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  2. Thank you, this is sweet. (Love your taste too.) Guess I just get irrationally defensive when talking about the things I feel the strongest about, and my favorite music is very high up there, self-deprecation is an automatic defense. Which is super silly, because unthinkingly I end up insulting what I love the most.
  3. This is a very good point and you it's not just vk. You can notice a clear difference in the way a lot of Japanese artists write music compared to Western artists and this is most likely highly connected to fundamental differences in the language. You can notice this especially in choruses of vk/jpop/jrock songs, something that I always felt but fully released when I started learning Japanese. Although I would much rather a Western vk band use English or their native language instead of forcing a terrible Japanese accent. Yohio is pretty good with this but far from perfect. But they should really focus on not writing terrible music first. Also not really related but when searching for vk in my country Australia, I found an act called ZICHXYNA on bandcamp who sings in Japanese. Well well above the level of any other Western vk band I have heard. I could upload if there is any interest (and if this person doesn't browse the forum and tell me to take it down).
  4. Of course it's not Karma ! I don't understand the hype with this vocalist. He is not even good !
  5. Ha! Not Karma. But sounds amazing. Voice sounds like 勇企' voice.
  6. It was about time... We need the return of H&MC!
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  8. This really surprised me ;-; Aw well, at least he departed properly and didn't fake his own death
  9. Where can I donate to cure his mental illness? Even yohio with his coverband looks better. Western vk tryhards should die in pain, no discuss.
  10. The problem is that these dudes are completely inept and even singing in Swahili wouldn't give them the kind of vocal melody that's up to the standard of the most dime-a-dozen vk bands in Japan ( anyone who claims otherwise probably only listens to two new bands an year and just hates them on principle to look cool to nobody. ) Seike is another who, in addition being woefully unskilled, just never managed to break out of the humming a simple singy songy melody in his parents basement mode. There's been only one discernible talent in this entire farce and that's Yohio. Disreign can pass off as a legitimate band so god bless them.
  11. Ughhh my heart
  12. there's a practical reason for using japanese anyway, imho those melodic, vibrato-y, interval-jumping vocal lines vkei is known for are a lot easier to manage in a language where half the sounds are what english calls consonants & half are vowels, and where emphases aren't intrinsic to words/phrases that's why Kyo singing in english just sounds /different/ compared to him singing the same lines in japanese; i say Kyo bc glass skin & dozing green are recorded in both versions and make for great comparisons like that. Not to say one language is better than the other - i think on those two diru songs english actually suits them way better and i'm def not saying that bc i can understand Kyo's english better. There's just different sounds/techniques/styles some languages have less difficulties in expressing than others, so i think there's reason for overseas bands to sing in japanese beyond just the ~aesthetic~ of it.
  13. ^ of course its not a "must" to sing in your native language if you wanna start a Vk band but quite a lot do think so (at least from how i feel it) which makes no sense and kills their music because they force themselfes so much to pull it off like japanese... its kinda hard to describe. but as a good example for what i mean is that one chinese Vk band which had that one japanese Vk musician in them - can't think of their name right now. like they sung in chinese and still got a lot of recognition because to people they obviously sounded good. so there's no need for foreign Vk bands to force themselves to try to sing in japanese / english because if your musics good then people will listen to it no matter what language of course. like probably 95% of all Vk fans who aren't japanese still listen to Vk because they like the music/the looks and the way the language sounds. so i don't hink *to stay in sweden* like if a swedish Vk band would sing in swedish that a lot of people would be turned off based off of that because if your musics good and they like they way swedish sounds then they'll like you. and same goes for japanese Vk. people like your music, your looks the language - boom - success. like there are many artists (not Vk) who sing in german etc. and are well loved all over the world although most none german fans probobly don't understand what they say... so maybe now i could describe it better what i originally tried to say in my post above.
