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  3. Shion8

    That's also one of the things about them that I really adore. I know it sounds childish, but for me the image of a "band" is one of a bunch of good friends making music and having fun together. So, I think it's really off-putting if other musicians admit to not getting along with their band members (like for example Takanori Nishikawa in the interview with them from 2014 said: B-T are basically the only ones who still do everything together). Them "finding" each other was truly a blessing. And I mean, managing to stick with the same guys for over 30 years also confirms that their personalities can't be that bad. 😊 I agree 100%, lol. Personally, I like their earlier work the most: Seventh Heaven, Aku no Hana and Kurutta Taiyou are absolutely perfect. My favourite songs are probably Angelic Conversation and Dress.
  4. Shadowtear

    Another small haul i gotten last week I got a nice 5cd set of live-distributed Poitrine cds and dvd's, including the best PV ever made: "poitrine - ge togheter" (serach it on youtube plz) Other then that nothing too special, some psycho le cemu tape and la'vistier etc. PS, most of them are for sale at: http://www.melokei.com/p/store.html
  5. ahnchc

    Another thing that makes me really uncomfortable is the fact that so many other bandmen had to have known about exactly how shitty of a person he was and still is and he hasn't been exposed for it until recently. In the past I've wondered if he'd ever learn from his past mistakes, but now I think that he's gone to the point of no return. While I certainly think that KISAKI clearly requires psychiatric help, I'm definitely more worried for his victims (read: the mother and her child). This could impact them for the rest of their lives. /: Would really suck if KISAKI walked out of this without the deserved consequences. Also, I can't help but wonder why the owner of the KISAKI-expose account censored her DMs while keeping the recipient's [DMs] visible. It's probably stupid, but I can't figure out a potential reason why. I've never been a fan of censoring during DMs or anything of the like, because so many things can be manipulated and taken out of context. Note that I'm not shaming or doubting her, as the rest of her pictures and tweets bring a lot more to the table. I wonder who started the rumor that the woman appeared in AV? Does anyone know more about that?
  6. Thanks, I didn't know that. When I think of anime music I think of uverworld or Alice 9, so it was hard for me to think of DeG doing something like that
  7. ahnchc

    I actually find this cute.
  8. Tbh I wonder if Shiori will ever return...
  9. platy

    The thread is being re-opened. Keep it civil. There's some interesting discussions involving this topic but if you can't keep from personally attacking each other, I recommend browsing other threads in the forum.
  10. lichtlune

    This lineup is amazing. The project should now switch from being SUI's solo project to a full band.
  11. leighla

    They look like they're having so much fun in those pictures. I want to have that much fun too >.<
  12. Miku70

    This band have so many look for everything 😮. This look is nice ☺️.
  13. This new look and song are interessing ☺️. And no news of Shiori ? Edit : Kazuki deleted his Twitter account .
  14. The Piass

    Their ten singles are available at their lives, by Like an Edison and ZMF.
  15. Paraph

    Such a great band with so many bops. I think I became super into them when ROMANCE released, which is still one of my favourite songs to this day. Atsushi is also probably one of the most attractive men alive.
  16. Yeah, that or stream it will be a choice for me as well.
  17. karai · ebi

    My only regret is that I wasn't able to find them sooner, I missed out on so many years of listening just cause of my own incompetence in searching in the past. Despite this I feel like I've already been listening to them for years, I think Atsushi's voice has a very nostalgic tone to it, I'm not really good at explaining. They're my favorite band as a flip side to my fav metal band. I'm really moved by the friendship and connection between all the members, even most marriages don't work that long or smoothly. Even more so when I read Imai was looking into a medium that they were all destined to meet from a past life haha. I guess aside from loving Atsushi's lyrics, style and what he's overcome /B-T experimentation, I really just envy to have such friends. The same with the twin flame like situation Atsushi had with Issay. Think I could write too much about what they mean to me now so I'll cut it, but- I was torn a bit between Six/Nine, but I'm sure now that Darker than Darkness is my favorite album, from cover art to end track. (I had even wrote an exact lyric from DtD on an art piece a few months before hearing it, it felt surreal by chance lol.)
  18. xLIZ4

