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  2. that wasn't supposed to be an adult diaper pun im sorry
  3. This is the future of VK, guys. Soak it up.
  4. @evenormakes sense that it was from their main store haha. I think they was giving it out with all orders through them!
  5. both were found dead together in a romanian hostel
  6. Is he free from the Da ViViD Code?
  7. Today
  8. It's all good, man! Next time, maybe.
  9. Oh geez. I've been wondering what happened to him. @_@
  10. Kra - 【 Kraのすゝめ 】

    New Recording Album from Kra. Tracklist 01. ブリキの旗 02. ショータイム 03. カラスノマクラ 04. 無拓と無択と 05. 明日屋 06. 四季旅  07. artman 08. 雪の降る街 09. LOST NUMBER 10. ヱン
  11. Better question, where the hell is Trombe now?
  12. *listens to baboo once* oh, what a cute band!! *sees diapers*
  13. I may be living under a rock but what happened to Blackdoll? Did you ban her? kinda boring in here now.
  14. ZORO died so they could live
  15. their music is precious but......i'm scarred from looking at that picture.
  16. Sorry, I don't have the time/energy for it. I might check out some stuff now and then tho, and write my opinion here ofc. But I can't guarantee I'll check out everything.
  17. Cringing at the thought of adult diaper kei becoming a thing. Scary that in the VK scene that is very much a possibility.
  18. it's weird than no one shared this :
  19. The maggots and the jailbaby are creepy enough but... someone took a meathammer to homeboy's ankle damn..
  20. SHOCK EYE from Shonannokaze's Instagram is like 50% selfies with freshly styled hair and 50% him doing nerdy dad stuff with his two sons
  21. Attention: To everyone on M-H who hasn't heard behold "シアン(xian)" the new "idiot"  to those of you who don't know they are the creator of the infamously god awful Fakkin' A. Listen here if you haven't heard: 



    And you listen to シアン's song "GRiMer" which is the new Fakkin' A here: 


  22. I like his gutturals because the deeper sounds like a lawnmower failing to start like Tzk The recording is really awful but I think the song would sound alright otherwise
  23. that was so cute xD
  24. They gonna release something? Wow good god are they bad like idiot-Fakkin' A level. lol Now I am really excited for this.
  25. I got a new topic in mind after Mucc's new album is released.

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