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  2. Patiently waiting on Rakugaki’s new album 😭🙏

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  4. Hi! Thank you for the follow~ Followed you back ^^ Also love the avatar!

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Aw, thanks so much! 

  5. b857eb4265b53af7-the-gallery-for-kermit-

    1. Akrus


      Same here, funny as hell 😗

  6. please keep that banner in the rotation

  7. this is the weirdest april fools prank we've ever had btw props to the mod team for organizing this

    1. anadentone


      *acts innocent* mods? What mods? I don't know what yer talking about.

  8. Some hypocrites don't understand the meaning of the phrase: Giving a chance because it was a very good thing in the past and despite of everything.

    Judging me will not work because i am a human like all here. And come on, we are stupid at all. At least i try to change and i dont need your hate dude. I neither know you and i never texted to you. 

  9. imagine hating a place for being ''disrespectful'' and STILL coming back to it multiple times for some enigmatic reason instead of just starting your own utopian community... weird

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    2. Nighttime Jae

      Nighttime Jae

      I don't get this whole "there are worse things in the world right now", I'm from Italy, you think I don't know? Either way, to me it's just saddening that the main visual kei space on the internet is a playing field for bullies and holier-than-thou people that can't literally have a conversation without acting flippant. It's fun just for you and your cliques. Most people stick around for news and downloads and that's it. What a great legacy. I'm not around much, I'm just here sparingly to post updates on my favorite minor bands because otherwise no one would and that's pretty much it. I have no problem leaving, all I do is my duty not for the sake of this place, but for the bands I love and support. So here you go

    3. BrenGun


      If we would try harder, bands might would make their music much more easy to get. (So that we also can buy the actually music on a disk, via their own webshop)



      But as said before, I am only fuly against those uploads who are free to listen on spotify. the rest, well you gotta throw money to it and ya cannot support all artists that way. even if its cheap to get its still expensive.




      but anyway....

      Japanese really don't talk well about the overseas fandom. 

      and 90% of all uploads comes from here, so well...


      And we noticed, even if we can use spotify now, bands love love to release many live limited stuff which we don't know about or can't even get easy or for cheap...



      Do you get it.....?


      maybe if we act with a slight bit more respect to not upload every release without any pardon, that bands might would make ALL/MOST OFF  their music available worldwide.... or just interact a bit more freely with their oveeseas fandom too. Some bands are really locked.




      that's what I aim for...

      and that's not hypocritical.



      Just sad to see, that MH refuse any way of little change.



      Maybe not sharing anymore isn't the solution. But I still guess we could show some respect towards bands somehow...



      But anyway, hope you guys still will think about it somehow. 


      thats all I say, Amen.

      but I also understand your point... It's all just not simple.

    4. WhirlingBlack
  10. This was one of reasons that i leave this forum once, the people dont change. Giving a chance is waste of time. At least i am not a Hypocritical. Not anymore. 

  11. good to know that (some) people simple have no respect here.

    1. Nighttime Jae
    2. Delkmiroph


      dude... dont care about. Do what i do: check the news, if u like some new band or stuff go ahead about.  Google it the rest of the info and be happy forever. Discuss here is a waste of time same if u are good guy. Some people give us a bad impression and then become just a weirdo fan from a band here or conversely. :D

  12. Does anyone know if the limited edition of "Viva of the year" really has a secret track?

  13. Ordered RANDS cheki and I cannot wait to receive it all in the mail 😭 but now i'm expecting 3 different packages from them oops sorry. If i had known theyd be selling stuff today i wouldve waited on the other stuff

  14. I just found Plastic Tree! I know, I'm too late! Which song / album / single should I have listened to? I love "echo" ❤️

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    2. Delkmiroph


      Case u would like know about all... Contact me ❤️ ( I am the biggest fan on forum)

    3. Tokage


      Definitely listen to Puppet Show and Parade. Nega to Poji and Utsusemi are also very good. Träumerei's 雨二唄エバ is also one of the best songs they ever did. 


    4. lollipopmonstar


      Tanks so much! ❤️

  15. Please like/RT our interview with Astaroth if you have a moment! More exposure helps us get more interviews 💞



  16. I miss アヲイ so f**king much it‘s hurting me. I know it’s been a hell of time already but, knowing that time won’t go back, it makes me feel so desperate, nostalgia and grieve are hitting me like hell right now. They were too good, they will live forever in their terrific songs. I will be so glad and honored when I’m gone while listening to them and their sorrowful lullabies. I wonder how each of them is doing in real life, specially Otogi. I’m all like this since I remembered they were one of my almost inexistent crying shoulders there for me, touching me with each of their songs and their lyrics meaning, while no one else was there for me. I don’t know how should I feel about remembering the really f**ked up past I used to have nowadays, but I’m so glad I was able to know them. It’s kind of irremediably sad, the fact that the things they did as アヲイare deeply engraved in my brain, truly romanticizing bad mental health, as I believe it’s my nature form, as if I was raised like that in my entire life. 

  17. Thanks for the follow~ ^_^

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      No probs, thanks for upvoting my posts earlier. And thank you so much for becoming my first ever follower on here ❤️ 

  18. Struggling to pare down everything I own to fit in a suitcase and a backpack, but I like the challenge, reminds me of the movie My Stuff where a guy started off naked and could get only one item out of storage each day for a year.

  19. Last week
  20. Once this shit show of a pandemic is over, I'm looking for a new job. ._. Getting tired of telling people to follow safety rules when all they do is be assholes about it.

    1. solaris05


      Good luck dude!!! I hope you can get outta that business. Does the current company at least treat employees better than the last one?

    2. heresytrash


      Depends on the supervisor. I was fine on Graveyard where it was a small crew and we knew how to get along. But now I'm on days and we got clashing people left and right. orz

  21. We’re having a store wide 20% off “Stuck at Home” sale at RarezHut!


  22. pm:ed you about your sales

  23. I actually caught the start of the terakoya stream but it seemed like they were just doing Q&A and maybe a few songs so I left. Went to check on it a few hours later and it's private.


    The regret is real 😭

  24. (Dasha) I can't believe I found you on here too


  25. I have issues trying to decide what my animal crossing character will look like. 

  26. ayy, found a way to download nico lives. time to go bananas.




    For simplicity-sake, install Node.js for Windows (which comes w/ npm) then Git. After that just follow the instructions w/ Git Bash (now available in programs list.) I tried doing it in Command Prompt and got a dependency error, so that seems to be the way to go.

    1. mechayolo


      Wow, I was trying so hard to download beru's live with only ffmpeg haha, I'll try this one. Thanks.

    1. colorful人生


      He's 杏 (an) the current rhythm guitarist for グラビティ.

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