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  1. Today
  2. Watching Starwave become a larger dumpster fire


  3. *wins the day of march 22*

    *cries* first of all i'd like to thank lil b the based god, avu-chan, and victor nikiforov for helping me get this far thank you

    1. Gesu


      Congrats~! ^_^

  4. Dead Man will hold a One Man

    1. Chi


      If it was Dead men then it would be a Two man

    2. tetsu_sama69


      just one man? what if they practice? maybe like two men?

    3. Jigsaw9


      wow, these new GazettE lyrics are weirdddd

  5. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2, after 15 goddamn years.



    I'm fucking pumped, yet scared, of what it's gonna turn out to be...if ever.

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    2. chipathy


      im honestly more optimistic than i should be but they do have the original games main writer and music composer onboard so i cant wait 

    3. 123Sandman321


      Oh? I didn't know that, that's great! Well, I hope to see something from it at this years E3. This is starting to feel more and more like the new great era of RPGs :D

    4. crucifiction


      The hype is real ❤️

  6. Yesterday
  7. Just out of curiosity how is the 0.1g pronounced for 0.1g no gosan and what does their name translate to in English? 

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    2. Alkaloid


      According to their visunavi page, it's pronounced "rei ten ichi gram no gosan".

      I think their name is a pun as well, since their twitter handles say "0153" or "rei ichi go san".

    3. platy


      My friend called them nought point one gram and I never go a day without making fun of him for it looool Just call them gosan 

    4. TheZigzagoon


      @Gesu OOF that’s punny! XD 


      @platy Glad I’m not the only one to make the error XD 

  8. Trying to keep back in to the know of VK. Band recommendations?

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    2. 123Sandman321


      I heard somewhere that DIR EN GREY might be the shit.

    3. Gesu


      DIAURA are slaying it

    4. Doesn'tEvenGoHere


      Mathilda are great. I recommend them for sure. Not their latest single though since people seem divided on it. 

  9. Thanks for the follow~! ^_^

    1. monkeybanana4


      You’re welcome! And thanks for the follow ^-^

  10. Thanks so much for the follow! Followed you back :) 

    1. Komorebi


      Your're welcome, and thanks!

  11. thank you for following (*´꒳`*)

    1. Komorebi


      You're very welcome!

  12. Remember when everyone was willing to pay hundreds for mamireta's sold out singles? That was only a year ago.


    Things sure changed quickly. 

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    2. 123Sandman321


      They were always quite shite, but people grieving for KtK and old DEZERT were grasping for any kind of straw.

    3. tetsu_sama69


      I know they're trash that's why I like them. And if you're surprised one vk group is attempting to grasp the popularity/style of another group then then you must be extremely new here.

    4. 123Sandman321


      @tetsu_sama69oh, I'm not surprised at all, I just never liked the concept. Also, could you cut the patronising, oh ancient one? :D 

  13. Ayy, thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Komorebi


      You're very welcome!

  14. deadman oneman wonderland

  15. figured Tame Impala would go full-on pop after Currents and I guess that really was the case after hearing this new song


    still kinda love it though?



  16. Is it just me or jigsaw is just really good at making pvs. Like it looks like they have been doing it for a while but they havent maybe its just me i just like there style so much they are starting a top band in my eyes. I love it :starry::starry:


  17. Last week
  18. thank you for following :lolita_cheerful:

  19. How can I ask help to a guy crucified? It looks like he needs my help. .__.

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    2. Manji 卍
    3. colorfuljinsei


      he'll respawn in 3 days. no worries.

    4. platy


      lol that's another way to see it

  20. have you even lived if you haven't heard sou's voice

    im speaking of emmuree's sou ofc

  21. I like my flat, but I don't like living in the same building as loads of other people because I can't practise singing properly. I kinda just have to mumble. 🎤

    1. yomii


      dance like nobody's watching

      sing like nobody's listening

  22. I need a coupling  CD by Chanty and  Smileberry!!! 

    HELLO feat. Akuta would  be marvelous  💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  23. hi.....

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    2. Gesu


      Welcome! Hope you have fun here~ ^_^

    3. suji


      Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me or anyone else with a blue/red/green screenname ^^ ♥

    4. Komorebi


      Hii, welcome to the forum!

  24. My Korean teacher  made us practice some things she'd taught us by asking us some questions. Everyone got asked who was their favorite singer and I was there all ready and prepared with several answers haha. But then when she reached me she was like "So what's your favorite food?" GURL

    1. yomii


      how's learning korean btw? i heard it's relatively easy after learning japanese as the grammar is similar

    2. Triangle


       @yomii Yes it is ! Honestly the fact that I had learned Japanese helped me soo much now XD.  The only downside is the pronunciation; some sounds require a bit of a practice and there are some rules on how to pronounce some sounds after or before other sounds XD (I remember going home after that lesson and just sleeping because my head hurt). They also had decided to have a lot of words with similar writing and pronunciation, but they mean different things (like the word of apple means apology depending on the context XD). Other than that, it's pretty nice to learn it and the learning materials are very accessible. 

  25. My Visual kei Room Tour which i already announced in the middle of 2017 is finally live! ;D 

    *well better late than never i guess*



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    2. Befafes


      God cant wait till this is me. 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Super neat collection! Also I love the way you organized everything. Kudos for the Homer homage, lol.



    4. VkBrutaliaN


      @-NOVA- at first i was thinking if i should "handle" them with my normal CDs since basically except for FEVER 333 everything in my collection is japanese but then i was like screw it... XD


      @monkeybanana4 thanks! took me tons of hours to make everything the way i want it and i still have a few ideas to implement but for now i thought this is the right time to film the video cuz otherwise i know i would've pushed it back for forever eventually cuz if you have such a big room only dedicated to your biggest hobby you always find something that could be slightly better etc.^^°

  26. Can't believe I missed it, last Monday was the 10th anniversary of D'espairsRay's last good album, REDEEMER. It also marked the 10th anniversary of me being a VK fan.

    1. God


      Has it been that long already?  I remember when that came out.  A friend of mine heard it and then she got hella obsessed w Hizumi.  She printed off a bunch of his pics at the library and hung them up on her wall, then would tell me everything about them.  😂

    2. Disposable


      The last good album was sexual beast tbh 🦐🦎🐍🐍

    3. Zeus


      I'd settle for MIRROR myself

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