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  2. Peace Heavy mk II

    yuck that name
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  4. ex-Vexent Vo. マコ (Mako) new band "KAKUMAY" has formed https://twitter.com/KAKUMAY_STAFF
  5. platy

    💫 GRIMOIRE disbands 💫 ZOMBIE disbands by summer time 💫 Yoshiki will post 1 (one) tweet about the X-Japan album 💫 Yoshiki might do a world tour again just so that he can keep up the hope of the fans funding his Hollywood lifestyle 💫Yoshiki will eat a burger at the white house 💫 We will see Chizuru (pentagon) back in a new project 💫 Minpha will be in a new project too and he will speak 💫 Minpha x Meto [OUR VOICE] project? 💫Kisaki will lowkey try to return to the scene like nothing happened 💫 Really unremarkable year for アルルカン 💫A couple of singles by sukekiyo, people are gonna whine that they can't get into sukekiyo after INFINITUM 💫 Miyavi x Yoshiki collab 💫 8P-SB takes the world by storm 💫 DADAROMA goes around Europe and/or USA
  6. Takadanobabaalien

    kyo is angry because he's a tiny hobogoblin
  7. Now this I really, really like. I've been pretty underwhelmed with TK's solo material post-flowering but this track is hitting me pretty hard. I've noticed this and both of the recent Ling singles have felt a lot more messy and 'all over the place' compared to most of his other output for the last few years. Personally I really like it and hope it becomes a common theme in his next few releases.
  8. nekkichi

    I need her to announce the genre of their next album as "monalisa-kei. the one and only sub-genre of art-kei we have succintly co-developed together. please find your own words to describe it once you hear it." while wearing a beautiful bridal gown and eating sugared lilac/carnation/marigold petal 𝒶𝓈𝓈ℴ𝓇𝓉𝒾 from a little tea plate. I'm sure it will bring an avalanche of perfectly well comments from their lovely fanbase.
  9. モンストロ MonstlloW NEW 6th SINGLE 『LadyKiller』 TYPE A CD+DVD TYPE B CD only 2020.04.xx
  10. zetork

    Some changed names Vo.夜-yami- ex NEMU Ba.嫩様-futaba ex 桃様 (Momo-sama) Dr.がぶ Gabu ex かずや(Kazuya)
  11. Yukami

    1st SINGLE「アリシア」 Release: 2020.03.18 TrackList: 1.アリシア 2.囚われのオピーオーン
  12. ShTon

    Voted Kizu since I enjoy their music. Not really digging DIMLIM.
  13. Guys, anyone thats a member on RED could invite me ? <.<

  14. Yukami

    1. ぐるぐる症候群 2. 病みうさぎ2 3. 必殺!ミラクルアルティメット!
  15. This thread needs a serious update :lol: 



    1. Tokage


      the new update is ''friendship with both kizu & dimlim is ended. now gulu gulu is my new best friend''

    2. platy


      And in a few months gulugulu will be discarded just like its predecessors

  16. platy

    MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS Chouchou Merge Syrups 🤢
  17. Tokage

    y'all motherfuckers gettin upset about the psychobilly thing now but you'll eat those words when it turns out their next album is gonna be straight up horror punk/psychobilly
  18. platy

    Now that both bands have had a a shaky year, I wonder how the numbers would change
  19. Bear

    He surely did not describe Dir en grey's current sound as psychobilly? That's just fucking dumb. What a moron.
  20. It couldn't be that, as "デー" represents an elongated /deɪ/ sound, as in "day", whereas the "e" at the end of "merde" is silent. I'm no expert, but "merde" would probably be transliterated "メ—ド" or "メアド" or possibly "メルド" or possibly even "マ—ド ". Great tune by the way
  21. Ascended to I C O N I C

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