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  2. Axius

    I honestlly agree with you @saiko I believe that there b sides are like a hit or miss for me and some are relative copys of others and your right i believe they did run out of ideas. Once it hit the point of Nepenthes (ネペンテス) they slowly spiraled down. The only exceptions id have to say is Nanaki and VENOMS.app. Not that everything after that point wasn't good it was sub par compared to the past even in some songs tzks voice you can tell is lacking. I think it mostly had to do with the drama that was going on which i think why they started to play worse??? or do less better?? for a lack of better term.
  3. emmny

    HYPE HYPE This is gonna be one textured mf
  4. Egnirys cimredopyh

    Boi wasn’t sure about it at first, but it sounds good so far. Dorothy kinda sounds like oshare kei tho lol
  5. Today
  6. saiko

    Thinking this quickly -thus not very profoundly- I feel Mejibray did have a good work there, mostly in the beginning of their career, like you say. First, they were all very skilled musicians; and yes, that reaches Tsuzuku, too. I can agree on him having serious limitations to bring all his studio performance to his live performance, but the final result wasn't so different, mostly in their last era. On the other hand, he had a pretty strong and sensitive expression, in line with Kiyoharu's style, but also very unique. I mean, you could recognize Tsuzuku from every angle of the scene. He wrote very beautiful lyrics, too, not over-the-top but kind of sophisticated in terms of poetic expression. Second, they built-up very interesting and recognizable in-stage characters, which is the key of the visual aestehtics of 'visual-kei' in difference with other approaches to 'glam' in rock music. The best example of this was Meto's wheelchair and creepy teddy bear. Paradoxically, this something that the majority of "vk" bands can't achieve, mostly because they basically do rip-off certain famous characters of the past; I think we can all agree that Meto, Kouichi and Tsuzuku looks are still blatantly plagiarized to date. Third, they did had a very unique sound. The tones Mia, Meto and Kouchi's chose for their instruments created that 'sandy' sound that, when coupled with Tsuzuku's shrieky vocals, made the band instantly recognizable, no matter which song you could listen to. And in terms of songwriting, they did have some memmorable songs. I can think of "Raven" and "Decadence"; certainly there wasn't something like that in the scene in the past. For me, the weak point of Meji was the obvious plagious they did to some hit songs from classic bands (Deluhi, or even the Gazette), and also the 'formulaic' basic songs that they started to put out during the second half time as a band, more-less after "Theatrical Blue Black". Plus, I've never found their B-sides so exciting either. I think they got over-produced, and thus over-exploited. Maybe so much that they ran out of ideas, so they had nothing else to do rather than making 'catchy' songs for bangya to do furitsuke, copy-pasting their previous clichés in different ways, while choosing to put on the most eccentric attire and make the sexiest posing on stage. So they obviously gradually lost all their music value and started to become an 'idol' band.
  7. Axius

    - I dont understand what the big deal was about sibilebashir - Why do bands have amazing looks in the beginning and then fk it up in the next release or others - Why do some bands try to do edgy rap when we all know thats Choke's job XD - Why doesn't ryuoga from razor scream that much during lives as he use to when he was in born. - Too many ? bands or unknown bands to try to be edgy what started that trend why it is not needed - So many disbands/haitus could have been avoided many times/ *Insert list of band names here* *Cough cough Nocturnal Bloodlust* - Why are some bands underrated (my list): Develop one's faculties, Archenmi, Akaku somatta kioku, SARIGIA, Liphlich, Amai Bouryoku - Why do people talk about the gazette so much when there are other bands that exist. Yea they are good please move on. - Why was SCHWARZKAIN (シュヴァルツカイン) a thing tokami was fine. Although SCHWARZKAIN had some good stuff. - I hate it when bands not post a best album or last album after a disband or just give 1 song which wasnt that impressive like girugamesh did.
  8. Axius

    They were good towards the beginning then fell short. I like them a lot becuase everything about them during that time was done very different there style music and looks all were good... well most. Anyway I guess i can see why people would hate them but i also dont at the same time. His voice does take sometime to grow and get into.
  9. colorful人生

  10. Yesterday
  11. Shoyo is a monster on bass, a very charismatic performer and also a cutie lol
  12. Dudemanguy

    This is going to be their weirdest album yet and that's really saying something.
  13. the GazettE is playing here in Brazil right now ;-;

  14. Anyone else seeing Hyde in Chicago tonight?

  15. saiko

    What a bunch of cute fellows we are! Also, surprised by the amount of handsome guys here... 😶 👉👈 Should I point out my crushes? Lol
  16. Saishu

  17. Raburr7

    awesome news, just saw it *_*
  18. daintypersnicketydingo

    The graffiti font amuses me but I do enjoy the song.
  19. madygrain

    Tour just ended. Who's their support bassist? He's a fun guy. Teru seems more and more serious everytime I see him. Kuze seems to have enjoyed the live, him and the support ba. seemed to be the only ones genuinely into it without diva complex holding them back. Their set list was great, though. It was hard not to have fun even though they lacked a bit of diversity. FesFe[M] were pretty fun too, was nice meeting them. Being a smaller band also makes them approachable after the live, a welcome change. VII ARC have a lot more energy and stage presence than expected. They still have a long way to go, though. I even feel their drummer went rogue a couple times. Fun gig

    Moshi moshi, Doppio desu i'm trying to act like an adult... but fckn jojo
  21. Tokage

    wish i was able to chop hard boiled eggs into perfectly even slices in midair like my favorite anime characters

    Decided to quit my current job and spend awesome time with parents and cats before Japan adventure and quest with finding job to get working visa (^w^)
  23. It's a strange feeling when the person that almost killed you, apologizes and wants to start all over again. So we're trying to talk, she's acting like everything will go back, but I'm still shocked. It's so surreal.

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