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  2. RIP iconic weird kei duo (I luv Takemura but it will be more sad if Eiji will quit activities someday. Aw... Don't really care about kibouya, Eiji is too cool to be a part of a "real" band)
  3. A great Christmas present for myself!
  4. I watched Vrzel's "Slander rady" DVD and its menu is a default model that comes on these softwares... DAMN, BLOOM

  5. Interesting. Also, the song is titled after the name of this new season, "Basilisk - ouka ninpochou". And it's the third "ninpouchou" song of them.
  6. Tsubasa's also in MICRO HEAD 4N's too
  7. Today
  8. I was expecting something spookier and I'm a little disappointed but it could be worse. What if for every release they alternate between spooks and adult baby Kei?
  9. I don't think I ever heard the original of The Whirl, but this one sounds great. The other two songs are also quite ace, I'm really excited about this!
  10. While I don't know a lot regarding the rumors of lack of pay, I think the fact that every other member has gone on to continue in music is proof enough that Hizumi's health is a driving point of their disbandment. He did perform on (incredibly short) reunion set as D'espairsRay, but has put more time and effort into his art/clothing/jewelry company. I'm sure he would like to continue to sing, but his voice won't let him. Of course Zero is in THE MICRO HEAD 4N's, Karyu with Angelo, and Tsubasa has gone solo in his enka career, but Hizumi's health most definitely is the catalyst for their disbandment. They did go on a hiatus beforehand for half a year, hoping his health would improve, but ultimately ended up disbanding. If there were ulterior motives for their disbandment, I don't think the hiatus would have happened. They would have just called it quits.
  11. I'm kind of inclined to believe it's a case of genuine plagiarism, solely based on the fact that they also already pretty much straight-up ripped off Radiohead's My Iron Lung wholesale waaaaaay back when they'd just barely started out.. The only thing they kind of changed was the chorus lmao (the track in question is Rira no Ki btw) Fujunbutsu's opening riff also sounds ridiculously similar to Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I'm willing to believe that was more of a genuine attempt at some sort of tribute/reference Also I haven't been properly participating in any of these threads for ages now, sorry guys Real life stress is taking up too much of my time
  12. oh shit, that re-recording is sounding GOOD
  13. Also finished The Expanse, season 2. It was really nice, just like the first season. But it was way different. Was a much bigger focus on drama and politics, and they kinda seemed to have gotten plenty inspirations from Game of Thrones. Superb series!
  14. bless u it's only a sample but i can tell this is the rerecord i needed even if i didn't know it until now. fuuuuck
  15. Well, must admit, that their indies era was much more powerful, dark, it was sth new on a VK scene. The major era is a total reshape and a try of conversion. Seriously, two vocalists right now? Isn't it w much a kittle
  16. As i remember i was on TW on that time. The communicity eas just brilliant, so much, as here. I don't regret, tw exists no more here is much better and more comfortable. Hope it will be so in next 10 years
  17. Yeah. Actually, being a virgin for a longer time period is not a shame. Really. I don't unddrstand ppl, who make kind of race "who will lost virginity as first, second, etc". It's even pathetic. It's individual decision to be virgin and noone can say to you, that you must do sth with it. As a male i didn't have a sexual partner yet, but i don't carre, because everything comes at the right time, and, it's more important to build relationship, not intime acts only.
  18. Zdecydowanie tak. Btw, zawituję do was, dopiero odnalazłem taki cudowny temat. Liczę, iż rozmwa szybko się rozkręci
  19. Literally this, they all clearly treasure Fumiya as a close friend, it must be so hard for them all.
  20. The sooner, the better. Focus on some brand new versailles style again!
  21. Geez, why all so epic albums are in 2018? Is this a commitment, or what? Gkad to see him back i took so many years
  22. Finished Castlevania, season 1, and what a fucking series. It stays so true to the video games and everything about just feels like classic Castlevania. Not superbly written, but it's good enough with great atmosphere, a fantastic amount of violence and a superb cast. This is probably the first time a western animation film/series has given me a real 80-90's anime vibe. Makes me think of Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D/Vampire HUnter D: BLoodlust and so on. Loved it!
  23. I like varios style of kamijos works. I hope new album will be much more in direction of very first singles
  24. Actually listened to it yesterrday, and i have to say, that i'm glad they are back on track after a weak serie of wonderland. Will keep an eye on D again since years!
  25. Seeing their comments about how he was such a sweet and caring friend just made this even more depressing....💔
  26. 0.1gの誤算 - 男闘魂戦争 卍燃えよ誤算光殺砲卍 Carpe Diem - パノラマ sith. - 睡蓮 シビレバシル - LOVE2017 エルム - This is ELM [2009-2017] ソニックデスモンキー - ニコニコンプレックス lical - それは造花 Heliotrope - rain up FINLANDS - LOVE bough the wrong Axkey single im dumb.
  27. Good yes, but original... =/
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