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  2. Mika is definitely one Of the most impressive drummer out there. Of course people tend to be more impress by show off drummers... Like Yoshiki. But Mika drummin is very subtle and dynamic, he follow the energy of the song, he can play softly with a lot of small details to hitting the hell out Of the drum. I really admire that.
  3. keep the releases coming!! alice nine. is back
  4. Yes exactly, in the past it was like he was screaming all his pain. I remember an interview they said they wanted to have more fun now and not being stuck with depressive songs X) Anyway i'm happy they don't deny their past like some others bands
  5. I prefer their cover band (DAMY) way more. This one too!
  6. Well Well Well...A9...

  7. NOOO </3 I hope he get better I'm big fan of him, when I read this, i really think he gonna retire of music. I don't wanna it happen :'(
  8. I'm surprised how many people here are a bit like me musically!! I would've been into post-hardcore, metalcore, some alternative and oldschool rock, definitely some pop, and some different types of metal for sure. I was really into post-hardcore and metalcore before I found visual kei, and I still love those genres. Visual kei sorta filled the void for me, because musically I like the weird crazy melodic shit that suddenly turns into pure chaos that most people think sucks.
  9. in a parallel universe where i never found anime at 6yo therefore never heard japanese music i think i'd... be listening to the same western bands i listen today, since i've always liked pop, rock (esp alt rock) because of my sister's influence lol although it wasnt until i dove into japanese rock when i was 12 that i developed my personal music taste. before that i just listened to anime OPs and whatever my sis introduced me to.
  10. First off, I have to say: If English is not your native language, then HOLY CRAP your spelling is fantastic! We appreciate you taking some time and introducing yourself on Monochrome Heaven, as we love to meet all of our lurkers haha. As the others have mentioned, we hope to see you around on the forums soon. Oh and as @Komorebimentioned, us MH Staff are here if you have any questions. Welcome!
  11. Today was an awesome day.


    My notebook is finally back from the maintenance. Also, I'm finally done with downloading Versailles' latest DVD.


    I'm so happy :'D

  12. Today
  13. Japanese music was my gateway the entire Asian music scene, so without it likely no Korean or Chinese music for me either... At one point prior I was digging into a Spanish language rock and Japanese competed with that (and totally won out) so I might have spent more time in that area without the competition. Otherwise, definitely more American/British/Australian groups would be on my radar.
  14. I don't think I'd be listening to anything. The first CD I ever got was filled with Japanese Pokemon songs, and I haven't listened to anything non-Japanese of my own accord. I couldn't stand hearing the music on the radio even when I was 8. Even the video game soundtracks that I sometimes listen to when I need a break from visual kei are composed by Japanese people.
  15. I would have probably switched from stuff like Paramore and Linkin Park to stuff like Blind Guardian and Avantasia instead of VK lol
  16. Hi, welcome to MH. Glad you decided to join on the fun. I'm sure you'll still find interesting information and new bands to try out if you look around. You can ask anyone with a red or blue name for help if you need anything, or any of us too Enjoy the forum, I hope with time you'll feel more at ease.
  17. hi! welcome to MH even if it's just liking posts or commenting, I hope to see you around~
  18. Hey there! I'm AmberCrystal17 but you can call me Amber (not my real name). I have been lurking around on this site for a while now after I found it on a google search and I finally decided to make an account and temporarily come out of lurking to finally introduce myself. I still won't be super active on this site and I probably won't leave comments or make posts, but I might leave the ocassional like (if I even remember to do so). English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes in grammar or spelling or whatever. I was a fan of VK around 2011-2013 before I stopped listening to it for a while for some reason. I only got back into it in 2016 when I looked through a very old playlist full of VK music I had on Youtube. Most of the VK bands and artists I like are well known ones like The Gazette, Dir en Grey, and Versailles, so I'm not really interesting in that aspect. DISREIGN is a band I like too. However, I've been really bad at keeping up with updates and news about them and I'm only really into their music, so I don't know if I want to call myself a fan of them... Well, that's pretty much all I wanted to share that I could come up with. I guess it's time to go back to lurking.
  19. Nice!!


  21. Yesterday
  22. Seems pretty impossible for me to not have found Japanese music one way or another since I also enjoy anime, visual novels, and Jrpg's. But if for some reason I did I'd probably be listening to rap and r&b. Most western metal and rock music just doesn't vibe with me in the same way.
  23. This is more generic than I was expecting, hm. Hopefully they go a little harder in the next full length and do something more memorable.
  24. I'm accepting links for the latest Age Factory EP


    can offer absolutely nothing in return



  25. I probably would've indulged myself deeper into the avant-garde underground and also become more fascinated/obsessed with 90s alternative/shoegaze. Although with avant-garde stuff, I probably would've discovered Japanese stuff sooner or later through the craziness of Boredoms and Melt-Banana, so Idunno lol.
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