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  2. Azero will disband at their live of 2/16 at Shinjuku Holiday.
  3. Maybe someone could point out some stuff? so that people don't need to read the full thread?
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  5. Well if you are going to be in Tokyo next April, this will be the show to see. There will be a double headliner show with Gacharic Spin and Doll$boxx both doing a full set next year at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on April 15th, the same location as the last GS live DVD. That's two two-hour sets, although one set is at 2 pm and the other is at 7 pm. But if anyone has the stamina for it, it's the GS girls. I hope by then GS has found a replacement for Nenne. Mai looks lost without her.
  6. I totally agree with the pinning, perhaps we should give the thread a more universally understood topic though?
  7. I'm pinning this thread. Thank you everyone for all the help, wealth of information and contributions so far ✨
  8. FEST VAINQUEUR new live DVD "FEST VAINQUEUR 7th Anniversary [777] -seven- 2017.10.27 大阪なんばHatch" will be released at 2017/12/25 (2 types) it will be available at their lives and through mail order FEST edition (5500yen) will include 2 DVD VAINQUEUR edition (7000yen) will include 2 DVD + a bonus disc with backstage and documentary
  9. should have taken a closer look on FF 12 remaster on utube before purchasing, shit is so atrociously ugly and I'm legit having a motion-sickness episode because of persistent oversharp thrown on effing everything #epileptic_purgatory_realness;



    probably first real instance where running a ps2 release on an emulator actually produces a better experience compared to the official remake 


    I think I'm done w. supporting square at this point, unless they release some 💯💯💯iOs titles tbh #end_rant

  10. I wasn't criticizing I promise just a light-hearted joke.
  11. Needs a longer preview to distinguish them, but worth keeping an eye on at least until there's a full song out (especially the guy on the right).
  12. DEVIZE still might sell the t-shirt. But if you want to know what they are selling, you also can email, double river record, email can be found at their website. however they always sell cheki.
  13. This new single 「般若恋地獄」(Hannya koi jigoku) will be released on 2018.04.04. Limited edition : 2000 yen + taxes CD : 1.般若恋地獄(Hannya koi jigoku) 2.業-karma-(Gô) DVD : 1.「般若恋地獄」(Hannya koi jigoku) Music Video Regular edition : 1500 yen + taxes CD : 1.般若恋地獄(Hannya koi jigoku) 2.業-karma-(Gô) 3.雨ざらしの唄(Amazarashi no uta) Their new album 「逆襲のすゝめ」(Gyakushû no susu me) will be released on 2018.05.02. Limited edition : 2500 yen + taxes CD : 1.愛してる(Aishiteru) 2.拝啓、人間様(Haikei, ningen-sama) 3.蛍火心中(Hotarubi shinjû) 4.黒幕(Kuromaku) 5.売春婦の憂鬱(Biashunfu no yûutsu) 6.四十雀(Shijûkara) 7.喪失(Sôshitsu) 8.ヘロインと僕(heroin to boku) 9.絶唱の色(Zesshô no iro) 10.般若恋地獄 (Hannya koi jigoku) DVD : 1.「黒幕」(Kuromaku) Music Video Regular edition : 2000 yen + taxes CD : 1.愛してる(Aishiteru) 2.拝啓、人間様(Haikei, ningen-sama) 3.蛍火心中(Hotarubi shinjû) 4.黒幕(Kuromaku) 5.売春婦の憂鬱(Biashunfu no yûutsu) 6.四十雀(Shijûkara) 7.喪失(Sôshitsu) 8.ヘロインと僕(heroin to boku) 9.絶唱の色(Zesshô no iro) 10.般若恋地獄 (Hannya koi jigoku) 11.噪音(Souon)
  14. yup, thats right.
  15. Tracklist : 1. 21g 2. Phantom pain
  16. Their first live will be on 2018.01.06 at 十三GABU. Members : Vo.Dy:chi Gt.迅(Zin) Ba.陽月(Hizuki) Twitter : https://twitter.com/DELUCIDE_info
  17. https://lineblog.me/unite_topics/archives/797107.html
  18. Finally meeting him again in about 1h. 
    We just saw us Tuesday but I like it to be with him, so I can't wait to meet him again haha 

  19. everyone pls submit something for the Jrock music awards 2017!

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    2. Mamo


      @chemicalpictures Why submit it so early? There's Still 16 days left in the year and like 30 plus days until the last day you can submit your votes? Also it 's J-Rock Awards so you don't have to vote for any vk if you don't want to.

    3. BrenGun


      @YuyoDriftyeah, but then I could better write an review about those bands to share them than adding them the vote list.


      I would have joined if I would have listened to almost all releases of this year.

    4. YuyoDrift


      It's alright.

      There's always next year.


  20. I thought it was girl from first PV has child as a result of her father raping her and this is the continuation of her story. She meets a man that rapes her and abuses her daughter, so she kills him much like she killed her parents. It’s really a story about the cycle of abuse. This is more or less R-Shitei’s version of Revelation of Mankind.
  21. Generally bigger bands will have more events decided ahead of time because they need to play at certain venues that may require reserving well in advance, and/or doing staggered ticket sales for fan club first, pre-reserve, general, etc. sales. Smaller bands may have a more “on the fly” schedule or only announce a month or two in advance. Re: ticket purchases @Duwangpretty much covered the basics. If you aren’t currently in Japan, and the live may sell out before you get here, I would consider having a shopping service get the tickets in advance and mail them to you or a friend in Japan.
  22. Re-recording of Unknown Despair Lost pisses me off.
  23. 1st Demo Single 【星の降る教室】(2nd press) Release: 2018.01.24. TrackList: 01. 星の降る教室
  24. black/black >>>>>>> she v. cute, and I love that hakuei is a part of this.
  25. from lycaon dupe to a budget major ayabie knock-off, what kind of downgrade???
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