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  2. It's the entire The Insulated World album front to back (and back to front on day two) But it's literally performed through an insulator so it sounds like when it's 2 am and you're trying to sleep but your bitch-ass neighbour plays their shitty music at a volume that you can still hear it through the walls, not loud enough to actually recognise the song, but too loud to actually ignore it so that you can get some rest because you have an important test the next day Basically, fuck my neighbours
  3. nekkichi

    this is where @DIMLIM surprise us with either a hiatus notice postponing the entire album release or two members joining on a short notice rush-finalizing the record or disband decision and none of those actually surprises anyone x
  4. It's actually 48 straight hours of that awful guitar wailing from Devote My Life.
  5. Disposable

    Conspiracy theory: the new album has been finished for a long time, but Yoshiki and the label are waiting for X to become a household in the US with all these promotional gimmicks before releasing amid every single bribeable corporate media outlet touting ”THE LEGENDS ARE BACK.” In Yoshiki’s mind the western breakthrough is due any day now, and only because of backroom dealing, share owning and yakuza favours from back in the day when X was printing money everyone is going along with his delusions and Japanese SONY execs are essentially obligated to make all these phonecalls stateside ”hey it’s me again. I owe this guy for all the coke and underaged hookers back in the day so can you just get him on the lineup? Just put him somewhere in the back it doesn’t matter and we’ll sell it to him that he’s going head to head against Beyonce and she’s scared out of her wits that he’ll steal all the buzz. Yeah no worries he’ll buy it, he’s fucked up most of the time anyway...”
  6. ShTon

    Previews sound nice.
  7. All jokes aside, I hope they will release DVD, despite not playing in Nippon Budokan.
  8. Yukami

    Sh*t! They started very well... the bass player's departure has affected the band a lot. I hope you come back with a new project!
  9. Pandora_99

    I wish...
  10. Today
  11. i cant believe they're gonna play the insulated world live for 48 hours straight
  12. Understandable. Kyo needs to rack up those man-hours to pay for his Gucci addiction.
  13. Yes No, it's just Kyo performing a two-hours long INWARD SCREAM, wth NARASAKI as manipulator.
  14. Komorebi

    Duwang is not going to feed your delusions about DMLM rising like a Phoenix, they aren’t gonna reply. They were at the same live as I and the thoughts I posted were shared after discussing our impressions.
  15. zetork

    New Band テラトマ Teratoma Members: Voc. アクル Akru Gut. Kuma Ba. Sui Dr. Saku 1st Live on 18.12.2019 at HooK SENDAI https://twitter.com/TRTMofficial SPOT
  16. 蛇道 (Jadoh) has changed to new band "DAMILA" and they will commence formal activities at their oneman "蛇道 〜The Road To Alicia〜 (Jadoh ~The Road To Alicia~)" at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2020/3/19. Vo.NEMU (ex-De:Vi6-->蛇道 (Jadoh)) Gu.Lit (ex-Vo't kaRma-->蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) Gu.Meguha (ex-CHIC BOY-->蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) Ba.桃様 (Momo-sama) (ex-アンフェイト (Unfate)-->黒い11月 (Kuroi 11 Gatsu)-->ZeroCre-->蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) Dr.かずや(Kazuya) (ex-蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) http://damila.jp/
  17. Paraph

  18. Two MUTATE and SAME SORT HATRED. I think at this point it was established that the band swaps members and Aie was the newest edition. Figured they'd at least get a mini or a tour done with him though.
  19. In an absolutely unprecedented move, Japanese metal juggernaut DIR EN GREY has just announced their up-coming TOUR20 疎外 (Sogai), to be held from March 27 to April 23. But wait, there's more! They will also hold a two-mandays live on July 23 and 24 at Pia Arena, entitled "The Insulated World -The Screams of Alienation-".
  20. nomemorial

    Haven't gotten too into these guys (mostly due to Issei's consistently...plasticky?? production - just sounds really flat to me), but this was a good track and sounds a bit better production-wise to me.
  21. zetork

    Will Disband after their last oneman live at Ebisu club aim on 20.01.2020 https://lineblog.me/zerocre_official/archives/2034026.html
  22. platy

    Is this where @Duwang shows up and gives some insider perspective and turns out we're all making a big deal over nothing
  23. Bring Me the Horizon have now become an Oshare Kei band.


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