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  2. C4 new live DVD "NEVER FAILS DETNIX" will be released at 2019/03/13 (DVD+CD+12-page book) it will include scenes of their oneman live at 2018/12/15 at Shinjuku ReNY (3800yen) [tracklist] 1、PERSUADE 2、MARVELY 3、TERMINUS 4、Crocodile Vibration 5、barrel shifter 6、My Confidential Notes 7、Cryhound 8、Philosophia 9、PLAZMA DRIVE 10、EARTH TAKER 11、Shattered Ray 12、Swichblade 13、Complainer 14、Decide Myth 15、flarestack 16、BLACKNESS 17、RETAINER 18、UNITE 19、PASSIVE 20、SLUDGE ■SP SP1、TERMINUS SP2、Decide Myth SP3、PERSUADE
  3. BabyKingdom new single, "首領!BURACO" (Don! BURACO) will be released on April 17 in 4 types. [CD tracklist] 1.首領!BURACO 2.SAIL [regular edition type C (1500 yen) tracklist] 1.首領!BURACO 2.SAIL 3.泥酔曜日~DAY SWIM DAY~ 4.首領!BURACO(inst) 5.SAIL(inst) 6.泥酔曜日~DAY SWIM DAY~(inst) [regular edition type D (1500 yen) tracklist] ^ 3.deep blue 6.deep blue (inst) DVD [limited edition types A & B]: [limited edition type A (1800 yen)] 首領!BURACO (PV making) [limited edition type B (1800 yen)] 首領!BURACO (multiangle PV) those who purchase all types will receive a trading card (out of 8 total) and an application ticket those who purchase type A will also receive a postcard
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  5. Kamijo chekis cost 3 times the price as regular ones, I'm afraid I can't sell them for 7...
  6. Flame-X

    Spiderman Into the Spiderverse Without a doubt, it's the best Spiderman movie I've seen. Get out there and see it before it no longer shows on the big screen.
  7. ricchubunny

    good bye ghost-writer band
  8. platy

    Ru was definitely on drugs in this episode.
  9. platy

    Rings: wasn't painfully bad, but it does drag along. Kudos for the attempt at an origin story I guess?
  10. Hey there everyone! I run a discord for Visual Kei fans that have an interest in 90's/early 2000's era of music. We are small and cozy, and only focus on Visual Kei, (thus also specialize in it.) Besides that, we have many members that are interested in different types of bands, from Malice Mizer, Shazna, Gazette, Dir en grey etc, to very obscure and unknown bands. Need some pushes to join? here are some cool reason: - A ranking system for collectors. - Choose roles to show what VK style you like, as well as the era of VK! (great for expressing yourself and finding people with common interests!) - Very relaxed and laid-back, no strict rules. Just fun and sharing the passion for the scene. - We like to learn new things about VK, and to teach some! We all have our experiences within the scene, lets share it - Very structured group in general, slick looking and not overwhelming. - A Radio bot, enjoy making those "DJ sessions" in discord and invite ur friends~ - Communicative Research regarding band information. - Possibly downloads being dropped sometimes, maybe? 😮 (rarez~) We hope to see you soon! https://discordapp.com/invite/dh7vY5w As a small sidenote: I also run a VK store in Europe, being in the group means you have the fastest way of hearing new items in stock, and thus sniping it before it even reaches the forum.
  11. We recently added self-roles so you can choose what VK style/era you like!!

    This way you can express yourself more with your interest, as well as see the interest of others.


    Not joined our Discord group yet? you should!

    We are a very laid-back and relaxed VK group that gladly talk about anything Vk related (mostly 90's tho :p)


  12. colorfuljinsei

    Bumblebee was meh. It felt like a hamfisted late-80's teen romcom tribute combined with the Transformers franchise. I think the last Transformers was so bad, this one looked amazing by comparison. That being said, it could be considered a decent kids movie... Just not my preference.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Which came first? The Omnibus series titled Deep More Deep, or the Vasalla song from 1998 titled Deep (More Deep) Blue?

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    2. AimiGen7


      Ah. Didn't Dir en Grey also use some variation of the name for a tour or something?

    3. Alkaloid


      Not that I know of. It sounds like something they would use though haha


      Edit: they did for a tour in December 2000. "Macabre Deep[-],Deep[-],Deep[-],Deep[er]"

    4. AimiGen7


      Probaby still Vasalla influenced. Diru and Vasalla were really close friends, so it'd make sense

  15. Setlist from free will slum: 1 縄 2 R指定 3 アイドル狂いの心裏学 4 リストカッター 5 夕暮れの謝罪
  16. Gesu

    I can deal with the first word, but not the second. I have never cringed so hard saying a single word before in my life.
  17. suji

    thanks, I'll take both!
  18. RaeDesu

    How do you even PRONOUNCE that? XD
  19. Doesn'tEvenGoHere

    DAMY and Vexent played together quite often, didn't they? Kind of interesting that they announced their disbandment on the same day. I wonder if some of their members will come back together in new bands.
  20. geist

    I’m eyeing NY and already got 2 tickets; but it’s not definite. Should be a great time regardless.
  21. chipathy

    Technically not my purchase as it was a late christmas gift but I still wanna share it
  22. I just got tickets for Crystal Lake's first US tour. I'm contemplating going to at least one other show, but I'm also moving around that time and not sure what my financial situation will be. But fuck it. I'm stoked for now!

  23. I started a "30 days of J-rock" challenge on my facebook. People seem to be into it! I'm glad I can spread the J-rock love!!! ❤️

  24. After being away from my desktop for about 4 1/2 months, I can finally sit down this Saturday and catch up with all the VK I missed.


    Any album recommendations from late 2018 to check out?

  25. Paraph

    I only recognize Nakigahara above as a song I've definitely heard, but I've been wanting to check out DIAURA for some time. Tom Waits - Ice Cream Man Rands - Phalaenopsis chariots - marvel Dalle - casualty for requiem "sarabande" kiryu - 情ノ華 マーブルヘッド -『 デス知育 』¥1980 GRIMOIRE - リバイバルジャーニー ヴァージュ - 未練雪 hurts - 玩具芸事ロータリィ chariots - Re:Automata This was hard between Phalaenopsis and Ice Cream Man, but since I've been a Tom Waits fan for much longer I had to go with him. Love the entirety of Closing Time.
  26. RaeDesu

    I honestly fell in love with BUCK-TICK after I heard the song Dress from Trinity Blood. My friend Ku is super into them, and loves them a lot, but I haven't liked them very long. However, I adore Atsushi, I think his voice is super unique and his stage presence is wonderful. My second song that REALLY got me into them was "Alice In Wonder Underground." The video made me go WTF the first time, but now I absolutely love it haha.
  27. ChimeraKei

    I havent took the time to listen to Ringo Sheena, I have heard her name floating around from some time. I only recognize Dir En Grey and DimLim from the list above 😧 My Shuffled Playlist: (1) Exist Trace - Resonance (2) Jupiter - Theory of Evolution (3) Abingdon Boys School - Howling (4) Diaura - Lost November (5) Unlucky Morpheus - Phantom Blood (6) Magistina Saga - Fate Gear (7) Diaura - Trigger (8) Mamireta - Ojamashimasu (9) The Gazette - Nakigahara (10) Band Maid - Thrill Songs like Lost November is nostalgic and Ojamashimasu is very catchy. Though I have decided on the song Phantom Blood for its epic neoclassical power metal style and operatic vibrato. The title track is probably a reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure knowing the bands interests in anime. ☺
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