    Sup🤘 Where are my fellow the GazettE/hide/MORRIGAN/SARIGIA/DIMLIM/まみれた/R指定 fans?
  19. Another one already? The song doesn't sound as promising as the last single, judging from that preview, but I like the whole "costume designer's workshop after a clearance fabric sale" aesthetic they've got going on, and it's cool to see how fast they're moving. That tour schedule looks really ambitious too! Still no Shiori though. I think they probably have more videos without him than with at this point. ETA: It looks like Lyubi changed his stage name to 有栖川 塁 (Arisugawa Rui), which is great because the name change to Lyubi never really registered in my head. Kind of cringing at the fact that he chose that name so he could write it as "Rui Alicegawa" though.
  20. plastic_rainbow

    i totally forgot about these guys, glad to see that they're still going but i wish all their stuff wasn't live-limited..... :'<
  21. violetchain

    I'm not that confident about some parts of this, so corrections are very welcome. FLEURET Lyrics: Shingo Kuga Music: Shingo Kuga, Takaaki Kobayashi No one knows This tiny world that is only mine No one does You’re the only one I want to try to bring into it Because you’re mine, you’ll never die We’ll bring your memories along as well No one knows what the future will hold The night I woke up, I was stricken with grief* An inferior shadow A mole hiding its presence I avoided even momentary contact with the light Like a phantom thief, I travelled through the night No one knows This tiny world that is only mine No one does You’re the only one I want to try to bring into it Because you’re mine, you’ll never die We’ll bring your memories along as well From now on, there’ll be no more tears In the spring, the migrating birds were sleeping in I was waiting impatiently, A mole hiding underground beneath a ruined castle I could hear a voice calling out That was definitely the reason No one knows The moment when your sadness fades away No one does Only you are eagerly waiting for it Because I’m yours, I’ll never die It’s waiting at the end of the rope Let’s go to a better place The sky I looked up at in the beginning is so far away Like the heart that I averted my eyes from in the old days Surrounded by vivid colours, Cognizance becomes indistinct The most brilliant one** Becomes a small grey flower No one knows Even though you're beautiful, you’re in a windowless room,*** No one does So I want to try to steal you away Because I’m yours, I’ll never die You’re not being taken prisoner – take this hand**** No one knows This tiny world that is only mine No one does You’re the only one I want to try to bring into it Because you’re mine, you’ll never die I’ve received everything from you, And an ideal future surely lies ahead Notes: *,**, ***, ****Not sure about these FLEURET NO ONE KNOWS boku dake no chiisa na sekai e to NO ONE DOES kimi dake o tsurekonde miseru BECAUSE MINE NEVER DIE omoide mo issho ni tsureta Saki wa daremo shiranai Mezame no yoru Uchihishigarete ita ne Otori no kage Kehai o hisometa MOGURA Isshun no hikari o yoke Kaitou no you ni Yoru o yuku NO ONE KNOWS boku dake no chiisa na sekai e to NO ONE DOES kimi dake o tsurekonde miseru BECAUSE MINE NEVER DIE omoide mo issho ni tsureta Saki ni namida wa nai WATARIDORI ga Haru ni nebou shite ita Machiwabiteru koujou no chika no MOGURA Yobu koe ga kikoeru Sore wa tashika na Riyuu da to NO ONE KNOWS kanashisa ga usurete kita koro ni NO ONE DOES kimi dake ga machinozonde iru BECAUSE YOURS NEVER DIE ROOPU no saki ni aru mono Motto Ii tokoro e Hajime ni aoide ita sora takaku Arishihi ni somukete ita kokoro Gokusaishiki no naka Ninshiki wa oboroge Ichiban azayaka de Chiisai haiiro no hana ni naru NO ONE KNOWS kirei demo Mado mo nai heya kara NO ONE DOES kimi dake o tsuresatte miseru BECAUSE YOURS NEVER DIE torawarete nanka inai yo TAKE THIS HAND NO ONE KNOWS boku dake no chiisa na sekai e to NO ONE DOES kimi dake o tsurekonde miseru BECAUSE MINE NEVER DIE kimi no subete o itadaita Saki ga Risou de are Kanji: https://rocklyric.jp/lyric.php?sid=172519
  22. Roub Gt.玲王那 (Reona) will pause live performances due to being diagnosed with Keratoconjunctivitis (inflammation of the cornea (in the eye) - don't Google it). The band will continue activities during his recovery, and he will resume activities on September 27. *Corrections/translations are welcome.
  23. That duck-like voice is so horrible.
  24. Shadowtear

    Just a Canon Lide one. Its compact and quite nice, tbf it is not 100% accurare on color, but i wont expect such on this price. Its very sharp and looks good, which is what i care for.
  25. @-NOVA- I'm like falling in love with this band lol
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