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  2. PREACH, especially アゴラフォビア imo is so stunning...
  3. Love the Crucifixion vibes!
  4. https://www.last.fm/music/the+Raid./+wiki I've heard of them, but never actually listened to them. I know that their vocalist participated in the Kneuklid Romance revival live in 2012 or so. I don't know if he acted as their guest vocalist, or the vocalist of some sort of session associated with the show.
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  6. What? Wasn't I just listening to his album a few nights ago...? I'm shocked. RIP
  7. Great news! We need more news like this seriously
  8. Just dropped my phone in the toilet(it was clean water) and miraculously it's still working fine lol Maybe it's waterproof and I wasn't aware because it was completely submerged only for about a second though.

    1. lichtlune


      You shouldn't use it though. I dropped my phone in the bathtub some months ago and it was working fine for most of the day and then it started having all kinds of electrical problems. Take out the battery and don't touch it for a few days. Let it dry out. 

  9. This season looks like going to be a memorable ones. All the young queens are good and the matured ones are legendary and not just some filler queens like past seasons. And the untucked were so fun. They are not afraid to joke and shade each other. Like really get in. Something I really missed from the show for awhile now. And I like that they utilize the RuGirls to the show too. Cannot wait for the mentoring session by Alyssa next week!
  10. I think Audrey is one of Dir en grey's best songs, and I feel it's placed perfectly on Macabre. One of the 2-3 furst songs I'd make sure to include on a best of album.
  11. Sorry I haven't been active I forgot my password. :(

  12. All I have to say is Im glad I didn't buy this album. Fukai remake was the only good song on there.
  13. I came across these screenshots and I'm curious about what they're from. any help would be greatly appreciated!! one two three
  14. 1. Disorder 2. Akuyuukai 3. Cockayne Soup 4. Hankou Seimeibun 5. Madara 6. Spermargarita 7. Gama And aside from Gama, Taion and 2-3 tracks off Dim I don't like anything this band did after 2004. I kinda agree a bit with Ghost. I don't hear any hardcore punk influences on Disorder or any of their other releases, but I do enjoy the general punk influences and punky attitude of a lot of the songs made up until 2004. The riffs, the productions on every release, Ruki's nasal voice, the general chaos of the releases. In one way they seem like compilations as they are all over the place and seem kinda unfocused, but in another way they've managed to melt all these different influences and sounds together. Stitched it up real well. Disorder ranks among my favourite Japanese albums ener. A complete masterpiece!
  15. Checked their iTunes and I kinda dig it 🙌🏼
  16. I just barely got Gama a couple of months ago and I can't believe I lived through my entire fanhood without it.
  17. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/catfist/646285668
  18. Wow I never knew this. Is that only on Japanese itunes? Edit: Oh I see now they just added most of these. International iTunes btw. Same with Spotify. Brilliant way to promote themselves in preparation for reforming.
  19. I guess I'm gonna stay for season 10 Bullet points for this episode: some of these contestants are cuuuuute I don't have any favourites yet I wanted Kalorie to get the chop this episode, I don't really dig her, plus she's doing the whole Kardashian thing which...... ick I'm also not into Aquaria, she seems really annoying There's too many people to keep track of, I've forgotten at least half the contestants' names
  20. I think so too. People will find sites that will share it. For a band like the GazettE it won’t work, but it might work for smaller bands
  21. BABBY'S FIRST DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Also on iTunes, and this includes DEFINITE PROMISE which never leaked. The files were transcoded from MP3s, so buyer beware if you're not on Spotify
  23. Heard the songs live on the 21st and holy shit it's so good. I hope they continue like this!!
  24. Also worth noting: As of earlier this month they have a bunch of stuff (Limited Collection & The Beautiful World Never Dies included) on Spotify. Sweet!
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