  14. finished The Knick, which was very beautiful visual-wise. and Clive Owen masterfully did his job there, bravo! cinemax did a great job with this series, imo. also if you decide to try it, i'd recommend not to eat while watching it, some scenes were really disturbing/disgusting(but it makes this show even better). also watching Shameless and Banshee. not really hooked up on neither of these tbh. Shameless is kinda like these shitty teenage comedies with dogawful music and fucking all over. but slightly better, because there's at least some drama involved. still, there's no single character that i like in that show. and actors are pretty bad too. Banshee is also not as good as i hoped. each episode so far followed this schema: main character fights with bad guys -> main character fucks random gurl -> shit appears to be progressing, but in fact it isn't. basically, i'm watching these 2 just because my series to-watch list is already pretty small and if i drop them, i'll finish everything by the end of the year.
  15. I bet their comeback will be explosive. the bomb
  16. Ah, good old terrorism-kei الله أكبر
  17. wtf i love your music taste now
  18. featured list

    Maybe it's not shitty enough to make the list, but remember when Toka from Vexent stole money and equipment and disappeared for several days and got fired?
  19. the language thing is pure bullshit tho i dont think a band or an artist has to sing in his/hers native tongue just because ~*thats how its supposed to be*~ there's a lot of swedish bands who sing in english instead of swedish. of course english is more universal so its not going to draw as much attention as a swede singing in japanese or some other language but I think that if you manage to pull it off then that's not an issue (example: chaos from glamscure, and even yohio whos japanese is actually good). the issue is that they dont manage to pull off the vk style, not their choice of language.
  20. well although i usually don't spread my opinion about such alike often - i guess because out of to much free time i'll do: so i discovered this video yesterday on yt even before i knew there was an whole topic started here around it.... my initial thought when he said like Vk is dead in europe i was like: hell no I am the best example Vk is still very alive in europe. *and now for being more serious...* like when he said he searched on yt and there's almost like nothing i was like: yea of course not because no one thinks its cool anymore to upload everything on yt - everyone just downloads it for own purposes.... the part with in every TV commercial break i saw Vk adds: sure but only for bands like the GazettE, Nightmare, Gackt.... so huge Vk bands which isn't that special... when he talked about visiting tower records and codomo dragon had an instore going on... like that was the part which made me speechless the most! bcuz sure not everyone is that much into Vk like i am but if you always state like "I LOVE VK" i thought codomo dragon like even if you don't know how they sound i thought if you are into the scene for a few years now at least you should've heard there name already like WT actual F!?! also if you are into Vk (sure when i was in tokyo i visited tower records as well but!) i was like: wouldn't it make more sense to actual visit the "real" Vk shops for buying CDs getting distributed and flyers etc.???? made no fucking sense at all to me.... and finally although not really related to the video i wanna give you my honest opinion about "none-japanese" Vk bands i have forever now: dear bands Vk bands sing in japanese because its their native language and usually add some english for being "special". so if you are a foreing Vk band fucking sing in your native language and mix it with english also! if you are from sweden sing in swedish and add some english etc.... sure if your native is already english then well i don't know - then sing english and add some other language or just keep it with english but that mentalitly i wanna start a Vk band and then 80% of that people sing just piss-poor japanese it just makes me sick and is the main reason i don't get about foreing Vk bands like again: dressing up Vk if you like it all they way you want thats totally cool but again japanese sing in their main language and add something more so why do foreign bands mostly think they NEED to sing japanese as well???!!!! so that was probably a lot of shit i wrote here but i tried my best. ;D
  21. I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with Westerners having visual kei bands, but it would be great if their music and style was anything more than mediocre and if they weren't cringey narcissists as people. Also in terms of not being able to pull off the style, they COULD do it. I do and I'm a chubby average-looking white person. It takes a lot of practice and effort to learn to style yourself correctly, but some people are so cocky that they're convinced they're already perfect when they're only halfway there, in both fashion and music. ALSO I've literally seen people whining that "visual kei is dying" or "it isn't what it used to be" since I got into this shit in 2003. It's usually from people who have been in the scene like 2-5 years and haven't come to terms with the fact that the life expectancy of a visual kei band unfortunately includes their favs and they get bitter when all the bands they liked when they got into vk are now disbanding.
  22. Golden thread. Thank you.
  23. Some Finnish bands I'm surprised I had not posted before.
  24. I wish there was a recording of that...
  25. they covered dir en greys "akuro no oka" at mei's birthday live btw
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