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  1. Today
  2. Being a fan of Clack inc. is suffering.😔

  3. so which one of you pretty much copy-pasted my post about Daichi's release on jpopasia? :'D 


    I like how that's one of two English sources when I try to search for that guy 出鱈目次郎's release... WHICH IS NOT HELPFUL CAUSE I NEED THAT EP!

  4. today on BPrecords: Arts & Crafts with Hiyo and Juju

  5. Yesterday
  6. ive only listened to a few songs here and there but im gonna finally do a deep dive on 

    マルコ discography today, pretty excited 

    1. suji


      good choice! their two best albums, 穴二つ, have their early discog, including their earlier live only singles. sadly I've lost hope on getting the rest of their live limited discog...at least they have a full album too, but their mini album is probably the best!

    2. chipathy


      I'll be sure to check out as much possible, only got to listen to a little before errands distracted me but gonna get back on it later tonight, also am I mistaken in thinking a majority of their stuff is on digital stores everywhere?

    3. suji


      yeah they're on spotify under Marco/Maruko I think :3

  7. CULA sound like FIXER


  8. any chance someone has heard or access to MaRiA by Kro:nos??? seems like a stretch since i cant find shit, but im mostly interested since it was LiME's band back in 2011

  9. Last week
  10. So LAYZis came back out of nowhere, released a couple of singles and went dark again without any notice? that's a shame

  11. I think my vision of an apocalypse now includes a freestanding wall of Funko Pops. Those blasted things are everywhere.

  12. I just got hugged by a couple of people offering free hugs. :hug:

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Thanks God I never met people like these

  13. I asked for ATB only option in the FF7 remake and they've announced that's what they're doing, Jenova heard my prayers

  14. ok so Dammitland's maa added me to a list on twitter. what is the purpose of those? 

    1. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      Only people on those lists can see the full version of certain posts. Usually used for spoilers, more personal or nsfw drawing  / text posts, at least on the art side of things

    2. spockitty


      thank youuuu! I thought it might be something like friend groups on FB but no one could give me a definite answer lol I feel like they're not very widely used~

  15. damn my diru and rshitei stuff already looks like theyre shipping and that doesnt release til wednesday

  16. can someone translate zin's (Noulla) last message from the whole noulla losing members debacle?

  17. I just realized JILUKA is playing a 2man with Breakin' Holiday in Shinjuku the day I arrive in Japan ... but my plane lands a half hour after the show starts ... FML.

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    2. patientZERO


      I kinda want to do some of the tourist-y stuff. I want to go to Akiba, but the person I'm visiting isn't into that sort of thing, so I think I'll probably go alone. I'm looking forward to eating all the foods I miss! Okonomiyaki, omurice, gyudon, that sort of thing. I didn't know about the metropolitan building, though. Maybe I'll do that instead of Skytree or Tokyo Tower. I also want to go to Gundam Base, but I just feel bad because she isn't interested in a lot of the things I want to do and I don't want to make her feel bad.


      Sorry ... I'm probably saying too much. Haha!

    3. Komorebi


      Nah, don't apologize. 

      I've traveled alone and accompanied and both have pros and cons. 

      I suggest you plan stuff together like certain trips and meals, but also give yourselves time to enjoy your own interests on your own. Splitting during a trip isn't bad at all and it can be even for best sometimes. It's easy to get into each other's nerves when traveling with someone.

      Get a couple of cheap prepaid simcards so you can stay in touch when splitting and don't be afraid to enjoy a few hours on your own ;)

    4. patientZERO


      She's got work during the days on the first week, so I'll have all that time to myself. I'm hoping to get all the nerdy stuff I want to do out of the way while she's working and then we'll have the evenings/nights together and then on the second week, we'll be together the whole time. She's okay with going to some lives (she just thinks the music I listen to is noisy) so that'll be fine.

      I'm going to try ask her to get a SIM card for myself for the two weeks (she lives in Tokyo) while I'm there, but don't know if I should go SIM or pocket wifi, since the last phone I had wouldn't take the SIM card and I was boned. I've got a while to go before I go over, so I'm planning as much as I can in advance.

  18. It's crazy how nowadays you can have a conversation with random people on social media solely using google translate, and you can understand each other nearly perfectly. This part of technology I'm actually pumped about.

    1. colorful人生


      Google lens is pretty wild when it comes to that. Additionally, emoji are brilliant ways to convey information very quickly (as pictograms generally are.) Yes, even the memes... 

  19. I was supposed to use twitter only to keep up with vk bands and now it's consumed my life, send help

  20. Jason is coming because today is Friday 13th 😱

  21. Wasn't dexcore's new single supposed to be available on some digital platforms too? I can't seem to find it anywhere...

    1. Kyo_Toriko


      If I don't read wrong, It will start to be distributed on iTunes and Spotify on 18 Sep.!
      So I think there are few more days to wait!

    2. chocobuzz


      Ah, that's how it is! Thanks ^^

    3. Kyo_Toriko


      You're welcome! ^^
      I hope they will distribute all 3 songs!

  22. Happy Belated Born Day! Hope it went well! :D

    1. spockitty


      thank you! ❤️ a few hiccups occurred but I ended the day on a good note ^^ 


  23. No new Lynch. or DECAYS....


    This year is fucking MID for Jrock. 

    1. chipathy


      I dont follow too many japanese acts outside of vk but solitude a sleepless nights had a sick release this year as did slothreat

    2. zombieparadise


      A first for lynch. for sure

  24. That new Korn album is fucking lit, holy shit.

    1. Jigsaw9


      Yup, it's pretty good! I only found maybe 2 not-that-remarkable songs somewhere in the middle, but other than those it's a rockin' listen.

  25. Crystal Lake on Sunday here in LA im so hyped ! 

    1. DESTINYGUY0316


      good for you

    2. monkeybanana4


      Nice! Hope you have a blast!

  26. any thoughts on the latest coldrain?

    1. -NOVA-


      someone in the band is hurting. See you  and January 1st really surprised me I never expected  songs like that from them. those two songs really got me in the feels ❤️ Breathe also has a similar heart break vibe to it and the harmonics were really well done.

      the side effects has a powerful messages and the call back to decade in the rain was nothing but genius. 

      ANSWER / SICKNESS has the sickest breakdown and im stoked to see that live. 

      COEXIST / REVOLUTION solid tracks 


      I'd give the record an 8/10 



    2. chemicalpictures


      ANSWER / SICKNESS is really cool indeed! my favorite hard track from this album. But the catchiest one imo is STAY THE COURSE. That main riff is simple but really effective, that chorus has been stuck in my head for the past week.


      as far as ballads go, January 1st is interesting, but I'm still waiting for them to top 'Whole' as the most teenage heartbroke angst ever, lol


      overall a very solid release indeed

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