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  3. This song will be available as of 2019.10.03 on the 1st ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN♪「1th OCTAVE.」(0 yen)
  4. Bear

    Blood of the Tribades - A slow-burning homage to sleazy and trashy 70s euro lesbian vampire movies like those made by Jesus Franco and Jean Rollin, and also with a bit of influences from Hammer's own The Karnstein Trilogy (The Vampire Lovers, Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil). But the way it's written and filmed is clearly inspired by Jean Rollin, whom I personally love. The main difference here is that it's a very pro-feminist, is about self-identity and stuff like that. But unlike movies from Jean Rollin where the vampires were evil and very, very erotic, this changes that and make the vamps sympathetic and nice, and the males evil basically. And it really works. My main problem with this movie is its modern and digital look, and some of its effects. But the modern look really killed a lot of the fun for me. But recommended for fans of Jean Rollin's surrealistic, dreamy, slow and offbeat lesbian vampire movies. Haunt - A Saw-type of movie set in a haunted house that was surprisingly cool. Could've been a bit more graphic and violent, but it was really fun nonetheless. Recommended if you like Saw and shit like that. The Phantom of the Opera - Hammer Horror's Phantom of the Opera from 1962. Not as good as the Universal Monster PotO, and it's far from Terence Fisher's best movie, but it's really good nonetheless. I'd say it's on par with the 1942 version. But it feels a bit darker and more horror-esque than that version, but both are equally good. The music scenes however are superior in this film, and the overall visual style and choices of colours are gorgeous!
  5. Paraph

    This look slays! Hype
  6. chipathy

    they havent announced it on twitter yet but saw it on their website. Typical razor single format, type a will have 2 tracks + 1 dvd of the mv and type b have 3 tracks. Releasing nov 6th.
  7. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Purchased but am currently waiting on the two Jigsaw full lengths. Am curious about the 0th album as didn't find anything they've done too inspiring upto this point (but only heard two or three of the live only releases) and the 1st album sounds a lot more refined with their usual touch of weirdness so am looking forward to that.
  8. -NOVA-

    I just got home from seeing Crystal Lake here in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Ryo for a min. Super nice guy, he was kind enough to sign a copy of Helix for me.
  9. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Corey Taylor is the one that gets me most, nothing wrong with his vocals now but he definitely doesn't have that same aggression and gruffness to his voice he did in the Iowa days, RIP voice of the Iowa era... Apparently it was a result of too much drinking more than anything, but damn he sounded good back then. haha.
  10. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Ah ok! Interesting idea. Not sure they needed to put that on CD rather than a podcast or insta live or whatever but ok. I mean I like the idea about them answering fan questions and whatnot, but on a CD, don't you kind of want music? Not people talking?? lol.
  11. Bear

    Project Gutenberg - Hong Kong movie starring an excellent Yun-Fat Chow and a really impressive Aaron Kwok. It tells a familiar story and despite loads and loads of twists and turns I found it to be fairly predictable, tho I seem to be the only one who thinks so. It's well-written and well-directed, but I thought it was a tad too long for its own good, and it tried to be smarter than it had to. But it wasn't bad.
  12. original post
  13. Diabolic Night - Beyond the Realm https://diabolicnight.bandcamp.com/ New track is RIPPING! Old school black/speed/thrash in the vein of Sodom's "In the Sign of Evil", Destruction's "Sentence of Death" and Bathory's "Bathory" with hints of Running Wild's "Gates to Purgatory" and Venom's "Welcome to Hell". Demo, EP and single released in 2014 and 2015 were all amazing, and this is gonna be the same. I also saw it announced that German black/thrashers Nocturnal and black speed metallers Nuctemeron (who released one hell of an EP back in 2016) are releasing a split together. This is some older stuff, but both bands rule so this should be awesome. Some proper black/thrash and black/speed metal.
  14. Being a fan of Clack inc. is suffering.😔

  15. spockitty

    Hello hello, welcome! ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。 I'm afraid I won't be able to recommend anything since I don't.... listen to any of the bands you listed? lol But just dive into the news section and you won't hurt for lack of new bands to listen to tho ^^/
  16. Scone

    George Orwell 1984 and Dogfight 2
  17. Frione

    Gears 5 and at work Impossible Quiz
  18. so which one of you pretty much copy-pasted my post about Daichi's release on jpopasia? :'D 


    I like how that's one of two English sources when I try to search for that guy 出鱈目次郎's release... WHICH IS NOT HELPFUL CAUSE I NEED THAT EP!

  19. ANOTHER ALBUM?!?!!?? THEY JUST CAME OUT WITH THIS ONE JFOJDOFJDOIFJSA it's been uploaded to youtube, bless
  20. KimochiWarui

    It's always great hearing aicle has fans ;; Oh man that's a good one!! Shidoro modoro is my jam tbh. Do you like yeti? It's emiru's "new" band,they're about to release something in a few days but it's nice that he kept doing music. His voice is so unique! Nothing wrong with taking a break/leaving for a bit! I was super into it but didn't know where to obtain things so it was mostly downloads/what coverage was available online or in anime mags until I was able to start going to lives. Was lucky that my local con got bands so I looked forward to seeing someone but that didn't start till 2009. I'll definitely check it out, I appreciate the recommendation! I heard they lost members recently?
  21. ambivalentideal

    It's ok! Nice choices, I can't help but notice aicle in there! I used to be a huge fan of aicle back in their heyday haha. Necronomicon is still such a bop~ Oh okay wow, that's really impressive. I started out in late 2006 but didn't get into it like crazy until summer 2007. I think I peaked in VK interest in about 2009 and it was still my main interest until about 2011, but after that I kind of waxed and waned for a bit. But honestly same, it's something that has stuck with me throughout the years regardless! Nice! Check out their album CHEDOARA if you haven't, it's incredible.
  22. KimochiWarui

    Hello! I realized after posting I should've listed some oops. Some of my faves are kizu, xaa xaa, the piass, llll-Ligro- , develop one's faculties, buck tick, aicle, suicide ali, gulu gulu, siren, anti feminism off the top of my head ;; I can't really think that I went out of it for a period? It's something that's stuck with me through the years. I've heard of them, though I haven't gotten too deep with them yet. I like rijin a lot! Thanks~
  23. ambivalentideal

    Hey, welcome! Nice to meet you~ What are some of your favorite bands? Have you been into VK that whole time or did you have some out of the loop periods? Idk how familiar you are with more recent bands, but if you haven't checked them out yet definitely listen to DIMLIM. They made me remember how much I love VK when I got back into it not that long ago. Hope you enjoy your time here on MH!
  24. zetork

    Guitar 燐華 Rinka he left the band on 08.08.2019
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