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Lilith / 円夢中華-Genuine to the Core- [2nd press] - LP

Release List

Event details

1. [SILK] Rouge
2. Arcadia
3. Mr.Frxxk
4. Crimson Psyche
5. Stellar Secret -星之迷-
6. 心痕(シンヘン)
7. 雪未央(ユキミオ)
8. Spring Snow
9. Red Wing -重生之火-
10. Fenice
11. X Sense
12. Sala
14.Dawn of the Mutation

1. 雪未央 MV
2nd Press Spcecial Contents
「2016/1/17 魔都制圧-FAITH-」ライブ映像
2. Crimson Psyche
3. Eyes Candy
4. Sala Live
5. Nyx Live
6. Rebellion=Ark

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