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  2. Correct, it is related to 新沼GENJI, 大日本意識革命軍狂暴 and 太平洋ベルト. I'm still looking for their material, they announced a full-length album a few months ago. The teaser sounds pretty interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaBwVA_2QAQ
  3. I listened to one of their old singles (Etranger) a few times for similar reasons, I think it looked like Kago Shintaro did the cover for that one. They sort of remind me a bit of Zombie Lolita who used to perform a lot at Angura events back in the days, so I guess Angura idols are a thing?
  4. Has anyone heard of Necronomidol? Their website (in English) says they are an "idol" group playing black metal, darkwave and NWOBHM. But I suspect they are also a bit angura inspired. I don't know how I feel about these guys, they seem tooooo cute and pretty for angura. But I am quite intrigued just by the fact that Maruo Suehiro did their album cover. I might go see them when they play in London in June. Anyone wanna come as well, just hit me up ^^
  5. WhirlingBlack

    Some of that info is incorrect: SKY HIGH is actually a cover of a 1970s band called Jigsaw.
  6. This is a case where the cover version overshadows the original by a huge margin lol
  7. returnal

    i didn't know until recently either and yeah... everything about it screams Togawa
  8. Whoa, I never knew. I'm listening to the Nosaka version now and it's interesting, but I still think the Togawa version is the best.
  9. This is interesting, I get some old cosmo-shiki vibes.
  10. @Tokage They were so good man like one of the best of the night
  11. how were 太平洋ベルト btw?
  12. I went to that elect horror pictures show live tonight btw 曖昧中毒 they do have another release that was released today, live house only and is limited to 100 copies (only 90something are for sale because the members "bought" copies each). The cool thing about them was there were only bassists. Three bassists + the singer who would sometimes play too. There was some really great parts but overall I feel like once the novelty of 3 bassists wears off that's where enjoying the band also ends. as for what's going on with 太平洋ベルト they had a bunch of old CDs with them, nothing new, but I guess the prices were lowered a bit? they seem to have updated their website (kind of) since I last looked at it http://id6.fm-p.jp/129/osibe/ マツタケワークス Eiji's cult lives on I'm guessing at this point they wont be making any new music considering they've done matsutake works for so long and not put out anything. the only goods they had were cheki--a year or so ago they had stickers but it seems like they dont even sell those anymore
  13. Can't imagine the dude is anywhere over 30.. @TakadanobabaalienKGF & ハッピーサッド (vocalist's band prior to KGF, Kazuya from deadman also played in that one) both definitely do have something going on that feels 'anguraesque,' more so than, say, KtK. Both bands resemble Merry in a way, but funnily enough KGF feels more like Merry's punkier side, while the latter feels more like Merry when they're doing their kayokyoku-inspired thing. Death March used to rock the shironuri at least, and a couple of their album covers were drawn by eroguro sweetheart Suehiro Maruo. I guess it counts for something in terms of angura cred. I'm not entirely sure they have any ties to the VK scene either.. I do know that at some point they changed their name to 百怪ノ行列 (Hyakke no Gyoretsu). They remade at least one of the old Death March songs under that moniker. Even later, they changed their name again to Asakusa Jinta. Their sound roughly stayed the same since they changed their name for the first time, heavily toning down the more unhinged psychobilly vibe they had before, but the music's still pretty fucking fun nevertheless. They did some songs for the live-action adaptation of Kazuo Umezu's Cat Eyed Boy under the Asakusa Jinta moniker.
  14. How old is he? He kind of sounds like Sharaku, if he was trying to sing karaoke while drunk and hallucinating.
  15. Takadanobabaalien

