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  2. http://http// The victim didn't proceed with charges after he publicly shamed her
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  4. lol i keep forgetting NOISY CROWDS exists everything shina touches is gold
  5. D!!

    The band have revealed their new look in commemoration of their 14th anniversary. The theme is 'Dark fairy tale'.
  6. I would be surprised if all members are newbies or have had shorter careers
  7. So they announced their "names" ... So their names are just 1-5 in kanji, but phonetically pronounced differently (with the exception of Dr. Go).
  8. he is one of the legends! I love whatever he does.
  9. @emmny that and stuff like he's old school af
  10. My biggest wtf moment at this moment are the death from Isshi (kaggra,) and Jasmine You (Versailles). I was a new fan from that bands and after few months, they was dead.
  11. ugh, THIS.
  12. There will be if Firewall div./Sun-krad decided to supervise/operate their common collab portal and promote broadcasting "+extras" (Androgynos, that is). And since Pierrot is now technically "label-less" (for the sake of proof, use lookup on Pierrot's fanclub portal and you will notice that they operate it themselves at the moment, Universal, EMI and Mystic Child days are long gone now), it will be a huge win for DT and his crooks to take PIERROT under their wing. Cannot wait to see Pierrot's prospective releases being churned out under Firewall's label, oh what an irony - maybe Aiji won't fuck it up this time? edit: just spend 1-2 minutes on this one and draw some conclusions from there:
  13. Biggest wtf for me: I don't know much about Golden Bomber, but all I can say when someone asks me: "Aren't Golden Bomber these guys that run around naked?"
  14. Can't stop listening to them atm. I remember seeing this on the local news when eyeball licking was in xD
  15. That made me wtf... xD I mean he is so short and so old
  16. Yea expect these days he's pretty much normal.. at least as normal as possible for someone dressed up as a stitched-up living harajuku doll.
  17. Gotta say I'm quite enjoying the new Grieva single. Fun & crazy stuff.

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      I am pleasantly surprised as well. Much better than liar!

  18. UGH they are just so amazing!!!! and OMG they are on TIMELY..... I can't with my life right now<3
  19. WAAAAAa first release please<3333333 sounds so goooood!!!! and not live-limited plz and thank you
  20. LMFAO so thats what the host of himitsu no kurowozetto was up to back in the day, LOL
  21. Nice one.
  22. It was Kagrra's 咒葬 since I was into theme songs of horror movies at the time.
  23. I don't think Plastic Tree has the relevance Dir en grey and PIERROT had in the 90's. I'm not sufficiently knowlegeable about it but apparently Dir en en grey and PIERROT were really big and sort of emblematic (to some extent) bands in the Visual Kei scene in the late 90's, right? So they occupy different seats in the hall of Visual Kei that Plastic Tree doesn't despite being also very popular band. I remember some people implying certain rivalries more related to popularity between the two bands when I joined one of PIERROT fanbase over here.
  24. The only Lolita23Q song I ever liked thanks to you being on an omnibus WAY back in the day.
  25. I agree. That dude cannot sing.
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