins can often only hard get what that Japanese human is actually saying. Which remembers me of a Dragon ball song, which they sing "ANGEL ANGEL ANGEL" and I misunderstood it for ears as ENJEM ENJEM ENJEM So for me Engrish is simply amusing Give me more of wrong English. Whenever they know what they are singing or not it's fun! But I still must say, if a band decide to write a lyric in complete English; then please sit down with a English/Japanese speaker to form a bit of correct English sentences which you 100% understand the meaning off. But even so... It's fun to read such "not corrected google translated" lyrics.
  20. Saishu

    I’m left wondering why they think it’s a good idea to tour overseas behind THIS. And are they going to slap songs like Shigarami and Mad K between all this noodle jangle? How disjointed is that setlist going to be?
  21. Here in Bangkok, we're suffering from PM 2.5 and now the coronavirus.


    14 infected cases found here as of now which is the second most next to the mainland China as Thailand is one of the destinations that Chinese visit most.


    Everyone here has  to put a mask on when going outside to protect ourselves from both air pollution and the virus.


    I don't know how long they can handle this because it's spreading globally. I've been sick already since yesterday though.

    1. BrenGun


      They can't handel it...

      Japan also already has cases... but I believe Japan has shut down traveling from China to Japan. 



      Countries already made a big mistake that they allowed traveling from and to China when the virus was announced.



      We better keep our bodies healthy with drinking and eating enough, whenever we feel sick or not.

    2. Kyo_Toriko


      Taiwan here has not that much, but also 5 infected cases, and most of them aren't even conscious about the severity of their situations, without carrying other people's health... So there are more hidden cases may exist...

      And these few days, the masks start to sell out everywhere!


      I really hope you can recover fully as soon as possible, Nos!

      And wash your hands frequently, prevent going to the crowded place in this period!

      Please take care of yourself!

  22. Ro plz

    Y'all fuckin hatin This is easily one of the best reviews of 2020. Speak your truth @Peace Heavy mk II
  23. Komorebi

    The one that really annoys me and is thankfully dying out lately is the silent member trend. It was cool when Mana did it, not so much when it became a trend and a bunch of newbies started doing it.
  24. Shadowtear

    Can't say theres anything in vk that i would care to ban, even as a joke, but that would probally have to do with my shitty music taste. If only we could ban all the overseas fanatics that can only talk about their bando-legshots of male members and 24/7 drama discussions though. (On a side note, i do love me some engrish)
  25. Demivee

    I honestly wanted to like this album but the outcome made it impossible for me. Misc is one messy beast and a really unsettling listening experience. The whole thing sounds as confusing and random as Retsu's social media slapping over the last weeks. I really don't know who they (he) want to aim with this sound. Some of you also stated the electronic samples. Yeah, cringy is the perfect description for them. Especially the SEs are freaking annoying. Three quarters of the album sound the same (Which isn't always something bad as CHEDOARA had a stringent structure, too) and songs like MIST or Funny World are kinda bland and forgettable. I rather not start talking about fucking Lament.. What's up? for me is the only highlight followed by before it's too late and Tick Tak. This state of the band really is a waste of talent and I hope that Sho will leave this sinking ship soon and joins a banging VK combo again. He is too talented for draining in a J-Pop band. I'm curious of how well this album will be embraced and if they will gain new fans with their new sound. But it is with a tearing eye that one of my (our) VK hopes left the arena and will definitely not come back.
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