    Kuroyuri to kage is a regular visual kei band and that's that. Despite never having said a word about it (that I know of) Karasuna Mei seem to be inspired by angura kei to some extent, but that's about it. If anything they are more influenced by Nagoya kei. But no, they're a visual kei band. As far as it goes for Angura/Shironuri I've basically only listened to Guruguru Eigakan (one of my fav. bands), Inugami Circus Dan, Sex-Android, Floppy, Metronome, Kalavinka, Sandwich de 120pun?, some of Eiji's other weird side projects. I've been post-poning trying out Shinjuku Gewalt for way too long so I should probably do that. Anyone got any recommendations for releases? Btw I always thought KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND had a Angura vibe thing going on, although not really in the same way as many of the "real" angura kei bands, if that makes any sense EDIT: And what about Deathmarch Kantai btw? It's been very long since I listened to them, I'm not even sure they're actually related to the visual kei scene? I always assumed they were an angura kei band at least
  16. Samurai NEWWAVE: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. 殺(KILL): EDGY AS FUCK hardcore punk-type music with an industrial twist. They remind me of that one video with the guy going TOO MUCH BROOD (you know what i'm talking about). They've been around since 2011 at least. Have played with Benizemi, Ozomaseeds & Kasumi Tori in the past. CUTTING HIS BOTH ARMS
  18. 空想革命 (Kuusou Kakumei): Calling them a 'recent' band is a bit of a stretch, considering they appear to have been around since like 2006 at the least. Sound-wise they fit straight into the bleep-bloop camp of things. They did a cover of Tama's 'Sayonara Jinrui' at some point. If I remember correctly, Idenshi Kumikae Kodomokai covered one of their songs. I thought these dudes vanished ages ago, but apparently they're still somewhat active, considering the fact they too appeared on that shironuri comp. from last year. OHP (i guess?) here: https://kuusoushop.thebase.in/ all their cds appear to be sold out lol
  19. リトルツイスターズ (Little Twisters): Seem to have disbanded in 2016, according to their twitter account. As far as I can tell, it seems they were an all-girl group playing some sort of folksy-sounding stuff. Pretty cute. Their OHP only lists a single two-track single and no other releases. Don't know if that's really all they ever release or not, but I hope not. Here's a vid of them playing with some dude wearing nothing but a cape & thong:
  20. White Z Company: Pretty much Maria Cross-tier. Just look at all those fans going wild. They appeared on that shironuri v/a that dropped last year as well. Besides that, they thankfully only have a maxi-single to their name.
  21. オゾマシーズ (Ozomaseeds?): They describe themselves as a 'white painted hardcore punk band'. Again, due to my basically nonexistent knowledge of Japanese, I barely know anything about these guys. They've released 2 one-track live dist. singles and one 4 track live dist. maxi-single so far. They also appeared on the 白い群衆 v/a that came out in January 2016. I'm guessing they're still active, since they performed together with 霞鳥幻樂団 & 燭台(怪) in March.
  22. 燭台(怪): Probably known to most as 'that one band that had a dog as a member,' these guys inexplicably ended up signed to Starwave Records, immediately increasing the amount of 'at least moderately listenable bands' to 1. Besides the dog they have like a gorillion other members as well, and I'm not entirely sure if they all actually DO anything, or whether it's just some sort of Muchi Muchi Anago-style 'let's just throw everybody on stage and have them dance around'-type of procedure. Their music sounds extremely amateuristic and messy, so I guess it's a bit of an acquired taste. They released a full-length album earlier this year, and they also performed together with 霞鳥幻樂団.
  23. 曖昧中毒 (Aimai Chuudoku): Supposed to be the solo project of Dagashi-Kashi's vocalist Mera. As far as I know, she's released 1 (one) maxi-single under this moniker back in 2010 and nothing else since. Sound-wise it's not really all that different from Dagashi-Kashi, so if you can dig that, you'll dig this as well. The whole single is up on YT, so judge for yourself.
  24. I'd say yes to Ningen-Isu (tho they're most def. not the first to influence the scene by a long shot) & no to KtK being labeled as angura tbh, anyone else want to jump in on that one? 霞鳥幻樂団 (Kasumi Tori Maboroshi): Another seemingly newer band rocking the raccoonface look. I can't quite figure out how long they've been around exactly, but it seems they've been active since AT LEAST 2015. They stand out due to having a female vocalist, a shamisen player, an accordeonist and a banjo player. As such, their sound occasionally kind of blends traditional Japanese w/ traditional western folk. They've released at least two mini-albums (the latest of which should be available through Amazon & HMV) and a couple of singles. I think they've lost at least two members since they initially formed, as some of their older band pics show more members than currently listed on their OHP. I shared a vid of theirs before in the random thoughts thread, so some of you might recognize them already. There's quite many other vids of theirs available on YT as well.
  25. ps the original version for 'Ima Dakara' is a fucking J A M
  26. returnal

    the Robot and Lyrics translation blog notes the sources of all the covers on 改造テープ! (virgin blues is listed as a Togawa cover, tho it actually does originate with 野坂昭如; didn't know that 'til now!)
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