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  2. Their crowfunding finished and they get their goal. The final result is 115°/° so 3,456,149JPY. Source :Camp Fire
  3. I love this live and the comment.☺️
  4. KrumpingChihuahua

    Ryo... Again 🤷
  5. Nothing! That's why I don't understand why the band changed a perfectly good thing.
  6. Today
  7. Laurence02

    The Sculla track is solid. Enjoy!
  8. TheTrendkiller

    What's wrong with the original recording?
  9. I'm not really feeling either track. Five listens in on Ochita and I can barely remember it. Definitely do not like what they did to my boi CLEVER SLEAZOID. I wanted a rerecording not a remake. Maybe the tracks will grow on me with time.
  10. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Can they just re-release the Insulated World as a live album? Fucking love the sound of followers live from this single + the live videos on The World of Mercy sounded killer too. + I'm not really too into the whole "music video collection" thing, but that idea for the latest singles does get me somewhat curious.
  11. 少女椿

    Jesussss 😭🤍🤍🤍
  12. Every VK look would improve 300% if all bandmen were forced to wear JEANS

  13. K-x-H

    Autumn Anime Chart 2020 is now available from here: https://www.livechart.me/fall-2020/tv
  14. What can I bring as a gift on a date, if chocolate is quite difficult because of really, really hot weather?.. ‪(´•̥ω•̥`)‬ 

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    2. 少女椿


      @platy I was thinking about candies and I'm worrying because it's cheap... on the other hand, the gift isn't about its price, but about the feeling, and if there's +34, like, everyday, salted candies are the best... ugh...

    3. Gesu


      If you know of any particular interests your date has, try to get them something pertaining to that (obvs nothing too big). Otherwise, flowers are always a nice option.

    4. 少女椿


      @Gesu I'm afraid, flowers are his gift 😅 perfectly know his interests, but not sure if he own something or not... (same with me, we're both just a stereotypical otaku, both into vintage manga, goth/post-punk things and fashion... this is really difficult 😣)

  15. crucifiction

    Scrobbling isn't recording. Last.fm uses data such as the length of a song, it does't analyze the content itself in any way.
  16. sads123

    Sharaku had a an acoustic gig livestream with Ao yesterday: Ao played his set of 10 songs (setlist in the link), thereafter Sharaku played his set of 8 (which includes his solo songs, a cover of lab the basement's '狂い蝉が叫んだ朝に' & cali gari's '冬の日'). Ao came in to join him afterwards for 2 more songs before they ended the stream. Sharaku didn't share his setlist though. And yeah, Ao was wearing a wig when he played covers of female singers during his set and didn't want to take it off. Oh Ao~ Ao also indicated that for the cali gari x deadman gigs postponed to 2021, he will create another song with deadman for those gigs:
  17. Xhide1

    it's available on Spotify
  18. Elazmus

    Sounds wonderful so glad to hear him again !
  19. It's not fair we got che do ara instead of tomurai, holy fuck i miss llll-Ligro- so bad, help my soul pls

    1. Spectralion


      I'm just grateful we still got that amazing che do ara.

  20. Chell

    I'm a B+ and, incidentally, a sagittarius, both of which serve to prove to me that all of this horoscope astrological blood type bullshit is, indeed, bullshit and doesn't happen in real life at all as I'm possibly the most boring person you'll ever meet (but it's good excuse to make you look INTERESTING when you're not) This also serves to prove I would not only be hardly employable in my current reality, but also in 60s Japan
  21. Yesterday
  22. Keiyuh

  23. Zeus

    Not for most songs. There's some stuff on the last.fm radio I think you can play but that's it.
  24. Keiyuh

    Can you use others profiles to listen the desired song Since it's being recorded by the app is there a way I can listen to it?
  25. chemicalpictures

    my boy awa can do no wrong
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