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  3. qotka

    Addition: Miya: We've come up with 自己嫌悪 last minute on the 16th [of May] so we won't be able to include it in the single scheduled to be out in July. But since everyone seemed to like it [during the lives on the 21st and 22nd], we're thinking about releasing it as a limited edition CD for the Hokkaido tour. I wonder if we can do the press and design on time. I love this approach and how they're flexible, creative and responsive to their audience even thought the way they work always seems very systematic.
  4. It just dawned on me after so many years that "Nostalgia" by Tatsuya-era Syndrome and "Eyes for me" by GARDEN are practically the same song. Too lazy to look up which came first but lmao.

  5. evenor

    Any recommended shopping service to buy tickets overseas? I am hoping to get tickets for the upcoming MIRAGE&Matina anniversary show in Oct. A friend pointed me towards this site. Thanks!
  6. Bear

    Enzeru koppu aka Angel Cop was very good. The plot is awfully silly, but it does get more and more interesting and over the top as it goes, and that's something I can really enjoy. Starts off as a fairly traditional cyberpunk series, but as the series goes on it just gets crazier and crazier. Lots of violence, weirdness, good soundtrack and nice visual style and animation. I liked it a lot!
  7. Bear

    Party Bus to Hell - I didn't have very high expectations to this, but even with the low expectations this was a sad affair. Really cheap horror with elements of comedy that features a shitload of nudity and blood, but everything about it was godawful. Simple as that.
  8. doombox

    I only came back to say they look awesome (Tatsuro looks rather unamused but I ain't even mad about that tbh) and I'm extra hype to hear these new songs!! I've had basically zero interest in vk without them, thank god they are back.
  9. colorfuljinsei

    cybergundamwave ftw
  10. Takadanobabaalien

    Holy shit, the Limited edition type B comes with a DVD of their live at 2017/03/10... Kinda want to order it just for that but man, 12k jpy :v
  11. Yesterday
  12. Just based on the MV spot it looks like they could be secretly signed to Ains.. sounds pretty nice
  13. Furik

  14. Saishu

    Wtf at that album cover.
  15. Newly added items: BARN - BARN chercher - vol. 1 (some Gackt wannabe singer) 駄菓子菓子 (Dagashi Kashi) - 抜け殻の愛情 Gu:Laymu - Gu:Laymu キュア (cure) - 独白・・・ feathers-blue - BE FREE Lagna - 道化師 (1998.11.01 寝屋川VINTAGE BAR) Little Vampire - 抱きたい×4 ヌルハチ - ヌルハチ PLASTIC - CLASH! CLASH!! CLASH!!! RAEL - Birth of Monsters Ray - tear relic - The Survival Game Shulla - 神罰と回帰線 Shulla - 「君から始まるAの唄」 A.C ver SISTER'S NO FUTURE SUPER DELUXE - LONG TIME NO SEE Six O'clock - It's gettin' wide. Sleep My Dear - CODE Promotional Sample Tape (1996) THE DEAD P☆P STARS - EVER FREE~虹の彼方へ~ / DAYDREAMDAY~3次元の白昼夢~ Zephyr - Plumeless Eyes ZETUAI MEGAMIX 1992 - ZETUAI MEGAMIX 1992 NOTE: allot of items still have no prices, please contact me and ask/offer for a price for anything wanted.
  16. Disposable

    Ruki is so hard into flavour of the month aesthetics that a lot of their visuals, merch especially, dates really badly because they’re essentially really bad knock offs
  17. platanity

    it looks like one of those cheap kanye merch back from the 2012, sort of like givenchy style graphics that was so hyped up around that time nonetheless, i am curious of their music - like i always have but at the same time, a sense of little prediction - like i always have
  18. IGM_Oficial

    Just me and you
  19. Yaaaaassss!!! Amazing news!!
  20. Naaaaani

    Not really into psycho scene but I'm in love with Shizuka
  21. Hell2U

    I'm playing Monster Hunter Word and replaying Metal Gear Solid 3 because someone reminded me of Ocelot killing bees by spinning guns.
  22. Hell2U

    I haven't thought about or listened to this band in what feels like 100 years but I'm totally checking this out due to the strength of the album cover alone.
  23. This is my jam tbh I really enjoy direction they are going since ツミトバツ
  24. pawzord

    songs they covered were inspired by*
  25. Jigsaw9

    Satsuki better watch out.
  26. Minami

    Awesome! Waiting more.
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