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  2. I finished watching the first season of Mr. Robot a while ago and just started watching the second season. I really loved the first season so I had kinda high hopes for the second one, but... meh. I watched like five episodes of it and then just gave up, the whole show just became so boring and uninteresting and weird. Which is kinda sad, I liked the first season so much.
  3. By their look, I could already say what their music would sound like. So, not interesting !
  4. Makes me wonder too. Chobi has a habit of leaving, when band has too much electronics going on. I'm not sure about Satoshi though. Maybe we'll see what was really going on if they come up with their own projects. I'm waiting for whatever Chobi will do because i love that stupid Llama.
  5. The blue guy looks so funny it kinda makes him cute lol Anyway I really like their sound!
  6. They're for the remasters of HOMURA UTA and TSUUZETSU. The new album (of new songs) came out in January unless they announced another one. Anyway, Junji Ito (who was behind the HOMURA UTA illustration) is really happy with the result:
  7. For the different versions of the remasters
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  9. Makes me wonder about Chobi and Satoshi though. Didn't they leave DIV (which ultimately resulted in total disbandment), because of 'creative differences' over the EDR Tokyo-direction the band's sound was going? And now, ACME is closer in style to earlier DIV.
  10. Amazing news <3 Their drummer is HAL ex. ARTEMA
  11. I love it and I'm more than happy to hear something much different that that "EDR Tokyo" stuff. I missed Chisa's voice. ;w; Random panda is cute, but that blue guy reminds me of shaving brush. Also another release on my birthday, yay.
  12. My body is so ready for this (also diggin the randompanda)
  13. Love it, I am so glad to see them back so soon! Chisa is really really talented, I could listen to him sing the phone book.
  14. Love this. Chisas looks reminds me of NEXX times ;;
  15. Hells yeah, I gotta make it to either the Sacramento or SanFran show, I was gonna see them on the PINK tour but I couldn't
  16. The fucking blue dude, holy shit.....................
  17. Looks like the vocalist and guitarist from DIV, Chisa and Shogo, are back with a new band, アクメ/ACME! Their social media handles (Instagram, etc.) appear to have been updated to reflect the new band name. Members Vo. Chisa Gt. Shogo Ba. Rikito Dr. Hal (Swastika-kei tho?) Also, they've got a mini-album, SENKOU, coming out in August. 2017/08/02(Wednesday) 01.SENKOU 02.Trick×Trap 03.MONSTER 04.EDGY 05.MELODY 06.テバナシライダー 07.KAMIKAZE DCCNM-503 ¥2500(+tax) 2000枚限定
  18. Their concept album has been finalized as "PARADOX" (2800 yen, 2 types, 10 songs) and they will hold their two-part oneman performance on August 26 at Takadanobaba Club Phase, where the album will be sold in advance. Ba.katsuhisa has also departed from the band as of June 26. Their next announcement will come on July 26, so stay tuned... 👀
  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. oh cool imma try to go to this!
  21. cant wait for the inevitable sixth sense/moon child crossover sequel tbh
  22. pretty sure at least the bottom one is for the new version of Homura Uta, considering how similar it is to the old one.
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