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  2. That would be awesome if you have the time to do so!
  3. Ozileras10

    The song is awesome and Hyde looks like Kyo
  4. Kiyoharu is God

    Wow, this is surreal. Dudemanguy already covered the history and so for that reason alone it's hard to believe... Just the longevity of the core group. One of the best Japanese bands ever. Really sad. I thought they would break up the group before doing something like this at this stage. Anyway, will be interesting to see how KIBA moves going forward.
  5. plastic_rainbow

    yess i love the live version on yt as well! there are a few extra lines added making the song longer. maybe i'll try to translate those parts when i get the chance.
  6. LIDL

    Is she that popular with RPDR stans? Any report how crowded her booth at the DragCon were?
  7. Jigsaw9

    While we're on the subject of David Bowie, it's also worth mentioning his live antics with guitarist Mick Ronson back around 1973... (dunno if this is the earliest example that could count as 'fanservice' tho XD)
  8. Jigsaw9

    Wow, this is......... wow. They were one of the few J-metal bands I actually checked up on from time to time, always delivering quality stuff. Curious about the future of this band now... 😕
  9. This song has been on constant repeat for a couple of weeks. The live performance on yt is even better imo. I could piece together parts of the lyrics but your translation is super helpful and nicely written. Thank you!
  10. This song is actually good; it's stuck in my head. The only thing I don't like is that tiring synth, I can't stand it. As a non-native, I misheard some lines. When he says "When there's nothing to hide we will find" I heard "When there's nothing to hide we will fight". The way he pronouned the final "d" in find* made it sound like fight* to my ears. I don't know what you, native speakers of English think about HYDE's English.
  11. Dudemanguy

    It's fucking over. I have loved Gargoyle for years (own all of their albums, their EPs, most of their various re-recordings, that massive 10 DVD boxset, etc.) and seeing this news earlier this morning has ruined my day. Toshi was there from the very beginning in 1987 and Katsuji joined a year later. Kentaro came into the picture a little later (1994) and replaced She-ja (along with Yotaro who later left in 2001). These aren't just random saps leaving. It's the lifeblood of the band. Even if Kiba decides it's solo project time (keep in mind he's like 52, it would be a logical time to call it quits) but with Gargoyle's name, it wouldn't be the same band. It's basically the end. Quite a shame really. It's like a piece of history is ending to me. Gargoyle was one of Japan's earlier thrash metal bands and easily one of the most creative ones. Hell, they're one of the most weird/creative thrash metal bands period. I never would have guessed their last album in 2016 would end up being their last one. 31 quality years is not a bad run. RIP one of my all time favorite bands.
  12. ahnchc

    Not a fan of the whole "school" theme in MVs, but the video looks cute, the song sounds cute, and Kaya looks nice. A part of me almost feels like this song will blow up because of stan twitter/RPDR stans.
  13. nekkichi

    speculation: they are quietly hired by yoshiki to help with finishing the finished and mastered new x album
  14. tag your friends x




  15. Today
  16. Long-lasting thrash metal band Gargoyle has announced that Gt.KENTARO, Ba.TOSHI, and Dr.KATSUJI will depart after their live on September 6. Vo.KIBA will be the only member remaining. http://firstcell.net/gargoyle/news/detail.php?no=1531753178
  17. ricchubunny

    I love this songgggggg!! So catchy! About the people hating this """new""" Kaya, have you ever been Kaya fan? He always made this kind of songs (Sugar Rose for example), they just weren't released as A-side before. lol
  18. Manji 卍

    Their look and music obviously reminds guruguru eigakan, pretty interesting. They have a discography already?
  19. suji

    Didn't really see a lot of fanfare about them. That sucks.
  20. Alkaloid

    G.S.I will disband after their oneman at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 at 2018/11/4.
  21. chemicalpictures

    ayy the hate is fierce in this thread lul Totally! I love how sometimes he appears to be mimicking Ryo's cadencies and rhythms with his notes. the little solo in AN ETERNITY is inspiring, his tuning is really unique
  22. Any official RIP announcement why VisualVice has been end?

    1. Shaolan974


      yeah, we posted an official announcement on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/visualviceofficial/ but it's in French ^^

  23. matthazell

    Can confirm what he said. The song they played in mode of DSS has a very similar atmosphere to the DSS album itself. Ranunculus has a lot of soft ambient electronic bits in the beginning though, mixed with piano most likely played by Takumi, and a soaringly high chorus. Can't wait to hear it recorded.
  24. 紫緒(Shio) left the band on 2018.07.05.
  25. This band surely has the most DVD's out of any visual kei band ever
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