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  1. Yesterday
  2. I knew i was gonna like piero no uta but it really surpassed my expectations 

  3. Why does RAZOR keeps releasing the same song over and over again? I must've heard at least 5 different iterations of 完全無欠, all of them boring AF

    1. Komorebi


      I thought the same once I saw them live. I regret paying over $60 for hearing the same song on repeat for two hours. 

  4. Going to Japan for my very first time in February!
    I'm trying to visit as much concerts as possible. I would be pleased if anyone has suggestions for some must-see-VK-acts . :)

    1. nomemorial


      Congrats - you'll have a blast!! I only got to attend 2 lives during my time in Japan, but there were 8 acts at the second live so I felt like a got at least a solid taste.


      Out of everyone I saw, I would argue the gulu gulu and MAMIRETA are absolute must-sees. Extremely high energy and fun from start to finish.


      I would also include DIMLIM in this sentiment, but I don't know how they've been since losing 2 members so I can't confidently say either way. They were great when I saw them, though - very emotive, raw performance, especially compared to many of the other bands that played.


      Past that, Hueye and MonstlloW impressed me a lot for newer bands so if you happen to catch them at a live you won't be disappointed. 


      Have fun!!!

  5. 2 years later after the announcement and cancellation of 弔. I.still can't believe how salty I am that llll-Ligro- died right after their return. ヒナタ, please return to the scene. Please. 

  6. So has any more info about the Norowareta Guruguru-chan thing that Gulu Gulu is supposed to be performing as on the 21st been revealed?

  7. The new LITE PV is pretty dope and I like the track too. I should probably get around to listening to their new album at some point...:hum:



  8. Last week
  9. Oh my god I was supposed to do a Visual Kei panel for a convention three years ago, and I found my powerpoint. This did not age well. Though I'm wondering if I should try again, though would like someone to help me with some of the history as some of the stuff I got was just from Wiki lolol

  10. I love the new Gulu Gulu single but why does 首輪育のすすめ start with the exact tune from Rubra..? 

    1. Himeaimichu


      IKR? I'm wondering if somehow, the songs are meant to be connected, or if it's just Kazari or Rito being lazy fucks lmao

  11. This is the best and the worst thing I've seen today



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    2. IGM_Oficial


      There's nothing good in this

    3. colorful人生


      dostedt? nihonese ga wakaranotunderstand...

    4. spockitty


      Well nothing will ever top y'alltachi, but this served as a decent b-rate entertainment :'D 

  12. MALICE MIZER is the greatest manifestation of art in the entire history of humanity.

  13. I know I'm like 15 years late, but Psycho Le Cému seem pretty cool 




    1. saiko


      I've "discovered" them the past year, and found them actually very interesting. They aren't geniuses composing wise, but still have very catchy and unforgettable tracks. 




    2. Jenova


      They were my first favorite vk band so you're in for a treat tbh.  Roman Hikou was absolutely bizarre even for 2005 standards but I loved it lmao

  14. waiting so hard for a VK band called 『de:flêuration』to commence


    they should serve a kote-kei throwback act that is embarrassing on more levels than the original genré could offer x



      doesn't DEFLOWER kinda qualify? not a throwback act but other than that... 🧐



    2. nekkichi


      exactly, they got all of the cringe on-point except for being a product of their time, not its resurrected imitation

  15. Googly Eyes gave me the idea for a un funny ahegao meme

    1. 123Sandman321


      I expected said meme, I'm disappointed, now...

  16. I turned my music on before my Bluetooth headphones so half the break room was exposed to zigzag at its zigzaggiest lmao

  17. So annoying being sick for like a week unable to sing. 😅

  18. Happy birthday and I Hope you have a nice day ☺️.


    I didn't recall that La'Mule had a song called "eccentric Marxist". Lololololololol. Some great user here translated very carefully all their lyrics, so there's actually an English translation for this song with a funny name. I suggest you all go and read the lyrics.

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Hyura's great -- shame she doesn't seem to come around here all that often anymore.

    2. hyura


      I'm kinda still lurking here and flustered to read this ☺️ 

      Actually I'd love to get around to be active /post translations again sometime but my time became very limited since then. 

    3. saiko


      Omg, pleased to meet you @hyura!

  20. Happy birthday, dude! Hope you have an awesome day~ 🎂

  21. OK ブーマー


    also https://eigo-net-slang-jiten.blogspot.com/2018/04/brainlet.html


    Nice to see the nips take interest in learning our god-forsaken internet lingo.

  22. This RIKUGO (六合) album JYOUSAIBANKI (饒彩万輝) is freaking incredible. May end up as my favorite album this year. It's almost like someone took MUCC, Kagraa, and M and tossed them into a blender. But it has its own sense of style too. It's great.




    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Uhm... I'll put it on my playlist!

    2. Romlaw


      Fug never have heard about these guys before but listening to them and GODDAMN they are GOOD, thanks a lot for mentioning them!

    3. Tanishi


      Damn this sounds really cool

  23. The new Bring me the horizon track is so dope! Check it out bmth fans

  24. Thinking about how idom@ster had one of their loli idols cover x japan for their game. I love japan.

  25. DIMLIM confirmed for Osare-kei 


  26. wasnt Plastic Tree supposed to release a new b-side compilation album at some point or did i hallucinate that?

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    2. Tokage


      It already came out? Guess I gotta hunt down a rip somewhere in that case lol


    3. SakuraFox512


      It should still be here in the request thread, assuming Mediafire hasn't taken it down by now:


    4. Tokage


      Will check! Thanks!

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