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    I think I've got a pretty good handle on it. You can combine materials to create new items (e.g. melting bone + small webbing potion). And, with an item called alkahest, you are able to break down items into materials (potion breaks down into melting bone & small webbing). When it comes to shards, having multiple copies of the same shard will increase its grade which is linked to increasing the strength of the shard. You can also upgrade the rank of shards which will enhance the shard like adding more items for summoning shards or increasing range for projectile shards. I found the English voices to be grating and have been using the Japanese voice. Much better I think (relatively anyways). I don't know if it's just because I haven't played them in a while, but I've actually found it to be a bit more of a challenge than the Castlevania titles. Especially the boss fights. I wouldn't say they're difficult, but some of them have required some attentive focus.
  3. ambivalentideal

    That's true, you don't exactly get to choose where to go but you can always travel. It might be expensive to get out of the inaka and with time constraints and stuff but I don't think it would be completely impossible to go to lives occasionally. Not in Tokyo or anything but in the closest major city or something. I think it makes more sense to go through JET because of what you said about the benefits. Definitely. Everyone always asks me why I don't want to teach in Japan or work there and that is exactly why. 😕 I'm not a woman but as an LGBTQ person I feel like that would be another added thing that wouldn't exactly be great for me.
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  6. CAT5

    It's wild how The Most High will use other people to reveal things to you that you've been inquiring about. And these people are usually none the wiser. Blows my mind.
  7. Very interesting 😮 I remember reading about this band on their vk.gy page, and they had quite the history together. Not surprised that the singer is by himself now. The songs compiled here are from their major era under EMI records, and this revival is basically to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary of going major. Good for them~ btw YAFUMI 単独反抗 is not the actual new name, it's just pointing out that it's his solo project
  8. Razor's new album is sooooo good! Until now the best album of the year ❤️

  9. Amazed, surprised and baffled as to why CNN had Richard Spencer on now of all times; everyone had forgotten about him and now he's trending.

  10. The Moon

    Too many at the moment. I'm currently playing: 1. Tales of Narikiri Dungeon X for the PSP - it's fun, but the storyline is nothing impressive (so far?) and the combat system feels too "floaty" for me in comparison with other games in the series. I love all the different jobs you can be, though. 2. Hatsukare☆Ren’ai Debut Sengen! - an otome game. It's stupid and campy, and the brother is a creep, but I'm enjoying it anyways. Going after the bad-boy, because I like boys that are bad for me. 3. Romancing SaGa for the Super Famicon - super, super hard. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, I got sold into slavery, lost all my money, and died in the sewers. Looking forward to playing more, but the spot I'm in ATM is super-grindy. My chosen MC is so WEAK. 4. Dragon Quest 3 - SF version. Classic Dragon Quest I started up as a distraction from the raging dumpster fire that is my life.
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  12. suji

    I'm just gonna spam here...
  13. Ioto

    I think these demo tapes KREUZ - ~華ト影~type;A キュア - [独白…] PERSONA - 神欲の果実 Silu:Et - 「Film」 麗音 - 『~永遠~』
  14. jaymee

    JET may put you waaaaay out in the boonies so you can’t do lives since JET costs more money for Boards of Education to contract and your experience is still up to how well you get on with your school, but yeah bc it is run thru the government you will be a proper full time worker with subsidized health insurance/pension benefits and the pay is better. I agree if you don’t plan on making Japan a home for more than a year or two do study abroad. Working society in Japan is really a bummer in most job sectors (even outside of teaching) bc of the huge wage gap for women, sexism, and forced overtime.
  15. my wife and i went to walmart and with her mom.  while we were separated from her mom, my wife saw a bts single in the electronics area.  the shrink wrap was removed, but an employee or someone taped the obi to the case?  the cd and dvd were still in tact.  she put it in the cart to check the price of it, just out of curiosity.  then we both forgot about it.  at the end, we gave her mom the money to pay for all the stuff, and went out to the car bc it’s hot af.  long story short, we accidentally bought it.  in all it’s glory(?), $10.  i guess it just came out last week.  wtf.  😂



  16. Triangle

    I love this song so much. When I finally understood the lyrics, it felt awesome 💕
  17. spockitty

    the 2nd one, no doubt about it~ u see, even if you do suck, there's a right person for it~
  18. ChaoticEnding

    Canal muito legal, tenho um também, vou me inscrever e boa sorte com o seu! 😃
  19. spockitty

    From what you're saying, it's kind of amazing how Hakuoki is holding up through the years with the art and quality of the story. Taking aside the encyclopedic content of feudal japanese history, it's a pretty compelling story that I've yet to see surpassed by another otome (translated into english). So, Hakuoki-veteran-san, seems like you've been trough hell and back with this game, I wonder how do the previous releases compare to the Steam thing. Is Iba, Souma and Sakamoto's route a thing in the previous versions? I've seen some reviews criticising the art for these routes, because they were drawn by a different artist than the whole original content. And while Souma may just quietly die in a corner, Iba and Sakamoto? YES PLEASE. Also, let's go back to Kazama's voice actor, could you point me to any other otome/project he stars in? Because YES, that VOICE. Otome bringing me back to VK is pretty simple if you consider I used to major in Japanese language/culture in college, AND what brought me to that major is VK ^^; It just reminded me that I used to love all things Japanese. If you want to be precise, the first otome ( that's not really an original otome) I've stumbled upon was Sounds of Verity, which is a Russian anime visual novel that I bought for like 1$ on sale and once I realized it's a whole genre, the rest is history. So is PS Vita still a thing? Do you think it'd be worth acquiring at this point, solely for the purpose of playing otome games not available for the western market? As for Steam otome releases, it's a slowly growing genre but it's pretty hit and miss depending largely on the amount of funding? Like the Dogenzaka Lab's releases, they are B rate otome at best, but the translations drag them even lower geez........... I feel my brain melting reading those stories T-T Switch?????? How do you play otome on switch? does not compute~
  20. violetchain

    I love Lida's Frontiers look so much. Aya has had a lot of interesting hats as well.
  21. yo, 8P-SP's matador is catchy as fuck and some of the remakes made a couple of songs sound way less horrible


    never thought I'd say that, damn

  22. Peace Heavy mk II

  23. secret_no_03

  24. Those highs are not for me but i know this song will grow on me. As for those huge bugs, I see why the drummer isn't in this video. Also..whats with all these fucking mvs and no formal release?
  25. secret_no_03

    There are some that are exclusive to their museum that are said to be worth the trip.
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